The Walled City: A Sandbox Roleplay

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  1. Walled City 'Sandbox'
    The Welian World
    [Sandbox, RP]

    Basically this is about
    And several other
    That are more or less near each other.
    Think of it like a compass. There is the Golden City located in the center, atop of a lonely mountain. Surrounding this area is grassland, where farmers work under the Golden City. To the North, there is the Northern City, the South with the Southern City, the West with the Western City, the East with the Eastern City, and small villages, towns, and mining outposts scattered all in between.
    The plot is what you make it. I'd prefer that people are more or less in the same place, as a roleplay that is spread out all across the Welien World will more than likely die, due to the lack of interaction, which means lack of posts. I'd prefer that everyone start more or less in the Southern City, where they are more likely to mix. People that are above the average are going to join forces -Or fight- when in the chaotic Southern City.

    The Golden City
    The Northern City
    The Eastern City
    The Southern City
    The Western City

    Golden Vs. Northern
    Eastern Vs. Western
    Southern - Neutral

    City Informations:
    Golden City:
    Biggest Military, based inside the Snowy Mountain
    The Wealthiest City
    Center of Wind/Light/Electric Magics
    Best Enchanted Items

    Northern City:

    The Magics Academy
    Center for Mercenaries and Hired-guards
    Center of General Magics
    Best manufacturing

    Eastern City:
    City of Elves
    4th largest army - Best ranged items
    Center of Natural Magics
    Best woodworking

    Western City:
    City of Dwarves
    Advanced Sieging techniques
    Heavy ranged weaponry
    Cannons & explosives
    Best Metalworking

    Southern City:
    City of Outcasts
    Diversity of culture, food, races
    Black Markets
    Center of Shifting, Fire, Ice, and Dark Magics
    Most dangerous
    One can find most anything here.

    Your human-looking person that can live forever, and shift into a full form dragon. Rare

    The most-widespread race of all, and with no certain special ability. Very Common.

    As usual, graceful, strong, tall people. No meats, lots of magic. Uncommon.

    As usual, short, stout, strong, hardy people. Lots of meats, no magic, lots of mining, lots of staying underground. Uncommon.

    Creatures that take on a mortal form to roam the lands. Although they usually are evil and destroy-everything, a few are actually quite peaceful.

    Very close to Draconians. They can shift from a human form to a half-dragon/half-human form, similar to a dragon, but not as big or powerful.

    Small person with wings, and a mischief side. Pretty much like a pretty little person that'll ruin your day.

    A mix of any of the humanoids

    Any other race you decide to make up.
  2. Applications:

    Race Description [If 'Other']

    Preferred Weapon type: [Magic, Ranged, Melee]
    Preferred Weapon: [If Melee, sword, axe, etc, if Ranged, bow, crossbow, etc, if Magic, Fire, Water, Nature, etc]

    Inventory: [What are you carrying? Make sure to list what is in or on what. If you have a belt, list everything being held by that belt under it. If a backpack, everything in or on that backpack should be listed]
    Skills: [Acrobatics, Swordsmanship, Enchanting, etc]
    Magical Items:

    ((I don't care if you post your application here, or in the OOC))
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  3. I guess no one is joining, despite 3 people's votes.
  4. sorry i forgot to post my character sheet i'll get on that
  5. WIP

    Name: Ellandra Auvrea'Dho "Ruina nettë a Auvrea'Dho" (Burning Girl of The Blood of the Falcon)
    Race: (half) Elf of the Red Woods
    Gender: female
    Age: equivalent of 22
    Show Spoiler
    With her line of work comes different clothing and she's also taken to wearing lightweight leather armor over her clothes.

    Ellandra inherited her elven fathers height and other elven attributes. She stands at an even six foot and her ears have the same point to them that a full blooded elf's would. Her eyes are several shades darker than her fathers bright new growth spring green, putting her own at a deep forest green. She inherited her pale complexion from her very human mother. Her hair, like her mothers, is red. However, her mother had a very deep dark red while Ellandra's hair is more of burning copper in color.

    Ellandra has a tattoo of a falcon on her right shoulder blade. She also has "Ruina nettë" tattooed around her wrist. A nickname given to her because of her unique hair color, meaning Burning Girl. A dew scars are scattered along her body, all of them small and not very noticeable.

    Biography: Ellandra was born to an elven hunter of the Eastern Kingdom, Arlon Auvrea'Dho and a human mage of the Golden City, Sophina. Her parents met when Ellandras father was visiting the Golden Kingdom to procure an item for his aunt's birthday. They stumbled across each other in the street and after that they kept stumbling across each other. Soon, Arlon was making excuses to stay in the golden city just to stumble across Sophina. A couple months later, the elven man moved from his native forests and into the city. The two of them spent more and more time together until a year later, they wed. After witch, they moved back to Ardlon's native Red Woods. It wasn't long after that when Ellandra was conceived then born.

    Perhaps a lucky break, Ellandra looked more elf than human and didn't have a very hard time blending in with the other elven children of the small village. The only thing that made the young girl stand out physically was her hair color, her mother and herself the only two individuals with the foreign pigmentation. Another difference between her and the other children was her lineage and her need to consume meat like her human mother. Although her father loathe to do so, he did bring back small game for his family, choosing not to touch it himself.

    AS was tradition in the Auvrea'Dho family, when Ellandra began her studies with the rest of the children her age, she was paired with her falcon brother, Swift. Auvrea'Dho, literally meaning Blood of the Falcon, have a special connection with the birds of their namesake. Whenever a child of the Auvrea'Dho is born, on the same day, at the same time, a flacon is born as well. The Auvrea'Dho call these falcons their siblings and will form a long lasting bond with them when they are of school age. The falcon's lifespan will elongate and match the Auvrea'Dho child's it is bonded with. These flacons, after completing the bond, are found to have a greater intelligence, nearly, and sometimes surpassing, the children they're bonded with. These falcons become the lifelong companions to the Auvrea'Dho children they've bonded with. With this connection, an Auvrea'Dho child will find that their eyesight will improve massively. The two beings will from that point on, be able to communicate telepathically and depending on the strength of the bond, will be able to see from each others eyes. Again, depending on the strength of the bond, and the individuals in said
    bond, other perks may pop up as well.

    Ellandra went through her studies with the rest of the elven children her age. She was a bright girl, not the most intelligent in her year, but far from being at the low end of her year. Swift, however, seemed to be more intelligent than Ellandra herself, reading scrolls two years above the pair and absorbing the information. And so the pair continued through the elementary years and into the adolescent years of their studies. Once Ellandra reached the age to choose which path she'd continue to study under, the half elf decided she'd pursue the path of the ranger, much like her father had before her, an odd choice for a female. Or so she was told, however, she felt confidant in her decision and stuck to it. So she took up a bow and quiver and learned the art of a Red Wood Ranger. It took her a little under a year to finish up the training and be presented with the Red Cloak of the Red Wood Elves, signifying her as an adult with a position in her community.

    Several years after that, a western force came over her small village and it was burned to the ground. The village, for it's size, had put up a great fight, but it didn't win. The elves scattered into the trees after the retreat had been called. Not even moments later, the great red Woods was set aflame by the Western force. Ellandra, with her family, took flight like the rest of the village, they ran blindly towards the west, hoping to make it to the Golden City and into its sheltered peaks. However, the group was intercepted by dwarvin soldiers. The small family put up their best fight, Ellandra and her father pelted the oncoming men with arrows while their mother tried her best to cast combat magic. Swift and her fathers falcon, Linita did what they could, often preforming near suicidal feats to distract the dwarves from their bond mates. However, what was a human, an elf, a mixling and two falcons supposed to do against five fully armored, battle ready dwarves? her father was the first to fall. He had thrown himself in front of his wife, taking a blow meant for the small frail human. It didn't kill him, but it knocked him off balance enough for an axe to the neck to finish the job. At her bondmates passing, Linita went crazy, The small flacon filled with enough rage to rip the eyeballs of the dwarf whod' slain her elven brother before she to, fell to the same axe. The situation worsened from there. Ellandras mother was knocked unconscious, leaving the mixling and Swift to do their best, but it wasn't long before the tides where far to gone. Ellandra sent Swift away when she was knocked out.

    Ellandra woke up three days later, tied and bound in a wagon heading towards a slave market in the Southern Kingdom. even though she looked elf enough, the dwarves had decided they'd make a better price selling her because of her rare hair color. Unknown to them, however, Swift followed at an unseen distance. After the dwarves had set up in an inn for the night, Swift came for his bond mate. The falcon tore through Ellandras bindings. The mixling grabbed what she could of her belongings and any gold she could find before she ran further into the Southern Kingdom.

    Personality: Ellandra has always been an easygoing individual for the most part, her temper has always been hard to stir. She does however hold a 'burning' passion. She loves with all she has and she hates with the same intensity. She loves music and she loves to dance. Ellandra has always been honest and hardworking. She gives her all to whatever she's doing. She's always been fairly independent, not finding any real need for anyone or anything outside of her village. She had been completely content in the Red Wood. However, her new living situation has bred a survivors instinct into her.

    Preferred Weapon type: Ranged with a dash of magic
    Preferred Weapon: an elven longbow (and quiver) her father made for her and her mother enchanted

    Inventory: Clothing, Cloak, Satchel: a couple coin purses from the dwarves, a game knife, a little bit of food, a small blanket, bundles of herbs a roll of bandages, a sewing needle and spool of thread, a couple small tomes one about plants, the other just a book on folk tales and legends she adored. She also carries her quiver and bow, sometimes on her back, others at her hips. She has a hunting knife tucked into each of her boots.

    Skills: archery, hunting, trapping, tracking, speed, elven magics, Bilingual, dancing, writing, reading,
    Armor: Lightweight leather: leggings, an overtunic, boots, and such. All of the leather is a dark brown color.
    Clothing: A bright red corset like tunic, leather legging breeches, dark leather hunting boots, a Red Woods Elven Cloak, The things around her wrists that Im spacing the name of right this second,
    Magical Items: Her bow and quiver: Unbreakable and endless supply of arrows. Spelled to always find their way back to her to her possession. Her boots are enchanted to make no sound as she walks and to not hinder her speed. Red Woods Elven Cloak: Will never fade, tear, or rip and will always keep her warm as long as Red Wood Elven blood pumps through her veins.
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  6. Applications:

    Name: Jaslynn 'Jas' Hays
    Race: Half human, half demon
    Race Description [If 'Other']
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Personality: Short temper, stubborn, usually quiet,
    Preferred Weapon type: [Magic, Ranged, Melee]: Magic, Melee.
    Preferred Weapon: [If Melee, sword, axe, etc, if Ranged, bow, crossbow, etc, if Magic, Fire, Water, Nature, etc]: Double swords. Daggers. Fire magic.
    Inventory: [What are you carrying? Make sure to list what is in or on what. If you have a belt, list everything being held by that belt under it. If a backpack, everything in or on that backpack should be listed]:
    Skills: [Acrobatics, Swordsmanship, Enchanting, etc]:
    Magical Items: Daggers.

    ((Will finish when my creative juice starts flowing))
  7. Oh! Sorry [MENTION=4460]Silver[/MENTION]!
    I thought I had this topic Watched >.<
    Accepted, Silver,

    And [MENTION=5627]moon[/MENTION]
    Sure, looks good so far!
  8. Name: Dante "Stigma" Markus
    Race: Draconian-Demon
    Race Description combination of the draconian race and the demon race, they are at times known as reapers.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    "mortal" Form:
    Demon Form:
    Dragon Form:
    Biography: none that is known to have survived, it is said that he wanders around with a magic brace on his right arm to repent for a past that left a scar across his soul. some speculate that he sealed a beast in his right arm and that removing the seal would unleash it upon himself and all around while others say that his arm is cursed and he wears it to protect anyone unlucky enough to try to fight him. in reality neither of these stories are far from the truth, he has sealed his true power after a drastic incident caused all he had cared for to be killed and destroyed.
    Personality: does things at his own pace, has a tendency to interfere in fights if something bugs him about them.
    Preferred Weapon type: magic and melee mostly, ranged in the form of shuriken.
    Preferred Weapon: demonic and draconic magic of darkness, fire, and lightning, various weapons including chains and staves(scythes and bo-staves being his favorite), hand to hand combat.

    Inventory: demonic holding space( pocket realm): several chains, various melee weapons ranging from a Buster Blade to A duel Scythe. (buster blade, bo-staff, several types of shuriken, and a duel scythe that splits into two slightly smaller scythes)
    Skills: Acrobatics, flight, musical talent(magic enhanced), various forms of hand to hand combat.
    Armor: his robes, boots, and gloves. as well as his demonic and dragon skins. a magic brace on his left arm.
    Clothing: same as above.
    Magical Items: Seal brace. (seals power from the person who is wearing it. making them much weaker than they would be without it on. should it be removed their power would immediately shoot to their current maximum)
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  9. [MENTION=5955]DanteStigma[/MENTION]
    Accepted! Although, Draconians aren't dragons, they're just a mix.
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  10. yeah i know however as you put in your discription of them they can shift into a full form dragon. thus the reason i put dragon form on the list of appearances.
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  11. Name: Rox
    Race: Pixie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 127

    Biography: Rox is lone Pixie who vaguely remembers her past, but doesn't give a "crap" of it anyhow. She grew up to thievery since she was so small and can get by un-noticed most of the time. When she was a bit younger she was captured by an human as a study subject, giving her the growing hate of them. During her time there, the human tested in putting her magic into an object, sadly it went worst then it expected as he tried to put Rox's magic in a silver key. Rox lost all her magic and is only able to perform when the key is near or on her. While being held captive she learned greatly as an Escape Artist when she was hungry and finding ways out of the rat hole but before she left she grabbed the silver key and fled.

    Personality: Rox is very decieveing and hateful towards Humans. She will have you believe anything she could get you to, just to steal a crumb out of your pocket. But maybe she just needed to be understood a little. She isn't all bad.

    Preferred Weapon type: Ranged Magic
    Preferred Weapon: Magic Bolt, Dark Arrow
    Inventory: Small Wooden Bow
    Small Velvet Bag
    • Fruits
    • Coins
    • Herbs
    • Ashes
    • Jewelry
    Skills: Thievery, Escape Artist, Magic Arrows (Commonly Dark)
    Armor: None
    Clothing: Black/Grey Dress and Leggings with an Pinkish Outline. Bows on her back and arms. Pink Ribbon tied around her legs.
    Magical Items: Wings, Silver Key Necklace (Hidden) that Enhances Magic Capabilities
  12. ((I've come back, after managing my time.))

    Name: Ian Bernhardt
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22 years old
    Show Spoiler

    Ian is relatively short, standing at 5'2" with a lean, slightly muscular body. His skin easily tans, and he has freckles on various parts of his body that are more defined when he is exposed to the sun more. He always has a fiery gaze in his amber eyes.

    Biography: Ian was raised by both of his human parents within the Southern City. His father's trade was as a traveling merchant, who was tricked out of his money when he arrived at the Southern City, leaving him and his family poor. Ian's mother served as an optimistic light in their lives, never letting their situation bring her down. She worked not only as a full time mother, but as a full time seamstress' assistant. Her income helped bring food to the table while Ian's father tried to find a job outside of the City. This meant his father had to leave their home once a week to go 'job hunting'. Whenever his father left for his trips, Ian had to go to work with his mother.

    Ian helping his mother on the job, feeling like he was contributing to his family's welfare. But, when his father didn't come back home from one of his trips, Ian's life turned for the worse. His usually cheerful mother became bitter and depressed, and she stopped going to work, only coming in on certain days when she felt strong enough to leave her bed. Ian began pickpocketing from passerby and strangers, to keep the household from crumbling. When his mother passed away from the grief, Ian decided on running away from the Southern City. He grew into what the wealthy would call a "ruffian", not caring if he got arrested (which he did, two times) or was cast out of society.

    Ian's life, however, turned for the better when he joined the traveling circus at the age of 7. He still worked as a thief for the circus, but he moved up to acrobatics after the ringleader saw Ian's impressive flexibility. For 9 years, Ian worked as an acrobat for the circus.
    When he turned 16, he decided to leave the circus to travel on his own. He used his earned money to buy his twin blades, naming each after one parent. This way, they will never leave his side.

    Personality: Withdrawn and blunt, Ian doesn't do well socially. He finds it hard to trust others, believing everyone is capable of betraying him. With this, he has a 'lone wolf' complex, relying on himself for everything. Ian is very sentimental, going back to the days when his parents were still alive and times were simpler for him, even through the harsh times his family went through. Ian holds no prejudice against any race; he sees everyone in the same light (as mentioned before, as to why he doesn't trust other).

    Preferred Weapon type: Melee
    Preferred Weapon: Ian uses twin blades, providing him faster, more fluid movements. One blade named after his father, Elias, and the other after his mother, Klara.

    - His (and other people's) wallet(s) of money
    - Roll bandages
    - Bag of stale crackers
    - Small sewing kit
    - Water canteen

    - Acrobatics
    - Pickpocketing
    - Swordsmanship (twin blades)
    - Sewing

    Armor: Ian wears shin guards, arm guards, and chest piece, each piece made out of lightweight, dark brown leather.
    Clothing: His clothes consists of a skintight, black high-necked shirt, black pants, white fingerless gloves, a dark brown belt with loopholes for his blades, and black, knee high boots. Over his clothes and armor, he wears his faded, brown cloak his mother had made from him.
    Magical Items: N/A
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  13. Is this still going to happen?
  14. Applications:

    Name: Ziak (Zy-ick)
    Race: Demon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: White, short hair, red mask, leather band around his fore-arm, black, sleeveless form-fitting shirt that doubles as body armor, he is 6"8 and has a slightly muscular build

    Biography: Ziak was raised in the Northern City by his adopted father, a trained Mercenary named Visik (Viss-ick). Visik trained Ziak to be a Mercenary for three years after Ziak turned 13. One night, after training, Visik was murdered by some Mercenaries (Oh, the irony) who were hired by Visik's last client, who's name was Bregal (Breh-gull). Ziak went to the Magics Academy to learn the way of Magic and later went to finish his Mercenary training.
    Personality: Despite his past, Ziak tends to look on the bright side of things. He is nice, talks a lot and is only serious when the situation calls for such (such as a very, very powerful enemy)
    Preferred Weapon type: Melee
    Preferred Weapon: Dual swords

    Inventory: A Satchel, A Canteen, Several Pieces of Candy, A Couple of Health Charms
    Skills: Sneaking, Acrobatics, and Magic
    Armor: Mask is enchanted and can protect his face, and his Shirt is enchanted and can protect his torso
    Clothing: Shirt, baggy pants, mask, leather band
    Magical Items: Mask, Leather Band, Shirt. The leather band seals his demonic abilities, whatever they may be. I'm not sure if I should bring them up in the roleplay or not.
  15. (Just gonna leave this here~)

    Name: Amia Leyla Veidree

    Race: Demon

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21


    (Hair is instead a deep crimson color and eyes the same as her clothing)

    Biography: Born and raised in a family of bloodthirsty parents and a older brother just the same, Amia was taught to be a wild, violent child. However, Amia wanted none of this monstrosity and wickedness. Her parents and brother participated in the chaotic mess that is the Southern city. The Veidree family were thieves, as far as the youngest knew, but she knew they must have done more to the residents of other innocent cities. Amia desired peace and tranquility, not blood shed, vandalism, and violence as her family wanted. She gave instead of stole, she loved instead of hated. This angered her parents to no end. They did everything they could for their daughter to see the benefits of evil and assertion instead of being weak and pathetic. Her parents shunned her. They did not want this useless peacemaker to be a part of their family. Amia could not look back at the family she once loved, for she was sold in the black market to serve as a slave at the age of seven.
    Nine years went by of serving several different masters because Amia was sold over and over. She traveled to different parts of Southern city, never being able to escape or leave her master's side. All giving her the same poor treatment, treating her as if she were just some animal. One day, the perfect opportunity came and she escaped her master. She decided to be on her own and begin traveling to different areas besides Southern city. She performed spells and practiced her magic on the wilderness around her or in the abandoned home she had to take for the evening. After being alone for five years, her magic abilities have gradually improved as the years came. However,she still has much to learn.

    Personality: Generous, passive, sweet, and kind. Prefers peace and will avoid a fight if it is unneccessary.

    Preferred Weapon type: Magic

    Preferred Weapon: Dark Magic

    Belt: Cantene of water, berries found in the wilderness, some flowers and leaves for spells, different powders also used for spells.

    Skills: Excellent in survival, stealthy, quick, understands magic easier than others

    Armor: None really

    Clothing: Same as picture but wears a belt around her waist. Will usually wear a large robe over her original clothing. The robe is the same shade of crimson as her hair with black stitching and gray flower like patterns

    Magical Items: She carries long black gloves that end at her forearm. Helps her use less magic to perform spells and other combat uses
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  17. Alright. I'll post before the week ends.
  18. Are you still taking characters?
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