The Wall

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  1. So I want someone who will play either a male or female who lives in the Utopia and finds MC. I would prefer some detail please so we can keep the story going! Read the in character thread and let me know if it interests you.
  2. Interested~
  3. Would you like to discuss anything? Or just jump in?
  4. Small discussion first would be nice just to get extra details if you don't mind~^^
  5. Perfectly fine. What would you like to discuss?
  6. Mostly details about the utopia and its people so I can get a better feel for my character.
    Also genre and settings and whatnot nonsense. ~
  7. I left it open so we can create the world. I had an idea that your character would be questioning the idea of the Utopia and if it really is good or not. Also genre doesn't matter. Probably romantic and adventure with the possibility of sex and such.
  8. So it's modern and everyone is all human and fleshy and such?~
  9. Haha yes. Unless you want to change that.
  10. I personally think it adds something when you put in more than just humans (my preferred race usually being some sort of elf)
    But it's not a requirement of mine, and it is your rp, so that'd be up to you~^^
  11. I think that sounds like a good idea. I know it's my roleplay but I like when other ideas are introduced.