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    The winter air was crisp and unforgiving. In a time where people would be stringing up Christmas lights, they were instead fighting to survive against the growing epidemic; that which kills and reanimates.

    Alice opened her blue eyes to three walkers stumbling toward her as she arose from where she slept in a narrow alley that had a clear line of site to the empty Empire State Building. Animalistic groans came from their decaying throats, frost settling on their exposed bones and muscles.

    All Alice had was a knife and a shotgun with some ammo, but firing the shotgun was a bad idea. The narrow walls around her would bounce the sound around and draw more of them in. She was good with a knife and she was fast, but she wasn't fast enough to kill one before the other two had a chance to sink their teeth in.

    She stepped backward slowly until she hit the south wall of the alley. This was it. This was the end. There was no way to climb up and no way to get out. She was too much of a coward to end her own life before the walkers would reach her and make a meal of her.

    "Oh, God..." she whispered, choking back a sob, "I'm gonna die here."
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    Conner jumped from the roof of a building to another, rolling to soften the landing. He straightened his backpack and stood up. He needed things again and his parkour skills helped him get around without Walkers always breathing down his neck. He walked to the edge of the roof towards the next building.

    He looked around quickly at the whisper- It sounded like a girl- trying to find the source then looked down into the alley. His eyes widened as he pulled his backpack off, scrambling for something to save her. Rope to pull her up or even a weapon- Shit, he left his crossbow at the hideout. Rope rope rope, something similar. ANYTHING. I swear I found some the other day!

    He searched through all of the pockets in his backpack, finding everything ELSE he found while out here but WHERE DID HE PUT THE DAMN ROPE?!?!?

    He patted down his cargo pants -full of pockets- and found a lump, reaching in. Please please please , he prayed as he pulled out the bundle of rope. YES!

    He grabbed a rock from the roof floor and walked to another side of the street. He threw the rock at a window that wasn't already broken, causing a large crashing sound. He grabbed another rock and threw at another window farther down the street, hoping the series of loud noises would draw most of the Walkers in that direction and away from the girl. He jogged to the alley he saw her in and lowered the rope.

    "Psst." He called to her.
  3. Alice closed her eyes as the frostbitten walkers drew near. Her heartbeat quickened until---


    The sound of glass breaking forced her eyes and attention in the direction of the sudden sound. What the--


    Another concentration-breaking noise! The walkers groaned as they turned around, no steam coming from their dead lips. CRASH! They hobbled in the direction of the booming noises, leaving Alice confused and scared. She then heard a human above.

    A young man with red hair and glasses grinned widely at her as he lowered a rope to save her. The moment she had enough of it, she tied the rope around her waist and tugged at it. She put a foot on the narrow wall of the alley and began to climb up toward her savior.

    She ascended toward the roof, the walkers too distracted to notice. She then made the mistake of looking down. She was terrified of heights and it didn't help that more walkers were gathering toward the ground exit of the alley. If this didn't work, that was it.

    "Bright side, it'll be the fall that kills me," Alice said to herself.

    With some insane luck, she made it all the way up safely. Her blue eyes teared up with gratitude.

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she continued quietly.
  4. Conner wound the other end of the rope around his hands, one foot firmly placed against the short wall of the roof, and grunted as he held the rope so she could climb up. His muscles strained under his jacket from the stress of weight when she paused in her advance. He wasn't buff but he wasn't scrawny either.

    He held on until she reached the top, climbing over and starting to cry. Oh no, not the tears. Conner was weak to tears, especially from a pretty girl.

    The male began winding the rope around his arm and tying it off to return to one of his pockets. He picked up his backpack and strode up to her, stopping just a few feet so that she could hear him.

    "No problem, all in a days work." He whispered back, the smile still on his face. "I'm Conner." He introduced himself and held out his hand to her.
  5. Alice grabbed his hand to shake it and wiped her tears with the other. She sniffled and smiled.

    "I'm Alice," she said as she shook his hand slowly, "finding a safe place to sleep in Manhattan sucks."

    Alice chuckled a bit, let out a massive sigh of relief, and grinned with leftover tears in her blue eyes.

    She made it. She actually made it. She could feel her heart pumping inside her chest. The blood rushed through her veins. She was alive. She could dance right there on the rooftop. Light flurries began to fall from the freezing sky as she tilted her head back, feeling the flakes melt on her rosy cheeks.

    She realized she was still grasping Conner's hand. She jolted her hand back in embarrassment. "Sorry!"
  6. "No kidding. Wait, you were sleeping in the alley?" Conner watched her with wide eyes. Does she not realize how dangerous that was? She's lucky to have survived the night...oh no, not the tears again.

    He shook her hand in return, lightening his grip to let go and found her still holding his hand. He didn't mind really. I mean, she is pretty. The snowflakes fell on his hair, darkening it. He shivered slightly and stuffed his free hand into jacket pocket. At least the snow slowed down the walkers.

    Conner watched her, feeling her heartbeat through their connected hands, his own hand warming from hers. He smiled sheepishly at her once she realized she was still holding his hand and pulled back. He stuffed the hand in his other pocket.

    "Shhh It's okay. I mean it must have been awhile since you've seen another human, right?" He questioned, slightly wondering if there may be more survivors in the area.
  7. Alice nodded.

    "I'm not even sure how long it's been since I've seen someone walking around who wasn't already cold," she said, looking away and blushing from holding Conner's hand too long.

    She observed the rooftops in the distance. The snow falling and the fog settling made it hazy and hard to see what normally could be seen without the bad weather. The sun was hidden behind silver snow clouds, making it hard to tell what time of day it was.

    "And yes, I was sleeping in the alley. Or--trying to, at least. I'm not sure how long I slept for, but it doesn't feel like long. I figured the cold air could help mask my scent to the walkers," she said.
  8. Conner nodded too.

    "I know what you mean. Makes one believe there are no more humans on this earth. Or at least the city." He looked away as well, his own cheeks rosy from the cold air. He looked up at the sky, catching a small glimpse of the sun from the stormy looking clouds. They needed to start heading back to his hideout, it'll be dark soon. Going back in the dark was too dangerous right now to risk it.

    "That's actually not a bad idea. But you should also consider an escape route should they notice you." He glanced at her quickly before looking towards where his hideout was. His eyes narrowed and expression became serious. He turned to her again sharply. "How athletic would you say you are?"
  9. Alice arched her brow.

    "I've survived this long on my own. I'm considerably athletic," she said, slightly confused.

    "Why?" she asked.
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    Victor stealthily made his way across the street using cars and other obstacles for cover. He used his throwing knife to silently kill a stray walker. He took a peek out of cover to see how many more were on the street. "Shit!" He whispered to himself as he saw that he was still hopelessly outnumbered. He needed to get back to base before dark and it didn't look like he had much time to do so. Victor moved into the cover of an alleyway where he found three walkers pacing around. These were allot more restless as if they had seen someone or heard something. He used his throwing knives to drop them quickly but his heart dropped as he realized he had run into a dead end.

    No! This is not the time." He said as he turned around and saw he had attracted the attention of a walker. He killed it with a throwing knife but two more quickly filled it's place. They started to make loud, and inhuman groans that drew the attention of the other walkers on the street. It was like someone had rang a dinner bell. "Well, better to die fighting" Victor tucked away his throwing knives and pulled out his 9mm pistol. He shot the two walkers and rushed out of the alleyway before the entrance got too crowded. He fired off a few more rounds to clear out a path that was good enough for him to run through and he took off sprinting. He kept running and shooting until he found a fire escape. He put away his pistol and ran up a wall in order to grab the fire escape. Thank god for parkour.

    He climbed up the fire escape until he made it to the rooftops. He looked down amongst the hell storm that he had just created. He put his hands on his knees and took a breather. "
    Well, there's no way I'm getting around on the streets" he said as he stared at a rooftop across from the one he was on now. He took a few steps back then took off sprinting then jumped across. The tips of his fingers made it over the too and were just enough to hold him up long enough for him to get a better grip then pull himself over
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    Rose heard gunshots and let out a loud groan. It was a groan of frustration but at the same time she rose a brow... Another person was around here? She had been hiding on a rooftop of an old bakery for the day, her jacket covering her small frame and hiding her from the snow and the wind that blew along the rooftops.

    The shots stopped and she looked around down below but only observed the walkers that were stumbling about below. Where could the person have been? They had sounded so close to her. She frowned and continued to keep her eyes peeled and alert, something that had not been hard to do lately since no one was ever safe. Her sense seemed to be heightened. That's why she was surprised to hear someone at the edge of the rooftop. She peered out behind her safe spot, a door that had lead to the top of the roof with her pistol cocked. She gasped when she saw a man. It had seemed like forever since she had seen an actual person...

    "Wh-who are you?" She stuttered and her hand shook.
  12. "Because it'll be dark soon and maneuvering in the dark in this city is too risky. Especially for how I get around. Can you jump far?" He began walking to the edge of the roof and looked, his head snapping up at the sound of gunfire.

    "Fuck me..." he grumbled and rushed back over to Alice. "We need to get away from here." His tone urgent, he grabbed her hand and gently tugged her to another side of the roof. Movement caught his eye in the distance. "Shit that better not be Walkers..." His eyes narrowed then widened as the figure jumped to the next roof. His expression relaxed slightly. No way a walker could jump like that.

    Conner backed up a bit, "Run as fast as you can them jump as hard as you can at the last minute. Roll onto the next roof to soften the landing." He explained quickly to Alice before he crouched himself, letting go of her hand so as not to accidentally pull her along, and ran to the edge of the roof.

    His backpack bounced against his back with his movements. He hopped up onto the small wall and launched into the air in one fluid motion.

    For a brief moment he felt like he was flying.

    Then reality literally crashed down on him in the form of the roof he was aiming for. He rolled a bit and groaned, cursing himself for being a bit distracted.

    Conner rolled his shoulder as he stood up on the opposite roof and looked at Alice. "Come on. You can do it." He whisper-yelled at her so that she could hear him.
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  13. The gunfire gave Alice the confidence she needed to attempt to jump the roof. An odd blend of fear and courage propelled her forward, running as fast as she could and jumping off the very edge of the roof Conner just hopped from. She watched how he rolled and decided to try to mimic the same thing, provided she didn't fall to her death.

    The air between the buildings felt lighter and a bit warmer. Maybe that was the adrenaline kicking in, rushing through her veins to warm her body, but she wasn't as cold. Her open jacket parachuted as her petite body shoved itself against the air.

    Her feet found the roof of the next building. She rolled into it as Conner instructed, but not too well. She must have hurt her arm. Maybe there'd be a bruise.

    She smiled at Conner. "I did it!"
  14. Conner cracked a smile at her excitement of landing safely next to him. Cute.

    He shook his head to rid the thoughts his mind was going and to return to the situation at hand. "That was great. Can you do it again?" He questioned lightly, he'd probably end up teaching her how to parkour just to survive getting back. He rubbed his shoulder- the one he landed on- to sooth the muscle then held his hand out to her to help her up. He didn't want to ask if she was okay as that would bring her attention to her wounds. They needed to leave, quickly.
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  15. "Whoa! whoa! Hey I'm not hostile." Victor put his hands up for a moment to show that he wasn't a threat. "Just trying to make it out of here" Victor dropped his hands and stepped over toward the edge looking down on the walkers. "I'm Victor, what's your name." He said forcing a small smile. "Sorry about this. Desperate times right?" He said trying to lighten the tension between them. More or less tension from her, seeing as Victor was the one was a gun turned on him. "If you could please not point that at me. I'm not gonna hurt you"
  16. Alice smiled wide.

    "Uh-huh!" she replied, with full confidence that she could definitely jump another rooftop.

    Hell, it was fun! She liked the rush it gave her; the warmth it filled her with. It was exhilarating!

    She was prepared to do whatever she could to survive at this point. She'd been given a second chance and wouldn't let Conner's efforts be wasted.

    "Are we going to your camp? How much farther?" Alice asked as they ran toward the edge of the building to jump again.
  17. "Sorry..." Rose replied and lowered her gun. "Just jumpy is all." She tucked the pistol back into her belt and looked at the man. "My name is Rose." She introdiced herself and took a hesitant step closer to him.

    She didn't realize how much she had missed the voice of another human. "Again, really sorry about the gun." She blushed a light pink in her embarrassment and removed her hood to actually get a good look at him. Victor was his name and he did not look like a threat to her, she decided after a minute of studying him.

    "Where are you going?"
  18. Conner smiled broader in return, quite pleased with her confidence. "Good."

    He definitely enjoyed being able to converse with another again. "Yeah." He points ahead at the Empire State Building. "It's there, actually."

    He picks up speed and launches to the next roof, rolling smoother this time. He hops up onto his feet and waits for her to follow.
  19. "It's alright, I understand." Victor said with a small smile "with the end of the world aren't we all a bit jumpy." Victor took inventory of his ammo and throwing knives. He had two clips left on him and five throwing knives. That would have to be enough to get him and possibly the girl back to base. He looked up at the sky and saw that they didn't have much daylight left. "I've got a base set up not to far from here but as you may have heard, I ran into a little trouble on the streets. If you want, you're welcome to join." Victor didn't expect the girl to trust him right away but if she did, he sure as hell missed human intersection. It had been weeks since his friend offed himself while Vance was out on a food run. Vance was devastated, but he understood why. Not everyone could handle the way things were now. If there was a hell, it couldn't be much different from this.
  20. At this point she was so happy to see another human being that she was pretty sure if he said he lived below the city in the sewers she still would have agreed to come with him. "If you don't mind my tagging along, I would love to join you." Rose nodded vigorously and zipped up her jacket all the way to her chin as an icy breeze washed over them. Curse the roofs of the buildings being so damn cold...

    She approached him and let out a very soft sigh, a puff of white air could be seen at her exhale. "Lead the way." She smiled softly and nodded up at him. She could only follow now and try to keep the both of them alive.
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