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    "The world we know is gone. But keeping our humanity? That's a choice."

    It had taken almost a year for the virus to spread and kill, leaving many people alone, lost and scared. But just after six months of cleaning, clearing and defending a prison, it was now considered a home to many. A group of 15 or so people lived there, each with their own cell and a sufficient way of life. Some had been there from the beginning, others had only joined the group in the later months. Nevertheless, they bonded over the one purpose; survival. The bonds were getting stronger, the large group of strangers were now considered almost family. And at times like this, family was what most of them needed.

    Having the responsibility of the lives of 14 others, Rick had his work cut out. A natural leader, but he couldn't do it alone. About half of their people had gone on a run for more supplies, Rick gave Glenn and Daryl the idea to check vehicles, they were going to need more when their local suppliers would run out. If Rick had learnt anything in hindsight, it was to plan ahead.

    Rick had asked Shane to help him with gardening. Hershel was once a farmer and gave the greatest wisdom Rick could ask for, but the work needed muscle. And whenever there was muscle needed, Rick counted on Shane. He had also asked Jason, somebody who he didn't know as well as Shane, but Jason showed skill and strength, something you needed to be a farmer. Some may argue that farming wasn't the way to go, but what else could they do? If they wanted to get as close to civilization as they could, cross-country runs for food could prove difficult. Rick wiped his brow, sweating from the sun of the afternoon. He shoveled quickly, desperate to get this part of the grass somewhere to grow potatoes.


    "Why'd everything have'ta have an elderly date?" Daryl grunted as he pushed away the bottles, knowing there was no use for them. He looked around the gas station, about three miles from the prison. They had one car and Daryl had his bike. Due to the lack of car space, he had to offer out the back of the seat for somebody to cling onto him as he motored down the road. That person happened to be Glenn on the way there, but Daryl said anybody was welcome to switch. Not that he particularly enjoyed another persons crotch pressed against his ass, but it was needed.

    He adjusted the crossbow over his shoulder again, searching through the bottom of the shelf, looking beneath it. Not an attractive look, but he thought he spotted something. "Booyah - Smokes." Daryl stuck out his tongue, concentrating as he pulled out the half empty packet of cigarettes. "Shy- ain't this your gift?" Daryl said loudly, turning to see if he could spot the young smoker. He didn't know him particularly well yet, but their secretive pasts and shared love for filling their lungs with smoke gave them something to bond over. Daryl put the box in his back pocket as he began looking for something else useful. "Also - Who's hitchin' my ride on the way back?" He asked loudly again, trying to project his voice to everybody.

    Even with the immense stress, Riv would never touch a cigarette. Her whole life was dedicated to keeping her body in the peak of it's being, there was no way she'd let her lungs get cancered by the drug. "Keep it down." She frowned at Daryl before turning back around to the shelf she was rummaging through. She still had on her old marines jacket, not wanting to take it off. It was a memory for her to keep. She concentrated, reaching up for some cans at the back of the highest shelf. "Hey - Someone tall, lil' help?" She sighed, going back to standing at her normal height.

    Rivka remembered meeting these people. She had been with them for almost four months now, if she was counting correctly. Before these, Riv was still with four marines in their base. All was good, she had food, weapons, friends, until Thomas got sick. So sick that he died in the night, coming back to kill the other two men. Riv almost felt like she would of died if she wasn't on lookout that night. She barely escaped with her life. She managed to grab the weapons next to her and ran off, not even trying to put the men out of their walker state. She tried not to be bothered by it. Hell, she had lost everybody she loved prior to the virus, she had been through it before. When she escaped, she was lucky enough to bump into two women, Carol and Michonne. Ever since then, Riv silently thanked God for Carol and Michonne.

    "Hello?" She called out in a sarcastic tone, pointing up to the tins she couldn't reach to anybody who would look at her.


    Prison Group:

    Run Group:
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    Open, close, open, close, open--

    Carl's hands wrapped around the cool metal railing of the watchtower, watched as his knuckles went white when they flexed. He had taken pride in the fact that his father had trusted him, and deemed him mature enough, to handle watch duty on his own. There were always the sunburns to contend with, and the faint headache that accompanied the rotten smell of the corpses beyond the perimeter fences. But other than those minor problems, Carl was at ease up high, watching over the prison like a miniature guardian.

    From here, he could see Shane and his father get to work with farming, and the gatekeepers patrolling the fences around their station. Things had settled into a nice rhythm since they'd arrived here. Carl was smart enough to know that it couldn't last forever, but any time of peace regardless of how long it lasted was some respite from the monsters outside.

    Carl pressed his sunburned cheek to the metal, and let himself relax in the shade.​
  3. Shiloh "Shy"

    Shiloh was on his hands and knees behind the counter of the gas station. He had a hunch he couldn’t quite explain. There was something back here. Something. He tugged out a drawer just as Daryl called him. He peeked over the counter, rather comical for such a tall man and offered the other male a quick smirk. “Nice.” He mentioned in reference to the cigarettes. “But you’re no Shiloh Vesper.” He produced an entire carton from the drawer and waved it at the other man. He shoved them in his battered backpack and continued digging. “And I’ll be your bike buddy. Never hear me complain about that.” Maybe he was joking, maybe he wasn't. His tone never wavered. He lit one of the cancer sticks he had stashed in his jacket pocket and kept poking around.

    He heard Rivka in her typical scolding tone, but he pretended he didn’t, instead continuing to rummage. He kicked in a locked cabinet and emptied the contents onto the ground. There was an entire box of condoms, a pack of cigars and two bottles of painkillers. Score for everyone. “Found some medicine.” He announced before pocketing those too. He’d pass out the protection to the adult ladies of the group later on, they were more likely to ensure they went to use. As for the cigars, he figured Rick and Shane both deserved one, and whatever was left was going straight to him and Daryl.

    He pushed off the dusty floor and eyed Rivka. Surely one of the other guys would help her out. She was way too intimidating for him. She was beautiful, and tough as nails and from what he could tell, mean as hell. Same with Michonne and Carol, he could never get himself to talk around them either.



    Splat. Carol twisted the knife until it came loose from the walker's eye, watching boredly as it fell dead. She wasn't sure how they'd missed this closet during the numerous clean ups in the prison, but it wasn't a big deal and she saw no reason not to just take care of it herself. No one had much use to go out to the old sports equipment shed, so she supposed it really wasn't a surprise after all. She drug the body out first, then returned to the shed to get what she came out here for to begin with, a sprinkler stake. She flipped it in her hands. The sharp end went in the ground, the other side connected to a garden hose. She'd gotten the idea to look a few days ago and had just had the time.

    She drug the walker's corpse out onto the concrete and made quick work of it, waving up at Carl to let him know it was fine if he saw the smoke. She took a moment to grab a quick drink from their water barrels, then headed down to the up and coming garden. She smiled casually at Rick and Shane and Asher. This was nothing like their first camp where she and the other women spent most of their time knee deep in laundry while Ed looked on. No, this was a real society. She carefully navigated the fresh rows of seedlings until she came up between Shane and Rick. "Found this." She offered it over. "Don't know how useful it will be, but might save you some time with some of these. I think there's a timer on it." She wiped her face with the end of her tshirt. It was only getting hotter it seemed.

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  4. Glenn

    Outside, searching through the piles of rubbish littering the walls of the building, Glenn was alone in thought. He had decided to split up from everyone else when they reached the rundown shop, and had said he would search around it for anything useful, like jerry cans hidden in the overgrown grass or maybe a tool here or there, that with a bit of maintenance could be used back at camp. The ride out had been awkward, sitting pressed up against Daryl. He had no interest in the man, but he knew there were times when a boner would appear out of no where. Luckily, that wasnt one of those times. After a few minutes, he had made his way around the shop and back to the car, finding nothing useful but a small wrench and a few worn shirts. He stood next to the car door, ensuring a place in the car, and not behind Daryl again. He considered going back inside, but figured that they would be finishing up soon anyway, so he pulled out pulled out his machete from his small makeshift sheathe and span it around in his hand aimlessly.

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  5. Hershel


    Hershel was hopping along the prison hallways with his crutches as he made his way towards the door. The loss of his leg had been quite the shock at the time but he'd rather lose a leg than his life. It took a while to get used to it and he'd never get his full mobility back but that was just something he'd have to deal with. That didn't make maneuvering himself out of the door any easier though. Once he was outside in the sun, the older man took few more steps as his gaze wandered around his surroundings. It was quite the nice day, the weather was great, perhaps a bit too hot but he wasn't complaining, no hordes of walkers were trying to tear down their fences and he could see their little crops were busy being taken care of.

    However, Hershel made no move to go and give a hand to his makeshift family, their little garden was starting to get crowded with Carol wandering there as well and he had taught Rick well. If they needed his help, they'd ask. A small smile formed on Hershel's face as he enjoyed the warm sunlight on his skin and watched his friends work. They had survived this long, their family had grown and for the time being, luck was on their side. For a moment, Hershel let himself hope that the worst was behind, that they could live again instead of surviving. That hope was foolish, he knew it, but he allowed himself to be fooled this time.



    The gas station was a wreck and Raider doubted they'd find anything of real value from there. The place had been already raided of most valuables by the looks of it and what was left was worthless. However, spending few minutes looking around the place couldn't hurt and perhaps a miracle happened and someone actually found something. Something else than cigarettes, that is. Raider barely gave a glance toward Daryl and Shiloh as they boasted about their great discoveries. One might have thought people's priorities wouldn't be in ruining their lungs as the dead tried to eat them but hey, everyone needs a hobby.

    Raider's attention was averted from the two males as Rivka's voice reached his ears. After a little looking around, he could spot her over a shelf and by the looks of it, she was quite interested in the cans at the top shelf that he could just barely see. Raider was just barely taller than Rivka and with just one look, he could tell he wouldn't be able to reach the cans either. However, that problem could be solved. Letting his eyes scan the gas station, Raider eventually spotted what he was looking for, a stool. It was quite the low one and it didn't look too stable either but it would give him the extra height to reach the cans. He lazily grabbed the piece of furniture with one hand, walked over to Rivka and more or less dropped the stool on the ground without a single word before climbing on it. The wooden stool gave a creak of protest as weight was put on it but Raider was quite sure it would support his weight long enough.

    Just as he had predicted, the stool provided him with just enough extra height to reach the cans and he began handing them down to Rivka one by one. He didn't really bother checking what was in them, he figured it was better to just get them down and decide whether they were of any value after that.

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  6. Shane Walsh - Prison Farming

    Shane had approached the prison group approximately two weeks before. Things had been as awkward as could be expected for quite a while but it had passed soon enough for the most part. The three questions were hard, but Rick had always been both understanding and forgiving, especially when it came to those he loved. He possessed pretty much every good trait Shane himself lacked. Such thoughts filled him with shame. Rick was a great man. This was a great group. A family. After spending so much time mostly alone on the road Shane finally appreciated how precious this here thing was.

    That's not to say everything was perfect, both in and out of his head. He was a little conflicted about the way they lived. It had become easy going. Like they never really expected to be in mortal danger again... He was doing his best though. Doing his best to take things slow. To appreciate the here and now. That was mostly why he was farming instead of out there searching for supplies. For one he wanted to show Rick and those who remembered him from before that he could be something other than impulsive and angry. Secondly, he simply didn't want to go out. He realised this. It was dead out there. It made him feel dead. Here, he felt something. He couldn't identify whatever the ember of a feeling was, but it was there, and that was most important.

    Shane was digging alongside Rick. It felt great to be doing something that didn't require any hard choices or feelings but was still relatively productive. The good without the bad more or less. It was great. Soon enough Carol came on over, offering some kind of sprinkler type thing.

    Thanks Carol. I don't have the slightest clue how to go about putting that thing to work, but I'm sure the pro here has some inkling... Right, Rick?” Shane smirked, burying his shovel into the earth once more.

  7. [​IMG]

    The platform was heating up in the afternoon sun. He could feel it in the concrete through the soles of his boots from where he stood, lifting one foot after the other to avoid burning himself. Suddenly, the grass below where the others worked seemed to be a much nicer place to be if he were going to be standing in one spot for an hour. He took comfort in the reminder that his shift would be over soon, anyway, then he'd go help the gatekeepers with the walkers by the fence.

    He leaned over the railing to catch the sun's position, and determined that it was high time he got down from here and let someone else take his place.

    Carl holstered his pistol and guided himself down the tower via the stairs within, then made his way towards the open field of grass. Had he been younger, more naive and innocent, it would have been the perfect place to play a game. But he had responsibilities now, and Carl had adapted to the change readily. He approached Shane and his father slowly, and idly wondered if he'd be allowed on the next run.

  8. Michonne
    Michonne had been very separate from rick and the group when she first got to the prison, with Andrea. She hadn't been close with anyone ever since she lost Andre, she missed her baby boy so much and wished that he was with her, but a part of her was happy that he wouldn't have to grow up in this kind of life, which is why she felt very bad for Carl. But a few months later, she began contributing and everyday gaining trust from each and everyone of them, well everyone except Quinn. But now she had gained their trust, being close with lots of survivors at the prison, even though some are annoying to her, but most she got along with from time to time.

    Michonne didn't get on the bike with Daryl, but rather was most of the time in the passenger seat or in the drivers seat. She noticed about half the group wanted to go on their bike, which she didn't judge but she did know why they wanted too. When the group got to the gas station, everyone else went to scavenge for items they could use like food, water, gas and medicine while Michonne held her katana tight and watched the station for any walkers coming their way. As she sliced and stabbed all the individual walkers that came by, it was really hot outside, Michonne wiped the sweat of her forehead with her head at the beaming sun hitting it. She then walked over to Daryl to tell him about the heat. "We should head out in a bit, it's becoming really hot out here" Michonne said as she breathed heavy from the extremely hot weather.

    Quinn had woken up from his bed in his cell just an hour ago, he had known the time because he still had his lovers watch that he kept in his cargo pants everyday. Everyone at the prison feels he is just a drunk that does nothing everyday, well they are right about the first part. He is a drunk, everyone judges him and knows he is a drunk, but he doesn't care, it helps him make it through this cruel world. But most of the time he would sneak out the gate and stay close to the prison but go fixing up cars and if they weren't drivable, then he would drain all the gas that is still left. But most of the time he would sit around in his cell drinking a bottle of Vodka, with his eyes staring at his wives watch.

    But Quinn decided to pitch in today, it was a good day as any to do the right thing and stop being a lazy ass. As Quinn walked out he pushed his hands in the cargo pockets, breathing in the fresh air of the outdoors, it felt good breathing in anything but the rotten blood hiding inside the infested halls of the prison. He tried to ignore everyone else and head over to the far side of the prison wall where he had been working on a military truck ever since, Quinn had been working on it ever since he found it about three months ago, but hasn't found out why it still won't work, he checked the engine from top to bottom and is definitely not anything from the engine...But maybe underneath.

  9. Breanne Grace Scott
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    Blood splattered all over the place, causing Breanne to cringe back. She pulled her machete from the walkers head, watching as it's lifeless body fell to the ground. It was a women, with long blonde hair. Brea thought she might have even been pretty one. But now, she was just a bloody and pale mess on the ground.

    The teenage girl couldn't help but look over at the road every few seconds. It always made her incredibly nervous whenever Clary went out on runs with the others. Brea usually liked to stay inside the safe metal fencing of the prison, patrolling around and keeping the hoards to a minimum.

    Maybe I'll go with them next time, she thought, even though she knew she really wouldn't. Honestly, she wanted to stay in the prison for as long as possible. Despite her age, Brea was not a naive girl, so she knew that they wouldn't be able to stay there forever. So she wanted to enjoy whole she still could.

    After wiping the blood from her machete onto the grass Brea continued on her way around the perimeter. Usually, this is what Brea did until Rick told her what he needed her to do. She had come to learn that he was the one who ran things around here, so he was really the only person other than Clarissa that she listened to.

    Clarissa Riley Scott
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    Raiding the gas station almost seemed pointless to Clarissa. It wasn't like they hadn't checked the place out at least twice before, and she was sure that other groups had been in here too. The gas from outside had already been loaded up and taken before, and most of the canned foods were either expired or taken. Somehow, they always managed to find something useful when they came here. But, she knew this would probably be the last time.

    Her brown eyes flickered across the store as the others interacted with each other. Daryl and Shiloh shared short banter, while Rivka demanded help from someone else. No surprise there, just like it wasn't a surprise that Raider was the one who came to her aid. Glenn was nowhere to be seen, so she assumed that he was waiting at the car. And before long Michonne came in to tell Daryl they should all be leaving soon.

    Clary hadn't really gathered much in the time that they were there, but she had found a bottle of Ibuprofen that had rolled underneath the checkout desk, as well as a small box of tampons. While walking down one of the isles, something caught her eye on top of on of the racks. She bit her lip, looking around for something to step on to reach it. Unlike Rivka, Clary wasn't the kind of person to ask for help over such a small thing. Nothing, she thought to herself. Heaving a sigh, she gripped the edges of the shelves, and then carefully heaved herself onto the metal structure. Once high enough, Clarissa reached up and grabbed the item that had caught her eye.

    Alas, it was just a small childrens coloring book. "Useless," she muttered to herself, tossing it on the floor. Rolling her eyes, and wiping her bangs from her face, the female made her way towards the exit. There wasn't anything left at the gas station, and she agreed that they should just leave.

  10. Rick worked hard, trying to get the soil away so he could plant more seeds. The fact two other men were helping was good, he looked up to Shane for a moment. He smiled, it was a wonder he had even gotten him to stay behind and help out farming. As Carol walked over, Rick got a glimpse of the instrument, Shane looked at him and Rick shrugged, "You're gonna have'ta go to Hershel to know if it's any use, he's the farmer." Rick nodded at Carol as he looked to Hershel. It was nice to see his friend relaxing, but he knew more about farming then he did. Past Hershel, he could just about spot the young girl eyeing the road. He felt bad for parting the sisters, but it just happened sometimes. "Hey, son." Rick said, smiling as his boy walked over. Carl wasn't much of a boy anymore. Rick wasn't naive enough to believe he could protect him from the dangers of the world anymore, Carl had proven to him that he could handle himself. It didn't dilute his protective instinct though.

    Rick went to speak to Carl when he spotted a figure he didn't see often outside of the building. "Carl - Could you take my spot diggin' with Shane and Jason? I'll be right back." Rick placed down the shovel and carefully made his way onto the path. Quinn was sort of a mystery to Rick. Always quiet and somewhat suspicious, Quinn kept himself to himself, but had proven himself as useful. Rick made his way slowly over to the man, "Hey." He said once he reached Quinn, "I asked Daryl and Glenn to watch out for some more vehicles - I know you ain't no one for the outside of your cell." Rick joked, trying to be lighthearted, "But I need to know if you'd be willing to go out on the next run, if they find one?"


    "Aw - No way." Daryl let out a chuckle, how did he do it? Daryl pocketed the cigarettes and decided that there was probably nothing else for him to get. Rivka asked for help, but Raider seemed to get there before Daryl could. Which was probably more useful, since Raider was taller than Daryl, "Aight - Go tell Glenn the good news." Daryl chuckled as Shy agreed to get on his bike.

    Michonne pointed out they should leave, and Daryl agreed. He himself was sweating and he was pretty sure that they had sucked the station dry of its resources. He looked over to see what Clarrisa was up to. "Hey - This one has pictures." Daryl laughed to himself, picking up the colouring book. He flicked through it and smiled, what an innocent thing. "Let's get outta here." He tilted his head, motioning to her for her to jump down and leave.

    Once he placed the book down, Daryl made his way into the red hot weather. He spotted Glenn practically humping the car, "Hey - Don't worry, you ain't havin' to straddle me all the way home." He said to Glenn as he pointed at Shiloh, who had taken his place on the back of his bike, "Did'ya spot anythin' on the way here besides that van?" Daryl asked Glenn as he wiped his sweaty brow. Rick had asked them to try and find some more cars to get them further out. On the way, he saw a white van that was hurled off the road, he wasn't sure if it could even be useful now.


    Before anybody came to help her, Rivka had another attempt at grabbing the cans. She cringed as she attempted stretching up again, right on her tiptoes. Defeated, she huffed and stood down, realizing she couldn't reach. Raider came over with a stool and began handing down the tins. She took them, quickly scanning them for dates. Good, not good, good, good, ew, not good. She put any that were of use into her backpack, making it heavier than it already was. Once all were done, she heard Michonne complain about the heat. Well, she was right. "Thanks Raider." His name was what Riv was most fascinated by, it was so odd. But then again, Rivka wasn't exactly the 'all American.' She gave him a hearty pat on the back. Maybe a little too rough, but it was friendly. She smiled at him before walking out into the heat.

    "I don't mind driving." Rivka shrugged, looking around for Michonne, somebody she trusted a lot, "If you want." She smiled.

  11. The prison had a gym! An honest to goodness, not actually all that bad gym! The boxing bags were a little ratty and the bench had almost definitely seen better days but it was a real gym with real equipment inside it nevertheless. Prison wasn't so bad after all. Jason ran around the place feeling giddy, completely unsure of what to do first. He settled on the boxing bag, he had some farming work to help with today so he didn't want to burn out his muscles. He never really knew when they would become vital to his survival after all. Dusting off the gloves he slipped them on and went to work, remembering what he could from what he had been told by coaches and the like. Whatever he did or didn't get out of it fitness wise didn't matter much in the end, he had a lot of fun and for ten or so minutes almost completely forgot his circumstances. It was nice. He had obligations to keep though. Quickly wiping himself off he made his way out into the front of the prison, soon getting to the place in which he had to farm.

    “Hey dudes, why on this wretched Earth did no one tell me we had a gym? Never mind, I be ready to... The hell am I supposed to be ready to do?” Jason smiled, cracking his fingers and grabbing a shovel.
  12. [​IMG]
    "Hey dad," he greeted and tilted his head so that the wide brim of his hat rose just enough for his face to be visible. He'd grown into it by now, but it still hung over his eyes on occasion and felt heavy whenever he thought about it. He didn't mind it, however, because the weight of a hat on your head was nothing compared to the weight of responsibility in a new and unfamiliar world. Carl took the shovel from his father without complaint and began digging alongside Shane where the soil was softest. It was repetitive work, but relaxing nonetheless and Carl had settled into a routine with the rusty shovel in no time.

    Carl addressed Jason without looking up from his work, his tone unmistakable annoyed. "You're digging," he said plainly, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. They didn't break out the shovels for nothing, and even if Carl wasn't entirely sure what so much digging would do to help farming, but he didn't care-- his father asked him to do it, and Carl had gladly obliged. He certainly wasn't the expert around here. "You should start there." Carl pointed to a rougher patch of dirt behind him, then went back to focusing on his own spot.

    It felt good to be giving out orders, not really caring if the orders were even followed. Most of the extended group took it as a suggestion anyway, as if suspecting that he knew exactly what he was doing. Nonetheless, Carl felt at peace with the physical labor, and continued undisturbed.

  13. As Quin was looking under the truck to see if the wires were ripped he heard a familiar voice, which was the man who let him in. Quin then stood up and dusted his cargo pants off, then looked at the man. "Hey Rick, what's up?" Quin said as he had a confused but a smile on his face, no one really did interact with him so it did get really surprise him. Quin moved his head a bit to the left to agree with the leader that he wasn't the type of guy that came out of his cell, and he knew that. "Hm, yeah I'm in their quite a lot aren't i" Quin stretched as he scratched the back of his head, his ears perked up with real surprise when Rick asked him to go out for a supply run if they found a vehicle. "Yeah definitely, i am here to contribute" He smiled as he wiped the grease off his hands onto his cargo pants.

    Before Rick left he touched his shoulder to turn him around, he needed to tell the man that he didn't like what he was at this point. "I know i am always in the cell, but i know that people younger then me are going out their to risk their lives, so i can do whatever you need me to do, I'm here to help" He said to Rick telling him that he really didn't wanna be lazy and stay in his cell everyday, well being a coward. After he spoke with him he went back to the vehicle, looking around the truck one last time to see what is wrong with it, but after inspecting it one last time, he knew that it wasn't out in the open. So Quin went to his hands and knees then crawled under the truck, but when Quin did he stopped in shock to see a walker hanging from the truck, it must of been underneath stuck under the truck for a few months, so Quin took out his knife off his belt and stabbed the walkers head. He then pulled the dead corpse out of the undercarriage and dragged it to the work bench


    Michonne nodded at Daryl's response, if they would stay out here for another 20 minutes they could probably get heat stroke. She then walked back near the car as she waited for the group. She's been here for quite a while and she already found who she finds as Allies and people she found suspicious. Raider and Jason she didn't really get to know well, she found Raider very mysterious. While with Shiloh She doesn't interact with as much, but finds him kind of strange. When Michonne and Carol first found Rivka, they weren't sure about her, well they aren't sure about anyone when she first meets people, but she proved to be a valuable asset to the group, and also a good friend. Clarissa and Brea Were also good assets, she didn't really talk to Clarissa that much but found Brea a little too honest. Then there was Quin, even though she doesn't talk to him, she doesn't like him because of how lazy he is, and thinks he should be more hardworking and stop being a lazy ass. Then with all of the original group who she met...She was just so thankful there was still good people in this world.

    A walker started to approach Michonne from behind, she heard a crack of a stick behind her, causing her to check back to reality. Michonne used her instinct to turn around, at the walker coming right at her. Michonne drew her sword then slashing it's skull through his deformed face. Michonne then pulled out the sword. Michonne breathed heavy, as she was tired, she was out of her game and she didn't know why she has been weak these couple of days, well maybe she should start farming...Haha that would be the day. Michonne thought to herself. She then heard Rivka ask if it was alright if she drove. "Yeah sure, I'm too tired right now, go right ahead"
  14. Hershel

    Hershel was brought out of his musings as he spotted Rick looking over to him. As he squinted his eyes to get a better look of what was up, Hershel could see their leader was talking to Carol. He couldn't really identify the object the woman was carrying but perhaps it was something he could give his input on. Besides, he was kind of curious as well. As he started making his way towards the small gathering, Hershel smiled as Rick gave up his spot to his son before heading elsewhere. The one-legged man was quite happy to see the boy doing anything that didn't involve weapons and killing things, even if said things were already dead. Being prepared was always a good feature to have if you wanted to survive but he still didn't have to like the fact that a young boy such as Carl had been forced to mature way too quickly.

    "I hope you haven't wrecked everything without me looking over your shoulders," Hershel joked with a smile gracing his lips as he reached the busy workers. He couldn't really see anything noteworthy no nag about and the lads were doing a decent job so far, he just hoped they wouldn't exhaust themselves in the heat. Remembering why he had walked over the field in the first place, Hershel turned towards Carol and with a quick glance, he could identify the object in her hand as a sprinkler stake, "Ah, that's quite the find. Let's see if we can get it to work." After adjusting himself on his crutches slightly, Hershel gently took the sprinkler from Carol to take a better look at it. It seemed to be in a pretty good condition but he couldn't really know for sure by just looking at it, "We gotta clean this up first, make sure there's nothing clogging it."

    At least the cans weren't all trash it seemed. Raider wasn't quite sure whether he was surprised or not but he was grateful at least. Few cans wasn't much but it was something. Once he had successfully gotten all of them down, Raider hopped to the ground quite smoothly as the old stool gave out another creak in protest. The pat in the back he got as a thank you might have not been of the most gentle one but the message was still all the same. Raider nodded at Rivka as she flashed him a smile, "Sure, anytime." He might not be the most social fella of the bunch but he didn't mind giving a hand when it was needed. The end of the world wasn't an excuse to be an asshole.

    After giving one last glance around the gas station, Raider followed Rivka's lead and started making his way outside. However, he couldn't help stopping beside the coloring book Daryl had put down after amusing himself by flipping through it for few seconds. Raider was never any good at drawing and it tended to frustrate him as a kid but coloring on the other hand, he loved it. Things were so much simpler and better back then. However, it was just a stupid old coloring book and thinking about anything else but what was going on at that moment was foolish. With a shrug of his shoulders, Raider brushed the silly item out of his mind and took the last steps out of the gas station.

    Michonne hadn't been wasting her breath when she had pointed out the heat. The blazing sun outside made it all worse and Raider shielded his eyes from the sun with his hand as he let his eyes roam around the area. There didn't seem to be any walkers around, except for the one that was way too close to Michonne. Raider went to reach for his gun as he opened his mouth to shout at the woman. However, Michonne was no useless airhead and she spun around and dealt with the walker before Raider could get a single syllable out. He let his body relax again as the undead man crumbled to the ground, dead for sure this time. Raider tugged slightly at the collar of his dull marine blue shirt, since the heat was starting make him feel quite uncomfortable, while he walked closer to the others and kept a wary eye for any unwanted company.​
  15. Breanne Grace Scott
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    The sound of crunching footsteps caused Breanne to tear her eyes away from the rode, and she looked over at Rick. For a moment she thought he might be coming to give her a job other than walking the perimeter, but he instead walked right up to someone else. She recognized the male as Quin. His name was just about all Brea knew about the guy, and so she was always curious whenever he was seen somewhere other than his jail cell. Don't be nosy, She reminded herself, forcing her eyes back to the rode.

    Still, she couldn't help but overhear the conversation that took place just a few yards away. It was so quite right now that she was sure she'd be able to hear the group coming back a mile away. So, Quin works on cars? She thought to herself, wiping some sweat from her forehead. After a moment of consideration she decided, Actually, that's not so surprising. He seems like the type.

    Figuring there was still some time before her sister got back, Brea started to walk around the fence again. Luckily, there wasn't any hordes out today, but they tended to gather more towards the evening. They'd find their way to the prison... they always did. I wonder how long we're going to stay here, Brea thought with a deep breath, seeing a walker up ahead.

    Breanne and Clarissa never actually planned on staying with the group for more than a few nights. But, it's been well over two months now, and neither of them have brought up the subject of going off on their own. After spending so much time with just the two of them they've come to appreciate being in a group. There was safety in numbers, and Brea could tell that most of these people were good. Honestly, she hoped her sister would never suggest leaving.

    Clarissa Riley Scott
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    Hearing Daryl Dixon laugh was something of a rarity, and Clarissa had only been able to catch him doing so a handful of times. However, she's found his laugh to be quite contagious. With her own lips curled back into a slight grin, Clary followed the group out of the empty gas station.

    Outside, everyone was already getting on their vehicles. It seemed that Glenn had more than happily given up his place on Daryl's bike, which she wouldn't have minded taking. But, Shiloh beat her to the chase- which meant another car ride with sweaty adults. Great.

    In a world like this, groaning tends to become white noise. Which is why she didn't even know there was a walker heading for the group until Michonne killed it. By now her smile was gone, but she still watched the female with fondness. her and Michonne almost never spoke, but Clary still liked her. She was a bad ass, after all.

    After taking a glance around the group, Clary cleared her throat. "Alright, let's get going," she said, opening the door to their car, heaving herself in. She scooted all the way to the door on the other side, so that the others wouldn't have to walk all the way around. On the ride up Clarissa had gotten the misfortune of being squished between both Shiloh and Rivka. There was no way that was happening again.

    She rolled her window down a smidge, and put on her seat belt. Some people might think that putting on a seat belt in a world full of things so much more dangerous was silly, but she'd seen Zombieland before. Rule #4: Seatbelts, she thought, leaning her head against the window.

  16. Shiloh "Shy"

    Shiloh observed the happenings impassively. He wandered out of the building towards the bike, glad to hear Raider had helped Rivka. They seemed a good pair, one was mean and the other was a bit creepy in Shy's opinion. Raider had never done or said anything rude to him, but something about the other man rubbed him the wrong way, and he couldn't quite pin exactly what that was. He offered a bland smile to Michonne and Clarissa, mildly impressed with the sword-wielding woman's prowess as ever. Which is exactly why he couldn't talk to her. Clarissa, he thought, seemed like a cool enough chick. He liked her well enough, thought they could be friends if he could ever get himself to talk to anyone other than Daryl, Rick, and Shane. And he only talked to the latter two because he had to.

    He settled onto the back of the bike, fanning himself and trying not to think about how he must have smelled. Deodorant was not easy to come by these days and even if no one wanted to admit it, they all stunk on a regular basis. Was that important when they were focused on surviving every day? No. But damn he missed his hot top. And all those fine Jacuzzi tubs in the hotels while he and his band were on tour...He could cry just thinking about it. He turned his cap backwards so it wouldn't blow off on the ride. "Saddle up, let's get out of here." Everyone seemed good to go, and he was ready to feel the wind on him. Also mildly excited to get snuggled with Daryl, who was super attractive, but Shiloh was the kind of guy who would be excited to cuddle up with anyone at this point.



    Carol was mildly frustrated with Shane and Rick. Clearly neither of them had never done any yard work. That was something she'd enjoyed before everything. Even in the Georgia heat, a chance to make something beautiful, to teach Sophia about without Ed's comments or cruelties was a treasure. She watched Carl arrive and offered him a little smirk. He was a smart boy and he knew how to survive. As long as he kept his little ego in check, Carol didn't think there was much to worry about with him. She watched closely when Rick walked away to see to Quin. It was about time someone talked to him. She wiped her sleeve over her forehead and considered finding some other way to busy herself until she heard the soft, telltale sound of Hershel approaching. Slow and steady.

    She turned to the resident doctor when he approached, offering him a tired smile. "This is it. They rarely come by themselves, so I'm wondering if there might be more buried under the grass. It would be too wasteful to get them all going, but two or three watering the crops would have to be helpful." She let him take it, watching closely as he looked it over. "You should be able to get it clean, make sure water runs through it smoothly. Maybe a test run tomorrow." She wiped her face again and patted Hershel on the shoulder. "Let me know if you need anything." She strode away from the older man towards Breanne. She dug out a water bottle from her bag as she approached it. She wasn't sure when she and Michonne had been put in charge of looking after the younger women, but it was a job she took gladly.

    "Hey Breanne. Thirsty?" She offered the bottle and stood beside her, squinting into the treeline. "This is my least favorite job." She smiled at her and looked back out at the woods.

  17. "Thank you Quinn. I'm glad we've got a mechanic like you." Rick smiled, giving him a firm pat before walking away slowly. They could probably run out tomorrow, in the morning to collect anything they find and have Quinn figure out if anything is useful. Rick nodded before walking away slowly. Deciding to catch up with everybody else, Rick walked over to see Carol and Brea. Even though he saw them as women, Rick couldn't forget Brea was only a teen, not much older than his own son. Nevertheless, they grow quickly in times like this. "I don't mind it." Rick jumped into conversation, "It's easier than shoveling." He made a light joke as he squinted at the treeline, "They'll be back soon." Rick smiled. He knew that both women had somebody on the run team they cared about deeply. Carol was close to Daryl and Brea's sister was with him. Hell, Rick had a lot of people he cared about out there.


    "Don't sound so eager, I ain't that cuddly." Daryl snorted as he watched Shy climb onto the back of his bike. Daryl chuckled to himself quietly as he slid between the handlebars and Shiloh's crotch. At least Shy was willing, he could practically feel Glenn attempt to point his crotch into the air as they drove here. Daryl kicked down on the bike, revving it into action. Before the car, Daryl began to drive off, knowing the road well, "Hold on." He said loudly before driving quickly onto the road.

    Daryl enjoyed riding his bike, it was a way of getting a rush and speed. Plus, he wasn't ever in traffic here. Once they got back, he watched his friends open the gates for him and Daryl drove through, parking as soon as he could. Turning off his bike, Daryl wriggled a little to signal for Shy to get off him. "Fun, ain't it?" Daryl grinned to Shy before looking around for Carol; his other closer friend.


    "You got it." Rivka smiled. Her smiles seemed so tired now. Sure, she was a survivor, but surviving was hard and sometimes Rivka wondered if it would of been any easier if she had died with her brother instead. The thought was rubbed out of her mind as she looked at Raider, before over to Michonne. She liked these people, and she wouldn't give up her life now. "Everybody in then." She watched Shiloh and Daryl drive off and she dropped her backpack in the trunk before walking around into the front seat. She turned on the car and waited for everybody to get in. Like Clarissa, Rivka strapped herself in.

    She followed the bike's lead and before she knew it, they were back at the prison. Rivka parked up beside the bike and sighed, listening to everybody get out of the car. She sat for a little longer, putting her face in her hands. She was so tired.

  18. Breanne Grace Scott
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    There weren't many people Breanne willingly talked to, but Carol just so happened to be one of them. She looked over her shoulder as the older women approached, offering her a smile. "Thank you," Breanne said, taking the water from Carol. She only drank a little bit, as not to be greedy, before handing it back to Carol.

    Rick's presence was pretty much ignored by Brea. It wasn't that she didn't like him, she just didn't really consider herself close to him. And, she also found him extremely intimidating and hard to talk to. So, she only really talked to him when she needed her to.

    The sound of Daryl's motorcycle began to bounce off the tree's, and a smile grew on Brea's lips. Before long, she saw him as well as the car holding her sister appear, and her excitement became extremely obvious. "They're back!" She said, mostly to Carol, jumping up. Without thinking, she reached for the older lady's hand, and started running towards the entrance. "Come on Carol, let's go see what they've got!"

    It wasn't until she saw her sister getting out of the car that she released Carol, opening her arms wider to embrace her sister. They collided, and Brea held her for a reasonably long time. "Did you find anything useful?" She questioned as she pulled back, watching as Clary looked around. She wasn't surprised to hear that they found nothing, that was to be expected. "What about a car? I heard Rick talking to Quinn about fixing one up."

    Her sister seemed to be surprised to hear that Quinn was good with cars, but she still said they had indeed found a vehicle. Awesome, Brea thought, maybe once it's fixed up there'll be enough room for me to go on runs too.

    Clarissa Riley Scott
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    As usual, Daryl's bike led the way back to the prison. Clarissa could feel her mood lighten the closer they drew to their temporary home. She hated leaving her sister, but she also didn't want to miss out on any supply runs. Soon, the prison came into view. She watched as their friends worked on getting the gate open, her lips pulling back into a smile when she saw Brea running towards the entrance.

    Breanne might not have been her biological sister, but she loved her like one. And, she was really the only family Clary had left. Which of course made her the most important person.

    Clary was the first person out of the vehicle, laughing as Brea threw herself at her. She did this every time, as if she truly believed that Clary wouldn't come back. Which seemed totally ridiculous to Clary, but she'd never tell Brea this. Once the two girls pulled away Clary looked around, shaking her head when she was asked if anything good was found. "Nah, we've pretty much sucked the gas station dry," she said, wiping her forehead. "We probably should start looking for a new source of supplies." She raised an eyebrow when Brea asked about a car. "Quinn know's about cars?... Well, I guess he couldn't be completely useless. Yeah, we found one, Daryl seemed pretty happy about it too."

    She looked over to the garden that they were making, seeing that they had gotten a good start while she was gone. Clary hated to not be contributing, so as soon as she could she'd make her way there and offer a helping hand. She figured the more people who worked on it, the sooner they'd be able to start growing their own crops. She could hardly wait to have a tomato that wasn't soggy from sitting in a can.

    She spotted Rick, who was in charge here. She wondered if he'd have them go out to check out the car today, if if they'd wait until tomorrow. It was already pretty late in the afternoon, so it would more than likely have to wait until tomorrow.

  19. “Digging!? As in, readying the soil, just getting started, digging? Ain't that some salad. Least there's gonna be plenty of work, I guess.”

    Jason grabbed a shovel and moved over to where Carl had instructed, burying the tool into the earth before turning it and starting over again. This was going to be some boring ass work, but productive hopefully and these days this kind of thing was good simply to take your mind off of everything else. People had to do everything they could to allow themselves to live in the now, otherwise they thought about the horrors of the past far too often.

    It wasn't long before the scavenger party returned, which Jason himself greeted with a smile as soon as he read their body language enough to know that nothing too bad had happened. That was always a good thing, and you had to appreciate whatever you could these days. Or at least he preferred to. Helped make things easier. With nothing more personally pressing he put his mind to the work at hand and got on with it. He imagined someone would tell him when he had done enough for the day.
  20. Shiloh "Shy"

    Damn, if there was a better feeling in the world thank being cuddled up with Daryl Dixon on a motorcycle then Shy had yet to experience it. He leaned back comfortably on the bike, loving the feel of the wind on his face and the way it whipped several pieces of long hair from under his cap. He hadn't felt this good since he found out the prison sometimes had hot water. He was loath to get off the bike when they were suddenly home, but he peeled himself away and shook out his clothes. The little reunion between Brea and Clary was kind of adorable, and he stood on watching them fondly for a moment before realizing how creepy he probably looked. He smiled and Daryl and strode away. He wanted a minute to himself but everyone was gathered at the gates so he didn't really have an opportunity. Instead, he ducked to the side to light up another cigarette and have a smoke. Maybe no one would talk to him. Maybe.



    "Hey shoveling has kept us all in pretty good shape." She smirked at Rick and looked back to Brea. "I'm sure they'll be here any minute-" Her smile widened carefully as she was tugged along, laughing a little at the girl's enthusiasm. It was good to have young women around, there was still joy to be found out here. She left the two sisters to reunite, giving Clarissa a brief squeeze on the shoulder before heading towards Daryl, who she could tell was looking for her. She watched everyone trickle past then offered Daryl a brief hug. She folded her arms and then glanced at him. "Don't think I was running over here to see you." She teased then patted his shoulder affectionately. Her eyes tracked Shiloh as he sauntered off to smoke. "Looks like you two had a nice time." She laughed to show she was joking, though she was sure Daryl knew her well enough to know at this point. "Get anything good?" As though reminded of something, Shiloh briefly appeared between them and pressed something into Carol's hands before retreating again. Carol glanced down at the two bottles of painkillers and a large box of condoms. She flicked her eyes up to Daryl and then around at the group to see if anyone had noticed. "These won't last us very long." Shiloh snorted from his nearby smoke spot. Carol was of course being playful, but the condoms would be nice for anyone who was interested in using them.

    As they stood there, Carol noticed Rivka's haggard expression. She liked the other woman immensely and admired her discipline and commitment to the group. She knew what it was like to be tired. She offered a little wave to her, deciding to chat with her and maybe the sisters later.