The War of Races

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  1. "Ah yes traveler. We live in a very dark time. The tensions between the humans of the Jagged Peninsula and the Elves of the Heartlands, rising attacks from bandit, undead, and monster alike, and the ever demising trade of goods. Let me tell you something though.

    Long time ago this wasn't like this and there weren't multiple sentient races running about. Instead, it was just the humans who built many things. However, their greed at that time was all consuming and that lead to the world being consumed in fire. That lead to new species and with that idea. Soon people began exhibiting 'magic' which was used for either good or evil.

    That time is gone now, but the human race has recovered to where we can use swords and arrows and some nations have even begun using rifles and cannons again. They managed to gain the trust of their bestial allies on the Peninsula and managed to defeat the Drows under the Barrier Mountains. Of course, this would lead to the discovery of the elves, dwarves, orcs, and many others. At first they got along, but as time past tensions rose.

    The High Elves, using their magic, managed to dominate much of the Hearland. Their long lives have enabled them to breed some of the greatest minds seen since the Age of Fire. They view humans as young, unaware that they are much older than them.

    The Humans came to reclaim the Jagged Peninsula and spent their time recovering and rediscovering many of the lost arts under the guidence of the Immortals. Their short lives have caused a spark for discovery and ambition. This has lead them to being very diverse and they aren't so willingly submissive.

    Tensions now have reached a boiling point. The Empires of Man and Elf are about to clash and many will be brought into this fray. I know their feud might have nothing to do with you since we live in a City-State, but they will come."

    Hello! So those of you that read the intro you have a idea of what is going on. For those that skipped let me give you a run down. Humans have nuked their planet, many years pass, fantasy creatures appear, and now humans have discovered elves and such. Relationships aren't great which might lead to war and our characters are stuck in a little City-State.

    Also, if you wish, you can create your own species.

    So you guys interested? If so please leave ideas! I'll be updating this when new ideas come to me.​
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  2. The History

    Age of Hate and Fire

    Not much about the Age of Hate. What we do know comes from the Immortals and left behind objects that tell of a very turbulent time. We know that man was the only species at this time and their nations were locked in a war. Not one of swords and arrows, but of money and knowledge, but a misunderstanding occurred. This would lead to fires consuming the world.

    The Age of Fire occurred when our planet was consumed by fire and ash. The nations of man collapsed. The survivors were few. The first Immortals appeared.

    Age of Shattering and Recovery

    Man has always been resilient, especially faced with extinction. At first the survivors scraped and pieced together new homes in the ruins of the old world. The fires also died down by this time, but with mankind on the brink and fighting over what's left it would appear man would finally fall. However, things looked up as the dust settled faster than expected and life began to flourish again. Just not the way man expected.

    The Age of Recovery was where man slowly began to recover. Most of their technology was lost reverting them to using sticks and stones. Though, the descendants would make many rediscoveries, empires formed, new races emerged, and great people arose. Continents shifted and nature was new again. Now, man had to face much greater challenges.

    Age of Reclamation

    Man was always stubborn, not knowing when to give up. This stubbornness, however, was what allowed man to defeat the dragons and ally with the griffins. They even rediscovered how to make gunpowder allowing them to make rifles and cannons. Man would then face off against the Drows. Their underground cities proved to be near impossible to siege, but once again man would triumph.

    This would lead them to discover the other races. Now, after a few years of peace, tensions have reached a boiling point. The Rising Star Alliance composed of man, dragon, griffin and drow are preparing their armies. The Red Moon Pact composed of elf, dwarf, orc, and beast ready their armies as well. We seem to be stuck in the middle so what shall we do?
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  3. Pondering,so what kind of role players are you looking for? And what kind of post?
  4. Nothing overall specifc for Roleplayers. Just those with interest in fantasy and I do expect semi-decent grammar and spelling. Looking to avoid 1 liner posts as much as possible.
  5. Well no worries about the one liners. I just tend to have a lot of rl situations to deal with,so I wont be as dedicated as I wish to be. But I am intrested.
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  6. Thanks for the interest aja! If you have any ideas shoot them away!
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  7. So it's a choose your side kind of deal? Very interesting.
  8. Are there rebels? And tratiors?
  9. There will be.
  10. The Races

    Mankind (open)


    Humans used to dominate Eartherous, but times have changed. They must share their world with other creatures that are far more powerful than them. This does not mean that man is weak though. Their stubbornness is what has helped them since their beginning and as a result they have recovered. They are also the second most technologically advanced species, right behind the Dwarves. Magic within mankind is somewhat rare, but as time progresses more and more humans are developing magical abilities. They are not as advance as the Elves, but they are learning.

    Humans are divided into various kingdoms and empires unlike the High Elves who have a single culture and empire. This has lead to disunity and rampant corruption and hate among them. They still bicker over land, resources, and power forming massive armies. Do not underestimate, though, because many humans are brave to a fault, whatever by brainwash or by choice. Humans can also fit quite well into any and all skills making them a Jack of All Trades.

    The Dragons (open)


    Dragons have always been a symbol of power, wealth, or immortality. They have existed in the minds of man, elf, dwarf, and beast as beings that could easily incinerate entire cities. There are also many different types based upon elements such as the fire dragons that are weak against the water dragons. There are also special subspecies of dragons such as the Phoenix Dragon that can be reborn from its own ashes and fire heals it.

    Dragons once used to rule the Jagged Peninsula waging war much like the humans. They ruled for countless years until the humans managed to unite and defeat them with heavy losses. Many dragons were slain during the war called Dance of Scales and Swords and many more in the following years. Their numbers are low, but they are still powerful.

    A cousin race are the Wyverns. Much smaller and weaker than their dragon counterparts they still retain the same elemental status. They're still stronger than the average man and one should be careful when dealing with one.

    Both can also use metalwork and stone to an extant, but not on the level of the more commons species.

    Griffins (open)


    Griffins once were slaves to the dragons until their rebellion. With their speed and ability to work metal and stone better than the dragons they were able to break their bonds becoming free in the Jagged Peninsula. They live off the coast on a series of islands and trade with the dragons and humans.

    Recently they have had internal strife as exiles and rebels have begun a war against the main Monarch and the lords.

    Elves (open)


    Elves are as diverse as humans if only taken into account species. Each one is unique, but each species generally shares the same traits, qualities, customs, etc..

    High Elves

    High Elves don't only have considerable life spans, but also advanced magic that has allowed them to prosper for their entire time. They are united under one banner and they view themselves as 'guardians' or guides for the other races. They have also amassed great amounts of wealth which is reflected in their cities.

    Their views have clashed with the humans who want freedom over order. They prepare their armies and ready for the fray even though they are frail in nature.


    Drows, or Dark Elves, are brutal, underground beings that have been exiled from lands so many times they just finally decided to live underground where creatures lie. They had to be brutal in order to survive the beasts that lived there, but their brutality has caused them to be corrupted. They don't wear much armor due to their increased pain tolerance and their way of life is 'survival of the fittest."

    A few cities, however, came into contact with the humans and their allies causing a small war. These cities fell after prolonged sieges and becoming apart of human lands. Some cities have also fallen to the dwarves causing a blend of cultures. Drows in the human lands exhibit a 'nicer' side. Drows in the Dwarf lands exhibit a interest in technology.

    Other races available for creation. Possible ones to be worked on are,
    Nature Elves
    Wild Elves
    Blood Elves

    Dwarves (open)


    The Dwarves are a short and stocky race, capable of building steam engines. They have even managed to create machines without magic. They live in magnificent underground cities running on steam power. They also have magic, but their reliance on machines and steam has caused a decline.

    The Dwarves have always been distrustful of outsiders and few ever venture into their cities. However, rumor has it there is a revolt in the Drow Cities that they have under their control.

    Orcs (open)


    Orcs have been slandered into being as if they were nothing more than mindless, bloodthirsty brutes. This is not true, but instead they have an Code of Honor to follow. Many follow this code to the very end of their lives, but all have some type of anger issue and often times when provoked or in battle they'll become bloodthirsty, but certainly not mindless.

    Masters of metalworks, Orc metal are stronger than many other metals. They live in tribes following the Code of Honor while those who have disobeyed have turned to banditry to get what they want. That is how they got their reputation in the first place.

    Beasts (open)


    Not all beasts are sentient, but the few that are exhibit great power. The most basic of these are the humanoid Furiona, or animal people. The Furiona have the traits of their respective animal such as a fish being able to breath underwater. The Furiona, however, are primitive when compared against the other races. The more powerful races such as the werewolves and vampires live among the races portraying themselves as member of that race.

    Certainly they are powerful, but the sapient beasts are far more numerous and are not privy to the woes of the sentients.

    Monsters (open)


    Monsters, bedtime stories used to scare children to sleep and obey. They are not myth or legend though, they are very real. These creatures range from the endless undead to the all powerful Overlords that oversee many types of monsters. No one knows where they came from though, just the fact that most are sapient beings capable of only murder and feast. This race is not available to the players unless chosen as a type of pet.

    The other races are currently WIP. Races that have yet to be worked on are the

    Possible other races​
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  11. This looks really interesting... I'll be keeping tabs on this.
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  12. Thanks for the Interest Circe!
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  13. Still looking for ideas people. If you think you have a great one then don't be shy! I won't bite unless you bite first.
  14. *bites* Huehuehue :P
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  15. Hello Circe.
  16. So... is this a nation RP?
  17. No, it is based on a group. Though you can be a ruler of something.
  18. Officially done with the races. You may take a look and suggest any improvements or even create your own! Just provide a description or picture of appearance and provide facts about them. We now go forth into the Alliances and leaders.

    Rising Star Alliance (open)


    The Rising Star Alliance formed just after the Dance of Scales and Swords to provide mutual benefits between the three races that inhabited the Jagged Peninsula. Originally intended only to prevent wars from occurring, but after the Drows the Alliance formed armies to protect themselves. Much has changed, being an alliance only for peace to a coalition bent on protecting themselves. The Rising Star Alliance has trained their soldiers well in hit and run tactics as well as siege and open battles. However, they lack a formal navy and relay heavily on technology that is susceptible to the elements. There are four leaders to represent each race.


    Matthew Morningstar
    "My allegiance is to the humans only, even if it means working with mutants for its survival."


    Ambolish Lightingfire
    "The others are blinded by their short and petty lives."


    Stormclaw Blue
    "I will not allow myself to be corrupted by false ideals."


    Ardura Ssin
    "The others are weak, unable to see their own flaws."

    The Red Moon Pact (open)


    In the times before the Pact, the races of the Heartland waged war. It wasn't until the Day of the Burning that they did unite. Dragons were the cause and they had to ban together to survive. They turned the dragons back and the Pact stayed in effect should a threat ever arise. However, despite this Pact being in effect for hundreds of years, there is still much infighting. There are also three leaders representing only their races. This has caused distaste and rebels have appeared over time.


    Carwen Anaedore
    "With our swords we stirke, with our magic we discover, and with our unity we shall overcome."


    Loset Brightfoot
    "What do you mean you can't do it? Yes you can and yes you will!"


    Gug Lob
    "In order to do good, we must do bad."

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  19. So, dragon characters are allowed?
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  20. Yep, they're allowed. Most aren't big though.
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