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  1. The Wall is a RP thread that can take many different turns, which I guess is the reason people role play.

    If you want to sign up, enter some basic traits and description of your character here, and we'll enter it into the story. Note that The Wall is fantasy based, and contains magic, alchemy as well as some steampunk.

    Link to main thread:

    A very poorly drawn sketch of the base floor of the inn (made in paint, and I'm not that good with a track pad) [​IMG]

    E stands for Elvira and M stands for Madogan. The stairs lead to the second and third floors, where the bedrooms are.
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  2. Name: Anarchy
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Ice Mage, Secondary Dark Mage.
    Strengths: She can freeze someone internally by ice, she can control the shadows during the night, and she can control ice at any time.
    Weaknesses: Fire burns her skin severely upon contact, or even if she gets near, although the sun does not hurt her, only makes her feel tired. Bright lights give her migranes.
    Show Spoiler
    Remove the outfit, keep the sword, gloves, and feathered hair. [​IMG]
    Outfit, minus the wings: [​IMG]

    Is this okay?
  3. Yes, that's okay. I will welcome you to the inn.
  4. Yay =)
    Is there already an IC?
  5. Yes, but I haven't marked it as such. I put a link to it in the first post.
  6. I also added a 'picture' of the inn, but I can't write with a track pad so all the text looks awful XD
  7. It's okay. =)
    I hate paint, I cannot do anything good with it
    And what's a track pad?

    I'll post IC later, gotta think of something good to enter with.
  8. The track pad is that thing on laptops which lets you do stuff without a mouse.
  9. oh, okay.

    Sorry my entrance post is so short. I couldn't figure out what to put.
  10. That's fine, it takes time for RP to grow. I'm just glad someone joined so soon :)
  11. Yay. Yeah =) I had to drop out of half of the ones I was in because I was having problems irl, but I fixed that, so I've been looking for some to join, and this one seemed really awesome =)
  12. Aww, stop it, you! *blushes*
  13. I'm just being honest! *holds out a cookie* Want a cookie?
  14. *Takes cookie and tastes it* I-it's not like I like your cookie or anything, baka! *tsun*
  15. Hmm?... *claps* I'll be back later..gotta go.
  16. Aloha! Mind if I were to join?

    Name: Griffith Indra
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Asura
    Strengths: Being an Asura, Griffith has power over lightning and fire, as well as an increased strength and speed. When unleashed into his full Asura form, Griffith grows to over twelve feet tall, growing three additional faces on both sides and the back of his head, along with two additional sets of arms. In this form, his strength and speed increase dramatically, as well as his control over lightning and fire, though he only prefers to use his true form as a last resort.
    Weaknesses: Griffith can be a bit of a hot-head and very passionate, which can at times cloud his judgement, though his greatest weakness is, as with any Asura, his pride.
  17. Great! I'll make an introductory post for you when I get to My computer.
  18. Mind if I provide something awesome~?!
  19. No, just as long as you tell me what you want to do beforehand XD
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