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  1. At the harbour of a certain peaceful bay city, a ship was getting ready to leave the docs. Wares were hauled on board, and passengers entered one by one on a small bridge. Once the clock struck midday, it set sail for its destination; the island of the Wall. It made its journey across calm waters, with the sun high in the sky creating sparkles in the waves in the ships wake. Once the ship arrived at the port, the captain's voice could be heard booming across the deck. "The Ocean Strider has arrived at the set destination! All passengers must exit the ship within one hour as we prepare for the next trip. Have a nice day!"

    The trail leading up to the Elvira Madigan Inn had been stomped out from the grass, wriggling its way up a slight incline. At the inn, Madigan was scratching away on his papers, ready to welcome the next batch of guests.
  2. The port city was an active sight during the day as many fishermen and sailors went about their business. Everyone had their own things to do. But it would be certain to say that the city's booming economy is due to the Wall Legend that brought many sorts of people to the city. Alchemist, explorers and such. Among the crowd, a Blond haired man with a tan long coat with a briefcase was seen. Each step he took had a distinct clink sound to it as his metal legs marched him to the boat with the captain calling out passage to the island.

    "All aboard to the Wall Isle! We set sail soon!" the captain called out as Saito looked at the man.

    "How long is the trip?" Saito asked the captain as he handed the man some money for the fare.

    "Til the isle we reach lad? Bout couple hours by me reckoning. That's if you don't want to wait for the other ship to return from the isle. In that case, it's still a couple of hours. But you won't be siting around like a bilge rat waiting for the blasted vessel to come now." the captain replied.

    Saito nodded as he hopped onboard. Soon enough, Saito's ship shoved off from port once enough passengers hopped on board.

    ****Couple hours later***

    The ship pulled into the docks as the captain called out the tell tale signs of reaching shore. As everyone was leaving, Saito was seen leaning over the side of the deck, recovering from the recent bout of seasickness that plagued him during the brief midday trip. Wiping the bile from his mouth, the man picked up his suitcase and staggered off the ship as the captain called out to him.

    "Are you going to be ok lad?" the captain asked.

    "I'm ok. Just never been on the ship before. That's at least one thing off of my list of what to do in life." the man replied as he sighed a bit. The wood told others of his metal limbs as the man left the docks and onto the travel worn path to the only inn on the island that was briefly laid out grass surrounding the worn trail.

    "At least the inn is near the wall." Saito muttered as he eyed the outline of the wall barely hidden in the mist.

    The wall itself was nothing special... if you considered nothing special about being attacked by said wall if you tried to climb over it and the reason for the wall attacking climber is because what could be inside it. Some said that it could hold riches. Others say a single wish. Whatever the case is, Saito wanted to find out if it was true and if it wasn't, he would destroy the wall to eliminate the 'legend'. Before the man realized it, he was already in front of the inn. Shifting his suitcase to his left hand, Saito knocked on the inn's door before entering.

    "Hello. I'm here to rent a room. Is there one available that overlooks the wall?" Saito stated as he closed the door behind him before looking at the inn keeper. He looked like a mousy sort of man that tried his hand on lumberjack and failed. But it mattered not to Saito as he walked up to the inn keeper.
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  3. The Ocean Strider had finished its calm journey and had made it to the Island of the Wall.
    The small group of people on board prepared to exit the ship and make their ways to land.
    They grabbed their bags, they readied their equipment, and made sure they had everything
    they needed. The bubbling excitement of the passengers could be sensed through their
    loud talking and bright smiles, and laughs. Everyone was ecstatic, except for one

    While everyone else was talking and getting ready, a tall, brown haired, 17 year old boy
    was snoring in his Cabin Bed. He had gotten sea sickness on the way there and he
    decided to take a nap to ignore it.

    The Captain decided that he had kept everyone waiting long enough. His voice cut through
    all of the happiness and excitement that was happening on board the Ocean Strider.
    Everyone heard what the Captain had to say. Everyone except the sleeping boy.


    The sleeping boy woke up with a start, hit his head on the ceiling (for his cabin bed was
    built into the wall like a bunk bed) and fell on the floor.

    "Huh? Wh-AHH!" he shouted as he fell to the floor.
    "Oww...." He got up and rubbed his head in pain. He heard footsteps coming from the door.
    It opened suddenly and the Captain of the ship burst through.

    "Rick Thompson!!" He roared, using all of his anger. His head had turned red and looked
    like a plump tomatoe. "I ordered the passengers to leave 10 minutes ago! You can't sleep here!
    Don't you always do things, like leaving, early!!?"

    Rick flinched at the captains yelling, but realized the importance of it a moment after.
    He immediately stood up straight and started to gather his things.

    *Another 10 minutes later*

    Rick was enjoying the breeze, he had left the ship with all his things "equipped" and it
    had been a very hot day for him. He had foolishly worn his cloak and now he was using
    all of his strength, and his Walking Staff, to stay upright. Now it had started to get windy,
    and Rick enjoyed it. He looked up and saw the reason why he had even come to this island.


    The Wall. Rick Thompson had come to the Island of the Wall to study the Wall and what it
    holds. The Wall is rumored to contain Riches, or one of the Wishes. But nobody has been
    able to cross it. Rick planned to cross the wall and see exactly had the Wall had for him.

    Now he saw that the road he was walking on came to an end. He decided to sit down and
    rest. The heat had him sweating and panting, and his condition was only getting worse.
    He looked up and saw the famed Elvira Madigan Inn. He tried to get up but found that he
    did not have the strength.

    Rick stretched out his arm in a feeble atempt to reach the inn. Then passed out from heat
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  4. Eirwen yawned loudly as the ship pulled into port. She was currently sitting Indian style near the bow of the ship, meditating. Or, attempting too rather. Aside from the fact she had never really like meditating, the heat was making her rather irritable. The only thing making it bearable was the cool sea air. She thought about returning to her room and turning the place into a freezer, but that would probably make the captain more than a little upset with her. Not that she really cared, but it would be a bit of a hassle if she got in trouble. She barely escaped her last altercation without legal repercussions. Still, some excitement of some sort would be good right about now.

    "The Ocean Strider has arrived at the set destination! All passengers must exit the ship within one hour as we prepare for the next trip. Have a nice day!"

    The boat slowed to a halt as it docked at its destination. She stood, stretching her arms and legs, making sure they weren't stiff. She had an hour to gather her things and leave. Thankfully, she hadn't bought anything with her aside from some money, so that wouldn't really be a problem. The guy getting sea-sick and throwing up over the side of the ship was another story. He was probably going to be here a bit.

    Eirwen stepped onto dry land for what felt like the first time in ages. That was her first time on a ship, and she had no idea how people did that daily. That was the most boring thing in the history of history. At least it was over with and she had finally reached her destination.

    The Wall.

    She stood, silent for a bit as she looked over the landscape and the Wall in the distance. She had to admit, it gave her a small chill looking at it. It was much more...mysterious in person than the rumors had said. Well, that was good. This trip wasn't going to be a total waste then. Maybe she could find something here that would make her less....restless, and someone to teach her more Alchemy.

    Turning, she spotted the Inn in the distance. She was going to have to walk all the way there, wasn't she? She was going to be a puddle of sweat by the time she reached the Inn. Giving a disgruntled sigh, she started towards the Inn at a leisurely pace. Might as well take in a few sights before she turned into a puddle.
  5. Belt took a big gulp of the sea air and scanned the horizon, admiring the vastness of the ocean and watching the island loom up on the ship. Some small birds frittered through the air, chirping incessantly at the sun-beaten wooden craft. Pulling a small notebook with pencil from his light traveling pack, he busied himself with some notes. Sea is great. Big. Smells like salt and fish. Looking back at it to think for a moment, he added Like ship captain before placing it back into the pack with a look of satisfaction. He still couldn't really make out the wall from here. Almost. He'd been on the way for nearly two months now, moving from carriage to caravan to legs and back the whole way. But now he was here, and he was going to see it! Enthusiasm filled his being, and he stood with a puffed chest and impatient smile as the docks welcomed the Ocean Strider. "The Ocean Strider has arrived at the set destination! All passengers must exit the ship within one hour as we prepare for the next trip. Have a nice day!"

    Before Belt can manage to dash off the ship, the captain snagged his ear. "Belt. Lad. Ye wouldn't be forgetting the the deal, now would ye?" He gestured to the rest of the crew, already hefting crates up and towards the unloading bay. They grimaced in the heat. "You help with the cargo, you pay a discounted fee." Belt eyed the boxes with dismay. There weren't many of them, but they were large, coming up to Belt's waist. But a deal's a deal. Slapping a salute to his forehead, Belt chanted, "No, sir! I didn't forget the deal! I will get the crates immediately!" The captain flinched from Belt's volume. So did several crew and passengers standing nearby. The captain caught sight of a nearby passenger, too involved in his constant vomiting to care much for the ruckus. He waved down Belt's salute, saying, "Yes, yes, lad. Hop to it, then. We've not the time," before strolling over to check up on the blonde haired man. "Aye, Aye, Captain!" Belt replied to the man's back.

    He rushed to the storage area, eager to start the work. To his disappointment most crew were pairing off two to a crate, then proceeding to slowly lug them up the hill to the inn. Nevertheless, he got to it. He made several trips back and forth with another worker, watching the wall with amazement and the passengers entering the inn with envy. After the hour has been more or less spent, only a couple boxes remain. But Belt's grown tired of the pace. He walked up to a box, and heaved it into his arms. He lifted it up and down, feeling out the weight, and nodded to himself. "Alright!" A crewman was already moving to help out when Belt plopped his crate onto the last. He tossed his pack and shovel on top of the pile. "Uh, Belt? What are you-" Belt knelt down, and strained. For about two seconds, he was immobile. Then the tower was raised. Belt's muscles were carved into his arms and back, solid as stone from the exertion and gleaming with sweat. One crate was held and rested against his abdomen, the other on his chest and face. "Woah, Gods! Put those down before you-" "Nothing to worry about!" Belt called back as he trotted off the boat. He couldn't see where he was going per se, but he knew the right direction. He was sure everyone was at the inn already, no threat of collision. Until he tripped over an unconscious dude.
  6. Esther had been swinging her feet while whistling a tune, lightly kicking them back and forth as she quickly scribbled down what had happened so far in her journey. Almost late for the boat, tripping many times, juggling her knives only to cut her hands (forcing her to wear black gloves), testing her ability to fly by jumping out of a tree and getting more boo boos, and dying in her clothes due to the heat. All in chronological order! Life was good! Life was super good! So what if she made a few-okay many-mistakes that day? She had fun! All was fabulous! She quickly wrote down the rest of her very long paragraph, shut the book, then stowed it away inside of her chocolate brown bag decorated with a drawn on happy face. Nothing like being a little creative, right?

    The light clicks of her boots sounded as she exited, her gray eyes roaming around the area ahead of her. She has always wanted to see the great wall of shiny! Ever since she left her parents' house 2 days ago! It'll be the best sight to behold until she sees the next best sight to behold! The purple haired girl gazed at the inn first, seeing it a good distance away. The young woman let out a small whine at the distance she would have to walk in order to get to the inn.

    'Why does it have to be all the way over there?!' She inwardly complained to herself, deciding that if she had to walk that much she may as well do a little exploring of the wall ahead of her. Get to know the place a little better, maybe try not to get lost. With that being decided, she set off towards her little journey. New objective; explore the place until the great beyond! Or until she was totally lost! Whichever came first! It wasn't long during her adventure before her distracted self gazed at said "wall of shiny", and two other figures somewhere on the ground. A huge guy with muscles bigger than his whole head, big ass boxes, and what looked like a dead guy. Maybe "Muscles" was doing some work and tripped on the dead guy? Or maybe... maybe... Muscles killed that guy and is going to use the boxes to hide the evidence! It all made sense now! But what should she do? Should she tell the inns people? Who are all the way over there! Or confront the guy and avenge the fallen? That was it. She knew what she had to do... She needed proof!

    "DID YOU KILL THAT GUY?" She called out towards the man, remaining a good distance away from them though not appearing afraid. Just in case that guy was a psychopath who was going to use his flexing powers and the crook of his elbow to break her head.
  7. Belt pushed himself up into a kneeling position and rubbed his forehead. Direct headbutt into a solid piece of wood. "MMmmmoow." He looked down at the guy underneath him. "Who sleeps in the middle of a path?!" He was more complaining than berating the guy, not that he could hear him. Looked dead asleep. Belt flinched. He started scouring the pile of dropped crap until he found his shovel and yanked it from under a crate. He scanned it for damage. Nothing to worry about. The shovel was about as oddly large as he was, made of strong, sturdy wood and topped with a gleaming iron spade. Belt whistled. "Best. Shovel. Ever." Suddenly, someone yelled at him. "DID YOU KILL THAT GUY?" Belt, startled, replied, "AAAAH!" He jumped, swiveled, and stared at the girl. He held his shovel diagonal across his chest, looking like a kid trying to ward off the boogeyman with his blankie. Taking a moment to stare, he realized it was just a girl. Small one, too. They're all small. Belt chuckled. He waved to the girl. "Hello, girl! How are you today?" He called back, before adopting a strange, confused expression. She asked if I killed a guy? Belt twitches. He looked back down at the guy. I killed a guy?! His head bolted back to the girl. "I KILLED THIS GUY!?" He sounded as if he were pleading for help. He immediately knelt down and started shaking the unconscious man. "Hey! Are you dead? Get up!" After his shaking produces nothing more than lolling the guy's head around, Belt stops. He puts his head against the man's chest. Thank the gods. Heart beat. He dropped the man back onto the ground and turned back to the girl, composure regained. "Don't worry! He's just asleep!" Belt smiled, nodded, and sent a big thumbs up the girl's way. He went about starting to gather the boxes and check for damage.
  8. Unconsciousness. On a sweltering hot day, it's the best thing in the world.
    Rick Thompson was snoring yet again. But the lumpiness of the ground was slowly
    awakening him. His left eye slowly opened. He gasped for air.

    "Huh!? Wh-wha happen?" His dehydration made it hard for him to speak properly.
    He began to get up.

    All of a sudden, Rick felt his stomach lurch with pain. Then he felt a weight on his back.
    "Some idiot has tripped over me!" Rick thought has he, yet again, lost consciousness.


    In his muddled sleep he picked up a few things;

    More Yelling.

    All of this was pulling him back to reality.

    His eyes popped open. He calmly stood up and reached into his pack for his water
    canteen. He loudly gulped half of its contents. He put the canteen away and faced
    the huge man gathering his things.

    "I take it you are the one who tripped over me!" He exclaimed loudly. His expression
    showing that he was extremely maddened. He looked as if he were about to explode.

    But then his mood changed wildly.

    "If you were to give me a thorough apology and exclamation as to why you have tripped
    over me, then I will forgive you." His expression was calm and collected. He was no longer
    mad. It was like he had switched faces with someone.

    He stood there, waiting for a response from the huge man.
  9. Esther blinked a few times at Muscles after he yelled, her blade drawn due to the startle of his scream. He looked like a little baby with that shovel. Like a big, tan, muscular baby. He was the nicest murderer she had seen. Well, he was the only murderer she had ever seen. Were all psychopaths nice? Was that how they lured in their victims? Of course it was! No one was going to approach a big old meanie! She had never seen such a person manhandle another. The way the dead guy's head was lolling around, how could he not be dead? It'd be an absolute miracle if the guy were to just suddenly wake up! She gave a look of suspiciousness- not 'suspicion', 'suspiciousness'!- at Muscles. Could he be lyi-

    Oh wait, that guy wasn't dead! But was he okay? She knew that some people needed a smack to the face to get up but golly, to be manhandled by Muscles would be enough to wake anybody, right? Besides that, why would anyone decide to just take a nap on the middle of there when there was a nice inn all the way over there? Maybe he was naturally different, just like her and, by the looks of it, Muscles? Yes, they weren't strange, they were naturally different! Gray eyes gazed at the jet black haired man as he was yelling at Muscles. Sheesh, she could hear him from there as she sheathed her blade once more. Then that angry man settled down like someone pushed a button on him. Maybe he was naturally different mentally? That must be it. Maybe she should stay there for a little bit. Since it was hot, maybe Sleepy over there fell unconscious? She would have to see if there was anything more 'abnormal' about Sleepy. She could warn the inns people if there was.
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  10. "I take it you are the one who tripped over me!" Belt glanced over from where he was patting his box stack. A big dumb grin spread across his face. "Y-"

    "If you were to give me a thorough apology and exclamation as to why you have tripped over me, then I will forgive you." Belt's grin faltered for a second, then came back. He calmly walked over to where his pack was on the ground, checked the contents, and threw it on the pile. Propping his hefty shovel on his left shoulder, he strolled over to the man. The sun beat down on them both from overhead, making them both glisten. The man looked a bit red in the face, he must be hot. Of course, he chose to wear such burdening clothing. Belt met the man's calm eyes with his own, and boomed, "Way I see it: it was just as much my fault as your's, friend! I wasn't watching the path ahead, and you were sleeping on it." He extended his free right hand towards the man. "But, hey. No harm done; no problem!"

    His gaze flickered over the man's shoulder to the girl standing some distance away. She wasn't doing anything. Just watching them. Does she want something? Why's she so far away? He nodded at her and looked back to the man, awaiting his handshake.
  11. Rick's eyes opened wide. He cocked his head to the right a little and gazed at the man
    with the shovel questioningly. He had heard the man's remark and had thought many
    things about it.

    Rick straightened himself and let out a loud, awkward laugh.

    "Hahahahaha! I like you, kind sir! What say we be friends?" he firmly held out his hand,
    and shook the other man's, already outstretched one. His face was beaming with happiness.


    In the back of his mind, Rick was thinking.

    "That girl over there.. If only she would join us.."
  12. Belt clasped hands with his new buddy and returned the beam gladly. "Of course! The more the merrier! I bet you're here to see the Wall too, yeah?" He finished shaking hands and went back to his tower. After another moment of muscle flexing, Belt waddled back over to his friend carrying the crates, his accessories balanced precariously on top. "I'm Belt! It's great to meet you!" He jerked his head towards the inn and started walking, assuming his friend would walk n' talk. As he did, he turned to address the curious girl. "Goodbye, girl! Have a nice day!" He almost waved, but a sudden imbalance in his tower stopped that short. He wasn't entirely aware of it, but he was closing in on the building rather quickly.
  13. She took the slightest of head nods as a sign that Sleepy was fine. That was good! No one was going to die today! Except, you know.. Someone on the rest of the planet, but that's besides the point! Esther smiled at the other man and gave a single nod in return to him. Muscles and Sleepy should be fine, but why was Sleepy sleeping in the middle of the outside though? That was odd. Was the hot ground extremely comfortable once you get past the feeling of fire on your face and the urge to pee? She'd have to ask within the inn. Nothing worse than being an awkward panda and walking up to them with nothing to say after all!

    'Hmm, no need to approach Sleepy or Muscles. If they're here, they're sure to go in the inn, right? Bajillion degree weather is starting to get to me..'

    With that being decided, she spun on her heel and decided to head towards the inn that was all the way over there! Esther resumed whistling the tune she had whistling before she got off the docks. She would have to do something on the way there, to distract herself. As she pulled out her fan knife from within her robe, she heard herself being addressed. Esther looked over her shoulder and waved at Muscles. "Bye Muscles! Don't hurt yourself!" Her grey eyes looked over to Sleepy. "Are you going to the inn too Sleepy or do you plan to take another nap out here?" She asked, pausing in her walk to see if he would go or not.
  14. Madigan looked up from his papers and smiled at the new guest. "Ah, welcome to the Elvira Madigan inn! I am Madigan, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay." He said with a warm smile. "Now, about that request..." He started skimming through the parchments on his desk, pulling one out from a small pile. "That would be a room for one on the north side, am I correct? Yes, there are a couple of those vacant, so we'll make sure to suit your needs. Now, one night costs seven gold and that comes with dinner and breakfast, served in the dining hall to your left from 6pm to 8pm and 7am to 10am respectively. Room-service, lunch and bar are paid for separately, just ask me if you need anything." He stood up from his seat, revealing his extremely tall figure, walking over to a cabinet on the wall behind him. He opened it and pulled out a key with a tag that said "131". Walking back to Saito, he put the keys down on the counter, handing him a quill and ink. "Now, if you'd just sign your name in that guest book over there you're good to go. Your rooms on the first floor just down the hallway to your right, you can't miss it, and payments are handled whenever you feel like leaving the island."

    Madigan was used to speaking formally after sitting at that desk for several years, but something appoaching them at high speed outside the window caught him off guard. "What the hell is that man doing!?" He shouted, quite startled by the large chunk of muscles about to crass through the front doors.
  15. Well, it had been quite the walk, to say the least. She hadn't turned into a puddle yet, which was good, though she felt like even her Ice Alchemy wouldn't even make things cooler now. Why couldn't it be winter all year around? Or at least fall. Fall was bearable. Gah, even thinking in this heat was difficult. She hoped the Inn would be magically cooled or something. If it wasn't, they were getting free cooling whether they liked it or not. Hey, maybe they could even pay her for it...She could use the money after all. It was something to think about anyways.

    With a sigh she stopped walking, and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She could take a bit of a breather, she had plenty of time to get there. Well, at least, she thought she could. Hearing a commotion behind her in the direction of the beach, she turned her head to look in the general direction. She barely had time to register what she saw. A large man running down the path to the Inn at an alarming rate, and he didn't seem like he would be stopping anytime soon. She barely had time to dive out of the way to avoid being trampled as he sped past her.

    "Hey! Watch where you're going moron!" She shouted, after the man as she picked herself up.
  16. Belt put his heels at full stop when yet another person called out to him. It took a couple seconds, but he managed to reign in his momentum after some stumbling around to keep the boxes held. Breathing out deeply, he took the moment looking around to rest himself. He hoped he hadn't run into someone again. He found the girl as she lifted herself up off the ground, glaring at him rather openly. She must have gotten out of the way. Good. "Will do, little girl! Nice dodge!" He was breathing heavily, but not panting. He was obviously enjoying the physical test. Hadn't had this much of a workout since that time the carriage took off with his shovel. His bandanna was soaked with sweat. "Shouldn't you be at the inn? Everyone's so slow around here!" He laughed loudly and went to continue on his way. He took two steps, enough to gain his gait back, and his cargo collided with something solid. It stopped, which in turn stopped him as his face met the wood. That was either a rock, the inn, or another person. A strong one, this time. He groaned. He hit dead on the bruised forehead. Rotating to get a look, he saw it. The inn. Finally. "Oh." He addressed the angry girl. "You were at the inn the whole time." He spoke as if he were revealing her most hidden secret. He laughed again. "You got me, little one." He looked in the distance, past the girl. There was his friend. And the other girl. Guess they had a bit of trouble keeping up. Oops. He dropped his crates off with others, just near the entrance.

    He swung the front door open and gestured. "Ladies first."
  17. "Ah, welcome to the Elvira Madigan inn! I am Madigan, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay. Now, about that request... That would be a room for one on the north side, am I correct? Yes, there are a couple of those vacant, so we'll make sure to suit your needs. Now, one night costs seven gold and that comes with dinner and breakfast, served in the dining hall to your left from 6pm to 8pm and 7am to 10am respectively. Room-service, lunch and bar are paid for separately, just ask me if you need anything. Now, if you'd just sign your name in that guest book over there you're good to go. Your rooms on the first floor just down the hallway to your right, you can't miss it, and payments are handled whenever you feel like leaving the island."

    Saito nodded as he took the quill offered by Madigan and wrote his name down and memorized his room location in the inn.

    "Room 131. Got it." Saito replied back as he started to search for his stash of gold when he heard Madigan yelling at someone.

    "What the hell is that man doing!?"

    Saito turned and looked through the window to see what could be said as a human boulder rushing to the door before stopping and opening it.

    "At least he's a gentlemen. Saito muttered as he looked to Madigan.

    "Do you have a library with any materials relating to the wall?" Saito asked as he walked up to the door and held it open for the muscled man.

    "I got the door if you want to come in." Saito stated.
  18. Rick waved goodbye, smiling, as Belt ran off.

    "I don't know how he holds those crates and run at the same time bu-Ack!!"
    He started to say, but was interupted by a girl's voice.

    He turned around to see the girl who had been watching him and Belt and their situation.
    She had asked him if he wanted to walk with her? No way!

    He realized he had been keeping her waiting. He started scratching the back of his head
    and his faced blushed a little.

    "Oh.. Um.. Yeah.. I'm headed to the Inn, you want to walk with me?" He asked the girl.
    "Oh, by the way, my name is Rick. Rick Thompson." He awkwardly stuck out his hand,
    motioning for her to shake it.
  19. Was this guy an awkward panda? Oh yeah, he was. She waited for the other guy to approach her, Sleepy introducing himself as Rick Thompson. Rick Thompson sounded like a smart guy's name, so that must mean the guy was a smarty pants! No one couldn't be a smarty pants with a name like that!

    "It's nice to meet you, Sleepy! I'm Esther." She placed the butterfly knife in her other hand so she could shake Rick's. The purple haired girl shook his hand as she smiled brightly. "Wanna tell me why you were sleeping in the middle of here Sleepy?" She asked him as she began walking forward, keeping a pace so they would both be comfortable with.
  20. Rick began to walk with Esther to the inn.
    As they walked, he told her about everything that had happened to him ever since he got off the Ocean Strider.
    All his nervousness had seemed to fade away.

    By the time that Rick and Esther had gotten to the inn, Esther knew everything that had happened.
    How Rick wore to many clothes and passed out from a heat stroke. Then got tripped over by
    some huge guy carrying boxes.

    Rick looked up and saw the inn doors in front of him. He turned to Esther, motioning for
    her to go in.

    "Do you wanna go in first? Or..." he said, looking a little blushed again.
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