The Walking Dead or Fem!Captain America

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  1. So I'm looking for someone to play as either Daryl for TWD or as Bucky, Thor, or Wolverine. I'll be playing as either Cap or my female oc who is Rick's sister.

    For the Walking Dead rp I would like for my character to end up getting pregnant because I think Daryl would be such a great daddy, but it's not necessary for this. I would like to start before season one so that she can know Merle and Daryl before by working at the bar they would go to.

    For the Captain America rp, I'm not completely sure yet about the plot, but I have pictures! alison-brie-as-captain-america-too-sexy-awesome-gif-1552555455.jpg efbdc6ef1b55170aae074d688fda1f75.jpg
  2. My Oc for The Walking Dead.

    Name: Jamie May Grimes
    Nickname: Jay bird
    Age: 29
    Job: Bar tender
    Likes: Killing walkers, reading, sweets, playing games, her family, and Daryl
    Dislikes: Walkers, Shane, people who kill the living, and being alone.
    Looks: model1.jpg
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