The War beneath Berlin

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  1. The Year is 1942, The axis powers have spread all throughout Europe and it seems as if Hitler is going to win. The world's eyes are all focused on the battlefield distracting them from the true struggle of power in Germany. The Nazi party rose to power quickly leaving many factions torn and all but gone. However, one faction remains as a thorn in the side of the Third Reich. Der Morgenstern (The morning star) is an underground faction based in Berlin, who opposes the oppression of the The Third Reich. The S.S has been commanded by the fuhrer himself to destroy them.

    While the allies lose on the front lines it is our mission to stop the Third Reich from the center, our mission is not as futile as to stop supply trains, or take down small operations. Der Morgenstern has only one objective eliminate, Adolf Hitler and end the war in one blow. with so many doubles and such complex security the probability of our success is less than 1%. However, with numbers there is strength. If you are reading this now you have been asked to join the resistance, you hold in your hands the chance to quite possibly save the world from Annihilation.

    ACHTUNG! The Fuhrer has presented us with a task detrimental to the preservation of the Reich. A faction who has not realized that they stand no chance against the might of the father land threatens the well being of our country, and even worse our war machine. You have been hand selected as an elite member of The S.S to seek and destroy this foe. Our soldiers on the front line rely on you to destroy this enemy. Failure is not an option, and neither is this assignment. As members of our superior race you are expected to squash those who wish to see our master race fall. Good luck Gentleman

    This Role play is not meant to offend or support the Nazi Regime, however the idea of a secret war within the confines of the fatherland is one that I think we can all accept and have fun with. Playing as a nazi does not require you to be a part of any genocides, racism, or fanatic thinking that many of them were very well known for. You are simply picking good guys or bad guys, that being said here is the character sheets.

    Gender:(Yes you can be a female Nazi officer if you so choose)
    Specialization:(weapons, explosives, intelligence, etc.)
    Personality: (Just because you are a Nazi doesn't mean you are an ass hole)

    Romance is encouraged all the things that make an RP interesting are encouraged follow the rules have fun just because you are a Nazi doesn't mean you cant become a mole or fall in love with a member of the resistance.

    this is all meant to be very intricate, I do not wish for cut and dry warfare. There will be lies there will be tears, and there will be death.

    You are encouraged to make a character in each faction if you like however no more than one character per faction I don't want there to be too many of one or the other.

    Although there are guns and explosives if you engage in combat with another player, obviously you can't just kill them unless they agree to it, and the usual no god mods auto hits etc. I would like to see combat go to hand to hand or knife to knife if possible I think its more fun than bang bang bang oh no i'm hit!

    Have fun and again this all meant to be a hypothetical scenario if you are playing a serious S.S Officer act like it dammit. You are supposed to be a prick, you are supposed to think you are superior and you will say offensive things, but it is part of being in character and if you are uncomfortable with it than you don't have to make your character that way.
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