The War Of Two Worlds

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  1. A bus full of freaks. That's the only thing you could say about what happened by the entering gate to the city of Eyryth. It was a huge metropolis, originated from an Elf village, thus the name, but in here supernaturals were the minority. And Then we come back to our bus, full of supernatural people. They were moving in for some reason, and their variety was big. From a 3-meter talo lizard to... A cat? Everyone doubted its powers until it spoke. While everyone was either waking up after the trip or finishing doing whatever they were doing to kill time, a man stood up. He didn't look like, but he was an elf.
    "Alright, guys. My name is Matt and I'm here to introduce you to this city. Now, to start it off. I don't look extraordinary, do I? This is because I have this." He said, taking the mask off, turning from a short brown-haired human to a tall blonde elf "This is so some of us don't stand out from the crowd" saying this he looked at the lizard "We had one other lizard, who didn't want to wear this mask. Godzilla. We somwhow brainwashed the japanese to believe it was a movie, but there won't be a second one. The mask is a combination of modern technology and magic. It can be programmed to make you look like a human, but it can't change your eye color. A flaw in the system, I suppose. Now, when you'll be in the city, find any phone booth and say "Nightshade" when inside. This will take you to the Tower. That's a meeting place for all of us. And today at 6pm there is a meeting. Our ambassador, Paul Franklin is going to discuss with the city's president tomorrow to present him any of our demands, so we can give an idea, and if it's a good idea, the president will hear it. Now, any questions? " He finished his speech.
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    "Nyaaaa..." Bayashi was a little... half-asleep. "I am hoping things turn out... purrfect. Purrsonally, I am not fond of the masks and I don't really stand out much to the extent of requiring them, but something tells me that these disguises might just come in handy. I ponder nya~, can we use our powers while in our human disguises nya~?"



    "Talk, all talk. Something tells me I'll be wasting a bunch of seconds tonight. Not like I have anything planned anyways," the rebellious Modern Magician Lucy Claude mutters under her breath, before turning towards a young maiden who had a phantom-like aura and was right beside her. This child looked younger than ten, real tiny. Lucy thought she was one of those Wendigo guys. "Hey there kid, fine weather we're having huh?"

  3. Lilith turned towards the young magician besides her. She shrugged before turning back away, "sure I guess."
    Lilith didn't really care if she was trying for 'small talk' and she didn't care for some meeting. What was the password again anyway? Nightshade?
    She wanted to do something more fun.

  4. "Ah, good point there, umm... Bayashi, was it? So, you can use your powers while in disguise, however there are some exceptions. You should be fine, but those who are able to teleport or become invisible will have some issues. If you teleport the mask stays in the same place, so you lose it. This is caused by the magic we use to make those. Now, the problem with ivisibility is that only the actual you becomes invisible, and the avatar created by the mask remains visible. As I already said, the only thing it keeps from the actual you are eyes. With that in mind, you'll be seen as your human form, but without eyes. Good for spooking your roommate, bad for hiding." Matt exppained.
  5. Sitting on the seat beside a girl who was talking to another one, Silvia decided to listen to the teacher talk. He had a lot to say, especially since she knew a little bit about magic. While listening to his speech, the wolf girl decided to observe the scenery. Looking at the buildings and lampposts pass by was getting a little boring. Silvia scratched her ears before she asked her question. "Can the mask hide ears?" She had a perplexed look on her face. She wanted to be friends with people, not creep them out. One of her fears was that her animal side will be seen. She wants to be in control, not powerless.
  6. "Yes, everything except your eyes can be disguised. Oh, I'd almost forgot. The look of your human form can actually be customized. Just write any instructions towards your look down on a scrap of paper and then put the paper in the mask's "mouth". Now, each of you has a mask under his or hers seat, hanging from a little hook. I suggest you put them on pretty soon. We won't let you out if you don't look... I hate to say it, but "ordinary". So yeah, to recap- wear the masks, meeting at 6pm, go to a phone booth and say Nightshade. Good luck and have fun." Matt said as he finally sat back down.
  7. Lycus's yellow hues peared from the back of the bus. He sigh as the elf rambled on and on. The concept of having to hide from the humans weights heavily on lycus's mind. "You know how easily we could defeat the humans. We have natural ability numbers, all they have is their toys. Why hide?!
  8. Matt heard the question just as he was about to sit down. He looked at the person asking. He then said "Defeat them? After those two thousands of years they didn't trust us you just want to break the so-called friendship with them? Well, it's more of acceptance, but we can't afford to let any strange-looking things to wander the streets. Not at the cost of our earned reputation at least. We just can't attack them. Or allow the likes of him" he pointed at the lizard "walk the streets undisguised. Don't feel offended though, Va. You'd just scare the people. It's for their good." he ended, speaking to the lizard.
    "Oh, that's okay... I'm used to being called a scary monster..." Va, the lizard said with a somewhat sad tone.
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  9. "You see Va that is unacceptable you my friend are a handsome dude. You shouldn't have to hide those looks. But if your all content with being ashamed. Fine I respect your cowardice for now but when I make alies in the city. I'll show them what a monster really is."

    He snarled just once before grabbing the mask and putting it on. Once it was on Lycus wrote the following discribsion. A tall, tan male with short spiky blonde hair, large bluging muscles. From this point Lycus will now where leather clade and large rim sunglasses. So to the other humans and now his fellow supernatural's he looked like a biker.
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    Silvia's ears turned toward the angry, quick-tempered Lycan named Lycus. She couldn't blame him. Knowing how he felt, she felt torn, should she embrace the animal inside her or be able to control it? These times are crucial and we may not be able to have peaceful times...Silvia sighed as she wrote on a piece of paper, black haired girl wearing a school uniform; hide cat ears. She decided to keep this a secret from the humans. Putting on the mask, she grabbed her bag and exited the bus and would wait until the meeting started.
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  11. Lycus sighed as he watched the beautiful neko turn into a hideous humens. He stood up and walked out after the woman. "Hi I'm lycus what's your name?" Lycus' s yellow eyes seemed to have a certain softness to them. The softness was hidden behind rage and hate. Something with the humens seemed to bother him.
  12. Hearing a voice behind her, Silvia turned to see the upset boy on the bus. "Hello, I'm Silvia. It's nice to meet you, Lycus." Brushing her hair out of her face, she flashed him a smile. She couldn't help it. Lycus's eyes were hard not to stare into. His appearance was even harder to ignore. He looked like the person she always wanted to meet. Maybe meeting people wasn't so bad after all. "I know we just met but what brought you here?" She asked, focusing her curious gaze into Lycus's eyes. He seemed nice enough to talk to. Silvia needed friends after what she had been through.
  13. "Your fine I just hope my disguise is not what you think I look like. Also I came here like everyone else. Because I was told they accept us for who we are. Such a joke they do see us for what we are so we have to wear masks." he smiled gently though he seemed to be hiding something.
  14. There was no real need for Bayashi to don the mask until later on, when he needed to appear more... civil during the meeting. He was a literal animal after all. With that, he alighted the bus, "see you all later, nya~"

    He decided that his next destination would be his new home. The movers should have gotten his stuff ready by now.


    "I guess I'll be going too. Have fun kids, ahaha," Lucy Claude walks out of the bus as well, wondering about a good place to grab a bite. "This city's pretty damn huge, there's bound to be some cafe somewhere."
  15. Lucy was right saying the city was "pretty damn huge". There were five parts of the city: the suburbs, which they were currently in, central city, where most of the important buildings were, the port part, which, while not filled with people, still was an important part of the city, then there was the industrial part,consisting mainly of factories, and last but not least there was the residental part, where were the houses that they moved in to. Concentrating on just the closest surroundings, though, there wasn't anything too great. The bus station, a copy of Mc Donald's called Billy's Big Burger and a few shops. They were really close to the residental part and central part, but far away from the port and factories. That being said, the bus left, leaving them there. The other supernaturals just walked to the Residental part, along with Bayashi.
  16. "I certainly don't think so. I'm sure you look just fine being yourself..." Silvia chided. She didn't want Lycus thinking that she was liking him just because of his appearance. There are other things she had to be convinced of to actually like someone. "I made a choice to come here after what happened with my family. Let's say I'm glad to be here and not back home..." The haired girl stated with a hint of frustration laced with sadness. She glanced at Lyus. Would he understand once she told him the truth? Or would he just walk away because of family history of hers? @Esakrel Alkaos Young
  17. "Tell you what one day when you your ready to tell me what happened. I'll tell you my whole story." Lycus smiled at the woman before looking towards the residential area. "How about we go get a bite to eat and then go to the meeting together?" Lycus glanced at the woman waiting for her response. A genuine smile adorned his face.
  18. She felt relieved after Lycus gave her the chance to explain at another time. Silvia smiled and nodded. "Food sounds like a great idea! Where will we go?" She questioned, unsure of which direction to take. She started to think of what she really wanted.

    Silvia started to say, "What about...beef? Or maybe fish? A sandwich sounds good too..." Laughing out loud she turned to Lycus. "Do you of there is a cafe around here?" She smiled sheepishly, as she blushed. Embarrassed at her choice of food.
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