The War Between the Colonies

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  1. On Earth, on the countryside of Wales, there is two colonies. The Leviers de vitesse [The Shifters] and the Mélange de race [The Mix Breeds] You must choose which side you want to fight for in this great war that has been going on ever since the french ancestors migrated to Wales.

    The Leviers De Vitesse:

    All in this colony are shapeshifters. They can shift into one animal of their choice, and it can be any animal.

    The Mélange De Race:

    All in this colony are any type of species; but the three main species are Vampires, Lycans, and Fae creatures.

    The Leviers De Vitesse, have the whole northern part of the countryside of Wales, while the Melange De Race are in the southern part of the countryside. Each territory has a forest, mountains, a lake, a river, and a moor. Although the Mix Breed territory has caves.

    The Reason for the War?:
    The Mix Breeds have something The Shifters want; Immortality. The way The Shifters can get what they want is by taking over their territory and mining the crystal of life from the caves in the Mix Breed territory.


    Would you like to join? Fill out this character sheet below! If you have questions, feel free to ask!

    Character Sheet:
    Full Name:
    Race[Also if you are a shifter what animal you are]:
    Appearance[Picture preferably]:
    Back Story:

    I would like at least 10 players! So, there is 10 spots open as of now.