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  1. It was just another day at NorthVale High, boring classes,Talking to friends and People falling asleep, But what happens when a deadly virus spreads across the world, making everybody who gets it fresh eating monsters, when the world goes to shit, students must stand up and fight for their survival against the apocalypse,

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  2. Kas sat in class looking at notes and twirling her pencil the same way she would a knife. She really just wanted to go home, her brother had just passed and her father seemed distant she just wanted to head down to the river and read her book. Some kid kept going off about this virus that's coming same kid who told us the world was gonna end 5 months ago. She shrugged it off and threw the pencil at the kid making the eraser hit him.
    "Hey please um be quiet some people have tough things going on and we don't wanna listen to your nonsense." Kas said as she went to pick up her pencil and then sat back down. That was the first time she had talked in 2 days. She didn't wanna talk anymore.
  3. "Hey, please um be quiet some people have tough things going on and we don't wanna listen to your nonsense." Some girl was complaining to another student a few desks ahead. Ugh. Nice way to wake me up form a perfectly good nap. Wait. Wasn't that from the girl who hadn't spoken in forever? Great timing to start.. He thought wryly as he sat up. Can't sleep now. He made a grumbling noise of discontent as he opened his eyes.

    Robert yawned and asked some kid beside him. "Hey, what time does class end?" The kid answered fifteen minutes. "Crap.. Uh I mean thanks." He said with a grin to the kid, rubbing the back of his own neck.
  4. Lucas sat at his desk,his on his face and elbow on the desk,he sighed,the teacher told them to turn to page 35,so he grabbed his book out of his desk and opened the page,he heard a kid talking about the time beside him and whispered to him "I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything,but can you stop talking?" he then read the words on the page and an annoucement went in the class "Lucas James to the office,Lucas james" he was glad to get out of the class,but was terrified that he done something wrong,he grabbed his stuff and walked to the door
  5. Robert winked and shot an imaginary gun at the kid. "Of course, so sorry to disturb you, bud."
    He heard the kid get called to the office, before he left he said to him. "Maybe there's some kids being too rowdy in the library, they need to be shushed, you're just the man for the job, don't worry."

    Robert tried to keep a straight face the best he could. A student farther behind him snickered. There's track practice after school today too.. damn.. He was a bit scatter-brained, seeing as he remembered this just out of the blue. God I'm tired, it's great when you're mind and body disagree about sleep.. He shook his head and pretended to pay attention to the teacher.
  6. he ignored what the kid said, He wasn't the person that cared what people thought, he opened the door and walked out closing it behind him,he walked through the halls to the office,once he entered the office a women was siting at her desk "Apparently your brother was talking back to his teacher,and you have to take him home" he grimed his teeth when he heard that, "Okay thanks,ill be back by third" the women nodded and he walked out the doors putting his headphones on and walking out the door
  7. Hiroshi began staring out of the window ignoring what the teacher said. Opening his book he faked like he was reading along. He didn't feel like doing much today. Over hearing the other students conversations he sighed. "Why is everyone in such a bad mood today" He said to him self shaking his head before looking back out of the window.
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  8. He walked down the street as he walked to the boys school, he buzzed the door,the women saw him and buzzed him in,his brother siting in the seat,when Luke came in his brother ran to him and hugged his leg, "I'm really sorry about his behavior,he's not normally like this" he grabbed his hand and walked out the door "What did you do?" he walked with him as he looked at him and said that "Well uh,it was nothing his voice light and innocent, he stopped and kneeled down to his height and looked in his eyes "Danny,you need to tell me,whats bothering you" he felt pain from his brother "Well we had to do a project about are parents,she asked me why i wasn't writing,i didn't say anything,she kept asking,and i yelled at her and said i have non" Luke was shocked,Daniel at the verge of tears,he hugged him and the boy bursts out crying,he grabbed Luke's coat and Luke rubbed the back of his head "Its alright,i'm here,your big brothers here"
  9. Robert stared at the window as it began to drizzle outside. Apparently today decided to look as boring as it has been..
    The bell rang, alerting the students that this class was over. Yay.. Time to head to History.. Robert thought sarcastically. He wasn't the single most popular kid at NorthVale, but he had quite the following. Two students rushed to talk with him as he walked from the classroom yawning. "Hey, look, I'll be back.. Sometime, do you mind if I have some alone time? I need to use the bathroom. Bye." He waved off the students with a sigh. Kids get really trying sometimes.. well, some of them at least. He thought as he walked towards the bathroom.
  10. The workshop classroom is supposed to be locked up and empty.

    "Supposed to" is the crucial phrase in that sentence.

    Though it's two storeys up, one of the large windows has been pried open from the outside, and there's the sound of rapid mechanical whirring coming from one of the mechanical cutters that really shouldn't be active this time of day. Hunched over it like some crazed scientist is a girl standing at five foot fuck-all, decked out in cargo shorts, sandals and an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Her hands move carefully, dexterous in their motions, carefully filing down and putting the finishing touches on a small metal device she holds.

    If the faculty knew she was in here, Lumm would be in a fair bit of bother.

    Fortunately, Lumm is also extremely good at not getting caught.

    For another few minutes, the classroom vibrates with the quiet rumbling of the machine, until finally Lumm removes her foot from the pedal and let's it grind down to a halt. Reaching up to push the goggles from her eyes, she examines the device she's been working on critically for a good minute, finally nodding slowly. Stuffing the goggles into the messenger bag hanging from her side, Lumm wanders over to the locked shop class door.

    Her eyes move down to the device in her hands, and with a shrug she jams the key-shaped edge jutting from it into the lock before holding down the button on the side.

    A savage grinding bursts out from the lock, like two pieces of metal locked in some brutal wrestling match, but after a second there's a clunk and the door begins to swing ajar. Lumm's face doesn't shift from its perpetual frown, but she does give a satisfied nod as she pockets the device and steps through the door...

    ...Right into the group of students waiting to use the room.

    There's an awkward pause as Lumm regards them distantly and the students stare back at her, not quite sure what to say.

    Then the girl shrugs and begins to wander off.
    "You can inform Mr Herring if you wish. Not going to make much difference, given that the world is due to end in a couple hours."
    [/color ]
  11. Moments ago, the bell had rung. Alyx flipped the book closed and glanced around the library as the students milled about, gathering their things. Chairs skid across the tiled floors to be pushed neatly against the table. Within seconds, she was left alone.

    She pressed the book into it's rightful nook and picked up her satchel from the floor. The blonde wandered over to a nearby window and caught the first drizzles of rain. A slight smile formed upon her lips as she began to leave the smell of books and dim lighting behind for the bright, crowded hallways of the school.
    She pressed her way through the crowd, not taking the time to catch up with friends as others seemed to do before class, and made her way to the water fountain.

    As she reached to press the button and take a drink of water, she was shoved away.

    Her normal reaction would have been to knock some teeth out and have a nice day. After certain occurrences in her life, however, Alyx was a bit calmer than that now. She lifted her azure blue hues and glared at the offender who was clearly male. His healing black eye was enough to remind her that he was the only person who experienced her slight slip of violence a few days ago.

    He took a drink of water and stood to his full height, to glare down at her. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Were you about to take a drink?" He gestured toward the fountain, face expression looking clueless. Plainly acting. Horribly.

    She smiled like a perky blonde and shrugged. "It was no big deal! I barely felt a thing! But please, enjoy your H2O. Shove me again, and you will be enjoying a nice set of teeth for lunch." With a pip in her step, she walked away to her next class, History, with a grin.
  12. Kas looked around as she picked up her things, she didn't wanna be here she just wanted to go home but off to history. She bowed her head and walked to her class fast she wasn't putting up with the crowded halls and annoying people. No one really knew Kas was there she just say quietly and got good grades. Silent ones are who you should be scared of, some knew of her throwing knife abilities but few did. Some picked up on how she could throw her pencils and never missed a target. Although to most it was nothing.
  13. Robert simply stood in the bathroom for a bit on his phone before he noticed the time. Crap.. I'm going to be late. Mr.Simmons is going to kill me. He made his way out of the bathroom, and headed towards History at a light jog. He passed a blonde girl as he jogged. Why does she look so happy? She has the same class as me..Simmons is nowhere near pleasant, at least to me. Robert thought with a wry smile playing on his lips. Maybe he just doesn't like me... No way, couldn't be.
  14. after bringing his brother home, Lucas walked back to the school, he buzzed the door and the door opened, He walked through and walked to his locker, He took his math supplies out, unfortunately he had to take the class, he locked his locker and walked to his next class
  15. Alyx stepped into the classroom after a guy and found an empty seat by the window, without acknowledging the other students. She enjoyed having a nice bit of the outside to look at in moments of boredom. Sometimes, Mr. Simmons could be such a drone. It made her want to sleep. Not only that, but he annoyed her with his snide comments. Fortunately, she understood the term "kill with kindness".

    As she waited for the students to get settled and the teacher to begin the lesson, she randomly surveyed the classroom, checking out the other inhabitants. She did not exactly have any friends, just a few aquaintances that you would recognize because you're in the same class and you happened to need a pencil.

    Despite her recent horrid past, she still craved a fight. To find a challenge in others that people found in her. Her need had become a dying ember as she grieved, but the bully in the hall began to poke the embers and add fuel to fire.

    But she could not afford to enjoy her passion. Her mother would not understand the way her father did.

    And so, she turned away from the thought and the view of potential opponents and reached into her bag, throwing down a notebook onto the desk and wandered into day dreaming as she stared out the window.
  16. As he took a seat Mr. Simmons turned to him. "Ahh almost late.. You're treading on thin ice Mr. Kingston."
    Simmons turned back again and headed toward the front of the room to address the students.
    "Today we'll be learning about Colonial Am-." At that point Robert had already started tuning out the teacher.
    He took the pen in his hand and launched it into the air, letting it flip a few times before catching it at the last second.
    He did this a few times before it caught the teacher's attention.

    "Kingston! Would it kill you to pay attention in my class?" Robert looked at the teacher, feigning a thoughtful look. "Well, Simms, if dying of boredom was possible, then yes." He put on his most innocent smile as he waited for the teacher's response. He could've sworn he saw a faint glimmer of a smile on Simmons face for just a moment before the teacher turned from him and refocused his attention back on the main populous of his class. "So long as it keeps you from distracting my better students Kingston.."

    He chuckled softly. This always makes up for the horrible subject, the back and forth is always great. One of the more studious
    students sitting in the front shot him a dirty look that said "Some of us are trying to learn, you know."
    Robert shrugged it off and returned to his pen flipping.
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    Sarah had rough morning. Her alarm didn't go off luckily she woke her self up. All of her underwear was dirty, so she stole some of her dad's clean underwear. Also they had run out of hot water for her shower. On top of all that she didn't have enough time to eat breakfast. Only thing that went right today is that she got to school on time. After all that ruckus she had made it Mr. Simmons class. Her quiet nature caused her to be in the back of class. It seemed some teenage boy was disrupting the class. How stereotypical, what a boring class. Eyes wandered to Alyx a daydreaming girl.

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