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  1. Alright, i'm in. Where do we start, in which city/town/place?
  2. This is the OOC, I'll update it when possible along with the main thread :)

    Any questions of any sort just post down and I'll reply to them ASAP

    Place: Manchester, England, UK (May change depending on what people think, mainly we just build our world around us)
    Infection: Walking dead (game) Rules, stated on the first post of the IC thread

    RP thread:
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  5. (Okay it's fine. I'll put names then when I reply for now on.)
  7. whops crap why dose it say you posted raven???
  8. (Sorry for the random OOC but I have to ask. When did I say I would make a Jet Set Radio Future Roleplay. But I can if you want that's one of my favorite Xbox games of all time.)
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  10. Im a newb to this site. so im sorry about mixups
  11. (It's cool but we might should stop all this OOC chatter. If you want PM me I might can help and we could talk more.)
  12. Im making a jet set radio future roleplay cause i have beaten that game and it will be easy to make one since its my first
  13. (Okay well you'll want to either create a thread in the RP Talk or if you want it as a jump in post it where the jump-ins say post new thread.)
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  15. ((Short Note: I will continue playing with my character when an in-game night has passed))
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  20. ((Uh, Justice, in my previous post I've met you both in your apartment, and the outside of the building is overrun by walkers))