The War of the Races

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“Hello travelers, I do hope you don’t mind if I tell you all a little history. Long ago humans used to dominate Eartherous, or more simply Earth, with no other race at that time coming even an empire’s size to their greatness. They built beings made from metal that served them, herbs that could cure anything, glass so refined that it could even be brought with paper, and towers made of steel hulking over even the tallest mountains. Sounds like a paradise doesn’t it? But we know no paradise is without its flaws.

Mankind was disunited. Categorized into races and nations that grew to hate each other, refusing to listen and live with one another. An Age of Hate. They wanted more and more and their cursed greed would be their downfall allowing tyrants to rise to power. They gave empty promises of endless riches, unimaginable power, and glory like the sun itself. This would lead to the world being consumed by fire and ash. The Age of Fire lasted only a short time, but the damage it did was horrifying.

Lush, green forests turned to black, ashen wastelands. Sparkling rivers boiled into searing ditches. Bustling cities became silent tombs. Those who survived would fight against each other for scrapes of the old world. They were scattered and shattered, an Age of Shattering. It took the Immortals, who appeared shortly after the flames burnt out, to unite mankind once again. And unlike the tyrants before, the Immortals carried out their promises creating nations bent on peace and recovery.

Slowly man would recover, but the world was not the same. Over time beasts emerged while their creations of metal betrayed them, but man refused to go silent. They argued, shout, begged, fought, lie, and even going as far as to commit genocide to survive. Their war with the dragons, many of whom know it as the Dance of Talons and Swords, helped them rise to power. Shortly after, they went on to conquer a good portion of the Central Drow City-States.
About 25 years ago they met the others races. They too had their stories and hardships. Their laughs and sorrows. The High Elves began many wars trying to unite the other races under their motherly eyes, but couldn’t maintain their grip. The other races rebelled only uniting under a pact to survive the dragon onslaught.

And not the dragons the humans fought with either. Countless died, but in the end the Red Moon Pact won. Cities were rebuilt, relationships started anew, and now the Rising Star Alliance has met the Red Moon Pact. They started off friendly enough, but things decayed as time marched on. I fear that both sides will clash like waves against cliff and you think us safe in a small city state like Minjula. No, they will come. And there will be blood. Heroes and villains will rise, new legends transpire, names will go into history or forgotten within the day. So, what will you be in this War of Races?"

If you skipped over the summary I'll explain. Mankind managed to create great works before their greed got the best of them. The world was consumed in fire and man was reduced back to the dark ages. After many years of recovering and battling with 'mutants', which are fantasy creatures and races, they are a superpower. However, they're about to clash with another superpower and war is going to break out.

Players may choose to create their own species, sentient or sapient, and lore. Just check with me. If you're interested here's the link! Or are you a little chicken?
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