The Walking Dead: Survivors

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    Beth Greene; The Songbird, aqua The young blonde girl bounced the whining infant in her arms as she sang a soft song. She didn't like the traditional lullabies, especially the one about a cradle falling from a tree, who would seriously sing that kind of stuff to a baby? She continued singing the song she heard so long time ago on the radio, a Gospel song her father would sing to herself and her siblings while they were growing up. Now all Beth had was Maggie and Hershel, everyone else she had ever called family was now deceased.

    The song came to its end and baby Judith had grown quite. Looking down, Beth smiled at the sleeping face. She carefully placed the child in her pack and play she used as a bed and placed a thin yellow blanket with ducks over the small and frail body. It was a shame she was brought into such a cruel world, one that was slowly crumbling away. They were safe here, in the prison, they had been safe for a couple months now, ever since the last attack by the Governor, nothing of significance had happened, well unless you count the sickness that broke out.

    The group had lost so many good people because of it, they still weren't sure what caused it, only it had the same symptoms as your common flu, but it took the lives of people way too fast to be the flu, but that didn't matter now, all that mattered was the number they had now. They all had to stick together more then ever, the more people you had in the group, the better your chance of surviving was, or Beth thought so.

    She watched baby Judith sleep just a bit longer before she walked out of the cell the baby was resting in. Sighing, she looked around. They were living in cell block D, but it became home to the sick people, so most everyone left and moved to cell block C, even though D was in the process of being cleaned up. Beth liked it better here anyways, certainly better then the small room she was holed up in with Judith and the other children during the sickness.

    She was grateful for Michonne, Daryl, Bob, and Tyreese as they were the ones who went to get the supplies from the veterinary clinic a good distance from here. Of course, her father as well as he was the one doctoring the survivors. They almost lost Glenn from it, but he was a fighter and he survived. A lot of the people remaining were fighters, even Beth considered herself one. No, she may not have been as tough as the other females, especially Maggie, hell she never got to get out of the walls of the prison, they kept her here taking care and watching Judith, they thought she was weak, but she wasn't. She could handle herself. It wasn't that she minded it at all, she really didn't, but she wanted that chance to prove herself to the others, show them what she could really do and that she can also provide for the group and contribute.

    Sighing softly to herself, Beth glanced once more at the sleeping Judith before sitting down at a table a bringing out her notebook she carried everywhere with her. She grabbed her a pen and opened the book, beginning to jot her thoughts down, drowning out everything around her as she wrote. It was stupid, but she usually wrote to her mom or brother, or another family member she adored. No, they wasn't here anymore to read it, but she'd usually write the note and read it out loud, she believed in the after life and knew they were in a better place, that's what kept her going. That's all that could keep her going these days.
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