The War in the Shadows OOC/Signup [A Tokyo Ghoul/Darker than Black crossover.]

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  1. 000Night-In-Tokyo-Wallpaper-HD.jpg


    A wonderful place. Nice food, nice landmarks, almost nice everything.

    That is if you don't count the Contractors or the Ghouls.

    No one knows where the Ghouls came from, but almost everyone knows where Contractors come from. Ten years ago. Something known as "Heaven's Gate." Appeared in South America. While another gate known as "Hell's Gate." Appeared near Tokyo. Altering the sky and replacing all of the stars with fake ones.

    Soon after both gates appearing. A small amount of people developed strange powers, granted to them by their fake star. But, this 'contract' robs them of their humanity. As they smother any unnecessary emotion with logic and rationality. As for why they're known as Contractors. Well, in order to keep on using their power. They have a compulsion to pay the price. Which ranges from mundane and meaningless to harmful to either themselves or others.

    Due to rising activity among the two distinct populations. The CCG [Commission of Counter Ghoul] and the NAOJ [National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.] along with the Tokyo Metropolitan PD have come together in order to combat these threats.

    And as a response. Certain Ghoul organizations have begun to utilize the recent added Contractor population.

    Which takes us to the present. The Syndicate has sent a team to investigate a rumor about a organization known as Aogiri Tree.
    This is a type of roleplay that I've seen on other websites. [And was only given a rough explanation of what it is and how it works.] Basically, it is a "Unified Universe." Where rather than characters from opposite universes somehow end up if one another's universe, and thus have to find a way to get back. Instead, it is where both universes exist as one. With their unique traits co-existing.

    And as you can tell. This is a crossover between Tokyo Ghoul and Darker than Black.

    Be sure to PM me or my Co-GM Victor Markov if you have any questions.

    Also, thanks to a suggestion. OCs will be allowed. And canon characters can be played alongside them.

    And the rp will take place at the beginning of Root A. [Basically Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul.]
    Cast List
    Shimigami Squad [Syndicate]
    Hei - The Wanderer
    Huang [NPC]
    Mao [NPC]
    Yin - Reserved for Shadow_Snow_Storm

    Hamasaki Sayuri - SoleStride

    Yamada no Orochi
    Suo - Shadow_Snow_Storm

    Yamori - Chewy Rabbits


    Evening Primrose

    Kanaki [Can still be played by someone, if so you chose to do so.]
    Touka [Also can be played by someone.]
    Yoshimura [Can still be played by someone.]
    Hinami [ Can still be played too.]
    Nishiki [Also can be played too.]
    Renji [Can still be played.]
    Enji [Can still be played also.]
    Kaya [Can still be played.]

    Human CS
    Occupation: [Are they a regular everyday Joe, or an CCG Investigator. Or part of the local authorities trying to track down contractors. Or working with Contractors.]
    Hair C:
    Eye C:
    Appearance: [Picture or description is fine.]
    Equipment: [< Meant For CCG Investigators. Or authorities]
    Backstory: [If canon, put wiki link here.]

    Contractor CS
    Alias: [Includes, fake name, and codename.]
    Contractor Moniker: [EX: BK-201]
    Hair Color: [If dyed, put in 'artificial hair color']
    Eye Color: [If contacts, please add it in.]
    Affilation: [Syndicate /MI6/CIA/Other]
    Remuneration: [Make sure it is reasonable or at least on par with your power.]
    Civilian Appearance: [Description or picture is fine.]
    Contractor appearance: [Optional]
    Backstory: [If canon, put a wiki link here.]

    Ghoul CS
    Alias: [What does the CCG call you?]
    Affiliation: [Anteiku, Aogiri Tree, Clown, or Other?]
    Type of Ghoul: [Regular Ghoul, Half Ghoul, Kakuja]
    Kagune: [Combinations are allowed. But keep it reasonable.]
    Hair C:
    Eye C:
    Civilian Appearance: [Picture or description is fine.]
    Ghoul Appearance: [ Can be a picture or description. Include if your OC/Canon Character has an ability similar to Eto's One Eyed Owl.] Skills:
    Backstory:[If canon, and you don't want to summarize the past of the canon character, please put wiki link here.]

    Doll CS
    Medium: [Basically, what can the doll use to project a spirit. i.e. Water, glass etc.]
    Hair C:
    Eye C:
    1: Don't Godmod, or Meta game.
    2: Respect other rpers.
    3: Please make sure grammar is decent.
    4: Have fun!

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  2. Do you need to have seen or read both series to take part? 'Root A'?
  3. Nope. You just need to know either one of the shows. And Root A is basically season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul. @Shadow_Snow_Storm
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  4. Name: Hei
    Alias: Li Shengshun
    Contractor Moniker: BK-201
    Affiliation: Syndicate
    Age: 22
    Height: 150 Ibs
    Weight: 6'0
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark blue
    Power: Molecular Manipulation - Basically, Hei can manipulate molecules on a quantum level. Utilizing this to either deliver deadly amounts of electricity to kill someone. Or knock someone out. But, in order to do either. He requires a conductive medium. [i.e. Water, Physical Contact, Metal, or anything that can conduct electricity.]
    Remuneration: None. [Due to his sister fusing with him, as she was originally the one with the power. Thus making Hei both human and Contractor.]
    Equipment: A bulletproof trench coat. Two double edged daggers. A harness that carries the sheathes for the daggers. A mechanism that holds and retract several metal wires that can be used as a grappling hook, or as a way to no longer need to get too close to a foe.
    Civilian Appearance:

    Contractor appearance:

    Skills: Peak Human Condition - Due to years of training. Hei has amazing agility, speed, endurance, dexterity, endurance and natural strength.
    Expert Hand to Hand Combatant -Hei is extremely skilled in martial arts, as well as being an amazing acrobat, as evident by how he can do backflips and mid-air cartwheels with little physical strain.
    Tactician - Like many other Contractors. Hei wields a very pragmatic and resourceful intellect. Demonstrating a knack for improvising in the heat of battle. And due to his power can only kill one at a time. Hei often relies on taking his foes by surprise in order to gain the advantage. His tactical unpredictability and resourcefulness coupled with his almost bullet time speed, makes him a daring foe.

    Personality: When acting under his "Li Shengshun" persona. He is often a good natured individual. Often call naïve. But when not acting as Li. He is often cold, and emotionless. Only showing emotion when someone close to him is hurt. But, despite having the rationality of a Contractor. He is known for acting on emotion, even against orders.

    Backstory: Hei used to live in China with his family. One night, while he and his younger sister, Pai was out watching the stars. A meteor struck close to them. It was because of this that his sister gained her powers, becoming the original BK-201. Soon after, she was taken in by the Syndicate. And not wanting to abandon her, Hei signed up as a mercenary to watch over her. But, when the gate disappeared, Pai vanished, and Hei got her powers.

    Since he was desperate to know what happened to her, the Syndicate took this opportunity to offer Hei a deal. Help them, and they'll help him find his sister.

    Ever since, he has been working with the Syndicate. Having only been recently assigned to a new team.​
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  5. This will be a update post, as I never accounted for if someone didn't know what the different Ghoul types entitled in terms of abilities, biology, diet and other variants.

    Ghoul [Prepare for a length read.]

    Ghouls are a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that are only able to feed on humans and other ghouls. They are as close to humans as possible: They normally have the same physical appearance and intelligence as a human with the exception of diet, mentality, and inner biology. If certain rare conditions are met, ghouls and humans may even be able to have offspring and a ghoul's organs can be successfully transplanted into a human to create an artificial hybrid.


    Ghouls have a high physical capability and are four to seven times stronger than the average human: They are able to send the average human flying if they strike with enough force and can penetrate a human's body with their bare hands. They are also able to jump several meters high. They also have a tough body that makes them resistant to injuries. For example, if a ghoul were to be stabbed with a knife, the blade of the knife would break instead, the ghoul only suffering a small scratch that heals almost instantly. However, forces that are strong enough can break their tough body, such as a fall from an extreme height.
    Ghouls have better senses than humans. They can smell people or meat from afar and tell humans and ghouls apart by their scent. They also have a heightened sense of hearing that even allows some ghouls to discern individual footsteps far away.
    The origin of these aspects of ghoul biology and the origin of ghouls is unknown. By and large, nothing is currently known of the origin of the Ghoul species, except that Rc cells play a huge part in their biology. Ghouls have an Rc factor ten times higher than a human. If the average healthy human has about 200-500 Rc level, then the ghoul has about 1000-8000 Rc level. They possess an organ known as the Kakuhou, from which Rc cells harden and break through the skin to form the Kagune. The Kagune is a hard, muscle-like protrusion described as their claws. It can take the form of a pair of sharp wings or tentacle-like appendages, a tail, or a drill-like object, or even detached from the ghoul, depending on the ghoul's materials and his or her own Rc type. It is possible for a ghoul to have developed another, usually armor-like, Kagune as part of the mutation caused by excessive cannibalism. Ghouls also have an identifying feature known as a Kakugan, an affliction manifesting in the eyes as red pupils surrounded by a black sclera. A ghoul's Kakugan can appear either by their own will, due to hunger or from using their Kagune.
    Ghouls have a high regenerative ability: Small wounds and fractures heal in a matter of seconds to a day. Larger wounds take longer to heal, but will usually heal after a few days, as long as the ghoul has an adequate food supply. Ghouls have been shown to regain their strength and heal wounds almost immediately after consuming a small amount of flesh, suggesting that they can quickly metabolize their food to boost their regeneration. This regenerative ability varies among individuals, with some ghouls exhibiting the ability to reattach severed body parts or regrow detached limbs. In extreme cases of regenerative ability, some powerful Ghouls can even heal severe brain injuries, reattach their severed head or upper body, and regrow large sections of their bodies.
    Ghouls prefer to consume human flesh, but it is not uncommon for them to cannibalize one another. Ghoul tissue is considered coarse and disgusting, but it has the merits of providing an alternative food source. Furthermore, cannibalism increases a ghoul's Rc levels to the point of mutation, increasing their Kagune's overall power. Occasionally, cannibalistic ghouls gain through this mutation an armor-like Kagune besides the predatory Kagune that ghouls commonly possess, turning them into Kakujas.
    In extremely rare cases, a Ghoul whose parents possess different Rc types will inherit both from their parents. This results in a Ghoul that possesses a Kakuhou in more than one location and is able to use two different types of Kagune.
    Though powerful and durable predators, ghouls are still far from immortal. Despite their superior physical status, ghouls age at the same rate as humans. All ghouls, though resistant to damage from man-made objects, are vulnerable to damage or modifications made to their mucous membranes, such as nostrils, eyes, ears, lips. Generally, a ghoul will die if it suffers massive trauma that proves fatal before its innate healing ability can stabilize its condition. The most damage that can be inflicted to a ghoul usually comes from other ghouls, as they have the physical strength and the use of their kagune that can deal heavy damage to a ghoul. However, they are also vulnerable to Quinques and Q bullets, which can injure a ghoul effectively due to the nature of such weapons as products of a harvested kagune. They can still suffer injury from an acute transfer of a sufficient volume of kinetic energy, such as a heavy high falling object or jumping down a great height. Ghouls become vulnerable if forced to consume a sufficient amount of normal food, which will weaken their physical condition and possibly makes them vulnerable to man-made objects such as guns, knives, swords, etc. Rc suppressants have a similar effect, as their administration make ghouls as vulnerable as humans. One eyed Ghoul: Rare human/ghoul hybrid. More stronger than normal ghouls.
    Kakuja : A ghoul with a mutation that springs armor like appendages, or armor.

    Something went weird with the spoiler.

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  6. Suou Pavlichenko



    Suou Pavlichenko

    Lisa Leduc

    Contractor Moniker


    Five Feet and Four Inches

    Approximately One-Hundred and Fifteen Pounds

    Hair Color
    Rusted Red

    Eye Color
    Sea Green




    Anti-Tank Rifle Materializing

    Folding Origami Swans


    • Cleaning and repair kit for her rifle​
    • Bullet proof jacket​
    • Combat boots​
    • Twin Daggers​
    • Spare bullets​

    • Hand-To-Hand Combat​
    • Rifle Handling​
    • Observation​
    • Critcal Thinking and Tactics​


    Before Suou became a contractor she was a cheerful and fun-loving girl; a lover of photography and a passionate person. She loved her brother with all she had. Remembering how she acting before her Contract, Suou puts those traits to use as the innocent and sweet Lisa Leduc. She puts on the facade of a nice collage student, just getting out into the world; she has friends and people she talks to regularly, but none of these people actually matter to her.

    On the inside however, Suou remains an unusual Contractor. Like Hei, she was not originally someone who was meant to be a Contractor, and still retained a fragment of her humanity, albeit a small one. Suou still has the ability to care, at times showing an impulsiveness that's rare in her race. She's also exhibited a desire for affection from those she fancies, but it's never gotten in the way of her Contractor business.


    Suou Pavlichenko
    Since learning who she is and about herself, she has continued her work as a Contractor, albeit with as much enthusiasm as Hei or Yin. It's been six years since she met Hei, teaching her how to use her abilities not long after the death of a loved one. Since then she's grown as a person and a Contractor, as well as filled out physically.

    After Hei went back to his work with the Syndicate, Suou spent the next three years finishing her schooling and taking contracts on the side to earn a profit. She joined the Syndicate when she was 17 and has recently been assigned a new team after the unfortunate deaths of her former associates.

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  7. Still open?! I'm interested in making a Ghoul.
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  8. I'll work on a CS.

  9. Name:
    Hamasaki Sayuri
    White Fox
    Type of Ghoul:
    Six-tailed Fox– Kagune in which six white fox tail-appearing appendages protrude from the lower back. These are prehensile and can be very sharp.
    White Claws – Kagune that covers both the ghoul’s forearms and extends past the fingers approximately 4 inches in 3 arched claw-like points. White in coloring.
    Dirty Blonde, Curly
    Ocean Blue
    Civilian Appearance:


    Ghoul Appearance:
    White hooded jacket with a white fox mask.


    Ghoul Strength and Speed – Increased strength (6x human strength) and speed as well as increased injury resistance.
    Increased Agility/Flexibility – She is trained in gymnastics and practices parkour.
    Excellent Street-Fighter – Situationally adaptable and inventive when fighting. Capable of using mixed martial arts style moves if she has seen them before.

    Sayuri is a… complicated… individual. She’s the type to war with her internal feelings quite often and very easily sees and agrees with both sides of any conflict. This makes it hard for her to determine where her loyalties truly lie. She is a truth-seeker by nature and almost always tries to figure something out before taking any action. There are some things that can cause her to throw logic to the wind and when she goes all out, she does not hold back and can sometimes lose her sense of self.

    Sayuri was actually born in the UK to a young Ghoul couple. Her father had been killed and her mother was unable to take care of her financially while being hunted so she was put up for adoption from birth and lived in a children’s home under the name Sarah. Her biological father was a Ghoul with a white six-tailed kagune and her mother’s kagune consisted of a claw that encompassed her right hand and extended far beyond her fingers in jagged points. There has been no public report on her biological mother since the birth.
    A few months after birth, she was adopted by the warm and caring Hamasaki family who took Sarah to Japan and changed her name to Sayuri. Her new family consisted of a father, Hamasaki Junpei, a mother, Hamasaki Emiko, and an older brother, Hamasaki Aoi.
    Her new family coddled her and even after realizing that they had adopted a Ghoul, they continued to raise her like a normal child while seeking help from the people of Anteiku to feed her. Under these circumstances, she grew up through Anteiku and was raised with a human’s sense of morality. She attempts to only eat people who have already passed away and shows great control for the most part.
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  10. Was invited to this awesome RP and will try to work my brain to come up with an OC! ^^
  11. You too I see, lol.
  12. Oh.

    Wasn't expecting you tbh lol
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  14. Big update!

    Me and the Co-GM have decided to change the setting from just after the beginning of Root A to a AU.

    As some people may not even watch the anime, and for those who aren't quite caught up as the others, that we do not want to end up spoiling things.

    @Ringmaster @Chewy Rabbits @SoleStride
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  15. I did watch the first 5 or so episodes of Darker than Black so I could get a feel of the story. I wanted to watch more but then some things came up o_o
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