The War of Fate

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Mayura looked around from her perch on the window of her small apartment." Nothing yet..." she thought to herself as she watched the dark streets below, yawning as she took a quick glance at her glowing clock. 5:30 A.M., in an hour she would have to go to work. She sighed and looked back out the window and her breath caught in her throat as four shadows stood alone in the dark morning... four demons! Four tall lanky creatures, resembling spiders more then men, crawled toward her apartment. She cursed under her breath and jumped out of the window, closing it behind her. She ran over to a queen sized bed and grabbed a sleek black bag from underneath it." Why did it have to be four..." she pulled out a shot gun and grinned, she was NOT going to miss work today... she couldn't. She turned as the first of the four demons broke through the window. She raised the gun as it charged toward her and fired hitting it directly in the head. With one dead she concentrated on the other three as they came shrieking in from the broken window... it was going to be a long day.
Luscious looked up to the sky, a darkening red against the black orb called the sun. He held his katana in one hand and a book in the other. Sighing he stood and began walking, turning his head as a tall woman appeared next to him." The master wishes to speak with you..." With a nod she vanished and he stopped, smiling to himself. After a moment of thought he snapped his fingers and a mirror appeared in front of him." What do you want m'lord?" A young face popped up in the mirror and Luscious bowed, causing the other to laugh." Stand already Lus, I only wanted to give you a new mission." Luscious looked up curiously and nodded." What would that be?" The boy smiled happily," I want you to kill anyone that gets in our way... oh, and to have a good time!" With a final laugh the mirror vanished and Luscious sighed again looking to the sky. He snapped his fingers and a doorway appeared, opening to reveal a long stairway." Let it be then..." He began his trek down the stairs pausing as he reached another doorway. With a shove he pushed it open and walked into a empty hallway.
Caz paced around a glowing fire place, worry the top priority in mind. With his father gone he would be taking over the position of ruler... but he wasn't ready for that. A door opposite the fire place opened and a female's voice broke his concentration." Brother, what are you doing?" He looked up to see his younger sister, Analyn, staring at him with concern in her pale blue eyes." Nothing my dear baby sister, just thinking about the future... and what part we play in it." She nodded and walked into the room, closing the door behind her." What part do you play then brother?" Caz laughed and shook his head," The King... no the fool perhaps..." His sister laughed and he smiled warmly. A shrill voice from beyond the door his sister entered in yelled," Mistress! Where are you mistress!" Both sibling flinched and Analyn shivered," It appears I must go brother." Caz nodded, still smiling and his sister ran back to the door, slipping out quietly. He turned back to the fire and his smile vanished," I'm sorry Analyn... father, but I began this cursed war as a soldier and so I shall end it as a soldier." He closed his eyes and grimaced. With all the stress he had been under his back had began to ache again.
It was becoming dawn quickly. The cold wind blew through his black hair, swaying it to the side. On the top of a building, he sat on his knees with his eyes closed, taking time to meditate and focus his thoughts. sounds of honking cars, barking daogs, and sirens were heard from the far east. To his left ear, the sounds were little quieter than others. As the sun began to rise behind him, as well did his eye lids rise to seize a glimps of the land. His left eye was the color of a golden-honey color that glowed in the sun's rays. His right eye's color was a mystery to all except him. As Toru came to his feet, he let out a quick sigh and jumped thirty feet to the next building. His left hand to his side and his right arm out to the wind, he moved from between the air fluently.

Genshin landed on a fire escape to have his eye open for demons. Growing up in the forces of light, he made it his duty to protect the pure hearted from his corrupted species. He's killed only a select few of his kind, he never enjoyed it, but always knew that it had to be done. He could sometimes remember what people would do for him after he'd save them, sometimes woman would want to give themselves to him, others would try to get to know him. But in the back of his mind, he always kept close to heart that they act like this because of the war. Toru admired humans and cares for their cause, but never got deeply involved with them friend wise or further. During his time of rememberance he heard a brief sound of a gun three floors down from his position. He lunged to the building across and saw somebody's window being attacked. The blue warrior glided over towards the window. Before he sprung into action, the sound went off again, BANG, a demon juked out the way and Genshin tooked the bullet straight to the body. The bullet didn't hurt him but it certinly did knock him on his ass. He landed on three balconies on the way to ground and landed infront of the complex's entrance. His vision quickly became blurry and his limbs felt weak, from hitting the ground so hard he instantly was knocked out.​
Aeri hated the war, everything about it. Maybe it was because she was still young but she didn't understand why the worlds just couldn't live in peice with one an other. Her father had assured her that they had exhausted every peaceful possibility but something in the back of her mind told her that he was lieing. In her eyes, the light side was just as bad as the dark side. They were just as power-hungry and blood thristy. That was why she snuck out that night. She has decided, while lying in her bed, that she was going to do something. She was going to end this war or die trying. She realized that it was more than likely going to be the second option. As scared as she was of death, she was even more scared of living in a world where certain races couldn't show their faces without being bullied and taunted.

She had never been out on the streets at nighttime. The people out were the poorest of the poor, the beggars and people who had no homes to go to. It shocked her. Growing up only knowing the life of luxury, where everything had been handed to her she didn't know that people had to live like this. She had heard stories about these kinds of people but had always passed them off as exagerations. It brought her to almost tears. When a pair of children came up to her, they looked a lot alike so she figured they must be brother and sister, she handed them money, not knowing what else to do. They both hugged her and ran off, with a new look of hope in their eyes.

She didn'y really know where to go. She knew she had to get to earth but she had no clue how. Aeri sighed, she had no clue what to do, absolutely no clue.
Thanatos sat in a tree playing a sad melody on his fluet. The sun would soon rise, nothing he looked forward to, he hated the light. After a while he sighted, nothing interesting had happend in a long time. He took up his lighter and started to play with the fire, then he smirked and jumped down from the tree putting the forest on fire, sending it to a village close by. He didn't go and look at his fire destroying the village because he didn't want to be around when the sun rises. But he knew that when he came back there wouldn't be a village left. He laughed and walked away, while putting his lighter back in to the pocket.


Symfora walked around aimlessly, searching for her brother. She had no idea where she should search or if she even would recognise him when she found him, would he recognise her?
She woke up from her thoughts when she smelt smoke, she looked up and saw a column of smoke coming up from somewhere far away, to far for her to get there in time. She just hoped that the fire wouldn't spread in to some town and hurt people. She started to walk again, she decided not to stop before she had arrived to the next town. Hopefully there wouldn't be anything or anyone coming in her way before she had arrived.
Alyce watched the villagers run around in panic from her perch up on the water tower. The village was cut off from the rest of the world, and it was like they were stuck back in time. She loved messing with the human mind. Alyce announced to the villagers that someone there was the spawn of Satan himself. This caused the village to go into full on panic mode, accusing others left and right of being Satan's spawn. Once a villager took drastic measures, killing a child who he accused, everything was chaos. In a matter of no time at all, the village was in flames. Bodies of the villagers laid in the strangest places from trying to get away from one another.

A twisted, spine chilling smile grew on Alyce's face as she watched everything unfold before her. Just one line from her caused all this chaos. She loved it.