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  1. On a mystical island located somewhere far away from civilization, a lone wall stands at the center of an ocean. This ocean is completely still, it has not moved at all in centuries. The wall itself is 8 feet high, and 5 feet across, but the island which it sits on is large and covered in grass. The wall can easily be walked around, and nothing about it seems special, but legend tells of a wall just like this one, a wall only a select few could ever cross. The wall is said to grant wonders of all kinds to the few who manage to cross it, but crossing it is easier said then done....

    A young alchemist, Elvira, finds her way to the island of the wall after hearing many tales about it. She sets up her tent, and the next day, she tries her hand at crossing the wall. As expected, simply climbing it does not work. She isn't tall enough to jump up to the top of the wall. It is also very bare, and she can't find a way to get a grip. She tries planting vines beneath it and pouring a fast-growing potion on them, but they can't get a grip either, and just fall back the other way. She tries other things, like various explosives, but they all fail as the wall bounces them back at Elvira, forcing her to jump out off the way. After trying everything in her arsenal, she realizes it is impossible for her to cross the wall. As such, she packs her stuff, and makes her way home. However, as she is about to leave the island, a figure laying in the grass catches her attention. It's a man, and he seems to be wounded after attempting to cross the wall. She patches him up with her alchemist skills, to which he responds "Thank you so much. There is no place on this island where you can get help, so I'm really lucky you were here." Then, Elvira got an idea. She planted some trees, and poured the fast-growing potion on them. Then, she asked the fellow wall crosser if he could help her build something. So, in the meantime as Elvira planted various medicinal flowers, herbs, and other necessary plants, the guy, whose name was Madogan, started building what Elvira had told him to. Finally, their work was finished. It was an Inn, in which you could stay the night and grab a piece of food. Elvira also set up a small alchemist shop, in which you could buy potions and other magical items. There was also of course a hospital section, where people who had been hurt could get help. As more wall crossers reached the island, the word of the newly opened establishment spread like wildfire. As such, the Elvira Madogan Inn became famous, and more and more people wanted to try their luck at crossing the wall, now that it was much more convenient.

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  2. Anarchy came to the island by the ferry, which was the main means of transportation around those parts. As she got off the boat, she examined her surroundings. The island was designed like a clock, with twelve different sections. Each section was different from the others, one being a dense forest and one being a beautiful garden, for example. In the center stood the main plaza, with the inn and The Wall as its focal point. Anarchy walked up the paved trail, and reached the inn. It was a quite large, wooden building with stone roof that looked like it had been the subject of many renovations and extensions. Above the main doors hung a sign depicting a kettle and a cross next to a bed, as well as some text saying "The Elvira Madogan Inn". She entered the lobby.

    Two mercenaries clad in armour strolled past her, chatting idly. They entered what seemed to be the dining hall. Anarchy walked up to a desk, where a man was sitting scribbling on some pieces of parchment. He looked up, and smiled at her.

    "Ah, a new customer! Welcome to the Elvira Madogan Inn. I'm Madogan, and you'll find my wife, Elvira, in the potion shop. She's really talented, you know? I'm so glad she gets to use her skills here, even though I get the feeling she is restricting herself sometimes..."

    This Madogan person seemed to be the chatty type.

    "Myself I mostly sit at this desk all the time. I'm actually a carpenter, but since the only work of that sort I do around here is on the inn my skills don't get much use. But, I guess this is a meaningful job nonetheless."

    He looked to be in his thirties, was muscular and had a bit of a scruffy beard and wild, dark blonde hair.

    "Oh, but I chit chat too much. How long would you like to stay?"
  3. "Only a few days." Anarchy answered, giving Magogan a small smile as she glanced around again. "This is a very nice place." she added. After adjusting the straps of her backpack, she crossed her arms gently, awaiting an answer from Mr. Magogan across the counter.
  4. "Right, well let's see here..."

    Madogan pulled out an enormous book bound in brown leather, with the same icon as on the sign outside, and opened it up.

    "Ah, yes, room 223 is available. The cost is 15 Koins per night, and that's including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining hall also serves as a Cafe from 2o'clock till 6o'clock, and the bar opens at 10. I'll keep a tab, and you can pay when you want to leave."

    Madogan fished out a key from the shelf next to him, and gave it to Anarchy.

    "Your room is on the second floor to the right, just follow the corridor and you can't miss it. If you've got any questions, regarding The Wall, the inn, or any other place on the island feel free to ask me. Oh, I almost forgot. Please sign your name right here."

    He turned the guest book to Anarchy, and handed her a quill and ink.
  5. Anarchy nodded thankfully. "Thank you." She turned the key in her hand slowly as she stepped away from the desk and started to the second floor, following along the corridor as told. When she reached her room number, 223, she inserted the key and turned, hearing the unmistakable *click* of the lock. She pushed the door open and looked around the room. "ahh, very nice." She said to herself, closing the door silently and setting her bag on the floor. She stretched a little and put her hands on her hips, glancing around before raising both hands. "Cyral, Stear." She mumbled. Every small shadow in the room flattened, moving to the center and making a person. "Please?" She motioned to her bag before sitting on the silky bed and unsheathing her sword, twirling the familiar blade in her hand. The shadow split apart again, taking things from the bag and settling them across the room. Despite the small size, the bag held many things.
  6. Suddenly, there was a loud bang coming from outside. Anarchy looked out her window, and discovered she had clear view of The Wall. There were many people around it, but there was one laying sprawled out in the grass, with smoke rising from around him. He had probably tried some method to cross that had literally backfired. To her surprise, she saw some type of spider-looking machine crawl out of the ground, picking the man up and carrying the man towards the inn. Everyone else just continued their attempts, not minding the obviously weird thing that was going on. Then again, maybe it wasn't weird at all? Anarchy smiled to herself. This seemed like a fun place.
  7. Anarchy twirled her sword again as the shadow man went away, finished with it's chore. She picked up her bag, setting it in the small closet and pulling on her gloves, holding the grip of the sword tightly before sheathing it. "Time for me to try." She said to herself, handing the key from a small chain around her neck. She slid it under her top and opened the door, locking it, then closing it. She went to The Wall, standing in front of it. She ran her hand gently across it. "Hmm.." she muttered to herself, thinking of various ways to try and get through.
  8. As she moved her hand across the surface of the wall, she noticed a faint, blue glow. As she looked closer too her hand, she could see tiny letters appearing, and then quickly vanishing.

    "It tickles. Your hands are cold."
  9. Anarchy tilted her head. "Of course they are..I'm ice." She muttered quietly in reply. "Querta Verdum." Small ice crystals grew over her hand and she placed it on the wall. "Can you write in the frost?" She asked the wall hesitantly and quietly.
  10. Some lines form in the frost, creating a picture.
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    "I like drawing. Do you?"
  11. Anarchy blinked at the picture. "Yes." she replied and crystals formed across the wall, well, more like floated in front of it. She drew a simple picture. "Drawing is emotion." She said softly. "Do you like writing?" She asked quietly.

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  12. "Those are pretty words. I like writing, but I'm no good at it. But I do..."

    At that moment, something heavy bumped into the wall. Any sign of the wall speaking to Anarchy was gone. Perhaps it had been frightened after being caught off guard like that. Anarchy looked around, irritated after having her conversation with The Wall interrupted. She could see some idiots on at the far end of the wall bashing their hammers into it. She was about to walk up to them and... Well, she wasn't quite sure what she would do, but she was very angry. Just then she was interrupted by a voice.

    "I advice against excessive violence directed at The Wall."

    Anarchy looked around some more. A girl close to her age wearing a brown leather alchemists uniform with a brown, pointy hat was standing behind her and the morons. On her chest was the same icon she had seen before, probably the emblem of the inn. She put her hand to her hip and smiled. The one's who had been hitting the wall just seconds ago left the area like frightened little puppies. She was obviously someone of importance.

    "*sigh* Some people just don't learn, do they? We even put up a sign about it"

    She pointed to a large sign with masses of text on it, with THESE METHODS DOESN'T WORK as headline.
  13. "Who are you?" Anarchy asked. She's apparently not as...idiotic as the others. She thought to herself. She realized that her sword would do nothing to the wall and so that left her with a last idea on how to get past, but she'd try that later. For now she'd talk to this new person. "I'm Anarchy."
  14. "Hello, Anarchy. My name's Elvira, nice to meet you. I run this inn together with my husband and a small amount of staff, but we manage. Have you tried crossing the wall?"

    Anarchy noticed the same fluttering light from before, and she thought she could see the words "She's nice." spelled out, but they quickly vanished again.
  15. Anarchy's eyes flickered slightly between the wall and Elvira. "Uh, okay. Cool. And sorta..not really. I've just been..looking at it." It was the truth. That's all she'd done, looked at it. Well, and talked to it, but she didn't want to seem crazy. "Has anyone ever tried using shadows?" She asked her, moving her wrist. Her own shadow seemed to jump off the ground and stand next to her. And it did. "To get through the wall?"
  16. Elvira looked as if she was seriously considering Anarchy's question for a while

    "Hmm... Not that I can remember... No, I'm quite sure it hasn't been tried. I would like to see the outcome of your attempt, so if you may."
  17. Anarchy nodded. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
    The shadow seemed to turn, walking up to the wall. It took a step back, then another, before sprinting towards it. It collided, then dispersed.
    Anarchy winced. "Ow." she mumbled, rubbing her hand. She tried again.
    The shadow retook it's form and walked up, placing a hand on the wall.
    Please work...may I pass? Please? She asked the wall mentally. If the shadow could pass, she could form herself within the shadow, placing herself in the shadow's location. Most people believed it teleportation, but that was incorrect. It was simply shadow manipulation.
  18. Seeing through the eye of her shadow, she could see some fleeting text.

    "That's not very nice."

    As the shadow crashed into the wall once again, the pain was even more intense than before. Was The Wall defending itself?
  19. Anarchy winced, holding her arm a little. " I guess shadows don't work." She mumbled before going over to the wall herself, the shadow dissipating. "I'm sorry." She said quietly to the wall. She figured she should apologize in case it hurt for a shadow to crash into it..twice.
  20. The Wall didn't respond. Maybe it was still a bit cranky? She figured she should leave it alone at the moment, and try again later. Elvira looked at her.

    "Well, that didn't work, and it looks like it hurt a bit... I can't say I'm surprised though, but I didn't want to spoil your fun trying. If it still hurts you can go see the nurse, she's just left when you go into the lobby. Or, if you want to, you can come with me and check out the island? I would love to show you some of my work."
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