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  1. After thinking about what sort of Role-Play to start on this site for my big kickoff here it took a lot of deliberation. After thinking everything over for about a day or so before actually making my profile I finally decided to leave my comfort zone of Fantasy Role-Playing for a different take on things, in a more modern and popular setting that I believe others along with myself can thoroughly enjoy.

    The Walking Dead is still running strong after all these years of putting out comics and the show, I myself am an avid fan of the series and have personally enjoyed Role-Playing in this setting before. I would like to go out on a limb and say that I have seen there are other Walking Dead Role-Plays on this site currently, and my starting of this one is by no means a grab to steal any of your players. Just going to put that out there just in case someone gets upset.

    Now, with all that being said I think it is high time to delve deep into the details of this Role-Play. I want this thread to be just as much interested parties helping to flush the idea out as I do an actual interest check so any and all suggestions and criticisms are welcome.

    Survivor Stories
    A Walking Dead Role-Play

    LOCATION: San Jose, California



    WRITING LEVEL: Moderate-Advanced


    This will, as the name suggests, be a Walking Dead Role-Play with all the grit drama and blood that entails. I want to flush it out and let everyone get their ideas and opinions across before I attempt to put the actual Role-Play together but all in all if you know the series you know what to expect.

    It will take part mostly in California, around the San Jose at first until/if the group decides to leave. Starting out I don't know if I want to do it right after the infection starts and let the group naturally come together or to set it a few months down the road where everyone already knows one another. Though in all honesty I prefer to start it in all the glorious chaos of the breakout.

    Please, PLEASE, only attempt to join this if you are a dedicated Role-Player that isn't going to randomly disappear on me after two or three posts. I like to move my Role-Plays along at an even and steady pace, requiring each participant to post a bare minimum of one post per day. I understand real life gets hectic so if you cannot post on a certain day let me know before hand so we can skip you accordingly.

    I want real characters, from real walks of life. That is what makes The Walking Dead so alluring, the fact that the characters are average ordinary people thrust into a bad situation. I do not want to see lots of cops and soldiers, or some random badass who can single handedly dispatch a dozen Walkers on his own. Try to be real with your characters as much as possible.

    The story will be grouped in seasons, just like the show. We will move towards one overall goal for our group per season, and then we will take a break for a day or so depending on what everyone wants before resuming after a short IC timeskip. This way the story moves along and everyone gets their needed downtime.

    Feel free to leave your comments an critiques. I am open for any and all suggestions as I said before, and though I have a little bit planned out for how I should start I want to hear all of your suggestions first. Nothing is set in stone as of yet so now is the perfect time to give me a heads up if something is not to your liking.
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  2. I would love to join this. Absolutely, completely, yes yes yes, join.
  3. Very interested! Just lemme know when and where to sign ;D
  4. Glad to see some interested parties. I was planning on letting this thread linger for a day or so before moving on with the actual Role-Play so everyone could say voice their opinions before anything was set in stone. With the downtime though I'm going to put things on hold until tomorrow to give everyone a tad more time to speak up if they are interested.

    That being said the both of you are certainly welcome, just bear with me as I get acclimated to the site and all it's functions. I plan to have this Role-Play up and running by Friday at the latest, that is if we get enough people willing to join lol.
  5. I love the seasons idea, and I really took what you said to heart
    I love that, because truly that's what really caught my attention with an iron grip that made it so captivating to watch the show. I'm definitely going to go with a lost teenager sort of vibe. I might even do two characters, one being a younger child. (Because that is the person you're always rooting for to survive). I'm so psyched for this. (Beached whale/pterodactyl squealing sounds inserted here)
  6. Any and all characters are welcome, the more diverse the better. I truly hope the people that do decide to join this should it get enough support put time in effort into their characters, for that is the most important aspect of Role-Play to me. I'm -BIG- on character development and I expect to see clear and present changes in character's personality, as well as their mentality and emotionality. No one, no matter how tough or grizzled he/she may be, should be the same from start to finish. In all honesty I think no one embodies that fact better than Rick in The Walking Dead universe, so use his changes as an example.

    As far as story goes I am mostly set on having the Role-Play start about a week or so in to the Outbreak. Long enough so everyone knows that shit is going down, but not quite long enough for everyone to completely adapt to survival in this new and hectic world. Also I really don't feel like going through the first 100 posts of everyone generally freaking out and trying to determine if the dead really are rising.

    After that point we really just have to dive in to Role-Play to see where it goes. I'm really adamant about freedom of choice in my Role-Plays, not just on how to deal with situations but allowing my fellow writers to push the story in whatever way they wish. Generally we will be working towards the goal of either leaving the city or trying to find somewhere completely safe, but other than that I have no expectations on what everyone tries to do.

    I want to have this up by Friday, but I know how it is on Role-Play sites. Everything takes time, nothing more than starting up a new RP. My plan was to have it up Friday then allow everyone to make their characters and the like so we could begin posting before the weekend went out, while that's still possible if I jump on things I do not want to clutter the Role-Play board with it if I cannot get the needed starting members before hand. Still not giving up hope though, so if things take more time that's just fine.

    That said, if anyone has any thoughts or concerns about this just let me know. Here or via PM, either is fine.
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  7. I am definitely interested!!! ^_^
  8. Okay, so that's four of us onboard now. I'm going to linger for another day before working on the Role-Play just to see if we can attract our fifth member. Thanks for your posts guys!
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  9. I'm very interested!
  10. I would be interested as well if you'll take a 6th.
  11. I was planning on taking a minimum of 5 or seven, with a maximum of ten people just for the start of the Role-Play. More will of course be welcome as time goes on I just do not wish to start things out with a lot of people to slow down the pace of the Role-Play. That being said you are of course welcome and e would be more than happy to take you.

    With that being said we now officially have enough people, assuming everyone that said they were interested joins, to open up the actual Role-Play. I am going to begin working on it right now so expect the OOC/Sign-Up thread to be open anywhere from a hour or so to sometime tomorrow morning.
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  12. If anyone wants to have a character connection with my character, lemme know.
  13. What are you thinking as a character connection?
  14. Here is the link to the OOC and Sign-Up thread. I'll put up the Role-play thread a bit later.
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  15. @Ryles555 I was thinking siblings, Ex's, anything like that. I just enjoy creating characters that have a past of some sort with others.:)
  16. I would be open to something (: siblings or exs work for me and I agree I think it adds to the story
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  17. Send me a Pm and we can work on something
  18. Can't wait to work on my CS, Lily is gonna be working as a facial reconstruction artist from bones. So if you watche the show bones she has the same occupation of Angela.
  19. Finished with Lillian, if you wanna have any relationships with her let me know!
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