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    Just move one inch to the left, get comfy, and wait. That's all Emily had to do tonight. She stared at the men, hustling around on the ground. She had been told by her employer that these were some raiders who were getting too close to his settlement. All she had to do was pull the trigger on the leader and get the hell out of there. But something felt different. Emily took her eye away for a moment, looking over her gun to see if she saw right. These men were dressed awfully nicely for Raiders. Her eye went back to the gun, her cheek resting on it as she aimed for the man dressed in black and white. He looked like the guy she was shown. He walked around like the leader. She didn't wanna question it, but she knew this was strange. But hell, there was a huge pile of caps waiting for her after this job. Enough to get her drunk enough to pass out in her bed.

    With one quick pull of the trigger, Emily landed a bullet in the fat man's eye. She let go of her breath, hoping to pack up and run off the top of that building, but a couple of men spotted her. "Get her!" She heard yelling, "Shit." She hissed as she picked up the sniper, with no time to pack it away. She went to the metal stairs, but somehow the men were already making their way towards her. Emily looked around, there was a building close enough, right? She decided she had no choice. With a quick runup, Emily jumped off the side of the building and onto the other, just about. She slipped and her leg dragged across the end of the building. She pulled herself up and began running down the stairs.

    She didn't stop running until she got into Goodneighbour. That's when the pain set in. She limped towards The Third Rail, pissed off that had happened. On the way she definitely figured out she had just put a bullet in one of the higher ranking triggermen. Fuck.

    "The strongest thing you got, Charlie." Emily sat in the bar stool, shaking her leg to ease the pain. She was given a small glass of whiskey, "More like the strongest thing you can afford, Ma'am." Charlie joked. She scoffed before drinking. She looked to her side. A chair down was Mr. MacCready. A man with a lot in common, but they had never got to talking. They shared cigarette's and complaints, but never a proper conversation. It was a silent altruistic friendship. Or, could it be something else? Emily looked at him... That's it! She was never gonna be able to run from those triggermen, she was no marksman. But Mac was. Plus, she wanted to give her employer a piece of her mind for sending her out to do that, he'd be the perfect company. "Hey Mac, you got light?" She asked, before rummaging around in her bag for a cigarette, hoping to land the question on him.

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    Today hadn't been a particularly hard day, he got some caps for escorting from drifter around Goodneighbor who was convinced that deathclaws had infiltrated our society and were wearing people's skin like sheep clothing. When quitting time came about, it was off to The Third Rail, as per usual. At least the gunner boys hadn't been by, this time. Maybe today they would let him drink in peace. Things started to look up when she came in. She seemed pissed off though, perhaps he should stay out of her hair. Of course, she asked him for a light. How could he say no?

    "You know, there comes a point when I should really have a separate lighter just for you to use." With the sarcasm, came a smile and a lighter that was flipped through the air towards her. "Hand it back when you are done, would ya? I hate having to find new ones just because you are incapable." He took a swig of his drink and looked her over. "Something wrong with your leg, Em?" The man had not exactly paled around with her too much, but she was around enough for him to recognize her face. He enjoyed their exchanges, always finding her to be a fun gal to be around. Magnolia started into another song and MacCready's attention was pulled away for a brief moment. He enjoyed the entertainment The Third Rail had to offer, even if he was more of a rock and roll kind of guy.


    Not a single thing got done that day, and he was okay with it. Well, unless you count finding Goodneighbor for the first time. Which, from the rumors, isn't actually that good of a discovery but a rest stop is a rest stop. At least by sometime tomorrow he would be back at Bunker Hill with some nice people to be around. People he knew, if nothing else. For the most part this town had its bright spots, but it felt shady as all hell and it didn't sit right in his bones.

    So he sat at the bar, with a songstress on the microphone, for about an hour now. He was sipping away his vodka he mixed with some mutfruit. It was nice and sweet. Just how he liked it. A few other patrons come in, one that sat next to him. He exchanged a little nod and continued to keep to themselves. It wasn't long before someone else came in and asked the man for a light. He smiled at the sarcasm while taking another drink. This exchange could be interesting.
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    Emily raised her eyebrows with no amusement. Mac was so sarcastic she wasn't surprised people found him annoying. "Call me incapable again and I won't give it back." She pouted, sticking a cigarette between her lips and lighting it up. She had a fresh pack, and wasn't feeling frugal. She puffed out smoke and smiled a little, the smoke warmed up her cold body. She looked behind herself to see Magnolia as she sung. Emily wouldn't say anything, but she did have quite the crush on the lady in red. Her voice always made her swoon. She looked back at Mac, "Long story short, I'm bad at cardio and roof jumping." She looked down to the blood soaked khaki with a cringe. It was beginning to sting, but she'd go to daisy and get a couple of bandages to stop it getting too gross.

    "Speaking of roof jumping-" Emily looked around, not noticing anybody listening in. The men around her seemed like no threat. She eyed Charlie, who scattered away to the other side of the bar to give her privacy. "Some rich asshole roped me into a deal, where I may of ended up killing an important triggerman." She lowered her voice, trying to keep the pair low key. "So, there is kind of a giant target on my ass. Care to lend us a hand?" She puffed out smoke, realizing she didn't include the vital info Mac needed, "I'll give you the share of the 600 caps I was promised. Even more if I go kick his ass too." She shrugged, hoping that was enough caps to get him interested. Emily used one arm to lean on the bar, the other to push away the fringe that was in her eyes. She really needed to get it cut. But Emily had more important things to spend her caps on.​
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    He smirked, enjoying their little banter. Before he could address the blood further, she had changed the subject. To caps. His favorite. Listening to her, he took a drink or three trying to figure out if this was going to be worth the caps. Unfortunately, he was not a very well off man. At least, not well off to be able to get what he came to The Wealth for and make a clean break for it. He leaned in a bit closer to her, as to not allow too many people in on their

    "So let me get this straight. You managed to take out a higher up, of one of the more dangerous groups in the Commonwealth. Some tightwad in a fancy suit was the one who got you to do it, so he probably has a bit of muscle...." Sighing, realizing that saying all of this wasn't going to make it easier, or make finding a solution for Duncan any better, MacCready looked into the face of the woman offering him caps to risk his neck. "How much more are we talking here?"


    He blinked, but stayed looking forward. 600 caps was a lot to just go throwing around, even for an attempted assassination. Of course, he wasn't heavily into that kind of game, but that still seemed like excessive pay. Perhaps, he should try and see about getting a job or two from this guy. Better idea: Help take said cap pinata down and live off the spoils. Then again, rich people usually have rich friends. They, even with a little extra help from him, might be in over their heads. A fourth could alway tip the scales in their favor. Of course, this all depends on them being okay with a third.

    "From the sounds of it, you are going to need someone who can outfit you, and perhaps provide a little extra boom." He said, finishing off his drink. Charlie was still playing coy, as Taner and MacCready turn to one another. His face was expressionless as the former Gunner adjusted himself in the seat.

    "If you are interested..."
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    She cringed, nodding when Mac summed up the mess she got herself into. "Yeah, you pretty much got it all. I fucked up big time." Emily didn't like admitting her mistakes. But damn, it was obvious she fucked this one right up. Mac was easily enticed by caps, Emily was the same, so she started throwing around ideas she would like to hear too, "Well, he seemed like a rich fella', I say whatever we can get off them." She suggested, glaring right back at him, searching for an answer. He couldn't possibly say no, that was a lot of caps to offer someone. She trusted Mac. Well, not with her life or anything, but she trusted him enough when she had a bunch of caps on the line.

    That's when she heard the second voice. She spun her chair around to see a hefty man giving his opinion. Emily first felt irritated goon had given his unwanted opinion, but after he finished talking, Emily frowned a little in thought. She took a big breath of smoke in, puffing it out as she looked back at Mac, giving it some thought. She and Mac weren't exactly the most intimidating of couples. At best they were a nuisance to these rich men, but this guy would be an extra muscle to the two of them. "Go on..." She said, looking at the man with a hesitant look, hoping she wasn't misguiding her trust. ​

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    Another player looking to get into the game. While he wasn't sure he would care for taking a likely pay cut, but upping the chance of survival was always the better part of teamwork. It was something he understood from back in his Little Lamplight days. When people collectively come together and provide use, that things get done. From the sounds of it, another person or two wouldn't shrink the pot too much. Still, was this guy even the right kind of person to bring on? He didn't know.

    MacCready raised an eyebrow, looking at Em before turning back to the other man. The wasn't much for him to say. Not while this guy was bargaining for a spot on the roster, in either case.

    The man smiled, as he was asked to continue. At least these people were semi-reasonable. "Well, from what I had been hearing, this job is going to need a lot more protection from a lot more than scrappy rooftops." Taner gestured to the wound on her leg. "I am someone who is able to tip the scales in your favor, in multiple ways. You see, I have a talent for gear. Crafting it, specifically. If you need a brand new set of armor, I can make it. Need a different barrel on your rifle? I can turn a pea shooter into a squad wrecker. Can't get past that wall? Gimme a couple of hours and some materials and I will make an entrance. Not too bad with a gun either."

    When Taner stopped, he downed the rest of his drink. Sliding the glass towards Charlie, the offer continued. "And if you want my advice, we could even use a forth. Someone for the baddies to worry about. The obvious threat. Give someone like me time to give someone like two the edge to clean up."

    MacCready leaned back to whisper in Em's ear. "Assuming this guy isn't talking out his ass, I think we need to stop by the combat zone."
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    As the new player spoke, Emily watched him with careful eyes. She wanted to know more about this armor situation. As anybody could tell, Emily didn't have the talent or caps to get her hands on some, so that certainly sweetened the deal. She nodded, puffing out another cloud of smoke. She was no demolitions expert either, so maybe this guy wasn't all too bad of an idea. Her and Mac were the ones with the guns, this guy would fill in the gaps. Now Emily was interested.

    When Mac whispered to her, Emily didn't take her eyes off the new guy. She couldn't help but be suspicious. She had been taught to do that. "Well, you certainly fill the gaps we're missing." She gestured to her and Mac. She sighed, punching out her cigarette on the coaster. "I think I know the gal'." She said, more so to Mac. Emily was aware of what went down at the combat zone. She wasn't too embarrassed to admit her and one of the girls had a scrap themselves. She had no clue if the other two knew her, but Emily was sure she'd be the one to go in guns blazing.

    Before she decided to settle and let him on the team, she had to check; "What's the catch, hm? How much you asking?" She said, knowing that her and MacCready weren't exactly the most generous when it came to caps.​

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    When he spoke, RJ caught the scent of gunfire and a little cigarette. Coupled be honest he didn't know how to describe it. It seemed unique to her. So much so, his blue eyes lingered just a bit before he slipped back to earth. As she continued to speak, the man could not help but imagine the amount of gunfire that was going to be needed to put this to bed. Not mention the caps needed for a fat cigar when it was all over.

    And when the numbers had finally started, he decided to try and stop the potential third before trying anything. "And think about what you are about to say, because I am not about to throw a lot of caps at a man who can't walk the walk."

    It was good that the suggestion of a fourth had already got them thinking of who could fill the spot and had a candidate in mind. They were smart, or at least open to suggestions. Despite her skepticism and his attempt to put a hamper on his "aspirations" for this job, Taner continued.

    "On the strictly business side, I would need at least enough to pay for whatever materials and things for me to be able to build any requested gear and some for the actual labor. Along with that, the whole idea behind this is so that you two stay alive. Would you -really- want to be stingy when you life is at stake? Not to mention those who might care or depend on you?"

    The last question silently deflated MacCready a bit, as his mind went to Duncan. "Fair enough."

    "That said, I assume any others would want their share as well. If this haul as big as you say, it means I could go lower and still make a pretty hefty profit. Assuming I am able to keep anything I find: 25%. Should be fair considering we are likely bringing on a fourth and would need at least a fair to entice them. Of course, if anything I find turns out to be vital to your own search, I will be giving it up. No fuss from me, but I can walk just fine." He raised his hands slightly, to emphasize his position.

    "As for a suppose I call dibs on any Nuka Cherries we find?" He said, chuckling.
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    Emily nodded along when Mac spoke. She agreed, but she definitely wasn't feeling generous. But the man made a good point. She valued her life over her caps, and there were a lot in the balance. She noticed the tone of RJ's voice when the man mentioned people who cared. Well, she wasn't sure, but she was sure RJ had people who loved him, she didn't. Emily saw images of Daniel, Danse, and her other brotherhood sisters who she left behind. They weren't in the picture anymore. She sighed and nodded.

    "25 doesn't seem so bad." Emily shrugged, managing to crack a smile at his last joke. The man seemed sensible, and hopefully talented. He filled in the gaps, now they just needed that extra firepower to get the team going. So Emily knew where they were headed tomorrow. "Alright, I'll make the deal with ya'." Emily said, feeling a little more loosened up, "I'm Emily Turing, nice to meetcha." She stuck out her hand, knowing that the game was easier played when you knew who was on your team.

    She turned to Mac in a whisper, "I hope you think I'm making the right decision here." She looked at his rough face, wondering when the right time to ask him about his family was. Since Taner had mentioned it, it got Emily curious. She certainly didn't open up about her past. Heck, was Mac even aware she was a vault dweller? She would find out soon.

    "Now fellas, I kinda need to sleep this whole thing off. How about we meet at the gates tomorrow, noon? Then we can figure out our next steps. Night boys."​

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    It seemed that their business was coming to a definite close, as Em was reaching out to shake his hand. As she whispered he turned back to her, ending up a little closer than expected. His expression was a bit blank, with his eyes shifted over her face, as if he got lost for a brief moment. "I don't think we could afford to try and do this by ourselves. At least this guy offered, but we still need to keep to ourselves about this."

    "Taner Kimball, nice to meet you as well. One N and two Ls." He said simply, as he took a nice, firm grip on her hand. Nothing with the intent of harm, but just to let her know that he was here and a real person. A proper handshake was very important, to him. She then made an appointment to meet at the gates when he realized that he didn't actually have a place to stay. Perhaps one of the drifter's sleeping bags would be available.

    Letting her hand go, he nodded and took his leave. "See you two at noon."

    "And take this, would you? That isn't going to heal very well otherwise." Mac declared before pretty much shoving the Stimpak into her hand. "Not to mention it will stink."

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    Emily almost snatched the stimpack from him, she hadn't found one in ages. She nodded a thank you to him before turning to Taner, giving him a nod too. She picked up her bag and made it out the door.


    The next morning was sunny, and almost too hot for clothes. Emily managed to trade some junk she collected for a pair of green shorts with Daisy. Her pants were in her backpack, knowing she couldn't afford to chuck clothes. After a nights sleep and a stimpack, Emily's leg was definitely healing. It was black and blue, but the actual wound was neatly healing under the bandage.

    Emily sat on the bench at the gate, a little early. She woke up early and had nothing else to do, so she turned up a couple of minutes before 12. She sat cross-legged, her bare arms already feeling the effect of the sun. Emily blessed her dad's genes for her ability to tan and not burn. She had a cigarette hanging out of her lips, waiting on Mac to appear to light it for her. She waited patiently, wondering how Cait was gonna react to their offer. Or was it Cait? Emily couldn't put a face to a name. She just remembered their playful scrap turning into an actual competition. Emily knew that girl was the real force to be reckoned with. ​

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    "Just because you seem so helpless..." He said, before lighting the cig hanging from her mouth. It was MacCready and he put the firestarter back in his pocket. "At this rate those Triggermen will have our corpses buried by sundown. And maybe the blacksmith/bomb boy can craft us some nice caskets." he said, smiling and lighting his own.

    At least the stimpak did some good. He looked over to her leg but didn't ask. It looked fine. Of course, RJ would rather not just sit there awkwardly. "So what's the next move, Em? Assuming we even get this forth."

    Fortunately, he was able to get a sleeping bag off of Rufus. Otherwise, it would have been the pavement that comforted him that night. It wasn't before noon came around and he got ready to head over. Spotting the other two already waiting for him, he nodded. "Hello." RJ offered him a cig but he shook his head. "No thanks, I hear that stuff kills you slowly like radiation."

    "Better than a shot to the head."

    Taner shrugged. "Be that as it may, more for you. So are you two ready to head out?"
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    Emily smirked when Mac lit the fire in front of her. She dipped the cigarette into the flame and looked up as he spoke. A puff of smoke left her lips, "I'll have your corpse buried by sundown if you don't stop makin' fun of me." She joked, looking up at him with a mischievous grin. She got a little more serious when he asked for the plan, "Combat Zone it is, if it's anything like it was when I went in, we're gonna try to fit in til we can get Cait's attention." Emily shrugged. Cait would hopefully be baited into the dangerous game with some caps. And Emily wasn't ashamed to offer her any chems she could get her hands on.

    When Taner turned up, Emily gave a little wave. "All the more for us then." She commented about the cigarette's. It wasn't like she was thriving as a healthy being anyway. "Yeah, let's get this show on the road." Emily grunted, moving her red fringe out of her eyes.

    As they left the gates, Emily squinted. It was awfully bright, "Ay Mac give me your hat." She said as a joke, but honestly if he offered she'd snatch it off his head. She walked between the two men, both taller than her. As she kicked rubble out of her way, Emily looked up at Taner, "So, what do you do to become a detonations expert?" Emily raised an eyebrow. She may as well learn something about the man who offered to help.​

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    Knowing he got her goat a bit, he let off a little bit but bumped into her a little bit. She is a fun gal to be around, so maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad. When it was time to go, MacCready adjusted his hat and walked beside his new companions. He could tell it was going to be a hot day. Thankfully, he had his hat.

    "Get your own hat, scavver!" He said, sticking his tongue out at her. When she turned to speak to the demo man he slipped on some sunglasses and took of the hat. Perhaps with a little lighthearted bitterness, he swung the hat and whap against her chest. "Don't lose it, or I'll have your ass."

    He left as quickly as he arrived. Seeing the weather, it felt pertinent to throw on his own patrolmen sunglasses and fedora (not trilby). The sun was likely going to be a pain in the ass today. Walking along and watching them try to get under each other's skin made him want to ask when the wedding was, but if they were together, it would have been apparent by now. The borderline flirting was fun to watch though.

    When a question was directed at him, he just kept looking forward, but let out a soft grunt as if he was thinking about the question. "I mean, not blowing yourself up is a good start." Which brought a smirk from MacCready. "In all honestly, like with shooting or anything else, it took some practice for me. A lot of extra holes around the Wealth from my tinkering. Thankfully, the other thing I usually ended up harming were either raiders or mirelurks. With the world be one big garbage dump these days, it's pretty easy to find things to go boom." He said, before starting to goof around on his Pipboy. "So where did you find yours?"
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    Before Taner could speak, Emily felt Mac smack her chest. She looked down to the hat, slipping it onto her head triumphantly. A big grin appeared on her face as she bumped Mac with her hip, just to say thanks. She quickly turned her attention back to Taner. She rolled her eyes lightheartedly at the joke, but she was glad he had a sense of humour. Emily wanted to know just how good this guy was, in fact, she was surprised he had no training.

    Emily looked town to Taner's pipboy, totally not registering he had one on. She looked, maybe he was a vault dweller himself? Emily considered asking, but knew it was a bit early to delve too deep. "Mine?" Emily shook her wrist, showing her tatty pipboy. "I killed a man for it." She said with a straight face. Emily couldn't hold the joke for too long, she looked at Taner with a grin creeping up on her face, "Nah - I found it when I, y'know, was resurrected." She said vaguely. Her entire time in the brotherhood was spent without the contraption, it was locked away. When she was exiled however, Danse managed to slip it back to her. He was a good friend.

    She turned to Mac for a second, searching his face to see whether he knew or not. Emily was a loud drunk, so Mac could of easily got info on her past, maybe she even mentioned it sober. But she had the realization that he may not. She kicked another piece of trash out of her way, gun smacking her hip as she walked.​

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    "Seeing you don't have any overly damaged limbs, I think you might work just fine." MacCready was starting to soften to the idea of being having the man around. At least on this little incursion, since he wasn't a dickhead. Well, at least for now he isn't. Whatever his particular brand of shenanigans is probably hiding under there somewhere. Everyone has something to hide, but hopefully this guy wasn't too dangerous of a secret keeper.

    He chuckled when Em mentioned she had killed a man for her pipboy. Unless of course she managed to lie during one of her drunken episodes she went on from time to time. Thankfully, he was sober enough to keep her out of trouble at the time. Mac knew that that she had come from a vault and had some sort of involvement with the Brotherhood of Steel, but for the most part he stayed away from that subject. Either way, he still believed her to be one of the good ones. Much to his surprize, there was still more to that story.

    "Resurrected? I didn't know you came back from the dead. Was there a big bright light?" He said, smirking, and maybe watching her hip as the gun smacked against it.

    His first reaction to her saying she killed someone for it was giving a very skeptical squint. Granted, she could have easily killed someone. In fact, the woman has probably killed more than a few people. She just didn't seem the type to kill for a pipboy. Of course, Taner has been wrong before. Such as when he almost blew himself up for not cutting enough fuse for him to get out of a house full of ghouls.

    When she cracked the smirk and gave him the next reason, he was still a little hesitant to believe her. Resurrection was something out of a storybook. When MacCready chimed in, he nodded. "Yeah, turns out it's just the bus that comes to pick you up and take you to the gated community of Heaven."

    But he was curious as to what she meant, and it would be a bit of a walk to get to the combat zone. May as well pass the time.
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    She chuckled along with both men, "Yeah, I missed the bus and had to come back." She found it easier to talk about every day. There was still quite a way towards the combat zone, Emily was happy to talk about whatever. Plus, she wanted to get to know Taner and Mac better. Especially Taner, she was surprised they hadn't met before. She also wanted to pry a little bit, just to make sure he wasn't the type to kill them in their sleep or something.

    "So you visit Goodneighour often?" Emily looked up at the taller man, curious as to how he travels. Did he travel alone or does he have family? Emily didn't want to ask that just yet, just in case that struck a nerve. She kicked rubble out the way as she walked, kind of glad she had the hat on to protect her face from the heat. The sun was really beating down on them today. Her eyes scanned the tops of the buildings, feeling like a bullet could go through her forehead at any moment. She didn't ask for this, but at least she had Mac and Taner and hopefully Cait to help her figure this out. "Hancock is a bit of a jerk but he keeps the place going." She commented back on Goodneighbour.​

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    The man could only smile and chuckle at the retort, before she had turned her attention to their third. Likely the story was that the woman wanted to more or less interrogate him about his life, as she did the same to him when they first met.

    Of course, RJ is a stingy bastard for information and she probably knows it.


    It seemed as though he had found his little niche in their group as the catalyst for a quick smile. As she continued onto asking a question he shook his head lightly. "Actually, I had just arrived there that day. Normally, I stay at Bunker Hill. Rent a room above the bar there, from Joe Savoldi. Nice place. Heavily fortified so that maybe you get a chance to wake up if anyone tries to take it."

    "Hey, how is he doing?"

    "Fine, last I had seen him." He replied, before raising an eyebrow at Emily. "Handcock? As in the guy from pre-war early America? That's amazingly hilarious, assuming he is the real guy." Admittedly, he had stopped pay attention at this point and was focused more on the convo. So much so that he almost tripped over some rubble.
  19. [​IMG]


    The way Taner was happy to speak about his current life made Emily a little more trusting towards him. She smiled down at the ground when Taner and Mac had a small exchange. Emily looked up at Mac with a grin, sort of a way of saying she liked this guy. She turned back to him with a chuckle, "He may as well be-" Emily cut off when she watched the man trip, she laughed louder, "Nice one. How did you manage to make it this far into the apocalypse?" She joked.

    The three of them continued on their trek, Emily keeping her eye out on the roof tops, but the more they talked, the less she was concentrating. Emily was cut out of their conversation by the sound of gunshots. Immediately she grabbed her gun from her side. It was a bayoneted shotgun, which was messily taped together. The brotherhood chucked her to the ground in just her clothes, so most of her belongings were scavenged. Including her faulty gun. Her eyes recognized they weren't too far from the combat zone, that but that also meant raider's were close by.

    Voices weren't far away, so Emily was holding her gun tightly, ready to attack whatever was around the corner.​

  20. [​IMG]
    MacCready shared in the laugh, as it seemed that their third was a damn clumsy doofus. It made him feel more safe, until he realized that the man handles explosives. Then his eyes widened for a moment and looked over, wondering what his answer would be.

    It wasn't too far from the Combat Zone when they heard the gunfire. MacCready immediately grabbed Emily by the waistband and pulled her behind a couple of pre-war mailboxes. "Probably not smart to be out in the open when you hear gun fire. I'd prefer it if you stayed alive." He slung his sniper rifle around and peered over the top at the corner.

    "Funny you ask, I have no idea. I think it had something to do with that fairy I beat with a stick to try and get some pork and beans so now I have been cursed with immortality." He said, with intentionally boisterous, evil laugh. As the shenanigans died down a bit, it wouldn't be too long before they reached their destination. Then the gunshots were fired. Great.

    He watched as MacCready yanked Emily to covered. He moved right and hid in the corner of a destroyed building. Double checking his custom combat rifle, the man readied himself and grabbed a fragmentation grenade. As soon as someone comes around that corner, they would get lit up like a damn christmas tree.

    The gunshots kept ringing out, but no one came around. It was accompanied by shouts of pain and cheers. Taner wondered how much was in the actual combat zone, until a figure came around the corner. Pistol in hand, and vomiting. They didn't seemed particularly distressed other than the sudden waste exit.

    RJ took a liberty and put one in his chest, launching him back a few feet before the thud of the now lifeless body hit the asphalt. More could now be heard coming.

    Taner tossed his grenade, hoping it would have some sort of effect.
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