The Walking Dead

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  1. You are part of the walking dead series, Post waking up as a normal day in a zombie apocalypses or waking up out of a comma ect.
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  2. I opened my eyes to the bright sun that made me more cold than warm. I'm still alive on this place called Earth, during the most hellish era of its time, and maybe the last. I sat up feeling my bones pop, my blood rushing to my limbs to keep my body ready for anything. I looked around and saw the towering trees around me making feel small. But not as small as to how the walkers make me feel. I stood to my feet slowly preparing myself for another day of survival. I rolled up my blanket and put it in my bag. My stomach growled at the emptiness inside. Time to check the traps.
  3. This terrified Azu to the point of committing suicide, the dead walking? Azu was a careful and silent not to make much noise. He would sit down and watch them feast and attack the innocent. Azu prepared himself and moved in letting is curiosity get the better of him. "What are they-.." he thought moving in on such feral creature. He was terrified but curious. Hmmm the young native boy took his bow out and climbed the tree in a waiting position to see what they would do when they finished eating.
  4. Walking along the forest ground I minded my stepping so no prey could hear me. Reaching the first trap I found nothing. My stomach grunting in disappointment I continued to the next trap, then the next and the next, and the next until I heard something that was not my sound. I sprung behind a tree, my blood pumping so hard that I had to pinch myself to calm down. Peeking around the tree I looked to see a horrific mess of blood and clothes. Walkers. Fuck.
  5. Azu took his hair up and put it into a pony tail, while tieing it back Azu's brown eyes shot at each walked as they finished there meals. He scanned them at least twice a few seconds. Azu was usually mistaken for a girl on most occasions. He peered off the tree as he could of sworn he saw another person. Being out in the open Woods (I presume.)- Azu was so only he talked to the walkers even named them, they were the only human figures around at the point. Even bonding with them wasn't strange from a far . Never the less he was still afraid of them.
  6. I reached to my waist for my.... *feels plain pants* my gun, my katana where are...... my bag. Damn it! Ok stay calm just walk quietly away from them and don't produce much smells. *Crack* really, today is going to be just splendid.
  7. As Azu dozes off he looks at the ground as the walkers attention was drawn from what ever they were eating to something close by. Unfortunately the tree covered the object they longed for. They snarled and growled with blood curdling grunts. Azu tried to make it to the next tree to follow such monsters. Unforchantly not being Tarzan he doughts him self and climbs down facing his fear.
  8. I ran hard as soon as I heard the moaning lessen. Breathing in and out every bit of air I could get, for who knows how much time I have left. My feet pounded against the dirt and grass leaving foot marks I didn't have time to cover up. I had to get to my bag. I needed my katana and gun. Now!
  9. The Moaning signaled other walkers to the field to advance in number to take down prey, Azu followed her secretly on bare feet to be quite as possible he snuck around the creatures as more would be revealed behind the first creatures in the dark woods. Azu ran after her not fast but at a slow speed trying not to attract more. (Night :D)
  10. Run faster, run faster. Even though I was positive I had blisters and was going to have aching feet for the next few days, I still ran harder each time my foot touched the ground. I was almost there just around the big oak tree. *thunk* "Ahhhh!" My shin hit one of the trees massive roots making me land in the pile of dead leaves. My head had hit a root during my fall, knocking me out.
    I woke up to the sound of too close moans. Launching up my head pounded with pain. I opened my eyes to see the walkers Not far away. I turned to see my katana and gun next to my bag. Moving an inch my leg screamed in pain, the pain doubling with the joining of my head. I pushed on but the walkers were too close, gotta get the gun, gotta get the gun!
  11. Needless to say this was not the first time Azu had seen someone die, But she wasn't dead she had a chance of death but a chance of life in her and the horrifying creature's that preyed on her. Azu walked on wearing old jeans , a T shirt and a few bracelets. There was something strange about the boy. Oh his smell, Azu's smell was so devilish so revolting that it seemed the walkers didn't even want to eat him (At times.) He wore a stained bloody shirt and pants like he could of been in an accident of some sort. But he looked perfectly healthy and fine. Odd enough (Your Character if looking would see a shadow emerge from the crowd of walkers and start to walk closer with it's hand out.
  12. I dragged my body across the ground. My pants becoming absolutely covered in dirt. My gun was only a few feet away from me when I looked back at the walkers. I only did a quick look before I doubled and saw something... odd. Among the walkers there was this black figure. Solid yet see through. It stuck out it's hand towards me. Is it trying to help me?
  13. (Sorry My Computer was on its period ...issues issues ...) "C'mon!" He held his hand out in awaiting form "Take my hand quick!." He said leaning his hand threw terrified and sadened by the loud groans and screams of the foul beast. He had never done this before risking his own for another. Positively terrifying.
  14. Honor walks through a horde of walkers. His face blank and miserable. His face and body covered in blood and guts. He walked past the walkers with his two silver tomahawks in his hands. he walked past buildings and broken down cars. He turns his head to yelling. A man is getting ripped open by a group of walkers. He feels a slight empathy in his face then shakes it off and keeps walking. His city was one of the first to get taken over. He looked to his right at a small convenience store and started walking away of the horde. He walked to the doors and opened it slowly walking in.
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    Rugged guy out in the city on top of a car with a can of who knows what stood there with his sunglasses on and was sitting on one of the shelves. He had an scrubble on his shin of a recent shave with with a large hat on. Underneath this wore a messy ponytail and a leather jacket. Yellow Snake" was written on his back and his eye peered threw his shades with with a tooth pick in his mouth. "I knew it would be about time when a fucking walker would grow some brains and stop eat'in them." He jumped of the shell and fired once in the air to draw the walker (You) toward him. "Yeeeeh dogie haven't had action in day's" He stood there loading his sniper with a few bullets with the name "Old Trusty." He layed it between his legs and awaited looking at the shine of his leather pants and boots.-
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    He looked to his right at someone with a sniper, a bullet shot and he ran through the doors and pushed a chair at the door knob. "What the hell!?"
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