The War of Celandine: A Saga Reborn (Open Signups/OOC)

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    Try to remember the following as you create your character:
    ✪ Be creative! Let your imagination fly!
    ✪ Be logical! Don't turn your character into a super-human that no one can defeat. It ruins all the fun.
    ✪ Don't make more than 2 guardians. You can make 2 characters top.
    ✪ Try to avoid the obvious cliches. Be inventive and original!
    ✪ Read all of the lore regarding Anora, and especially the lore concerning whichever race your character will be. While you are not required to follow the lore, it is highly suggested since it will make your character more cohesive with the world of Anora. Hopefully, it can provide you with inspiration and direction for you character. Also, I put a lot of time and effort into making up the lore and it sucks when somebody does something completely off-the-wall without any heed of Anora's existing lore.
    ✪ Read the rules! There is important information there that you must read before I will even consider your application! ​
    You may format your character sheet however you like, but just make sure that all of the following fields are included.

    Role: (Ruler of Teran, Peasant, Ruler of Celandine, Secretary, Guardian No.12, etc. You don't have to pick from the roles above. You may create a new role if you like. It will be added later.)

    Appearance: (Try to be descriptive! This field is required even if you have an image.)
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:

    Personality: (I am asking for two detailed paragraphs, or at least 200 words.)
    Oddities: (Does your character have any strange habits? This is recommended, but not required.)
    • ☺ Like 1
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    • ☺ Like 3
    • ☺ Like 4 {Optional}
    • ☺ Like 5 {Optional}
    • ☹ Dislike 1
    • ☹ Dislike 2
    • ☹ Dislike 3
    • ☹ Dislike 4 {Optional}
    • ☹ Dislike 5 {Optional}
    • ❤ Hobby 1
    • ❤ Hobby 2
    • ❤ Hobby 3
    • ❤ Hobby 4 {Optional}
    • ❤ Hobby 5 {Optional}
    • Fear 1
    • Fear 2
    • Fear 3 {Optional}
    • Fear 4 {Optional}

    Skills/Talents: (This would be more of your casual skills, such as cooking, singing, fire-making, etc.)
    Preferred Weapon:
    (This is where I want your combat-related abilities. Are you really good with a sword? Or, are you an expert in all things arcane? Let me know!)
    Limitations: (What are your weaknesses? Everyone has that one fatal hamartia!)

    Personal History: (I am asking for three detailed paragraphs here, or at least 300 words.)

    Other: (Anything that does not fit into the other fields can be put here. Otherwise, you're welcome to delete this field.)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Lyra Splinter
    Guardian No.2 of Celadine
    Acts as a male
    Western Naiade

    Because she pretends to be male, her hair is cut short, but still long enough to conceal her neck and facial features. She has a smaller build, giving her a childish feel. Her skin is a pearlescent white.
    98 lbs

    Hair Color:

    Black with a purple tint
    Eye Color:
    She usually wears a dark green cloak which covers most of her torso, and black pants that fit inside her boots. Her footwear consists of brown boots with intricate designs on them in a dull gold, that go up to right below her knees.
    She acts as a laid back character, seeming innocent and naive. In reality she is a sadistic character who enjoys spilling blood. Her charisma skills are very high, and she abuses that power often, manipulating people with her words, and tricking them into thinking things she wants them to do. That being said, she doesn’t show this off, and continues to hide behind the persona of a goofy, lovable fellow. She seems to be nothing more than a carefree killer, but she also has a serious side. She takes her job seriously as one of the guardians of Celadine. She hates losing, and will stop at nothing to knock down an opponent, even if it means using underhanded tricks.
    She will lock herself in her room, and sit for hours, and sometimes days, trying to understand something she is unable to comprehend, or create a plan for an attack.

    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Fighting[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Watching people make a fool of themselves[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Being around others[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Animals[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]People figuring out her fake persona[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Losing[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Things that get in her way[/BCOLOR]​

    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Painting[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Meditating[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Practicing arcane magic[/BCOLOR]​

    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Getting too close to others[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Getting laughed at[/BCOLOR]​
    • [BCOLOR=#000000]Failing her mission[/BCOLOR]​

    Has a very good understanding of the different races anatomy, can decipher riddles quite easily, surprisingly good at cooking nutritionally balanced meals.

    Preferred Weapon:
    Double Daggers

    Excels in close combat, wielding two daggers. She waits in the shadows, and when her prey gets close enough, she strikes. Because of her uncanny knowledge of the different bodies, her quick and precise hits can knock out a foe very easily.

    Although an elf, she cannot use any magic at all.
    Personal History:
    Lyra was born and raised a male be her eccentric mother who had always wanted a son, but bore a daughter instead. Due to her father leaving her mother before she was born, her mother had gone crazy, and brought Lyra up a man. Her mother never taught her any magic abilities, and forced her to stay home and keep her company, eventually coming to believe that Lyra really was a man. Lyra was forced to act as man until she was 16, when her mother died of old age, having just turned 956.
    Lyra, with no home to go to, travelled the Silverwoods, honing her combat skills along the way, while still acting as a man. Since her mother never taught her any of the arcane arts, she learned to use her charismatic skills, and manipulated people with her words, rather than magic. She spent her days aimlessly killing, trying to find a purpose in life. When Celadine declared war against Teran, she became excited at the thought of something interesting happening, and when approached by a mysterious figure to fight against Teran, she agreed, and become the 2nd guardian of Celadine, tasked with defeating Teran, and their 6 guardians.

    The reason she continues to act as man is because her mother had treated her as such ever since she was born, and does not know how to live any other way.
  3. @JayTheBirdFlyZ Hello, and thank you for taking the time to apply to the War of Celandine: A Saga Reborn. I appreciate you taking an interest in something that I have put a lot of hard work and dedication into. However, there a few outstanding issues with your character application.

    1. You're missing something very important that is required before I will consider you at all. I suggest you carefully read through the rules section of the roleplay.

    2. Neither your personality nor personal history fields meet the word counts I specified in the character skeleton. The reason I am asking applicants to write a specified amount is because I want to get a taste of their writing style as well as measure their capacity to be descriptive and thorough. Please try to embellish upon what you have already written further. Refer back to the character skeleton if you're unsure of the desired word counts.

    3. As far as content goes, I have four criticisms.
    • As for your limitations, the inability to use magic doesn't seem very relevant. Unless you're a mage, you're not going to be using magic in battle. Please try elaborate more on some other limitations she might have.
    • An alias is like a title. I am not sure if you want to describe how she acts as a male in that field.
    • She seems a tad bit young for the events of her life to unfold in only 19 years. That would make her extremely young for an Elf, still developmentally a child in fact. I suggest making her a bit older.
    • She went around killing people after her mother died? That seems a bit odd and eccentric. Who did she kill? Why did she kill them? These are the questions that might help you reach a satisfactory word count.
    At this time, I cannot consider you for the War of Celandine: A Saga Reborn. Please consider the following revisions and resubmit your application. Thank you for your time.
  4. Oh, my goodness! May I join?
    I might take a while for my sheet.
  5. You're more than welcome to submit a character application! We can go from there. It is fine if you take a while to make the sheet, but just make sure that you read my rules regarding role reservation.
  6. Oh, no worries.
    I might PM you about my idea and my sheet.
    I would like to submit my sheet without the fear factor. It's the holidays, so I might need more time.
  7. There shouldn't be any fear! I offer my advice constructively only, and I am more than willing to help you sort through any issues in your character sheet. If you're more comfortable doing this through PM that is completely fine. I look forward to your message at your earliest convenience.
  8. Eh, I tried. Never joined a fantasy role play like this, so I thought I'd give it a shot, but not too creative to come up with anything very intricate... I think I'll just quit while I'm ahead xDD
  9. As the moderator of this roleplay, I respect your decision to withdraw your application. I understand that my expectations are not going to fit everyone's preferred playing style. As a fellow roleplayer, however, I must admit how disappointed this makes me feel. I want to reiterate that I am always willing to help you improve your character application, and also implore you to work towards creating a better, more robust character. I know that you have the capability. I think, in this case, it is a question of whether or not you have the will. Whatever your choice, I wish you luck in your roleplaying endeavors.
  10. I'm going to consider this, but I'll need some time to think of a character before I decide weather or not to join.
  11. Take as much time as you need! Please make sure to tell your friends if you think they might be interested as well.

  12. Name : Ackzbs Czar ( Ah - ck - ze- bus/bis )
    Role : Bystander
    Age : 60.666... ( 6.666../25ths of his life, give or take. So about 20 in relevance to humans if 75 is the average ? )
    Alias : 'That one.'
    Race : Drakin
    Nation : Teran

    Biograppearance ( Biography + Appearance r8 the name out of ten m8 xD )

    Ackzbs resides in Ishpat a place, a large cave like structure, on average 50 - 56m in height, (getting at it's tallest around the centre) 1.5km in length and 120 - 200m in width. Ishpat is within Teran. Here sensory deprivation is all but unavoidable, the drakin feed off two species of fungi which thrive in moist and dark conditions, things Ishpat supplies. The first one provides starch and other valuable sugars whilst the second gives proteins and the occasional bit of calcium. Colours are a difficult concept for the drakins that inhabit Ishpat as the only displayed colours are balck, brown and grey. The ishpatian drakin themselves were once colourful beings but the low diversity of their food changed that, now they're all variations of grey. Ackzbs was only 45 at the time when he witnessed the thing that would change him forever : a bug. A bug with blue wings. The seeing of the colour put him in a trance. This trance has since fueled his willingness to leave Ishpat.

    -Decades upon decades of adaptation have led to the slightest of changes, one change being hardened skin especially of the feet, this was most likely to prevent things like trench foot and overall negatives associated with prolonged stay in damp conditions. This hardening makes his skin appear scale like.

    -Ackzbs' pupils are quite large in proportion to his eye, this is to allow as much light in as possible. Something like this is momentary but 60.666 ( re-accuring ) years of the same lighting has made it somewhat permanent.

    Height : 5'3
    Weight : 68kg
    Eye colour : Black

    Skills/ talents : He's mastered the mating call. A mixture of barbaricness and gentlemanlyness ( is that a word ? xD )
    in a screechy shout but it is of no use when the cave's echoes distort it. ( God dammit cave D:< )

    Weakness :
    Collective reproduction caused bio accumilation, which led to the emphasise of genetic defects in Ackzbs' case it was vision though not as serious as his parents' it has made him short sighted and unable to see really really slow movements. ( pls forgive the cliché, no ban me pls i beg)

    Personality : For the lack of ... everything he's quite imaginative thinking up the colour white after seeing blue and guessing there were even more colours of course he can't visualise them because they're not present.
    Ackzbs acts tough, perhaps even tougher, when he's hurt for fear that showing weakness will result in his death.

    Abilities : Ackzbs has many protruding bones on his knuckles which focuc impact and a fast punching rate among other things but his best weapon by far is intimidation, he'll often try make himself look taller than he actually is and make threatening sounds in the attemt to scare opponents, the slightest bit of hesitation is all he'll need to deliver a bone shattering blow. The faster the movement of something the more clear it is so even though he'd be at disadvantage fighting someone fast he'd benfit sightwise.

    Likes - Food, consciousness and mild temperatures.
    Dislikes - Noise and extreme temperatures
    Fears - Death, injury.
    Hobbies - Scavenging, sleeping, staying pefectly still.
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