the war of the tormented worlds (only 5 slots open to sign up just message me)

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  1. story
    it all started when the gates have risen on earth three generations ago and no one knew how or why all anyone knew what was going on various creatures called Demicon came through the gate and started to try and take the human world, then during an 8 year war over power and with neither side good nor bad who knows if it could.

    then humans finally built what is called a super soldier. (these are humans with an inhuman ability). ever since these new soldiers came out the Demicons started to negotiate with the humans. now three generations into the war.

    now a band of wolves may have found way to either end the war or possibly finish it by taking a human who has a very special gift inside him. and with the actions of a few, everything in this war will change. and just maybe with the help of these few the two worlds can co-exist in harmony.
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  2. characters 5 roles open (message before you apply for an OPEN ROLE)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] vince (deilighla's father)- open
    race: vampire lord
    Power: small magic.
    -over protective, prideful and racist against non vampires.

    alex- by alex
    Race: super soldier.
    power: combustion
    -World-class bullshitter, tries to be nice but ends up being an asshole instead, protective of friends, wolf hating due to his own past.

    Super soldier
    power: mimicing other dna for 5 minutes ot of range with need to be in contaced area of 4ft.
    -air head, stereotypical blond, caring protective, constintly aiming for groin...... :( , has only one thing on her mind, and that is the promise of becoming stronger to protect her friend stephen.

    deilighla- by akiko
    race: vampire princess
    power: minor magic
    Sweet, Logical, Likes Nivek, Royal,

    [​IMG]nathen-by nivek
    race: super soldier.
    power: minor air momentom control
    -silver tongue, getting others in trouble with the best intentions, overly prideful, and knack for bad luck

    [​IMG]devon- by nivek
    race: super soldier.
    power: self physical eletric control
    -loyal, one track mind, not wise, rushes into things without a second thought

    race: human.
    power: none.
    -loyal,gets dragged into things easily, not a take charge kind of guy, relaxed more than most.

    [​IMG]jeramy- open
    race: super soldier
    power: self muscle manipulation
    rager, military trained to hate other races thats not human.

    [​IMG]carcus- by nivek
    Race: super soldier.
    Power: warping
    -strategic, scatterbrained, tends to skip detail in conversation, PERV!!


    nivek- by nivek
    Race: lycan
    pwoer: shifting at will
    -loyal, blunt, earns respect the hard way and gives respect to whom earns it the hard way, impulsive, willful,solo kind of guy, risk taker,

    [​IMG]arson(alexs permanant companion)-open
    race: hellhound
    power: worps 3 times in one day ONLY!
    -kindly blunt, never curses unless the around flyers other than alex.

    athena (alexs permanant companion)- open
    RACE: dragon hatchling
    power: ice breath
    -childish, kind hearted as can be, pranks only arson,

    [​IMG]Isaac - jfletcher
    Race: Super Soldier
    Power: Ice Summoning/Forming
    Personality: Dependable, Laziness, Observant, Sarcastic, blunt, Confident.

    Power Description:
    The ability to turn his warm body and make it ice through the control of his Thermoregulation but the ice can only be formed on the body if the ice can't loose contact with the body if it does loose contact with his body of ice will then be shed off like a snake into his normal body.

    Vandred- by Vandred
    race: super soldier
    Power-moliculare manipulation.

    -silent,polite,self concerningly brutle,horibly blunt,minor reading strgitist,drivin to find his inocence.
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  3. nivek is a lycan that's always been a slave to the vampire royal palace stuck in his chains the palace thought it best for a beast like him to be put in the 'cage'. {a basic fighting pit} where he must fight for every breath of his life even if that means fighting his own kind.

    caruss one of the best ex-military strategist's out there discharged because of the way he thinks. he'll think something all the way through then forget to tell some of the parts or tell you the parts of the plan out of order. he found a girl and a boy seeking help for to separate goals one is trying to train for the vengeance of his parents and the girl trying to protect her friend and help him on his journey. there names are Alex and Sonja. now when they are both 15 he has them living with him in demyelination in a shack he built himself. for their training.

    nathan is a 16 year old living with his parents always getting him and his best friends from school Stephen into trouble. even though he always gets him in trouble he always finds a way out of it. no matter what happens these two always stick together no matter how rough or bad things get.

    devon is a 16 year old boy who has a horrible of habit of rushing into things. due to his one track mind he will go against anything without a second thought so long as he thinks it right even if itll kill him. once when he was 10 he saw a man beet on a girl and tackled the man off her and started to beat him with his ability for electricity and is now confined in a juvy until he's 18 then he has a prison sentence of 10 years
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  4. nivek stared through the bars he must call home and wonder why he has to go through these things like the fight and this whole being a slave because of his race. and then the memories of all the bad hes had to do and he wondered if there was a way out of it all then nivek fell asleep with the thoughts of escaping to a free world in his head.

    devon yet again running from through the lunch room of the centers lunch. he jumped over peoples tables just making more people mad but they undersould that he was being chased. then devon ran out of places to run when the door he tried to open to escape the people were locked.

    carcus started to get tired of waiting and went inside to his 'work area' and turned on a mechine and watched the lights not really knowing why hes doing these thing "might as well " he says then he worps out and arpears next to alex arson and athena. "why hello" he said with disapointedc look although he really had no idea why just felt like he should stare alex with a disapointed look.

    nathen got wilded eyed and said "just come on why not ? you dont even know what im going to say" nathen gives that you know im right look.

    "No I don't know what you'll say, all I know is that it'll get me hurt!" as he looked into nathens eyes.

    "oh come on you wont get hurt so long as you can run witch we both know you used to be in track" nathen said.
    "why is it hat i would have to run again?" stephen asked couriously catious.

    nathen just looked at stephen then saw someone "because you hes coming this way" nathen said as he walked off and stopped jaramy.

    "oh shit nathen dont-" and before stephen could say anything else word nathen jumped up over jaramy used his wind to depants jaramy in the midle of the hallway then nathen ran past stephen dragging hims along.
  5. Delilah is a couple hundred year old Vampire Princess, her father, who has his own kingdom. She is the not so "DARK" Princess her father want her to be. She is help in his castle forbiden to go to the Human world. Though with the Lycan, named Nivek in the dungeon, she doesn't want to leave quite yet, Since the Lycan arrived when she was a young Vampire she has visited him every night, gotten to know him a bit, and fallen in love with him. She hasn't, and won't tell her father. He would kill the Man.

    Delilah, as she does every night, Walks from her chambers to the cells below the castle, she waves the gaurds away and sits with the Lycan. She grabs the key she secretly got from her butler and unlocks the cell, slipping silently inside and goes to hug the Lycan that is chained to the floor.

    "Do you wish to be free?" the Princess asks, like she asks every night, still hugging Nivek.
  6. nivek looked at the gil and laided in her arms "you know i do princess" he said as his will to fight diminishing day afterr day. nivek just sighed and closed his eyes as he trieed to sleep ever so peace full.

    deven just turned around and looked at the men chasing him he just took a breath and his eyes glowed brighteletric blue then he took a swing at the man in the middle but that man leaned back to avoide the hit and grabs devons shoulder then deven's shoulder started to be frozen right before everyones eyes. everyone bowed there heads in the food pretending like nothings going on because they knew the one freezing him would just silence them in a heart beat with his abillities.

    carcuss just sighed and smacked alex "dumn ass!" carcus grabed the three of them and warped backed to his little shack.

    nathen and stephen ran because jeramy started to bulk upo witch meant someone is getting hte pounding of there life so nathen grabbed stephen and wind bursted though a couple hallway door and nathen drapped stephen by accident as nathen slide further nahten looked up only to see stephen roll out f the way of jeramy's hamerfist with cracked the ground.
  7. The Princess held the wolf hoping it would make him sleep better, she does some minor magic and unlocks his chains.
    "Take me out of here, if you leave." She whispers.

    She leaves before the gaurds tell her father she is with the wolf. In her room the princess undresses and crawls in to her bed, she falls into a light sleep.
  8. Alex sat in the old shack he called home...if a little house in the middle of a desert in Demicon could really be considered "home"...
    "Are we any closer to finishing my training?" He asked Carcus, knowing full and well that it just might get him slapped. Every time he got slapped for something, he never knew the reason why....and he was sure Carcus didn't either. But he was sure that once the usual argument started, Athena would flip shit trying to protect him, usually making it worse for all of them...
  9. nivek rested his eyes with the last thoughts was on ho to escape he dreams. maybe it was the time in the place mabye it was the princess mabey it was him finnaly getting used to the cell but nivek was finally able to sleep that night and his drewam gave him an idea on how to escape..

    carcus sighed then went to slap alex but athena jumped in the way with her un-inttimidating fire ball that just stung slightly. carcus made the 'im mad' face and just warp punched them both to the ground "your training will be tested soon. i have been talking to somone about getting your 'test' set upshit for brains"

    nathen used his wind to piush jaremy away from stephen then nathen grabbed setphen and strated to run but jeremy jumped infront of them and kicked nathen across the floor. stephen looked up and all he saw was a fist coming for his face before he could react stephen was to the floor knocked out cold.

    devon was being picked up by his now frozen shoulder getting colder and starting to dificult for him to breath in his state. "dont get involved unless you can pay the PIRCE!" The boy said as he blasted devon with a wall of frost sending devon the floor. as devon laid there the oys kicked him a few more times laughed and wondered off leaving devon half frozen.
  10. waking up crying the princess lay in her bed sobbing.
  11. Isaac was trying to enjoy his meal when a fight break out in the lunch room. However he didn't care much. He try sitting there maying his own business. But then he seen who was beating on some kid on the ground. Isaac gets up and starts forming hard ice around his fist then he walks over to the guy who was besting the kid on the ground. And he punches him right in the face knocking him back. "So much for a nice and quiet lunch" isaac thought to himself
  12. Alex stood up, rubbing the side of his face where Carcus hit him. "Another test? Jesus Christ, old man, I just finished another one of your hell-and-back 'tests' an hour ago. I need an actual mission that has a meaning behind it, instead of one that just ends up horribly wrong." He streightened his reading glasses.
  13. nivek woke to being shoved up and whiped to work right away by the slaving vampires. nivek worked on building strenth so that when he fought they would have a show. nivek hated this place he only thought about how to escape. every break he had went to finding a way out.

    devon was on the ground half freezing watching the to issic and the bully go at it. devon tried to crawl away using his electicity to warm him slowly. his arm is numb by the ice that was from the bully. he looked up and wondered how he was going to get out of this one.

    carcus "test you say...." he thought to himself for a moment then shook his had "ok i have a test for you go fectch me the egg" he said. "ill espect your returned in three days" he said randomly not even realizing he didnt say witch egg.

    jeremy walked up to stephen and grabbed him. jeramy lifted stephen and through him at nathen. nathen made an air pocket so stephen wouldnt be hurt then jeremy ran up to nathen and kicked him the face so hard that nathens skull cracked the wall behind it.
  14. Isaac and the bully keep fighting till some guys break them up. Isaac walk away and made his way over to devon and introduce himself "Nice to meet you. my name is isaac sorry about my brother!" Isaac said to Devon
  15. "Wait, 'egg'?" Alex said, trying to press for more information. "What egg?!"
  16. Instead of getting up, the Princess decided she will stay in her bed all night. doing nothing but reading and sleeping.
  17. devon was still shaking from the coldness in his body he tried to knod. "m-m-my n-n-name i-is d-dev-von" he said shaking from the frost as he tried geting up and slowly put out his un still hand for the greeting. even with his frezzing body he held out his hand without the shocks in hope that issic is a friend.

    carcus looked back o alex with a dumfounded look "what you mean 'what egg'?" he asked not understanding the question. then he tunred to face the hound and hatchling. warped out then came back "hurry your test is begaining" he said faster than could be comprehended and warped the three of them to a cave. "good luck just kill the egg" he pointed to an egg under a huge akward rock with three piller looking things on it.

    nivek was fighting in the pit with a reptilion looking creture. when the cages opened the beast jumped to the top f the cage and kept using its tale to hit him. then he saw a chance so he jumped up grab the reptile and slamed it to the ground swinging at its under side with blood spilling everywhere then he backed up. watched for a moment of the the beast not moving and turned to go back into his cell. but the cell didnt open for some reason.

    stephen started to opened his eyes barly awake now he start to regain his sences. he looked up to see jeremy kicking nathen and stephen couldnt bare the sight on instinct he forced himself up ina rush and charge at jeremy. jeremy just smiled and incerresed his mussles and held his arms to chatch and throw him. stephen's eyes changed to yellow and tackled jerem so hard that even with jeremys strength stephen took him through the wall with them both passing out.
  18. "Wait, what do you mean 'kill the egg'? God dammit old man, I need more input! And......never mind..." Alex said. He knew it was pointless trying to argue. And with Carcus of all people!
  19. Akiko wakes with a start, she rememebrs the date, looking at her alarm clock she rushes to get ready, sady, she had rememebered that nivek figts tonight.
    Rushing to get ready she calls a gaurd and tlls him she is going to the show. he nods and waits to escort her. .

    Five minutes later the Princess comes out of her room still putting her hair up and follows the gaurd to the show.

    seeing the last hit Nivek gives the Argonian the last hit and watches him walk towards th cell, her heart races when it does not open for him.
  20. Isaac shakes Devon hands and pulls him up then he hugs him then uses his power to change his body temperature to warm devon "hope you start to feel better" said iassc
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