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  1. Far to the south of the cosmopolitan capital of the empire, rest a large wall of stone and steel. The first and only line of defense from the dark elves of the desert kingdom of Rovashir. Here those soldiers disgraced and sentenced to die are stationed. To spend a lifetime within these claustrophobic walls to redeem their honor in both servitude and death. A company of misfits who are in a league of their own, legend whose tales reach as far as the frozen tundras of the north.

    Their leader a frigid commander loved by those refugees seeking shelter both within and behind the wall. Your character could be an adventurer, a thief, a prisoner, a soldier or even a scholar. Drawn like a moth to a flickering flame that promises wealth and glory. But the days of skirmishes are over, for just as the paranoid Major of this keep has yelled for years. The dark elves are back with an army wanting nothing more than to claim the resources and riches of the empire for themselves.

    The local witches have told that the wall is fated to fall, yet even among such gloomy prophetical claims this band of rejects stands tall. Waiting for the inevitable war with weary hearts.

    The basic concept. Though I am not limited to this setting. If you prefer something simpler post your idea. Even the forsaken Major of the wall is at times assigned to other duties, or occasionally summoned to the capital for meetings or the only thing worse then way....Political themed parties....
  2. What exactly are you looking for?
  3. The idea of my gnoll OC being either a prisoner or one of the soldiers interests me. Would there be any romantic side-story involved in this at all and, if so, would you be interested in m// with a gnoll character?
  4. Um Yea sure you want me to play a male or female and what's a gnoll picks please
  5. I was replying to the OP, actually, but we could see about brainstorming something as well if you're also interested. Send a conversation message my way so we don't muck up Underdark's thread with our own stuff?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.