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  1. Walled City 'Sandbox'
    The Welian World
    [Sandbox, RP]

    Basically this is about
    And several other
    That are more or less near each other.
    Think of it like a compass. There is the Golden City located in the center, atop of a lonely mountain. Surrounding this area is grassland, where farmers work under the Golden City. To the North, there is the Northern City, the South with the Southern City, the West with the Western City, the East with the Eastern City, and small villages, towns, and mining outposts scattered all in between.
    The plot is what you make it. I'd prefer that people are more or less in the same place, as a roleplay that is spread out all across the Welien World will more than likely die, due to the lack of interaction, which means lack of posts. I'd prefer that everyone start more or less in the Southern City, where they are more likely to mix. People that are above the average are going to join forces -Or fight- when in the chaotic Southern City.

    The Golden City
    The Northern City
    The Eastern City
    The Southern City
    The Western City

    Golden Vs. Northern
    Eastern Vs. Western
    Southern - Neutral

    City Informations:
    Golden City:
    Biggest Military, based inside the Snowy Mountain
    The Wealthiest City
    Center of Wind/Light/Electric Magics
    Best Enchanted Items

    Northern City:

    The Magics Academy
    Center for Mercenaries and Hired-guards
    Center of General Magics
    Best manufacturing

    Eastern City:
    City of Elves
    4th largest army - Best ranged items
    Center of Natural Magics
    Best woodworking

    Western City:
    City of Dwarves
    Advanced Sieging techniques
    Heavy ranged weaponry
    Cannons & explosives
    Best Metalworking

    Southern City:
    City of Outcasts
    Diversity of culture, food, races
    Black Markets
    Center of Shifting, Fire, Ice, and Dark Magics
    Most dangerous
    One can find most anything here.

    Your human-looking person that can live forever, and shift into a full form dragon. Rare

    The most-widespread race of all, and with no certain special ability. Very Common.

    As usual, graceful, strong, tall people. No meats, lots of magic. Uncommon.

    As usual, short, stout, strong, hardy people. Lots of meats, no magic, lots of mining, lots of staying underground. Uncommon.

    Creatures that take on a mortal form to roam the lands. Although they usually are evil and destroy-everything, a few are actually quite peaceful.

    Very close to Draconians. They can shift from a human form to a half-dragon/half-human form, similar to a dragon, but not as big or powerful.

    Small person with wings, and a mischief side. Pretty much like a pretty little person that'll ruin your day.

    A mix of any of the humanoids

    Any other race you decide to make up.
  2. Ziak, from his balcony on the second floor of his late father's house, watched the sun set slowly. "Another day's work done, I guess. Pfft, yeah. Totally glad its done." He said to himself, smiling as he walked back inside and sat down on a cot, looking at the ceiling. "I guess it wasn't that bad. I got some money from killing that old guy's ex wife. I just wish I would have taken the ex wife's offer instead and killed the old man. I mean, she was willing to pay a hefty sum for his head rolling on the floor. Ah well... a job's a job." Ziak closed his eyes, waiting for sleep. He was looking forward to tomorrow.
  3. Amia looked around the baskets of fruit and various foods being sold by a lower class merchant. The berries and other fruits were surprisingly fresh, even the ones on the bottom did not have any soft spots or bruises. She picked up three different colored fruits, one purple, one red, and one orange. Amia's beautiful eyes examined the three fruits. The fruits looked juicy, nice, and ripe, something she could really enjoy considering she had been living in the forest for some time. She couldn't help herself. With the money she had found scattered along the floor of Southern city, she purchased some ripe fruit to indulge on her journey. Her crimson red hair and mask made her stand out as a thief but also just some weak human girl, something she wanted. She kept her hair styled that way and wore the smoggy pink mask to cover her demon features. The kind merchant would not have sold her anything if her demonic features were visible or shown. With a quick word of thanks, Amia moved the mask a bit and took a bite out one of the fruits she purchased as she exited the store.

    "Where should I go now..?" The thought popped into her head as she chewed on the succulent purple fruit.

    The demon girl wanted to be careful where she went, Southern City was not known for kindness and generosity. There were many paths to take, but she decided to take a right, down the lonely and silent path to where more homes led and stretched down. She had not realized how breezy it was until she went through the path of mildly separated houses. Her hair swayed behind her face a little, but it was not too much trouble. She continued down her path, passing by a few large homes that must have belonged to wealthy individuals or are currently occupied by individuals that did not belong. This was Southern city after all. The demon girl looked up and admired said houses. They ranged from two to three story homes with windows of elegance, the homes all created from different types of resources. It was amazing to see homes such as these ones, considering she had only lived in small wooden homes (or outside tied to a thick, wooden pole thanks to her "gracious" masters). She continued to walk down the unattended path, oblivious to the houses now as she took another bite of the fruit. The wind a bit stronger, a gust causing her hair to sway behind her ears for a moment
  4. Ellandra ducked into the nearest alleyway, her hood up and covering her pointed ears from view. Sure, she'd seen plenty of other elves roaming the city, but she was someplace foreign and she was trying to be extra cautious. The elf glanced up, making sure Swift was still in sight. She found herself clinging to the bird more than normal, he was all she had left.

    "Quit worrying. I'm not going anywhere." The falcons 'voice' filtered through Ellandras mind, carrying a wave of reassurance with it. The mixlings lips quirked up into a small smile, her shoulders easing somewhat at the reassurance. "Up ahead, there's a bunch of big houses." Swift continued, knowing that he was soothing his bondmate with communication. He'd drop down to Ellandras shoulder, but he wanted to keep watch so that they didn't run back into the band of dwarves or some other trouble. Ellandra nodded her consent. She could answer her brother back, but she didn't feel much like talking and she knew the falcons keen sight would've picked up her agreement if her emotions hadn't already tipped him off.

    The redhead continued to walk on, keeping the link between her and he brother open, but quiet from her end. She just made sure to keep green eyes peeled for anything on the ground that the falcon may have missed or couldn't see thanks to some sort of magic. After a few more minutes of walking. "Why are we heading into a housing district? " She asked her brother. "Shouldn't we find an Inn of some sort to stay?"

    "No, the dwarves will be sure to check out any Inn if they pursue you..... And Inn's are full of unsavory characters." The falcon informed the girl, using the knowledge gleaned from a book he'd read not long before the dwarves had invaded.

    " Then where are we to stay? " She asked, the idea of sleeping anywhere on the hard ground of the town made her uneasy. She felt a pang as she began to miss the foliage of the Red Wood. There, there had always been a tree to climb or roots to lie in. The grass had been soft and the threats familiar and manageable. It had been safe. Here in this foreign city, it was unknown to the redling what to expect.

    "I'm sure we'll figure something out." The falcon once again reassured his sister. With that, the bond once again went quiet.
  5. Ian made sure to remain quiet as he rummaged through the dead woman's belongings, seeking out anything of value. He felt sick for stealing from the dead, but his stomach was growling something fierce. Perhaps her soul would forgive him for trying to live? The red cloth of the woman's coin purse came into view, Ian's hands quickly grabbing for it.

    "Sorry," he murmured, before shoving the coin purse into his bag. Getting rid of any obvious evidence of his thievery, Ian fled from the scene. He hadn't been the one to slaughter the woman. The body was sliced apart, blood splattered against the walls. Possibly by dual blades, something similar to his own. Ian had to cover his nose at the horrid stench of the rotting corpse. However, this was nothing new to the young thief. He had experienced death more than once. Twice, even. It was expected in a shady place such as the Southern City.

    When Ian was far away from the murdered woman, he sighed, breathing in the fresh air. Or, at least, as close to fresh at it could get. He made his way home, feelings of weariness overcoming him. All Ian wanted to do was rest. The day was such a bore. Maybe breaking away from the circus was a bad idea? Though, that was getting to be redundant, as well. Off in the distance, Ian could see his home. It was surprisingly comfy, despite residing in the Southern City. Actually, the housing district was overall comfortable, compared to the other districts in the city. Sure, there was some robberies or murders, but they were quickly solved. 'I should leave this place, yet...something is holding me back,' Ian thought, slowing his pace.

    Ian's attention was grabbed by the sight of a crimson haired young woman. He couldn't see her face, due to it being covered by a pink mask. In her hand was a purple fruit, something Ian couldn't help but lick his lips at. It was close to dinner time, after all. Ian blinked his eyes. With his attention diverted back to the woman, he began to muse at her origins. Having been living in the Southern City for his whole life, he knew many faces. This woman, however, wasn't one of them. He would have brushed her off as anyone, yet her red hair stood out like a sore thumb. Maybe she dyed it or something? With a shrug, he began to walk past the woman, close enough to study her visible features a little more. She better not try anything funny.
  6. Amia took another bite of the purple fruit she held firmly in her hand. The succulent, sweet juices of said fruit dribbled down her chin, causing her to reach up under her mask and wipe away said juices. The fruit was delicious and quite filling for her small stomach. Searching all over Southern city for spare change was really worth while to be eating something not too ripe or bruised. She would have to hurry and eat it before the wind caused the lovely fruit to rapidly spoil. She wouldn't want to waste it. The demon girl casually took another bite of the divine fruit.

    As she chewed, almost finished with the fruit now, she began to have a feeling. This feeling told her that someone, or something, was watching her. The uneasiness in her gut did not make her walk faster or look around frantically. Surviving in the wilderness gave her the time to practice and build her magic, so she was quite capable of defending herself. Her demon ears perked up, listening close by to see if this mysterious person was close by or far away. She could hear the thump thump thump of this person's footsteps. The crunching of the dirty path underneath their shoes. It sounded as if he or she were alone, for all the demon girl knew. She grew tense, goosebumps appearing on her skin as she continued to walk normally.

    Soon, a grumbling noise assaulted her sensitive ears. It was fierce, as if it was angry and demanding something right now. She looked around her shoulder to the source of the growling to see a human start walking past her; it was coming from a young man. This man had reddish brown hair, and his amber eyes glanced at her smoggy pink ones with this fiery glow. It was brief eye contact, but the demon girl immediately found the true source of the grumbling.

    His stomach.

    The man was not promising death to her, this man was just hungry. This man was starving by the sound of his stomach, considering she could hear his stomach roaring from where she stood. He was just trying to survive, just like her. Luckily for him, the demon girl was not going to be selfish and allow this human to die of hunger. After looking at the man for a brief moment, she reached into her bag and started to rummage through it. She could feel either a look of suspicion, or a look of confusion from the other. She calmly took out one of the fruits she had in her bag, the red one. Her smoggy pink eyes looked at the Auburn eyed man as she hesitantly spoke up.

    "You are hungry, yes?"
  7. Ian, surprised by the woman's kindness, stopped walking. He looked over his shoulder at her, before turning his body completely to face hers. In the young woman's grip was a red fruit. A delicious looking, plump red fruit. Ian's stomach growled once more, and he pat at it to silence it. Ian's eyes narrowed at the red-haired female.

    "Is this a trick?" he asked harshly. Too many times Ian had fallen for similar tricks such as this one. Yet, he felt as if the woman was sincere and not tricking him. The aura that came from her was one of generosity. An aura Ian wasn't used to. Despite his suspicions, Ian's stomach wanted to give in. Well, he was strong enough to protect himself and his belongings if the woman tried anything funny. And, he didn't have anything at his house, either. In one swift move, Ian grabbed the fruit. Without another thought, Ian bit into the fruit. The crunching of his teeth filled the silent air. Once he fully consumed the delicacy, Ian wiped any remains from his around his mouth.

    Remembering the woman was still standing in front of him, Ian blushed slightly. Luckily, his skin was tanned, lessening the appearance of his reddening face. "Thanks," he murmured, looking down at the ground. He thought about walking away from the woman, but the fact that she helped him peaked his interest. Plus, he never met her before. Ian had a feeling that the young woman wasn't from the Southern City. "...Who are you?" he inquired, his amber gaze remaining on her rosy gaze.
  8. Ziak woke up late that day. He decided that today was Saturday, despite it being only the middle of the week. Walking out of his house, Ziak decided that today would be the day he took some jobs from the Southern City. He grabbed a bucket of paint and a brush, a wooden board, and grinned slyly as he painted on the board "WILL MURDER FOR MONEY" before blanking it all out and flipping it over. Stuff like that stunt he almost pulled gets people thrown in jail. Ziak decides to just roam around until he notices a red head in a pink mask, and a tan boy talking to each other. "D'aaww, young love." Ziak says out loud, while watching the two.
  9. "Is this a trick?" The reddish brown haired man asked her harshly. His Auburn eyes almost burning into hers as she held the red fruit out to him.

    Amia could only offer a small smile underneath her pink mask. This man thought she was going to trick him of some sort and steal his belongings. That would be ridiculous, but it was understandable why he would have thought that. She was hoping the fact that she had no weapons on her would help ease the tension, but she knew it would not work. Unfortunately, in Southern City, even the kindest, weakest looking individual could be a master pickpocket or assassin.

    The demon girl almost flinched when the man took the fruit from her in such a swift motion. She took her hand back and waited patiently for the young man to finish eating, well devouring, the red fruit. It was alarming how quickly the human ate the fruit, it was as though he had not eaten in days. She was tempted now to give him the other fruit, he appeared hungrier than her. Her glance went to the floor then back at the man when he wiped the juices and crumbs from his mouth.

    "Thanks." She heard the young man murmur.

    "You're welcome." The corners of her eyes went upward and her cheeks bunched, indicating that she was smiling kindly to the young human.

    "...Who are you?" He added, his Auburn eyes looking into hers.

    "My name is Amia.. Might I ask who you are as well?"
  10. Ian nodded at Amia's question. It was only fair if he gave his name as well. "Ian," he replied simply, his glare softening. Of course, he managed to keep his guard up, his hands resting on the handle of one of his blades. The sun was beginning to set, which meant the streets were going to become less safe. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard an unfamiliar voice, saying something about "young love".

    The young thief looked over in the direction the voice was coming from. He couldn't tell what the newcomer looked like; they were obscured within the shadows. Maybe Amia knew who the stranger was? Remaining quiet, Ian glared at the stranger.
  11. Ziak noticed Ian glaring at him, this only made Ziak's smile grow wider. Someone had noticed him, even though he was in a particularly shady area and there was a crowd of people going this way and that. This fact made the smile under his mask grow wide enough it would scare anyone with it's happiness. "So, you saw me, eh, boy?" Ziak said to Ian with a hint of playfulness in his voice. "Now, who exactly are you?" Ziak asked, moving away from the shadow slightly.
  12. Amia's smile fell to a frown as she turned her attention to the short haired, masked man that presented himself from the shadows. Of course, she had heard his comment about "young love" with her sensitive ears. She just chose to ignore it since it was not a threat or verbal abuse in any way. If she had not heard it, she would have been dead long ago whilst surviving in the forest.

    'It seems generosity can be confused with flirtation in this city..' The demon girl thought to herself.

    She had not been planning to get mixed up with anything, just get in Southern City and leave with her valuables, and herself, still intact. She only wanted to purchase some fruit because she was tired of eating spoiled, much too ripe, or horribly bruised berries. The crimson haired girl also did not want to risk eating a poisonous berry each time she picked from the bushes. Due to her generosity, she was now known by a young man named "Ian" and most likely to be acquainted to yet another stranger. Sometimes her generosity was a curse, but she did not regret any of her generous decisions one bit. She took a slight step back and stayed quiet, as this conversation did not involve her. However, she did perk her ears to listen to the conversation in case she was suddenly thrown into it.
  13. Ian's glared remained on the stranger, who's white hair stood out from the rest of the city. Much like Amia's hair. Ian, looking over at Amia, noticed that she was ignoring the current situation. Switching his attention back to the white haired man, Ian finally answered the man's inquiry. "Why do you care?" Though Ian didn't want to admit it, he could feel the man's eyes on him from far off. Ian was going to shrug it off, until he heard the man's words in response to Ian and Amia's encounter.

    It helped to remain cautious of one's surroundings, especially within a dangerous city. Ian may not be strong, or even smart, but he always made sure to be alert. And, right now, what alerted Ian the most was the man in front of him. No one really spoke to him, so his social skills were anything but sharp. However, noticing that the tension in the air was lessening, Ian let his body relax. He removed his hand from his blade's handle, letting it fall to his side.
  14. Ziak walked toward the two slowly. "Well, it's polite to ask who people are once you meet them, I thought this wouldn't be any different. But I guess I was wrong." Ziak shrugged, walking passed Ian and looking at Amia. "I am Ziak, master Assassin and Mage. I am in the Southern City today to look for a job, preferably of the assassination variety however I am not against taking a fruit vendor job or even a job at the local tavern..." Ziak addressed the both of them, turning back to Ian.
  15. At Ziak's reply, Ian curved his lip. So, the man didn't want any trouble. Ian finally relaxed, though he continued to examine him. He was looking for a job in the Southern City? What was he, crazy? There were many other opportunities in other cities, but Ian wouldn't question or stop him. With a sigh, Ian looked away, finally introducing himself. "Ian. My name's Ian...And, there are a lot of jobs open in the main district. Plenty of taverns, more then there needs to be..." Ian let his voice drag along at the thought. He wasn't a fan of alcoholic drinks. They made people do...unimaginable things.

    "Wait. Did Ziak just say he was an assassin?' Ian thought, searching with his eyes for any indication of Ziak's weapon choice. In his holsters were twin blades...What a coincidence. Though, could Ian really question the man's job? He was a thief, the lowest of the low. Even lower than a murderer, in some eyes. Ian's eyes traveled back to Ziak's, hoping that the young man hadn't notice Ian staring at his weapons.
  16. "I am Amia, Ziak... Unfortunately, I am useless when it comes to assistance finding work. Ian's suggestions would be best."

    Amia's cheeks bunched a little underneath her mask, suggesting she was offering a small, friendly smile. Ian surely must have been here longer than her, so he may know this city up, down, in, and out. She was notably more relaxed around the two knowing that the white haired man meant no harm to her or the other. However, she did keep the heel of her shoe on a almost transparent nearby shadow. Just as a precautionary action if somehow this pleasant conversation started to get ugly.

    Her ears perked underneath her hair at the mention that Ziak was an assassin. Were individuals really so open to announcing something like this to strangers? He certainly has no fear if he was very willing to share this information. Amia stopped herself from tucking her crimson hair behind her ear. Her smoggy pink gaze roamed around the taller figure, noticing his weapon choice of twin swords. Not that this caused a shock of fright within her, it was just rather interesting. The metal used to craft such weapons looked so sleek and the blades themselves appeared so flexible. The crimson haired girl mentally sighed, for a demon she should already know how to use a blade. Unfortunately, her parents refused to teach her when she showed signs of kindness.
  17. "So, if you both don't mind, I would like it if you don't stare to closely at the swords. I've already had trouble with the guards one time this week, and I doubt I could pull off a stunt of cutting a man's armor completely off again. I mean, the first time was just a fluke- I managed to hit both of the strings that were holding his armor together at *just* the right time." Ziak explained, eying them both from underneath this mask. He turned around to face them both and examined them top to bottom. 'Judging by his clothes, this Ian kid might live in the Southern City. I've seen the poverty all to well. And Amia looks like a stranger to the Cities in general. Her clothes are outlandish to say the least. Ah well, they don't look like a threat. Although, the female one- Amia- has a sort of presence about here that feels familiar.' He stopped and looked them both in the face, looking to Ian then back to Amia. "Say, how 'bout dinner sometime? My treat." Ziak said to the both of them, turning and looking over to the wall that separated the Southern City and the Golden City.
  18. Ian's eyebrows furrowed. Of course he would get caught staring at Ziak. This man managed to break a guard's armor off with only his blades? Ian bit his lip, a little envious. He wasn't too bad of a fighter with his blades, but it wasn't his strongest point. Ian had never been able to slice through metal. Even though he was jealous of Ziak's feat, Ian couldn't help but be interested in hearing more about Ziak's skill. Maybe he could teach him a few things...Ian inwardly shook the thought from his head. No. He wasn't going to allow himself to get too close to anyone, even if they didn't mean any harm.

    Ian was wasting time, time that could be spent at home. Or something. Ian didn't have many hobbies, now that he thought about it. Nor did he have anyone back at home to go to. At the sound of Ziak paying for a potential meal, however, Ian stopped thinking about ditching them. Decent food? And, for free? He couldn't pass this up. A piece of him wanted to offer some money to Ziak and Amia, for their kindness. Although, it was dirty money. Money he stole from a dead woman. Ian felt around in his pocket, his fingers running across the fabric of the stolen coin purse. Grasping it in one hand, he could feel their wasn't much in it. Probably a few pieces of gold. Bloody gold.

    Ian removed his hand from his pocket, rubbing the back of his head shyly. "...I would like that."
  19. Amia blushed in embarrassment of getting caught, looking away for a moment. It has been years since she had spoken to people, so she had forgotten a few mannerisms when it came to communicating with others. It was not polite to stare. But upon hearing the white haired man's story about cutting off the guard's armor, it impressed her. Only those with such skill and precision would be able do such a thing. The crimson haired girl would have never dreamed of cutting off the guard's armor with just such accuracy. However, she did have to run from them because her old (or really, current) master had not given up getting her back. He paid a lot of money for her, you know. The demon was considering taking her leave. It was nice meeting the two of them, but she had must get back to her forest before a guard recognized her. Or worse, her master saw her.

    At the mention of dinner Amia's ears perked up. Dinner with the two men? And she would not have to pay any amount for said delicacies that would be consumed? The delicacies within the forest consisted of ripe fruit, whatever she hunted,, and some water from a somewhat dirty stream. But a full course meal with clean water (or whatever drinks were served) almost made her stomach growl. It sounded like a wonderful thing to partake in, but at the same time she did not wish to mooch off him. It took her a little to decide, she looked over to the white haired man.

    "I would like that as well..."
  20. "Great. I'll meet you both in the plaza of the Southern City around Noon." Ziak replied, walking back into the shadows and making it seems as though he disappeared.

    Back at his Father's house, Ziak was visited by several men who required his expertise for a search and capture project. "Nothing big, my good sir. I just need you to capture someone I think you might have met today..." One of the men explained. He looked wealthy, despite his ugly appearance and had a big ring on his inflated thumb. "Understood sir." Ziak replied, showing the man the sign he kept in his house that had all of his prices recorded on it. "For a measly sum of 5,000 gold I will capture your target and bring it to you." He told the fat-man, adjusting his mask. "How 'bout it?"
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