The Walls [Sparkling Loreon & Innocent Devil]

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  1. Karina exited her house and took a walk into the more busy side of town. The usual traffic and commotion everywhere. The constant hustle of those around her sometimes was very overwhelming. If she didn't come here everyday then she'd probably pass out from all of the clutter of people. "This city is just too much... Outside the walls seems so much better." Karina thought as she continued walking towards the city limits. Most aren't allowed to exit the walls of the city in fear of the creatures on the other side. Karina didn't care, she just wanted to see it once with her own eyes even if it kills her. Upon reaching the city limits she had already figured out how to get around the people who guard it with ease. Sneaking into the hidden corridor was a piece of cake.
  2. Sitting on a a tree, Lucas Wolfe was doing what he normally did when nothing was going on. Sitting, relaxing, and waiting for someone to approach his general direction. Not quite the best idea, looting whoever passes buy, sometimes sneaking in the outer portions of the city for thievery's sake, but it's not hard to get used to. He pulled up his scarf a bit, glancing at what he had with him. On the bottom of the tree was his bag, which contained some stolen money, and a bit of food. On his side he had a knife he got his hands on, slightly adjusting it with his finger less gloves. So far his other weapon was just one small handgun and a tiny bit of ammo, he found from some people exploring a while ago. He glanced around carefully, attempting to stay quiet while searching for anyone getting close. It was either him waiting or him attempting to go closer to the city, which what he occasionally did at night, though guards can be a bit of a problem.
  3. Karina had made up her mind to leave the city. It was really more of a dreadful trap you can never escape than a safe haven. She slipped past the guards with ease bringing nothing with her but the clothes on her back, the shoes on her feet, and the small pocket knife she always carried around for safety purposes. Upon entering the crack in the wall Karina began having second thoughts not knowing what would be out there. The repetitive thoughts of I'll return later, Everything will be fine, ran through her mind. After she left the crack she was astonished by everything around her. It was all new and extraordinary. After taking it all in she decided to take a walk.
  4. Deciding it was time for a bit of a change in scenery, Lucas jumped down off the tree. He wasn't too high up, but the tree was at a decent enough height for him to make a bit of a landing noise. "Damn it." He said to himself, getting up and grabbing his bag from the tree. He quickly searched around the area for another perch that seemed high up enough for him to see around, also looking around for anything else nearby. Nothing out of the ordinary, he began to walk towards a set of trees close by, ducking under a branch. He took a few steps toward the tree, glancing around every few seconds.
  5. Karina was so ecstatic about being on the other side of the wall that she twirled around and skipped through the grass without a care in the world. Unaware of whatever might be out there she continued on her walk as if it was a normal day. "This is the best day of my life." She exclaimed as she approached a tall tree. It was much bigger than the ones inside the city and much bigger than she thought it would be. She felt the bark on the tree before peeling off a piece of it. It would make a good souvenir. After placing it into her pocket Karina strolled deeper into the forest.
  6. As he tossed his bag down, then started climbing up the taller tree, Lucas still glanced around, trying to pay attention to his surroundings. Slowly getting upwards, he stopped for a second, looking upwards at the rest of the tree, then around the area. He sat on one of the lower branches, starting to relax a bit. Assuming there wasn't anything around, Lucas had slightly let his guard down for a bit, starting to think a bit.
  7. Just as it was pressumed she couldn't be any happier, it was wrong. She started to sing and dance her way through the forest. The songs usually sang to her when she was a kid were the songs she liked to sing. The lullabies were her favorite. After seeing nothing but trees Karina began to get bored. "Isn't there anything else besides trees??" She screamed in her frustration and kicked a nearby tree before slumping down next to it.
  8. The minute after he left his guard down, Lucas heard someone's screams nearby. "Heh, perfect." He said to himself. After snapping himself out of a relaxed phase, Lucas quickly jumped off the tree branch he was sat on. When he landed on the ground, he grabbed his knife from his side, not bothering with his bag. He'd get it later. Not far at all from where he was sitting before, Lucas quickly moved over to where the voice was heard, knife in hand and ready.
  9. Letting the heat get to her, Karina pulled out the water bottle attached to her side and drank some. She had to stay hydrated otherwise she would have to turn back. Wouldn't want to do that after coming so far. She crossed her legs as she laid against the tree. "Where to go next...." With all the possible routes she could take to get around the forest her adventure was limitless.
  10. Approaching where Lucas thought the voice came from, he slowed down an prepared for a fight. With previous experiences, he needed to be ready for what may occur. Lucas approached the set of trees and glanced around. After searching for a few seconds, he saw a person sitting behind a tree. Slowly approaching, knife up, Lucas watched for motion. "Don't move, don't try." He said, turning to the other side of a tree.
  11. Startled by a sudden voice she slowly turned her head. "W-what do you want with me? I've done nothing wrong..." She slowly inched for something to defend herself with her opposite hand while trying not to freak out. As her hand grasped the small pocket knife she had with her, Karina gulped hoping that she could at least stall or get away.
  12. "What the..." Lucas muttered to himself, looking at the girl in front of her. With second thoughts, she didn't seem like someone who had anything important. She didn't exactly look like a scout, or anyone that would normally be here. Still, with previous experiences and surprises, Lucas wasn't about to let his guard down. With his other hand, Lucas pulled down his scarf, slightly shaking his head. "If you bother trying to fight me, you're in for one hell of a surprise. Who are you?"
  13. Karina dropped her weapon while mumbling inaudible words. "I-I'm Karina... You see I was just a ummm... taking a walk when umm... I got terribly lost and now I don't know where I am you see... " Still has scared out of her mind she was trying to come up with excuses so she wouldn't die right there. She didn't know what else to do besides list the possible things that she could've been doing but wasn't to him.
  14. "You have got to be kidding me..." Lucas muttered to himself as he heard the Karina's response. "Definitely not anything useful..." He lowered his knife, sighing a bit. Of his luck, the one time something practically comes to him, it most likely isn't carrying anything valuable. Well, time for more questions, he thought to himself. "Okay then. Say I believed you." He spoke, ears slightly moving, "Why exactly were you out here in the first place? Are you just out here alone?"
  15. Hearing his not useful comment Karina took that as she wasn't going to be killed. "I'm from the city. That place drives me insane sometimes so I came here alone to get away from it. Why else would I be here? Ask yourself what a girl like me would be doing in the middle of the woods by herself if she wasn't from the city. What could I possibly do? I don't even know where I am or what's around here." She stood up slowly and drank from her water bottle.
  16. "Fair enough..." Lucas said, his tone slightly shifting to a less aggressive tone. Slowly looking around for a second, then turning back to Karina, Lucas started thinking for a bit. She came out from the city, likely not long ago. With a small turn and slight shaking of his ears and tail, he then turned back to Karina. "Okay then... Anything else I need to know? Do you think anyone followed you?"
  17. She thought about it for a moment. "Ummm no. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure there was no one around when I snuck out." Karina glanced around just to be sure. She never considered being followed before now. "By the way what's your name?"
  18. Lucas paused for a second, hesitating. His hesitation was mainly that he didn't know if he could exactly trust her yet. After a slight thought and a short bit of time, Lucas just figured that if she wasn't trustworthy and tried to just bolt, he's most likely catch up to her. "Lucas." He then replied, starting to walk back to the tree with his bag near it. He subtly glanced behind himself as he was walking to see if she made any moves.
  19. Noticing him start to leave she jumped up. "Wait don't leave me alone here! I'm vulnerable..." She ran up behind him and grabbed his scarf. "What kind of person just leaves a girl in the middle of the forest? Don't you know how dangerous that is??" Karina shook her head in disappointment.
  20. As he felt her hand grabbing his scarf, his ears spiked up and he reflexively pulled up his knife. Quickly turning to see that it was just her, he lowered his knife again, closing her eyes a bit. "Sorry for that..." He apologized for his reaction, then thinking to what she said. "I'm not sure if I..." He stopped for a moment, slightly thinking again. Not being able to trust anyone before, it was hard for him to make a decision, so he just stuck with his first decision. "I'll let you stay with me for a bit, just don't do anything stupid..."
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