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  1. The Walking Dead Journey Of Three


    Back Then...
    It's Night Time Around 9:34PM

    "Don't want close my eyes. I don't want fall asleep Cause I'd miss you, baby. And I don't want miss a thing"
    The very popular song "I don't want miss a thing" by Steven Tyler better known as Aerosmith. Is on the radio, playing at a good volume though the Speakers on the walls at the Modern home of Paul and Sara Sebastian. There daughter Lilly Who is just a kid, is perfectly sleeping.
    It's a wonderful night filled with such amazing love and passion for one Another. The dim lighted living room, with candles all areas of the room. And the lights over the room hanging up in the middle Above the loving couple. It's such a amazing feeling to have a moment of passion in ones life when you both feel Filled with such love for each other. Both Sara and Paul's eyes lock for two minutes, but honestly who's counting?
    If you could see these two. You wouldn't want to be counting minutes either.

    Just admire the love and hope they give you. For what's out there, not the type of love you see on television. Where its All acted out, But the type of love you connect with someone on a personal level on a real loving level of trust. Both are about the same height, both holding each other. But Paul holding a little tighter to Sara, he moves he around Swinging her lightly and slowly. Making the mood more romantic, and finishing afterwards with a light kissing on the Lips. The continue touching of Paul's cheek from Sara's warm soft hands.
    The room again is dim lighted, but you could see the two are dancing.

    Is holding Sara, Sara is holding on to Paul. Arms wrapped around his back. Sara, being handicapped Paul doesn't mind. He never did mind, it doesn't matter. He loves holding his wife upWith all his strength and energy. It pleasures him to let her know he will never let go. He even whispers in into herEar as close as the two are. "I love you much Sara. Your my heart, your the angel of my heart. You keep me going. Please Don't leave me.." Paul cry's, tears fall on Sara's soft shoulder. Sara nibbles at Pauls ear. The song ultimately
    describes the love the two have for each other. As light as Sara is, Paul only needs one arm to hold her. While
    She is leaning back, on his strong forearm. With his free other arm, he strokes her hair and cheek. And kisses her again. "I'm yours, and your mine. Forever." Sara Replied with a loving smile.

    "Lying close to you feeling your heart beating And I'm wondering what you're dreaming." As the song goes on. The two Kiss passionately, it's pure. Nothing in the world outside there house can defile there type of love for each other. That was before the affair. Four years before. I'll never forget that night. The feeling we both had for each other. I take full responsibility. For cheating on Sara, I promised her in the church. In front of God, our family and her. I would stay faithful. I broke the promise, I got defiled in my heart and cheated on her. For a Co-Worker horrible lustful Temptation. Affair. I don't take nothing back, that would be more deceitful.
    Now...The door close's as Paul enters the living room with Sara. In her wheelchair sitting with Lilly, Lilly on the leather Couch coloring her coloring book. And listening to her CD Player. She doesn't notice her father Paul entering there house. Before Paul could walk any further into the living room. Sara and Paul's eyes lock on, with his car keys in hand. Both with a frown on there face. One with guilt the other with hurt. There eyes tell the whole story. She knows why he is late again.

    She knows he doesn't work late on Saturday afternoons.
    She knows the story all to well. There eyes stay locked on till he continues to walk to the bath room which shortly down The hall way to the right. Next to the hall way closet. He close's the door. And the sound of water from the sink is running cold. Cold as the tension between Sara and Paul, yet Lilly doe's not notice it. How could she? They keep it so Well hidden. Sara's eyes follow Paul to the bath room. Still looking there, she wonders to herself "What happened? Why do I deserve? What have I done?" She ask herself each and everynight. Least one of those. She rolls away to the kitchen to get Paul's food. She knows she shouldn't do nothing for him. But she still Loves him. She pulls the plate food out of the microwave. And lays it on the corner. The sound of the bathroom door is heard shutting. Paul doesn't even look toward the kitchen where Sara is, he ignores her and sits down next to his daughter. Removes the headphone's and kisses his daughters head.
  2. Back then...

    Location: Gains Residence - Salem, WV

    Melanie ended the call and sighed. She dropped the phone beside her on the bed and brought the newspaper in front of her to her lap. She picked up the pen by her leg and put a big, black X over an ad for a small, one bedroom apartment in Clarksburg. She could clearly hear the bass from her brother's stereo system playing Gangnam Style in the next room over for the fourth time, and it was beginning to drive her insane. She wondered if the two landlords she had called today had heard it playing in the background and rejected her because they figured she was partying. It was hard to tell, really. She had made nine calls so far, and only two answered. Hopefully the other seven would call her back, preferably when her brother wasn't blasting music in the background.

    There were still two more places to call about, but Melanie was tired and stressed. She'd worked the closing shift at McDonald's the night before, and this morning she got called in to work until three in the afternoon because the new girl called off again. She needed a break; from her job, from her brother's music...from everything.

    Melanie swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood, stretching her calves as she did so. She pocketed her phone and made her way downstairs. Her father came in through the front door as she rounded the corner, headed for the kitchen.

    "Hey, Daddy," Melanie said, smiling. "How was work."

    "Oh, it was work," he said, his country accent thick as it always was. "Guy quit on us today. Showed up at the crack o' dawn just to get his last check."

    "I'm sorry," Melanie replied. "You hungry? I'm about to see what's in the fridge."

    "I'll take whatever yer makin', Smerge." He groaned as he set his toolbox down by the shoes and shut the front door. Melanie frowned, worried about her father's health. He worked all the time, six days a week, and never seemed to have but a few hours out of the day to himself. And here she was just a minute ago thinking she had it bad at McDonald's.

    Melanie ended up throwing together Minute Rice, diced chicken, corn, and salsa together for dinner, smothering it all in a hefty layer of shredded mozzarella. Because her mother died when she was so young, she really had no one to learn how to cook from, so she simply followed the directions on the back of boxes and packages and threw together whatever the recipe said to. It usually ended up working out in the end, so she couldn't complain. After dinner, her father took his usual seat in front of the TV, and her brother hurried back up to his room, keeping the volume of his music noticeably quieter.

    As Melanie started up the steps to the second floor, her father turned his head and called for her. "Hey, Smerge!"

    "Yeah, Dad?" she asked, coming back down and into the living room.

    "I've got company comin' over tomorrow. Mind makin' sure the house is neat?"

    Melanie nodded, then turned with a sigh. It was always the same.

    She made her way up the stairs and to her bedroom, then shut the door behind her. With renewed determination, she pulled the phone from her pocket and picked up the newspaper, scanning it over. She still had two more places to check out. She prayed one of them would answer.
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  3. It was further into the night time. Sara and Paul was in there bed room, the door closed. The tension was close enough so were they. Both sitting on oppisite side of the bed. Paul would always gladly help his wife, get into bed. But not as of this year. He just sat there on the bed, with his back turned on her. He would hear her groan trying to get in. With her strength, she would always make it. She was in her white night gown, he was still in his work clothes. Sara tucks herself in, and gives Paul her own cold shoulder as well. "We have to keep going for Lilly" Before Paul could finish Sara interrupts. "What did I do? To make you cheat?" Sara ask, looking at the Decorative lamp on the bed stand. The lamp has sea shells on it, nice it is. "Nothing..just.." Sara starts to bust out in tears, that soon fall to the bed white clean bed spread, shortly edge in front of her. "Just?.." Sara ask, in a hurt tone. "I want a woman who can move around. And be a.." Paul stops and realize's there he should stop before...

    "You want a real woman?" Sara turns around as much as she can with tears coming down to her neck. Pouring after and after. "I guess staying faithful, loving you for you. Isn't enough?!" Sara yells "TURN AROUND!" Sara leans over to her right, and hard as she can hits him in his back. It hurts making him get up but not before she can grab his hair from the back. "Hey you fucking handicap bitch!" Paul yells back grabbing her hand tightly hard. And pushing her away. So much away and so hard he actually push's her off the bed, and on the ground. He stops and stares what he just did. Sara continues to cry, and Paul just stares his expression changes from mad, to unbelieved what he just did. He was not raised to do this. Paul takes a deep breath and thinks about helping Sara by taking a step foreward but stops and leaves the room trying to cool off.
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  4. Melanie was halfway finished with the dishes when her phone started to ring. She quickly dried her hands off and took the phone from her pocket, checking the number on the screen. It was one she didn't recognize, and they were calling pretty late. But it was a local number, so she answered it anyway, hoping it was one of the people she'd called earlier about the apartments in the paper.


    "Hey, babe." It was Melanie's sort-of boyfriend, Anthony. "Come pick me up."

    "Where are you?" she asked, then lowered her tone when she noticed her father asleep in his chair in the living room and added, "Why haven't you texted me all day?"

    "I'm in town," he said, slurring a bit. "At Kurt's."

    Melanie sighed. "Alright, just give me a minute to get ready."

    Anthony hung up before she could say anything else. Melanie stared at her phone for a minute, slack-jawed. With a quiet groan, she shoved it in her pocket and grabbed her hoodie, which still had her keys inside the pockets. Once her boots were on, she was out the door and headed for her black Silverado.

    The drive took about a half hour or so, and on the way she couldn't shake the bad feeling that had come over her when Anthony hung up on her. He'd always been kind of an ass, but why was he acting this way tonight? He's drunk, she thought. Probably trying to act cool in front of Kurt or something... And why had he called from an unknown number? Did his phone die? Did he lose it?

    Melanie pulled into the driveway, a part of her seriously considering turning around and saying screw it, it's over. But she didn't. As much as Melanie wanted to be mean, she couldn't, so she gave herself a short moment to calm down before exiting the vehicle and walking up to the door.

    The door wasn't locked, which was usual, but it was ajar slightly. This struck Melanie as odd. There must be some serious partying going on, she figured. She opened the door and stepped through, closing it behind her. Anthony was passed out on the couch, legs and arms out in crazy directions, and a girl Melanie had went to high school with was on the floor in the dining room area passed out on her back next to a puddle of vomit. Melanie was about to make her way over to the girl to roll her over onto her side when the sound of sniffling and sobbing grabbed her attention. With the TV on, Melanie couldn't tell if she'd really heard it or not, so she listened, keeping an ear turned toward the stairway where the sobbing seemed to be coming from. There it is again, she thought.

    Melanie made her way up the creaky stairs. There were three doors, all bedrooms, and the leftmost one, the one that was cracked open a little, was where the sobs were coming from. "Hello?" she called out, pushing the door open and stepping inside. It was dark. She felt around for the light switch and flipped it, then gasped. A girl of about sixteen or so was sitting on the floor at the end of the bed, her head against it and her arms wrapped around her naked form. Their were prominent bruises on her arms, legs, and neck. She looked over at Melanie, her red rimmed eyes glistening with tears, and Melanie's heart sank in her chest. She dashed over to her and knelt down, putting an arm around the girl's shoulder while pulling at the tangled mess of blankets on the bed. She successfully got a throw blanket off the bed and used it to wrap around the girl. Melanie could feel her trembling and felt her own emotions threatening to burst as she shakily reached for the phone in her pocket to dial 911.
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  5. Leaning both elbows on the kitchen counter. Smoking a cigerette. Paul's ears are not closed to earing his wife Sara
    her struggle getting into her wheelchair. He hears her grunting and it stops. He knows she made it, how heartless
    is Paul? For pushing her out of the bed? Not even helping her up? But angry makes us all stupid does it not?
    Paul walks outside to the backyard to finish his cigerette. Throwing it on the ground and stomping on it. Looking
    up at the night sky full of bright looking stars. Then the sound of a few helicoppers pass by over his house.
    He doesn't look at them, doesn't even think nothing of them. His feelings of guilt come at him. He make's his
    way back to the bed room. With Lilly fast sleep. He see's Sara in bed crying, lights are out. He is standing at
    the door. with it open. He wants to speak, but doesn't. He feels its not time yet. He brought it all upon himself.
    He close's the door, with a sarrow of a look. To leave her alone.
    The night pass's over to morning. Three in the morning, and Paul missed a text on his cell phone. "You coming baby?"
    He reads. One hour ago he miss's it. He holds the cell in his hand while sitting on the leaving room couch. With the
    ceiling fan only thing that's going. Lights are out, only the street light giving him little to see in the room he is
    in. He deletes the text and lays it on the table by the couch in front of him. And just lays on the couch, and let's
    the guilt hurt him though the night. Not a wink of sleep to be had.
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  6. Melanie checked her phone. The digital clock on the screen read 3:02am. Her dad would be getting up for work in about an hour. Thank goodness she wasn't due into work for another thirteen hours.

    After Melanie had called for help and gotten a busy signal three different times, she decided it best to take the girl to the hospital herself. The girl kept saying that all she wanted was to go home, but Melanie knew better. Hours upon hours of Law and Order: SVU marathons had taught her that the first thing a rape victim wanted was a shower, and that it was the last thing they should do. Melanie was not unkind to the girl, but she was firm with her about letting Melanie drive her to the hospital to be examined, and eventually the girl gave in. Melanie helped her to get dressed and they sneaked out of the house and to the hospital soon after.

    Now, Melanie sat in the crowded waiting room now. It had taken two hours for the girl to be seen finally, and during that time, she never said a word. Melanie didn't even know her name. While they had waited for her to be seen, Melanie tried calling the local police station, and when she finally got through, she stood and walked far enough away from the girl so that when she explained to police what had happened and where they were, the girl wouldn't overhear anything that might upset her further. The police took Melanie's information down and asked her to stay there until one of them could arrive, and that they were very busy, so it would take a couple of hours.

    A nurse came through the door and called Melanie's name. Confused, Melanie stood. "That's me," she said, walking toward the young man.

    "Your friend, Amy, is asking for you."

    Amy, Melanie thought, making a mental note of the name. "Is everything okay?"

    "Come with me," the man said, waving for her to follow.

    He led her through a pair of doors and down a long hallway, taking too many turns for Melanie to keep track. When they reached the room, he tapped on the door with his knuckles, then opened it for her. Melanie thanked him and went inside, closing the door behind her.

    Amy looked less upset and more tired than anything now. Her dark hair was messy, and she was now in a gown and laying propped up in the examination room bed. She glanced at Melanie, but her brown eyes did not quite meet Melanie's gaze before looking back down at her covered feet.

    "Hey," Melanie said, coming up to the side of the bed. "How are you feeling?"

    The girl didn't look at Melanie when she spoke. "I have to talk to you."

    "You can talk to me about anything," Melanie said, lacing her fingers together in front of her.

    "Is that guy... Anthony. Is he...your boyfriend?"

    Melanie hesitated. "Sort of. It's complicated. We were together for a while, then we went on a break. Now we're trying to see if it can go anywhere again." She sighed, residual anger from his phone call and seeing him passed out like that on the couch bubbling up inside her chest a little. "Why?"

    Melanie could see Amy's jaw tense. She turned her head to Melanie, but still would not look into her eyes. "He's the one that did it."

    Melanie's chest tightened and her hands fluttered to her chest, then over her mouth. She shook her head, mumbling from behind her fingers, "A-Anthony...? He..."

    Amy started to speak again, but stopped as her face contorted into a look of pain and anguish. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks and her chin dropped to her chest.

    Melanie dropped one hand to her chest and the other into the pocket of her hoodie, searching for her phone. "I'll be right back," she said, her voice cracking. She hurried out of the room as the white walls began to blur beneath hot tears. She needed to call her father. She needed someone to talk to.

    Someone crashed right into her as she rounded the corner of the hall, and she threw her hands halfway up in alarm. "I'm sorry - I'm so sorry," she stammered, blinking to clear her vision. When she saw the condition of the man who had crashed into her, all other apologies died on her tongue. His skin was pale and clammy, and dark bags stood out beneath heavy eyes. He was holding his arm, which was bloody, and on his hand she could see what appeared to be a bite wound.

    "It's fine..." the man said, followed by a small groan. "You know where the bathroom is? I'm lost and...I don't feel very..."

    Melanie's eyes widened as she realized the man was about to puke. She took a few steps back away from him and looked around frantically for a restroom sign. Far down the hall behind them on the wall was one of the signs with an arrow pointing right. "There!" she said, pointing a finger. "I think it's down that way."

    She hadn't realized she was trembling until she pointed. She lowered her hand and watched the man lumber down the hall. The events of the night and what Amy had confessed to her caught up with her again, and with a renewed wave of emotions, Melanie tapped on the contacts folder of her phone and called her father.
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  7. Morning time came, and all three members of the family was at the table. Eating breakfast, Lilly was at the edge at the table eating a bowl of ceral. While her father's eyes was watching her, the father Paul was peeling a orange. Sara was not paying any attention to Paul, just Lilly. Attention that morning went to there daughter. There was so much tension between Paul and Sara. Then Paul broke the ice "I do love Oranges" Paul finishing peeling the orange. Toke a piece and put it in his mouth and toke a bite of the juicy piece of orange. You could hear his foot tap the floor, that he enjoyed the piece of Orange. He nodded at Lilly in a yes sense smiling. Sara glanced at Paul with a lame look.

    Sara finishing her ceral. Then ask Lilly "Lilly what time doe's Bliss want you to come over for the sleep over?" Sara asked clearing her face of with the white napkin. Then laying it beside her leg still holding on to it balled up and crumbled. "Six thirty she said" Lilly said swing her feet from the seat shes in. Nodding her head as her father just did. "After you get home from school. Take a bath, get your stuff and then I'll take you." Sara said with a gentle smile toward Lilly.
    "I'll take her. We need some milk and pan cake mix. I can get it while.." Before could finish "No you won't.." Sara said with a damanding tone but still the smile in tact. "I'll take's my turn and we'll get the milk..and mix before I drop her off.." Sara arm reachs to Lilly rubbing her head back and forth.

    Later that night while Sara is taking Lilly to her sleep over. Paul is home. Not really paying attention to the news. He flips though the channels. And hears a sound in the backyard. An odd sound, as if someone or something has tripped over one of Lillys toys. Paul mutes the t.v. And decides to check it out, he grabs the flashlight thats on top of the fridge. Who could it be? What? Not Lilly, Not Sara not his mistress. She was outta town. Paul slides the door open and looks to the left but gets grabbed from behind! But is kissed on the cheeks. It's his mistress Brandi dressed in very short short and short top as well. "Brandi! Your here! In town and!" Paul turns around as soon as Brandi lets him go after kissing. "My parents were busy taken too much care of my little brother. He came down with some flu or something. I don't know...I don't wanna get sick and plus they would pay too much attention to him anyways sooo...I came back to see my boo!" Brandi said with such happiness. "You can't be here Sara will be here any minute." Paul said he could help it, he touched Brandi's belly.
    He was tempted. "Ah come on! What about back here?..It's spacey and private fence!" Brandi said grabbing Paul's hand and leading him to the outdoor large family table. "Well....screw it.." Paul said Brandi and Paul started making out, and both eagurely moving fast taking there clothes off.

    "It's not even a full hour yet." That voice, Saras voice is heard as Paul pulls himself off of Brandi. And see's Sara looking though the rather large wooden fench. Paul could see clear the little opening of the fench. Sara was torn, tears of sadness he saw pouring down. What a low life. Paul half nude, as well as Brandi in the couples backyard.
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  8. Melanie had been in her room the entire day after the night at the hospital. She called off work and slept in until five in the evening, refusing to get up. She was upset. She was in pain. She was worried about the girl, Amy, and she wanted nothing to do with Anthony as long as she lived.

    Melanie laid in bed for a while longer before rolling over to check her phone. Four missed calls and twenty-seven messages. Melanie's lip quivered as she imagined what he'd say.

    "It's not what you think, babe - that bitch is lying!"

    "I never even went upstairs the whole night. Kurt can vouch for me."

    "You're stupid to think I would do something like that, babe."

    She held down the power button on the side of her phone and turned it off. Whatever he had to say, she did not want to see it. Not now. She needed more time to think; time to heal.

    Melanie swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood. She made her way across the room to her closet to get dressed, her usual pep gone and replaced with a sluggish gait. Once she was dressed, she made her way downstairs toward the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, but stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Her father was asleep in the chair. A little early, she thought, tiptoeing the rest of the way to the kitchen. Usually, her father went to bed around eight or so. Must have been a hard day, she figured, filling the coffee pot with water.

    Footsteps met her ears, and Melanie turned, jumping at the site of her father standing in the doorway.

    "Oh, Dad! You scared..." her voice trailed off. Something was wrong. Something was severely off about the way he stood there, the way he was looking at her. His eyes were dull and faded-looking, framed by red rims and dark circles beneath them. His jaw was slack. His face, expressionless. His left arm was bandaged, but the wrappings were dirty and soaked in blood.

    Melanie tried to speak, but shock robbed her of her voice. Then, her father lunged for her.

    Suddenly, her voice came back full-force, and she screamed so loud it hurt her own ears. She darted to the right, feeling his fingers brush her arm as he swiped for her. She dashed around the table and toward the stairs, skipping every other one. Her brother opened the door to his room just as she reached the top, his expression a medley of confusion and concern. Melanie barged in and slammed the door shut, locking it behind her, and then leaned against the door. She hadn't realized she was crying until now.

    "Mel!" Jacob cried out a little angrily, "what the hell?!"

    "Something's wrong with Dad," she she whispered, squeezing her eyes shut.
  9. The sound of a zipper being zipped up. On Paul's blue jeans, his sourrounding seems to be in a motel room.
    A very cheap style motel room. The sound of a womans voice is also heard in a very comforting voice.
    "I got to get home. Ricks waiting for me." The woman said. Paul laying on the bed, using his arms as a pillow
    behind his head look up at the ceiling. "Do what you need to do baby." Paul glanced over at the woman smiling.
    The woman knew Sara, and Paul knew. The truth of the story is. The woman among one of Sara's friends. Paul
    is that type of shit scum. Before sleeping with his co worker. He slept with his wife's friend. To stay faithful
    is not with this man.

    Now to the present.

    The sound of jet's in the sky flying though the clouds. Chaos breaks out now, the WV army is trying there best
    to contain the madness with in the state. Army shooting the dead that walks the streets. Fire in many buildings
    have been set. Cars hitting people, other cars even children. Paul driving the mini van with Sara up front. Trying to
    avoid all the madness in front of the road. The back window is almost busted. It seemed someone threw something at the
    back window. Possibley for him, out of anger. With Lilly in the back ear phones on looking to the right window
    to her eyes upon the madness. One soidler see's Paul and aims his rifle at Paul signals him to stop. "STOP!" The soldier
    yells. Paul breaks the van. With the doors lock on all sides. Paul watchs the soldier come around, but as soon as the
    soldier is out of the way "Get down now!" Paul yells he steps on the pedal and doesn't stop for nothing or no one.
    "Gotta get out of the city. Firstly, get off road!" Paul says almost pass the hospital.
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