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  1. The Wall


    At the heart of the Great Sea lies a perfectly circular island.
    On the middle of this island stands a wall.
    It is by no means a great wall, no more than a couple meters tall and a couple meters wide.
    But for some reason, a great legend shrouds this wall.
    It is said that whoever manages to cross it will be granted a miracle.

    People from far and wide came to have their wishes fullfilled, sparking an era known as

    The Golden Age of The Wall

    However, what it means to 'cross the wall' is still unkown.
    Simply walking past it generates no response.
    Trying to climb over or break through it leads to the wall hitting back, a most peculiar phenomenon.
    Many have tried and failed to figure out the mystery of the wall.

    This has even generated a saying called 'Crossing the wall', said when someone accomplishes a seemingly impossible feat.
    Alas, people soon grew tired of the legend of the wall, and it was passed off as myth.
    The island which was once bustling with adventurers trying their hands at having a miracle granted has once again been turned into nothing but a desolate place, void of all but green grass and a lone wall.
    This was the start of an era of intellect, sense and creative inventions known as

    The Era of the Great Alchemists

    For many years, the wall would be untouched as the world around it saw great change, even becoming united under the rule of the most powerful mages on the planet known as
    'The Alchemist Royal Family'.
    However, the actions of a small girl would come to revive this rabid treasure hunt, in turn sparking an era which would come to be known as

    The Renaissance of The Wall

    The Alchemist Guild

    The alchemist guild has its headquarters in Terra Magnia, also known as the
    'Capitol of the World' as it is there that the alchemist royal family has their palace and the Royal Senate which rules supreme across all the corners of the planet resides there.

    Terra Magnia itself is an extremely large city that resides over a basin of water known as 'The Heavenly Mirror' surrounded by the roots of the 'Trees of Life' which are so tall they are thought to reach outer space. The architecture within the city is astounding to say the least, as everything including the most remarkable structures such as the Royal Library and Royal Palace are all suspended in mid-air by poles sticing up from the bottom of the Heavenly Mirror.

    Alchemists are mages of all kinds. Spellcasters, curse workers, potion brewers, the list could go on for ages. There is a hierarchical system grading your worth as an alchemist ranging from 1 being the lowest to 10 being highest ranking. However, reaching the highest ranks is extremely difficult, as the only ones to have been awarded rank 10 have been members of the alchemist royal family, and the highest ranking alive today are three members of rank 8. While the alchemist guild has branch offices all around the globe, alchemists must have visited Terra Magnia at least once in their lives in order to receive their alchemists license and achieve rank 1. In order to reach the higher ranks you must complete certain tasks or tests, held in Terra Magnia, and the one which you must accomplish to reach rank 10 is known as the 'Five Divine Miracles'.

    The alchemist royal family which has ruled over the world for 5000 years together with the Royal Senate consisting of highly ranked alchemists was unfortunately wiped out in a great tragedy known as 'The Crimson Eve' when all the members of the family, including the King and Queen were found slaughtered in the palace dining hall. It is unkown who had been able to do this as the king and queen were both alchemists of rank 9, and as such considered the most powerful people alive. The rule has instead been completely taken over by the Royal Senate, which has moved into the otherwise vacant palace.

    The Mother, The Father, And The Child

    Apart from the alchemist guild there is another force of great influence known as 'The Parish'. The parish consists of religious people who have faith in an ancient legend that seemingly surpasses time itself known as 'The Mother, The Father, And The Child', this is especially true in a city called 'Santa Luciorno' where the alchemist guild has no power at all. Instead, it is ruled by the church from the 'Santa Luciorno Monastery'.

    The legend goes as follows:

    At the beginning of all, there were two supreme beings.
    The Mother, who was the embodiment of all things good, represented by the light of day.
    The Father, who was the embodiment of all things evil, represented by the darkness of night.
    While they were exact opposites, the two could not exist without one another.
    Being forced to live under these conditions of desperately being in need of one another,
    they eventually fell in love.

    The result of their love was an entity that would be known as The Child.
    The Child was the embodiment of perfect harmony, and it was loved dearly by both The Mother
    and The Father who would not let it out of sight for one second.
    However, one day, The Child fell ill.
    Nothing in the world could cure this ailment, and The Child passed away.
    The Mother and The Father mourned the loss of The Child for an eternity, before burying it in the center of the earth.
    In order to grant The Child happiness, The Mother and The Father created
    a world called the afterlife, in which The Child could spend the rest of its existance.

    The legend cuts off rather mysteriously at that part. Many believe that there
    is an end to the legend and have spent their entire lives devoted to finding it,
    but none have succeeded.
    The members of The Parish believe that the end of the legend says that
    The Mother and The Father are reborn every 1000 years in human form,
    and that bringing them together will result in them guiding humanity to the afterlife,
    which is thought to be the ultimate paradise.

    The RP

    At the end of the fifth millenia of the great alchemist era, a young but promissing alchemist by the name of Elvira from Terra Magnia made her way to the island of The Wall in a small boat, intrigued by the old legend surrounding it. She tried walking past it, but as the legend said, that didn't work. She tried planting some strong vines at the feet of the wall, using a growth potion to make them reach over it and allowing her to climb over, but somehow they just slipped off the surface of it, falling over. She tried throwing an explosive potion at it, but it bounced back, and she was barely able to jump out of the way as it landed on the place she had been standing just a few seconds ago, creating a rather impressive explosion. The young girl sighed, and decided it was time to give up. As she made her way back to the boat, she noticed a figure in the tall grass. It was a man, and he appeared to be badly hurt. She immediately began treating his wounds, and after tending to him a full night, he finally came to. His name was Madigan, and he was a carpenter. He explained to her that he had tried to punch the wall with his fist, but it had thrown him back a great distance. He thanked her for saving his life, knowing that had she not found him, he would be dead. That's when Elvira got an idea. Obviously, some interest in the legend had survived all these years, and she could make use of that. She planted some great oak trees, and made them grow with the same potion she had used for the vines. She then asked Madigan to build her something in return for nursing him back to life. This was the beginning of the
    Elvira Madigan Inn.

    A couple of years later, and the island is full of people trying to cross the wall. Elvira managed to spark new interest in the legend, and by building an inn just nearby, people even had a reason to come there other than for the wall. The inn has grown remarkably in size, and Elvira has an alchemists shop where she sells enhanted armour and weapons, potions, amulets, among other things. A ship route has been set up, transporting visitors and wares for the inn, and a dock has been built.

    This is where the RP starts. Your character will arive at the island by the ship,
    either to simply have a good time at the inn or to try and cross the wall.
    Of course it is completely up to you, and you may have an entirely different motivation
    for coming to the island.



    This is the basic layout of the inn's ground floor.
    Some proportions might be slightly off, but it'll give you a general idea of how it looks.
    It's built as a classic log cabin, with many intricate details and traditional roof.
    The inn also has a first and second floor where the rooms for hire are.
    The rooms are pretty basic, but they have all the necessities as well as en-suite bathrooms.

    The island is as it was before the inn was built, although the south-west side is covered by a forest (put there by Elvira) and a garden where Elvira grows herbs for her potions and some vegetables for the kitchen.

    Important NPC's

    Elvira (open)

    Name: Elvira
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Class: Alchemist rank 5, specializes in potion brewing
    History: Elvira is a very skillful alchemist, and the youngest alive with such a high ranking. She set out to the island as a rank 2 alchemist, but she has since then made her way back to Terra Magnia to finish the tests several times, and has passed them with flying colours. Her reason for leaving Terra Magnia in the first place is unknown, although she claims it was because she wanted to experience some real adventure. She is now married to Madigan, and runs the Elvira Madigan Inn together with him.
    Personality: Elvira may be young, but she is extremely intelligent and perceptive. She acts mature for her age at most times, but she can be overcome by an almost childish excitement whenever something new or fascinating comes around. She greatly enjoys running her shop and the inn, and watching all the people come and go, each with their own interestin stories to tell. She loves Madigan greatly despite the age difference, and she hopes to carry his children sometime in the near future.

    Madigan (open)

    Name: Madigan
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Class: Carpenter and smith
    History: Madigan is a carpenter from a small village on the continent, who is also trained in forging weapons and armour. The legend of the wall is still quite famous in the village he's from, and setting out to explore it is not unusal. His reason for trying to cross the wall is unknown, but he says that he must've somehow succeeded in doing so because he was granted the miracle that is his life together with Elvira. He now sits at the front desk of the inn, greeting customers and guiding them around the premises. Most of the armour and weapons sold in Elvira's shop is forged by him in his spare time, although some of it is imported from the continent.
    Personality: Madigan is a very kind and warm person, and he loves Elvira more than anything in the world. He can sometimes ramble on about her to customers for hours unless he's stopped, staring dreamily into space the entire time while doing so. Despite his love he is very conscious of their age difference, and if anyone comments on it he gets very stressed out. He is afraid that once he gets too old, Elvira will stop loving him, even though this is certainly not the case. He is sometimes overcome by a strange, dark force, which entirely changes his personality. When this happens he becomes aggressive and extremely violent, and the only one who is able to stop him from rampaging is Elvira.
    When Madigan tried to cross the wall, he punched it, and was unconscious on the verge of death for several days until Elvira rescued him. He still wears a massive scar on his right arm from the incident.

    Sister Margharethe (open)

    Name: Sister Margharethe
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female

    Class: Nun, nurse in training
    History: Margharethe is a nun from the monastery of Santa Luciorno where she was studying to become a nurse. She had been living at the monastery for her entire life, and has unfortunately been bullied by the other children ever since she was little. This continued even as she grew older, and it didn't stop until Elvira came and hired her to work at the inn. She works in the infirmary, taking care of the adventurers who have gotten hurt while attempting to cross the wall.
    Personality: Margharethe is a frail person who is very scatter minded and is easily scared. Because of this she was bullied as a child, and didn't have the courage to speak up, which has only fed her insecurities further. Because of her clumsiness and tendency to drop things, the monastery wouldn't let her go out in the world to practice he work. Her salvation came in the form of Elvira, who insisted on hiring Margharethe despite the monastery recommending not to. Because she practically rescued her from a life of imprisonment, Margharethe believes that she owes Elvira her life, and would do anything for her. She hates the thought of disappointing Elvira more than anything else.

    Lars (open)

    Name: Lars
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Class: Cook
    History: Lars's is the oldest of six siblings, and as such, he has always seen it as his duty to take care of his younger siblings while their parents were at work. One day, one of his younger brother's came into contact with a strange man who claimed to have the solution to the problem of crossing the wall from the legend. His brother believed the man, who gave him a potion he was supposed to drink while standing in front of the wall which would allow him to walk right through it. Somehow, he managed to sneak onto the boat heading towards the island, and once he was there, he did what he was told. However, the potion wasn't what the man had claimed it to be. It was a poison that would kill him, and allow the person who had brewed the potion to assume control over his body. Luckily, Elvira understood what was going on and managed to give him an antidote. Once Lars found out what had happened, he felt an incredible debt towards Elvira for saving his brother. Since he came from a poor family and his brother had no way of paying her back, Lars decided that he would work under Elvira for free. She insisted that this wasn't necessarry, but his sense of pride and responsibility didn't allow him to back down. Eventually Elvira had to agree, but Lars also had to agree to accept a salary, which he sends most of to his family back home. He now works as the head chef in the kitchen of the inn.
    Personality: Lars is a fiery and over-zealous person, with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He likes to cook everything in advance so that he can go around flirting and talking with the customers during dinner service. Despite his nonchalant appearance he takes his job very seriously, and would kill anyone who dares insult his employer Elvira.

    Rules and important notices

    1) All Iwaku rules apply.
    2) I am the GM, my word is law. I reserve the right to change rules and other points within the RP as I wish.
    3) Before applying to this RP, you must have read through every post prior to yours, including the information found in this post.
    4) Be aware that this is a story driven RP, and while you are pretty much free to roam and explore on your own, I will set up certain plot points which need to be followed.
    5) No god-moding or Mary Sues/Stues. There may be times where your character is overpowered by someone else, and if this is important to the plot, please don't complain about it.
    6) For now you are allowed one character per person. I will control most NPC's, including the ones listed above, but your are free to mention other NPC's in your posts if it's to make the story progress.
    7) Please try to maintain decent grammar and spelling. I know I'm not perfect on this point, but as long as it's not a chore to read your every post you'll be fine.
    8) If you've read through all this, mention 'Terra Magnia 100%' somewhere somehow in your CS.
    9) Romancing is allowed, but make sure that all parties involved agree before attempting to swoon anyone. No sexy-time in the IC, though.
    10) I will not enforce a rule of post length, but if all your posts consists of one-liners* or novels I will warn you about it. *Note that one-liners may very well be necessary when taking actions in a plot point
    11) I will not enforce a rule of post order, but if you post without letting the others catch up I will warn you about it.
    12) This is a reboot of an RP my friend made who was a member on this site some time ago, so some people may recognize it. While it is based on her original concept, I'm the one who has written most of it.
    13) I plan on having the IC in a private group on this site to make it easier to keep track of where everyone is.
    14) Make sure to regularly check in on this post to see if I have changed anything, added another rule or the alike.
    15) By signing up to this RP, you agree to all the aforementioned rules. If you do not abide by them, I may warn you or ultimately kick you out.



    Class: (This is up to you. Feel free to be creative. Main classes would be alchemists, clerics, and knights. You may also specify what your character specializes in, for example an alchemist who specializes in frost magic. Some classes will be forbidden, as well as some specializations, such as being able to bring people back to life. This is because the art of resurrection is one of the five divine miracles. Also, if you chose alchemist, make sure to add your rank, although the highest you're allowed at this point is 4. But don't worry, this doesn't mean your character is weak in any way, in fact, rank 4 is considered very impressive.)

    Appearance: (Drawn pic please. It might be okay with a description, but I prefer to see all the characters and their pwetty pwictures :3)
    You are free to add things to this CS if you'd like, but not to omit anything from it. I may reject your CS if I don't like it.

    Accepted Characters

    Belt (open)

    Esther (open)

    Saito Mizer (open)

    Marin Diamondpetel (open)

    Rick Thompson (open)

    Eirwen Delaney (open)

    Cecilia Willkie (open)
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  2. Well I like it. It's cool that you've gone so far as to make 'Crossing the wall' mean something in the world; it makes everything feel well thought out. I suppose the characters would either be Alchemists or simply miracle-seekers out to cross the wall?

    If the 'Under Construction' should mean something to me, like that this thread is just for posterity and not meant for actual discussion, sorry. Just joined up and was curious.
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  3. I'm glad you like it! ^w^ The 'under construction' part simply means I'm not finished with the thread yet, and your questions will be answered in due time.
  4. Annnnnd we're open for business.
  5. I like it even more now. The inn's a nifty idea, and the characters running it are relatively unique and interesting. I like the whole 'Madigan claims he DID cross the wall, because he's living a miracle' thing. That's adowable. I'm not familiar with this site enough to know what a 'private group' is. Obviously, I could hazard a guess just by the name, but getting the how, what, and why would be nice.

    Other than that, I think I'd be down to join up, if it's alright. Keep in mind this'd be my first time on here. Be gentle.
  6. Thank you for showing interest! Yes, your first time around is always a bit confuzzling, so just ask if there's anything you want to know.

    If you look at the top of the site, next to 'forums', there's a page called 'groups'. There you can make a group, for example a 'wall lovers' group and let people join, or you can make a private group and invite people. There you can post several subthreads that in RP's makes it easier for people to keep track on where everyone is, for example one subthread would be called 'The Infirmary' and every post in it would be interactions made in the infirmary. Does that help? ^^
  7. That sounds interesting. Hopefully people don't end up isolated from one another due to preferring to hang out in a particular area. But I assume this is a tried and true method.

    I'll go ahead and try my hand at making a character sheet now.
  8. I'll be sure to push people around with lots of plot points if they stand still too much ^w^
  9. I think I'll give this rp a try in a little bit.
  10. I'm going to apologize in advance for the length. Sorry.

    : Belt
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Class: I'd actually appreciate some input on this. Belt's had no formal training in anything other than running a cemetery and digging. If he fights, he fights more with raw power and stamina than skill. He fights with a shovel, for pete's sake.
    Job: Gravedigger/Grave-keeper. Some light experience in woodwork.

    History: Born to be the latest in a long line of Grave-keepers in the outskirts of civilization, Belt spent the majority of his life in and around the nearby cemetery. His father, the grave-keeper at the time, taught him everything of the trade. How to properly dig a grave, how to manage such an establishment, and how to handle a shovel in such a way as to discourage vandalism and loitering. Belt took to the digging like a fish to water. He loved the work, despite how gloomy it may appear on the outside and how little time it left for basically anything else. He and his father had to be out and working at the graveyard day in and day out to support the rest of Belt's small family, consisting of his mother and younger brother. Whatever time Belt had that didn't involve grave work was spent searching for paid manual labor in the town proper or entertaining his brother. As time went on, the health of Belt's father began to deteriorate. Due to his stubborn nature, he refused to stop working and forbid his family from seeking a doctor, as they simply couldn't afford the medical expenses. Soon enough, his father passed away from the non-stop labor, and Belt's family was left with half the income. His brother was too young to work, and his mother too old. Knowing that his work alone couldn't support them, Belt had to do something. He gathered the relatively meager sum he'd saved up from the last 18 years of allowances and odd jobs, and began. He left most all of it with his family, enough to cover food and hiring workers for the cemetery for at least a couple months, along with very basic instructions as to how they should handle the place. The rest he spent on some light rations, a couple changes of clothes, and the cheapest methods of travel he could find. His family needed money. He needed a miracle.

    Personality: Belt's father was sure from the very beginning not to let the nature of their job affect Belt's character. He did all he could to make Belt a cheerful man, loudly joking and singing his home-made 'grave shanties' nearly every night, and it worked. Belt almost always has a huge smile plastered on his face, and seems to be incapable of speaking in anything lower than a dull roar. He's quick to befriend any who are willing to be befriended, having not had the chance too often while nigh-on living in a cemetery. He's rarely ever serious, and has learned to find deep pleasure in the little things. Being the first member of his family to leave his small town in generations, he's shockingly naive, ignorant, and childish in many ways. He hardly even knows where Terra Magnia is, 100%. If anything bothers him, he's sure to let all within yelling distance aware of it, which has gotten him into a fair number of fights. He places a lot of stock in money.

    Appearance: He has a tendency to avoid wearing shirts, as they're too hot while digging. He's always carrying his family shovel propped against his shoulder. Also, he's pretty damn big and built.

    Wowjesus that was longer than I thought it was going to be. Sorry, sorry. I had an idea, and getting it all down turned out to be a bit more than expected. I promise I won't RP like that. I don't know if I even could. I had some trouble with finding a suitable image, but I did find one that's OK. I didn't know how to put it in the text like you had up there, so if you could tell me, I'll get it to you right quick.
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  11. @Elvin The length is completely fine ^^ You should see some other people's CS's, they could probably fill up a word document or two...XD

    As for the image, there are a couple ways to go, I think. If you try to write a post, can you see some buttons over the text box? If you look to the right of those, you'll see a smiley face, something that looks like a framed picture of some hills and the sun, and a video reel. You'll want to click the one in the middle of those, the framed picture. Now what you want to do is paste the url of the pic you want to post (if you google search an image and then do the 'show image' thing) and it will appear as an image in your post. I also think you can do like this [ i m g ] (post url here) [ / i m g ]

    (Also if you chose 'grave digger' as a class that's completely fine. I'm not picky. I like that he fights with a shovel ^^)
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  12. [​IMG]

    Think something along those lines, except with a big dumb grin on his face. And yeah, Gravedigger as a class is totally cool with me. Specializing in shovel fighting and digging, with a focus on pure stamina. He's been doing this his whole life, so he can keep up manual labor for days if necessary. I look forward to hearing from Levont, it'd be nice to get some more characters in the mix. I take it Belt's all good?
  13. Woah, my bad. I thought it would do the whole 'click to view full image' thing. Didn't mean to post such huge pictures.
  14. Haha that's fine. If you want the 'click image to show full picture' thing I think the only way to go around it is to put it in some spoiler clamps, like this [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces)
  15. This RP looks interesting; are you still accepting Character sheets?
  16. Yup, we're accepting until it no longer says so in the title ^w^
  17. Sweet! I'll be making a character then and have it up later. :3
  18. Name: Esther ((Es-ter)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Class: Swordsman (Most blades fall into her forte, blades with any type of magic stuff don't)
    Esther was born into a family that masters the art of the blades. Since she was around 10 years old she practiced and trained with most blades by her father. Though she would end up cutting herself trying to juggle them or try to give a "playful poke" to the livestock (or her father's behind), she eventually made it near her father's expertise. Though the magic of an alchemist falls on her mother's side, Esther expressed little interest in "making the wind flutter or the water drip". She would rather learn how to properly wield a "slice and dicer" than learn "human enhancements". After hearing about the "great wall of shiny" at the Elvira Madigan Inn (and her parents telling her to go and travel), she decided that she must go see this wall of glamour first before going anywhere else.
    Personality: Underneath her kind and somewhat composed nature, she is rather (very) childish and holds some sassiness to her. She is quick to slash at or hit someone if they make a rude remark or unwelcomed sexual gesture. Esther does like to joke around and will be willing to learn something new most of the time. The heart of a swordsman really only shows when she is in a battle of blades, but even then does she show some silliness. She is not (all that) stupid, but she does some stupid stuff sometimes.

    Appearance: ((Tends to wear a black robe over her sheathed blades, sword is sheathed at her hip))


    ((Let's shorten that hair so it ends at her thighs, hm?))

    P.S. She has no idea what a Terra Magnia 100% is. Let me know if you'd like me to fix anything.
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  19. @jessica2477 Accepted! ^w^ (I quite like her, btw~)

    Oh, and important announcement to anyone who might be interested in joining the RP: I would like at least a couple of alchemists to be in the RP before we start, so please consider that when choosing classes ^^
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  20. Cool, it's good to have another character up.

    It looks like we've got a couple of goofs running around for characters. Perfect. Crossing the wall should be a cinch with such a cutting edge group as a silly-ass swordsman and a guy who literally digs for a living.
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