The Wanted Serial Killer Of Gotham

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  1. Raven walked down the empty streets of Gotham, swinging a blood soaked dagger in her left hand as she walked. Noticing something on one of the building walls, the serial killer stopped in her tracks. Looking at the sheet of paper stuck to the wall, she read:

    REWARD: £10,000

    "Hm? So they've finally put up wanted posters? Heh, this'll be fun." The 19 year old villain smirked to herself before spinning around to greet 4 men, each holding weapons such as machine guns, pistols, daggers and pocket knifes. "Oh? You think you can take me on and claim the reward?" Smirking even more, Raven wiped a bit of blood off her dagger before saying. "Bring it on." Sixteen minutes later all of them were dead. As she begun to walk away, one of their phones begun ringing.

    When it was put to voice mail, a concerned voice spoke out from the phone. "John, when you said you're going to find Raven were you serious? John? Please, answer me. John? John! John it isn't funny anymore! Enough with the joking! Please! John!!" Picking up 'John's sky blue phone, the killer answered his phone. "I'm sorry to inform you that John isn't here. Or anywhere but above. Oh wait, no I'm not." "R...Raven...?" "BEEP!" The noise exclaimed as Raven hung up. Whoever that was, they'll be coming after me.

    "This might just be getting interesting." Smirked the villain of Gotham city.
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  2. A figure dropped from a nearby building. He landed several yards away from the infamous Raven, serial killer of gotham. "I am an assassin, and the reward for killing you is huge. But I like what you're doing out here, and I'm extremely surprised Batman hasn't come after you yet. If he has, he's not doing a good job for the first time in his life." The tails of his headband under his half black, half orange mask fluttered in the cool breeze that blew softly. "I'm deathstroke. You may know me as Slade."


    "After I got word of you, and your notorious actions, I had to make a choice. Get that reward or simply join with her. Obviously I have decided to join, or one of us would've been dead by now. I'm not testing your abilities," he looked around at the dead bodies that laid around her. "...obviously, but I'm not all that sure what you're capable of. So how about I find out. I think we should go find more like us, from there we go find the bat, and simply squash him like a bug. Are you in or out?"
  3. "Hmm......interesting proposal." Raven replied before taking a moment to think. "Alright Deathstroke. Count me in." Answered the serial killer as she wiped the remaining blood off of her dagger. She then placed it in her pocket. "You made the right choice as if you were going for the reward you would have died before you had the chance to swing that pole thingy of yours. But first, I have a questions. How do I know if you truly want to join forces or you plan on gaining my first before killing me?" Questioned the curious killer.
  4. Slade chuckled. "Pole thingy?...This is a Katana," he said as he unsheathed it, revealing a shiny metal with Japanese encryption on it. He then sheathed it back and clipped back onto his back plate. "And I'm armed with top notch weapons. I'm not any kind of joke. The Teen-Titans couldn't defeat me, Batman couldn't beat me, even Doomsday couldn't kill please watch what you say."

    He was questioned by the female killer. He smirked under his mask. "Now I wouldn't do that. Anyone who has ever had the intentions of killing the bat, has my attention. I've worked with almost every villain in town to take down the Bat...only one who I've ever betrayed is that bastard, the Joker. I was just cautions. He's known for stabbing people in the back...literally. I wouldn't do that to such a sweet and innocent looking girl. Even though we both know you're not."
  5. Cool. Raven thought as she watched the katana get unsheathed. After listening to what Deathstroke said, the villain had answered with a nod. "Alright. I trust you." Replied the green haired serial killer. Since he's worked with almost every villain in town, he'll be very useful. Leaning against a wall, she waited for him to speak or do something as she had no idea to what to do or say now.
  6. "Okay first things first, let's take all these wanted posters down. As many as we can. We don't want the people of Gotham to know what you look like," he said as he stepped behind her to take down one of her wanted posters. "Here's a communication device," he said as he passed her a small bluetooth. "Since we're in Downtown Gotham, just take down the ones that are here. I'll do the suburbs, and we'll meet in uptown to take the rest down. Hopefully we'll find more to help in the process. Ta ta!" A smoke bomb hit the ground and once the smoke cleared he was no where to be seen.
  7. Where does she put the bluetooth?)

    Raven put the bluetooth where she was supposed to before running down the street where another wanted poster was. Once she took it down, the 19 year old begun running futhur down. After about 19 minutes, she had taken down all 25 wanted posters. Raven then made her way towards uptown. Once there, the serial killer leaned against a tall skyscraper, waiting for Deathstroke. While waiting, the green haired teen fiddled with a small pocket knife that was in ehr left pocket.
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    face (open)

    White rabbit was seen over a rooftop afar, eavesdropping on most everything that had happened between the fearsome assassin and the wanted serial killer with those high tech rabbit ears of hers. It was.. Interesting, and a small sneer had appeared on her face. What should she do now? Sell information? Nope... That would be to troublesome, and although white rabbit was already troublesome enough she wasn't in the mood for it.

    She was a known criminal who snatched things. Information, goods, anything that'll keep her alive while also putting her in danger that she'll survive through. Should she approach the serial killer? Hmm.. That thought made her ponder and stand herself up straight, walking away. She'll probably bump into her some other time and save the information for... Later? Or maybe keep it. Who knows. All she had was that they were now a team most likely and she should watch out. A person who was teamed up with Deathstroke was considered lucky.
  9. Raven remained waiting but when a person walked by, she tossed her knife into their throat, causing an instant death. A couple of people surrounded the person death body, so the teen threw even more knifes which caused instant death for each of the victims. Getting bored, the killer decided to explore uptown and kill more people.
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    Deathstroke hit uptown just in time to see innocent people being killed by none other than Raven. He sighed and pulled up his mask. " she so ruthless. I don't kill innocent people for fun....all the time." Deathstroke went after the girl as she ran off. Once he caught up he grabbed her shoulder to stop her. "I'm going to need you to settle down. Save the carnage for later. We don't want Batman or anyone else from the Justice League after us before we're ready."

    Deathstroke had a little over 50 posters in his hand. "Now we both know uptowners don't pay attention to much, due to their unlimited wealth and pish-posh attitude, so we don't need to worry about much up here, except the fact that the law is all over here. Disguises are a maybe, but for now we need to stay hidden. They don't need to know what part of town we're in. Our first plan right now is to search for anyone who would like to tag along on this mission. We also need money and tech. In uptown that shouldn't be a problem. I think the first place we should hit up is Wayne Enterprises, then the Star Labs HQ they have here in Gotham. Sound like a plan?"
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    Raven nodded and answered, "Sounds like a plan." After a minute or two of thinking to herself, the killer asked him,"So what do we do right now?" While waiting for an answer, the serial killer crouched down and picked up all of the daggers that she had thrown into some necks. Then she put all 20 of them in her right pocket after wiping each an every one of them clean.
  12. Well with a world full of villains I think a superhero is needed eh? I can totally change her if you don't want any superheroes.
    Cassandra- Superhero (I can change her to a villain if you want though)

    Cassandra was a 17 year old regular girl, except her father was a technical genius who updated her human abilites into those of a super humans. Making her on of the few "good guys" of Gotham. The city was corrupted and Cassandra was one of the few superheros left in the big city. Crime sky rocketed with new super villains popping up from every corner of the city. Cassandra was stalking the latest villain and known serial killer. A young girl known as only "Raven" Surpringsly the young girl could murder people without even a second look. And that made Cassandra's blood boil. When the girl met up with a known super villain and a huge pain in Cassandra's side, Slade, she knew she had to step in.

    She jumped off the top of the building and hovered by the group of baddies with her hands on her hips. "Well Well Well what do we have here? Sorry guys but the parties over" She said with a slight smirk.
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    @Adira O HAI <3 8D. Naw... White rabbit is neutral... Hmm.. Debating to play Jason todd... Nahhh.

    White rabbit caught the odd scent of iron. Sniff! It was a peculiar smell that was normal in the criminal world, and she followed the smell of blood until she saw the two again after a while. Her rabbit ears adjusted to their voices in order to hear them much more better and it was then, that she leaned forward over the rooftop and grinned through the night. A loud whistle escaping her pink lips.

    "I hear wayne enterprises~"

    The female mused abruptly as she laid on her back over the rooftop, eyeing down on the duo. Her hair hanging down from the edge. A gleam was in her eyes, she was well aware of the place. Hell it was easy for her to break through, and she rolled to her stomach, perched there quietly with legs up as she laid on her stomach. Then.. Super girl appeared.

    "Hullo, Dearie~."

    The rabbit grins, surprisingly not taking part in any side.
  14. Hai Nicolae <3

    Cassie smiled as she waved slightly to the rabbit. "Nice to see you again rabbit" she said with a girly wave.
  15. (Okie Dokie) Raven whipped around to see Super girl. Slight shocked, the serial killer instantly pulled a tiny pocket knife out of her right jean pocket before throwing it at her throat.
  16. "Well it's just one big family reunion. White Rabbit, Super Girl, it's been months. I would hug both of you, but we're enemies." Slade smiled under his mask, which he definitely would not flip up now that two of his enemies were there. "What do you two want from me? I haven't killed anyone tonight,,,yet."
  17. The rabbit immediately perked up surprised."Who said I'm part of this?" She asked."Last time I checked, we've really never interacted. I wasn't a hero, nor was a truly a villain." The girl slowly got up."Well~ Information is what I have. I can use it to help the good, or the bad." She shrugged, spinning on her heel."I only ever get along with super girl because I don't push her buttons. You on the other hand always need to assume things. Me against her is merely impossible with such strength compared to mine." scoffed Dolores.
  18. Raven watched them, saying nothing. So Deathstroke knows the two? Huh, well that's interesting. I wonder what other superheros he knows. The murderer thought to herself as she leaned against a building wall. When he said, "What do you two want from me? I haven't killed anyone tonight...yet." Raven smirked slightly thinking, not me
  19. "I kill who ever I'm paid to kill. I just absolutely hate Batman. I hate Robin even more...him and his filthy team of "titans" last I heard they weren't gods." Deathstroke shook his head thinking about all the battles and foiled plans he went through due to those teen brats. "You two are interrupting. Could you go play somewhere else, please and thankyou."
  20. Super girl easily dodged the knife and smiled "well I'm here on good guy duties. You wouldn't understand slade" she said as she smirked again. "Nah I'd much rather have fun with you two. Foiling evil plans gives me such happiness"

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