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  1. ((Walking dead thread:

    it was another normal ordinary day in NorthVale High,friends hanging out,boring classes and
    crushes, but what happens when a deadly virus spreads through the world, almost half of the population gets the man eating virus, will these kids step up and survive this god forsaken world

    ((you can only be a teacher or a student,this will be taken place 2 days before the apocalypse,since in the walking dead universe, at first you can call them monsters or something,and later on you can call them walkers,lurkers,and roamers,))

    -no god modding and no powers
    -you may see the walking dead characters from the comics and game
    -romance is aloud, since it's the apocalypse you can do whatever you like ((as long as it's alright with the user your doing it with))
    -be realistic ((no unlimited ammo and all of the sudden have AK-47's
    -you may be two characters at a time

    Character sheet:
    Personality:(at least 2 lines
    Appearance:(describe or picture
    Backstory: (at least 4 sentences)
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  2. Name: Bella
    Nickname: Bell
    Age: 17
    Gender/Sex: Girl
    Personality: Sweet, innocent. and shy. She is shy but when someone messes with her or her best friend she is beast and she won't back down from it.
    Appearance: Wavy long Brown hair, Blue eyes, fair skin color, and usually wears converse, jeans, and tshirts
    Strengths: Good at archery, swimming, running, and knows how to fire any gun
    Weakness: She's childish but can be mature at appropriate times
    Backstory: She was born in California but moved and started going to NorthVale High when her mom died from cancer. She has a father that is unemployed. She loves to hang out with her friends and walk through nature. She is very shy when you first meet her though.
  3. Name: Robert Kingston
    Nickname: Doesn't really care
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sarcastic, laid back, mostly carefree, hates having to be a leader
    Appearance: 6'1" Blonde hair, Winter-green eyes, Not a body builder but has more of a lean muscle look.
    Strengths: Durable, agile, quick thinker, good with melee weapons(Swords, bats, knives, etc.)
    Weaknesses: Doesn't take things seriously, bad leader.
    Backstory: His father worked at a world famous MMA training facility, as a result Robert was forced to learn to fight at a young age. After his Father died in a car accident, he continued training for his dad. He lives with his mother, when she's actually there, she spends a lot of time on business trips.
  4. Name: Lucas James
    Personality: Luke is a nice,sensitive guy, he is very responsible, and respects his friends, he is really bad at jokes and gets made fun of because of it,he is a leader type,he has a pocket knife
    Appearance: anime.jpg

    Strengths:Leader,Responsible,knows how to use a knife,Fast, smart
    Weakness:Too nice, gets angry too much
    Back story: when he was in his moms stomach, the mother was an alcoholic and when coming home from the bar, she crashed her car into a post,they got her to the hospital,they go Luke out safely but the mother died, later his dad got remarried, his dad cared for him allot, then his brother Daniel was born, the women that the father got remarried to left in the middle of the night, the father raised Daniel, right now his brother is 8 and hes 16


    anime 3.jpg
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  5. Name: Kastia Rose McCarthy
    Nickname: Kas
    Age: 16
    Gender/Sex: Female
    Personality: Kas is a very shy girl, usually sticking to her books, studying. She may be shy but once she gets to know someone she is outgoing and fun.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    - Nature Smart (Berries, Polluted Water, Camping)
    - Throwing Knifes (Practiced throwing knifes with her older brother)
    - Hiding
    - Working with others
    - Mobility
    - Fragile
    - Trusting others easily
    - Gullible
    - Will give her stuff to someone in need even if she is in need of it.
    Backstory: All her life Kas was devoted to studying being outdoors her dad was a huge freak about it. She studied berries, how to make camp, how to get purified water. Anything outdoors she could tell you of course she started to slack over the years and she started to practice with her brother throwing knifes, they would throw them at cans and see who could get it. Eventually she bypassed her brothers knife abilites and can basically throw any knife and land it well enough without needing balance in the knife. Although when she does throw a knife she can't move or be nervous, or then she'll miss badly. She ran cross country at her school and did this since middle school, she also did swimming and diving knowing how to swim pretty fast and for a long time and also how to enter water from large heights quietly. Kas lost her brother to a sickness a couple weeks ago and her Dad went missing the day of the apocalypse.
  6. Name: Darius Yale & Quince Yale
    Nickname: Darren & Quint
    Age: 21
    Gender/Sex: Darren: Male Quint: Female
    Personality:(at least 2 lines)
    Darren being a military man, serving in the marine corp he is awfully serious. At times showing no emotion, and is deemed heartless. He tends to be selfish and self preserved, not allowing people inside. He is a man of few words and his facial expressions seem to speak for him. It is very rare in the few scenarios he shows any emotion other than anger. He seems to hold a high respect towards his sibling, and a tinge of protective nature. If once is to earn the trust and word of Darren it is quite a rarity, and is not something he does lightly.
    Quint being also a part of the military happens to have her own fair share of bloodshed, as she was part of the air force. She however tends to be quite the opposite of her brother. Knowing how to show emotion, and is willing to be selfless to save others. She is mainly the one who does the reckless actions, and at times tends to do things impulsively without thought. It is one of her many flaws. She however attempts to find the good in every terrible situation, and has hope that maybe things will turn around. Even if others tell her different.
    Appearance:(describe or picture)
    (I apologize that at the moment I am too lazy to give a description..)
    Of course being from the military they know more than most, and Daren happens to be exceptional at many things. A few he happens to be very good at happens to be...
    Hiding as in finding places to spend the night without fear/worry of zombies. Killing without guns, which seems pretty self explanatory (In other words resourceful). Gathering information, once more exactly like is sounds (By using force, fear, violence, any way possible). Speed, of course being in the military he was trained to run with several pounds of equipment on without breaking a sweat (Now without that equipment.. He is quite fast.). Strength, he is of course a bit more bulkier than most in the apocalypse, which mainly helps with anything that may require strength (As with any type of strength there are limitations. He of course is no hulk smash type of person).
    Of course being in the military alongside her brother has taught her a thing or two.. A few things she happens to be outstanding at revolves around her being able to do things her brother cannot.
    Agile, she is increasingly agile due to her thinner frame and light weight, though that does not make her incapable of being a formidable foe. She is quite capable of applying medical care under pressure, and under the worse circumstances. Just like her brother she is capable of killing without guns/weaponry. She is a very fast thinker, and always has a plan in any situation that occurs. She is able to handle melee weapons, and even weapons of her own creation.
    Even as tough, intimidating, and serious he seems to be he has redeeming weaknesses.. Such as...
    Children (under the age of 5), dogs (only canines), Quint, and his own emotions.
    Quint may seem a bit all knowing, intelligent, and at times stone cold but she is only human..
    At times Quint tends to get too involved in the survivors lives and is is one of her greatest weakness, she also of course has a weakness for Darren, sadly is willing to do whatever is needed to survive or help others (which is mainly killing other survivors, if need be). She has high morals which at times gets in the way of what she believes.
    Backstory: (at least 4 sentences)
    Well.. It's quite obvious that these two twins grew up with one another, and followed the same path.
    While growing up the two were inseparable and have never been out of one another's eye sight for more than a month at a time. They chose the path of military mainly because they didn't have the patience to endure schooling. The two split for once in their 16 years of being together when they had to choose a branch of military, of course Darren picked Marine Corp due to his need to be the best o the best. Quint chose Air force, as she was always a free spirit and enjoyed the sky. She figured that if she were to kill people meaninglessly, than she may as well be around something she loved. Of course the two being siblings, they were quite competitive as well, making them compete for the most medals earned, highest rankings, and so on. The two both moved up quickly wanting to be the best their was. That was until they heard of the apocalypse. They then resigned and went back home to warn their parents, though when they arrived they found nothing but the undead.
  7. ((I'm sorry but you have to fix your description,the characters must be in high school and it takes place 2 days before the apocalypse))
  8. Will do. My apologies.
  9. ((Oh its okay, you probably didn't read the rules, i was impressed with the last description though,))
  10. Name: Valerie Alyx Luther
    Nickname: Alyx, Ally
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cool and calm, while being a bit of a joker. She keeps to herself but is quite friendly despite being a bit sarcastic without meaning to be. When pressed, she does not hesitate to show that she is not a coward and would readily stop a bully in any shape or form.
    Appearance: image.jpg
    -Emergency First Aid
    -Cool Headed

    -Fear of darkness (the pitch black kind)

    Growing up in the ghettos with a detective for a father and nurse for a mother, Alyx is a girl who rarely fears anything. She learned how to protect herself due to her father's lessons and his insistence that she learn to improve her physical performance in strength and agility. Fights were the norm in her old life; trouble found her and she found it. That was not to say she did not enjoy it. Her look on life was optimistic, despite not having many friends, she enjoyed it to the fullest.
    After a time, they were able to move into a better neighborhood and she became a transfer at NorthVale High, as a senior. Not too long after, however, she experienced first-hand how cruel the world could be on a lunch run with her father, which ended in his death, her fears being realized and a calmer personality. She now tends to stay off on the sidelines, as a new student, and has calmed her wild heart from the need to fight. Only once have those in the new school witnessed the girl fighting to fend off a bully (oddly giddy, if she were honest), but thereafter, seemed to blend easily with the school body.
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  12. Name: Hiroshi Nakazawa
    Nickname: Lee
    Age: 17
    Gender/Sex: Male

    Personality: Hiroshi is a quite student who usually keeps to him self. He's almost always nice until someone crosses the line with him. He's smart and reliable when needed. He always keeps his word and expects others to do the same.
    Appearance: [​IMG]


    -Not familiar with working in groups
    -Hero (May risk is own life to save someone else's)
    -No experience with fighting or handling any type of weapons

    Backstory: Growing up Hiroshi got what ever he wanted. Knowing this he didn't put much effort in trying to achieve anything that until he's mother passed away. His mom was his whole life and it hurt him the most when that happened. He was only 9 when she passed and ever since Hiroshi worked harder then ever to get what ever was needed done. In school he noticed working in pairs or groups slowed him down so he decided to work alone. Being a honest and reliable person the student council would almost always call on him for favors and he would always do them with out any questions asked. Knowing this the student council tried many times to recruit him but he always respectfully declined.
  13. accepted
  14. 6 accepted so far, i'm going for eight then will start
  15. where should the school be located? Japan,Canada, what do you guys think
  16. Canada, or could we do London??
  17. I don't really mind
  18. i like canada
  19. [​IMG]

    Macks, Micki and Maka Paka
    girl who isn't afraid to be herself and will stand for what she believes in
    she is good with weapons (guns and bows mainly)
    she has a lot of stamina
    knows a lot about plants (i.e what plant is good to eat)

    hot tempered
    gives up easily
    doesn't cooperate very well with others
    has Aquaphobia

    born in North Dakota on the 4th of May to a loving household of 3 (mother, father and eldest brother). her life was an uneventful one until she almost drowned in the houses pool at age 6, now she wont even go near big bodes of water. the next eventful thing that happened was when Mackenzie was 15, her family moved from north Dakota to California and she was forced to go to NorthVale High. And the final significant event in her life was hat her brother left her family and went to join the military.
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