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  1. Hello, and Welcome to the WAM Society (Writing and Art Museum)Artisan circle. In this thread we can share ANYTHING that inspires us in the hopes of inspiring each-other. As Writers, and Artists it is our right to express ourselves as it never encroaches on the expression of another. Some days we do not feel the fire, we do not feel a spark, or see a light, we can become lost in a nothing that is void of even the
    darkness. Here, in the Inspiration circle, we can bring in a cluster of expressive thought and share our light
    so that we may help ourselves and those around us shine even brighter. Pour a little of what inspires ourselves into The larger Cup that

    is "us".

    This thread is for all the writers and artists to share all that

    may inspire Them

    be it the light or the dark.

    someone they know

    or someone who has long been dead

    a sound

    short story

    an image

    or words someone spoke

    It is time to share ourselves and be kind to one another.

    anyone can do it, and its easy

    1.When something inspires you bookmark it.
    2.share it here with your fellow artist and writers.
    3.tell everyone why this motivated you and maybe even what it inspired you to do.(optional)

    Anyone can join this Society and together we can generate massive amounts of inspiration, feed each others heads with translating feeling into words or images within us and explore the healthiest forms of expressive Human nature.

    Here are some Appropriate ways for writers and artist to
    recognize others for inspiring them;

    See something awesome on deviant art, post us the link,
    just heard a amazing composition on you tube, share it here, see someone On Iwaku that has inspired you with their poetry, Role play post, writing or art, quote their work here and share what you love about yourself, share what you love about others, and remind each-other that life is what you make it.

    The WAM Society does not like mean people, we accept your sadness, praise your happiness, Listen your anger, and feel your love, however, this does not mean you can vent your problems here or attack members. We will not hesitate to boot your butt if you encraoch on the expression of another person, it will NOT be tolerated in this thread. I , Fijoli, will repremand whoever thinks its a good idea to not THINK before they POST in the WAM Society. If you have Mature content use spoiler codes and label them NSFW. If you have questions feel free to PM me or drop a question on my Profile.

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  2. @MiNaGi Has inspired me to use my proper steps when drawing. Sharing the process with us Reminded me that I can't always take short cuts and taking my time, doing it right, will improve my own skills. Thank you MiNaGi.

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  3. Today I went to the doctors and just to show my crybaby-ness, I saved this drawing @Crowsie did to my phone and took it with me to the doctors. Even though I cried and didn't enjoy being injected with what can only be described as Liquid lead, Crowsie's drawing made me smile and reminded me to look forward to drawing when I got home,that my life could be Way worse, and to be thankful even for a the things that hurt me.

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  4. :0
    Hey Fjol. Do you want to have that card?
  5. T^T Crowsie, your too kind! PM me :D
  6. This song really got to me, The piano is just so devastating and when you throw in the glitches with such an organic sound its like the past a future colliding into one another this song has inspired more ideas in my brain than I know what to do with.

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  7. @RiverNotch was the first to submit a museum challenge entry for the writer's challenge. Thank you River, I'm loving your poetry :) you've inspired me to write a poem today!!
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  8. @Renegade Proxy's signature had inspired me today as I was reading through their work.

    "No artist will ever be able to capture the glory of that moment."

    It made me remember that there is always room for growth, for improvement, or criticism. And that there is no right way to write.

    Thank you~
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  9. You remind me that for every bad or non-criticism there is also good.
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  10. Thank you @Wolkenbrecher for the great Conversations and awesome music talk. Sabaton is making me want to draw all kinds of things. Inspiring :)
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  11. This right here.

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  13. My mom is always reminding me that I'm going to find people that are utter assholes online no matter where I go...but as long as I go with the flow, get away from the drama, and keep moving forward, writing will continue to be enjoyable for me.

    So far, she's been right. ^^
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  14. Thank you @Minibit , this guide brings up very helpful and honest guidelines for not just writers but Artisans of all trades. People of creative expression can benefit from this sound advice.

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  17. This song really inspired me one day a few years back. My mother died 7 years ago on an early Sunday morning.. it wasn't until a year or so later that I really plunged myself into the wonderful releases of writing. I only began writing poems around 4-5 years ago. This particular writing I had written that was inspired by this song was called "Monday Mourning". I no longer have the poem (or it is lost in all of my cluttered belongings.. I am not sure anymore >>) but basically it talked of how the following day was for me. At the time, I was in the middle of my 6th grade year.. I was made to go to school the next day, we had just come back from our Spring Break. Everyone talked of their break and how wonderful it was, and I was up all day and well into the night worrying about my mom, knowing she wasn't going to come back home from this hospital trip.

    It rained that Monday morning when I went to school. Quite coincidental, really.​
    Many songs get me thinking about her, but this song inspired me to write something, that actually turned out to be one of the best poems I've ever written. I try not to see it all in a sad view.. yes, her passing was tragic BUT.. if it wasn't for her passing on, I wouldn't be the person I am today.. and SHE inspires me, each and every day. My mom was not only my mother.. she was the sister I never had and my best friend. Even though she isn't here anymore, I still feel her right here with me.. and that's all I can ever ask for. I hope I can be as good a mom as she was to me. <3​
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  18. @A Tattooed Girl O.O wow!

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration, and I am so sorry for this loss, no one should have to deal with losing their mother too soon!

    I love that you think of her and make remember her so fondly and still find inspiration in your memories of your mother!!!

    I think that you will be a wonderful mother :) I don't know you very well, but you shared such deep emotions so gracefully and any child would be lucky to have you as a mom.

    Stay strong and keep writing that beautiful poetry!!! ~hugs~
  19. @Fijoli Thank you :) <3 Maybe we'll get some time one day to talk! You seem like a really cool person by all your posts. I read them all and thoroughly enjoyed them :) I will continue to post in here and watch this thread ^^ I am getting off now though.. got a sick boyfriend to take care of! Night :)
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