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Well i wanna see who is interested first off, it has been some time since i have run a good ol'fashion RP of any type but something i am passionate about seems the best to stretch my sea legs with. Now for this i am a big fan of the Walking Dead series of comic-books and tv shows, and i want to keep true to that with the RP, the bleakness of it all, combined with the traveling and the attacks of hordes, and the general lethality of it all.

The story will start in the Midwest during the start of the outbreaks, the tv panics the military crackdown and the start of the collapse of society, i hope to have people from a variety of backgrounds, keeping to the realism of the setting. This will end up being very harsh to players however, you are not Rambo and i will hold you to that, keeping track of ammo, food, fuel, the basic necessities of life etc. I will also be keeping this fairly realistic, no hidden military bases, no small childrin chopping a zombies head off with a butter knife, etc.

So whos interested? i will add more information and a bio as i think of it, who wants to risk the gauntlet.

Infection spreads by bite, as well as direct blood on blood contact. If you have an open cut, there is a serious danger that you will get infected if zombie blood manages to get on it. Infection chance may be reduced by quick amputation of an infected limb; however there is no cure to infection. Indirect fluid contact will not cause infection due to the virus only being able to survive in the blood stream of a living individual

Time from infection to turning is between 4 hours to a day depending on the health of the person. The side effects at first are a sudden feeling of dehydration despite not being dehydrated. This is soon followed by a harsh fever and cold sweats. as the infection progresses the victim begins to have seizures, falling into a coma shortly after, then followed by clinical death. Roughly ten minutes to an hour after clinical death, the body of the recently deceased rises once more.

Amputation is only effective if performed within twenty minutes of the bite, and even then only if the bite did not hit any major veins. Multiple bites seem to drastically speed up the process, cutting down the turning time dramatically.


All zombies matter the age all share smiler traits. They all shamble due to degradation of muscle tissue and loss of motor control. They all also tend to have dried blood, the virus burning out their bloodstream and making home in the gray-matter of the brain. The zombies tend to have a herd mentality, grouping together for better hunting. They tend to stick to where they first grouped but there are small subsets that tend to wander woodlands and open areas, not staying confined to centers of population for food.

Advanced Warning
There have been several large zombie outbreaks nearby, but the majority of the populace have no idea what is going on. The Government has been keeping a constant media blackout on coverage of the events, and has set up perimeters around all of the towns they know to be infected. Sadly, they did not know of all the towns, and many zombies are still on the loose. Whether the virus is natural or of terrorist origins is unknown at this point.

Weapons are limited to those that would be accessible to an every day civilian. Military Personnel are busy keeping up the quarantine efforts, so no military should be present, at least not in the beginning of the outbreak. Ammunition for firearms should always be kept in mind, no one should have infinite ammo. Keep count of your bullets, know how many bullets would be in each magazine and how many mags you can realistically carry without being encumbered by them. This should not be hard, so long as you keep some type of track, which could be nothing more than a text document detailing your inventory.

Melee weapons are restricted to realistically available ones, swords and things you can get online are fine but they are subject to being broken or bent due to low quality unless your char's background really invested into them.

Remember, you don't have a magical "bag of holding" to store all your junk in, you are going to need to carry it around. This makes vehicles a most useful tool, as it not only gives you a means of travel but an extra place to store items. A home base is useful for this same reason. Also take into consideration the build of your char with the items you are lugging about, along with bags and things you may have. Not saying i want everyone to be huge but use common sense, your not carrying around a 50. cal machine gun and 1000 rounds of ammo for a long period of time.

God Moding
Don't do it. The exception to this is if I give you express clearance to do so. However, the only times I will give clearance for god moding is when someone's character is needed for plot progression and the player is absent for an extended period, or if a character is either acting overpowered or are god moding themselves.

Well, that just about covers everything. If you wish to participate in this RP then please submit an application in the following format:









Other info:
Just wanted to give it a bump to see if i can drum up and more interest in the subject.
Oh my gosh. Heck YEEEESSSS!! Count me in. *works on bio*
I'm in as well! I'll get a bio up as soon as I can! :DD
Name: Levi R. Gray

Age: Twenty-four

Sex: Red-Blooded American Man

Description: One look at Levi and it's obvious, this boy is country raised. Though not the tallest in the county, Levi was blessed with a strong, stocky build packed on with two decades worth of hard, flat muscle. His shoulders are wide, his waist thin, and his smile enough to stop any lady in their tracks. Many city folk accustomed to flipping through fashion magazines may not find Levi conventionally attractive, but any young gal looking for a hardworking, charming husband would look no further. His jaw is wide, chin clefted and lips full enough to accommodate a mouth full of strong white teeth. His eyes are a little small for his face, giving him a look of constant confusion. He wears his hair long enough to keep his head from sun-burning though the apocalypse will likely not accommodate his strict hair cutting schedule. His hair is sandy-blonde in color and prone to flip and curl, his eyes a bright blue and his skin in a constant state between tanned brown and a sunburn.

Personality: Friendly and honest, Levi is a favorite of the small rural town he's been born and raised in. Brought up to courteous and polite, outwardly young Levi seems guilty only of fisting a few two many beers after a long day at the farm, or occasionally disappearing behind a barn with his lady friend. Inwardly, he of course struggles with restlessness and reckless urges that plague any young man. Now that his rather picturesque life has begun to fall apart, however, he's finding himself prone to becoming overwhelmed by the situation. He struggles to keep optimistic in such bleak surroundings and finds himself crying more than he has in the rest of his life. When under pressure, he sets his jaw and nuts up, but the effects of such stress has brought out a temper in the farm-boy he's yet to witness in himself.

Equipment: Upon realizing the gravity of his situation, Levi threw a couple of packages of beef jerky, a few apples, a loaf of home made bread and canteen of water into a rucksack along with a few extra pieces of clothing, a small first aid kit, and three boxes of left over ammo from hunting season. His firearm of choice is a A-Bolt Browning 25th anniversary edition equipped with a leather strap. On impulse, he also stuck a farming scythe in his belt. His biggest advantage is probably his truck, being equipped for four-wheel drive. He's interested in picking up some companions, as he's gotten no sleep since his hunting-dog was killed.

Detailed Equipment:

In pack: 1 JanSport Backpack, 2. 5 boxes 20 of 00 caliber ammo, 1 army surplus canteen, 2 t-shirts, 1 pull over sweatshirt(sometimes in pack, sometimes around waist), 1 heavy flannel shirt, 1 extra set of jeans, 2 pair long hunting socks, 1 first aid kit, 1 homemade loaf of bread wrapped in foil, 4 granny smith apples, 2 packages beef jerky

On body: 1 t-shirt, 1 denim jacket, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair hunting socks, 1 pair hunting boots, 1 pair work gloves, 1 baseball cap, 1 leather belt, 1 farming scythe, 1 hunting rifle (strapped to back), 1 Ford F250 Pick up truck, gas tank 3/4 full

Bio: Levi grew up in a normal, rural household. His mother was a teacher turned stay at home mom, his father a third generation farmer. Levi was the oldest son, and it fell on him to take over the family farm. He worked hard through school, never being book smart enough to make the honor roll or anything like that, but his grades were always high enough to keep him in football. He could several sports scholarship offers from colleges in the Midwest, but turned them down one after the other in favor of running the homestead. He spent his days toiling on the land, and his nights partying with his friends or in church, depending on the day of the week. He and his high-school sweetheart stayed together, and both families were hoping to see a proposal in the near future before things started getting…weird.

Levi's home town was hit with a small outbreak in the local dance hall one night, and the next thing the tiny town knew, zombies were walking the streets. Everyone assumed the disease had come into town with one of the occaisonal truck drivers who stopped to refuel his vehicle. This was confirmed when the gas station clerk was found temporarily dead with a bite in his throat, the culprit no where to be found. Holed up in the family home, Levi was met with a phone call announcing his intended had not only succumbed to the disease after being bitten by her little brother, but that the whole family had been shot down by her father…his own death following soon after of…less than savory motive. Before he could think to grieve, his mother was packing a backpack for him and his father was explaining the military were quarantining the town but they refused to leave their land. With a tearful goodbye, Levi headed north, hoping to find some relief from the disease. Thankfully, the farm was far enough off the main roads for him to slip by via the old dirt roads before the military completely closed everything off. He kept to forest maintence roads for a while, then got onto the highway when he was sure he was far enough.

Relations: Mother and Father-likely deceased, Several siblings away at college

Other info:
Combat Strengths: Physical strength and endurance, experience with his gun, cool-headed under pressure
Combat Weaknesses: Inexperienced with a melee weapon/close range, slow runner, reload time
basic zombie lore and concepts of the laws of reality is all you really need, most will be explained in RP or i explained in my big blurb, please read it to get an idea of what i am looking for....also heck yeah seems women love the zombies!
Im in, sebby, it might help if you watch the second through 4th episodes, as they might help you with an idea of how these zombies are, or get the comics, but basic zombie lore is pretty darn close to these infected in mah eyes....
: D Huzzah! Thanks guys. I think I'll check out the wiki page for the show, but I'm going to get started on my character sheet x 3 I think I shall have a male character.
Count me in, if you don't mind. :]
all i ask is that you read the first post in depth so you all get an idea of what the situation is, be prepared to die if you take on hordes on your own and think piratically for your choices given that this is just that start of the outbreak.
Okie doke! Profile is up there on my first post, if there are any issues please let me know : )

Name: Eliza (Eli) Bastilone

Age: 23

Sex: F

Description: Everything about Eli is harsh and sharply cut: heavy brows, defined cheekbones, thin nose, wide jaw, and pointed chin. Tall and lanky, standing at 5'8" with almost no curves, she looks more like a boy than a woman. Her thin, cat-like eyes are the color of deep purple, rimmed in navy; her long, dark hair has an almost blue tint to it; and her skin is a rich olive color speckled with freckles at her shoulders and cheeks.

Personality: Eli has a strange sense of sarcastic optimism, a mix between satire and mirth. She keeps the mood light despite the dark times the group will be facing, and finds humor in the little things-- like running over a walker at high speeds. Do you know how far those maggot sacks will fly when pounded at 90 mph? It's like fireworks on the Fourth of July: big, loud, and bursting with color.

Equipment: A hatchet. Yes, just a hatchet. She hasn't had enough time to go into her backyard and grab her trusty M14 that she keeps lying around with her other heavy artillery. T_T
In her pack: Changes of clothes, a few bottles of water, first aid kit, flashlight, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, a zippo lighter, and a pack of cigarettes. Other than a few bags of chips and a candy bar, she's completely out of food, and is desperately searching to find some.

Bio: Eli's life isn't very interesting. Actually, besides the whole "keep-the-flesh-away-from-the-zombie" game, she's never endured any sort of trauma. She was born an only child to two loving parents, who spoiled her rotten, lovingly giving her anything she demanded. Everything about her life surrounded around money: expensive clothes, expensive food, expensive vacations, and, most of all, expensive education. She attended the top academies, both through high school and college. She was in her second semester at Harvard, studying medicine, when the outbreak hit. Because of the virtually absent media coverage, Eli was completely unaware of the danger she was in. But as the outbreak cases increased and the strength of society waned, her attention was peaked. Infection is now spreading throughout the campus, and she must choose to fight for her life or become a zombie's next meal.

Relations: None at the moment... she's mostly focused on finding her family...

Other info:

Skills: Although Eli was raised pampered and petted, she has a few unexpected skills. Her father often took her with him on his many hunting ventures, and she's retained all the knowledge involved with camping and hunting. This doesn't mean she likes those activities, but they may come in handy later. She is also fairly skilled in kickboxing, having been involved in the sport since she was a little girl.

Weaknesses: Because the only weapon she owns is a hatchet, she is unable to fight unless at close range, elevating her risk of being bitten. Her agile and silent movements make her a great "in-and-out" retriever, however, so she is often plunged into these risky situations.

Outfit: Her clothes change from day to day (despite the trying times, she still upholds a strict conduct of hygiene), but you will usually see her in a form fitting Tee, cargo shorts, and maybe a hooded vest thrown on top. No matter her choice of apparel, you will always see her donning a pair of lace-up combat boots, and her hair pulled up in a ponytail.
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I'm interested; I've been having a very Zombie-esque month. Only issue is that I don't know much about the Walking Dead series. I'll give it a read up on wiki and report back, if ya think that's enough of a basic grounding then I'll fill up a sheet ^^
Name:  Darcy Marie Kingston

Age:  Twenty-Four

Sex:  Female

Description:  Darcy is a little on the short side, standing at five feet two inches, she has a sweet heart shaped face, an average amount of curves, and soft brown eyes that all work to make her appear far more fragile and sweet than she is.  She keeps her body fit and toned as is necessary to meet military standards for keeping her medical school scholarships. Thanks to her hispanic mother Darcy has a light medium complexion though due to recent events and more time spent outside it's darkened to more of an olive tone. Her hair is a long, chestnut brown,  that naturally curves and waves though it's most often kept up in a tight, efficient bun and out of her face. Before, when she had spent most of her time inside labs and offices, there had been a few freckles on her cheeks and arms. Her increased time in the sunlight has increased the amount of freckles ten fold which annoys her to no end. Her eyes have a soft, almond shape and their color nearly matches that of her hair. Her nose is fairly average in size and her mother has often described it as "button" in shape. The recent events have taken quite a toll on the young medical intern. There are dark, tired circles under her eyes from stress and a lack of sleep. Her lips are endlessly chapped, her cheeks are hollowing, and she's lost an unhealthy amount of weight in the past few weeks. 

Personality:  It can be assumed that for most people still surviving there are two personalties. The person you were before and the person one must become to keep surviving. Before Darcy could often be described as cheerful, ambitious and kind. She often went out of her way to help others, worked hard to stay at the top of her classes, and   always had a smile ready to share. But, as more and more patients arrived at her hospital with this horrifying "disease" everything, including Darcy, began to change. She quickly learned that her chances of saving anyone were very slim, especially when not even the most experienced physicians on staff could identify or treat this disease. She became quiet and as the days passed slowly by. Darcy watched medical teams turn on one another. The infection was spreading through the hospital like wild fire, no one knew what to do once the disease...'reanimated' a corpse. From that moment on the staff realised they were facing something far more dangerous than the average virus pandemic. As everyone around her began falling apart Darcy knew her only chance at survival was her military training. Acting the part of a well trained soldier she keeps focused on her goals, quiet and out of the way, and would follow orders to the T if she could find someone left to give them.

Equipment:  Most everything on Darcy's person is military issued. She has an army green rucksack with all of the basic necessities. A few pairs of ACUs, two civilian outfits, a travel bag of basic hygiene needs, a few random snacks she grabbed from her apartment cabinet and her issued camelback. Her military issued M9 and multi-tool. 

Specifically: One Army issued ruck sack which carries:
Two complete pairs of ACUs [two pants, two shirts, two jackets]. Two civilian t-shirts and two pairs of jeans with one pair of tennis-shoes. Two changes of undergarments, three pairs of ACU boot socks, and two pairs of regular socks. A small, black travel bag that contains  two eight ounce bottles of shampoo. One bar of body wash soap and two deodorants. Two tooth brushes and two travel sizes toothpaste tubes. Three hair scrunchies and a handful of bobby pins. Her various snacks include: one bag of beef jerky, six granola bars,  two packs of her favourite pop-tarts, and three water bottles. She has a manilla folder with all of the research information she gathered about the virus.

On her person she is wearing full ACUs. Boots, issued socks, pants, tan shirt, with the jacket tied around her waist. She has her dog tags around her neck, her hair up in a bun with one scrunchie and various bobby pins. Her M9 is holstered to her right hip while her multi-tool is kept in her left pocket. She has six magazines total, fifteen rounds each, ninety shots. Three of which she had to take from a fallen comrade. The extra magazines are kept in her right calf pocket and her left chest pocket. She carries both her camelback and rucksack on her back. 

Bio:  From a very young age Darcy always wanted two things; to become a physician and to serve in the military. At age seventeen she applied for an Army ROTC scholarship, was accepted, and went to the university majoring in biomedical sciences. She graduated from college and commissioned into the United States Army at the young age of twenty-one. From there the young Lieutenant was accepted into medical school. She spent two years there working in classes, studying eight hours a day, and researching in the labs. Darcy had minored in Virology and Immunology so when patients began coming to the hospital where she was interning with symptoms resembling Ebola she begged to be on the cases. The medical teams ran tests, viewed the virus under slides, and questioned the patients and family as best they could but they couldn't diagnose the disease. None of the patients knew how they had gotten sick and within hours their fevers were too high for them to coherently answer any questions. Some patients came in with wounds that resembled bite marks, screaming and yelling of how someone had bitten them and made them sick, some even went so far as to claim "zombies" were running about. Of course these claims were quickly dismissed by the doctors and the patients sedated. Patients began dropping like flies, the disease spreading like wild fire and the morgue filling up. Yet, the worst was still to come. Once the patients had passed away the only hope of a diagnosis was in the hands of the medical examiners. All hell broke loose when the first corpse under examination 'came to life'. Both the examiner and his assistant were bitten but they managed to escape the room, locking the reanimated corpse inside. Within hours both the examiner and assistant had a raging fever. Darcy received a call from brigade headquarters telling her to return to base. Her orders were to pack as lightly as she could, gather as much research and information about the virus as was available to her, and to meet a chopper on top of the hospital at 0100. The nearby guard base was mobilising troops to quarantine the hospital and would be there by 0800. With a heavy heart she went to her campus apartment, packed what she needed, and boarded the helicopter without one word of warning to her fellow medical professionals.

One fearful sergeant failed to inform his team on the chopper that he had been bitten  about twelve hours before being picked up. In the midst of the night's chaos and the lack of lighting no one on the helicopter noticed him suffer the fever or pass away. All assumed he was nervous and just keeping quiet; until his body reanimated. Chaos ensued in the helicopter as the pilot attempted to land in an open field. Just as they had nearly landed the infected soldier attacked the pilot and sent the helicopter into a spin. The crash was relatively minor but only Darcy managed to survive seeing as she was sitting in the back and still belted in. Once out of the wreckage she bandaged her wounds knowing she would need stitches but for the moment they weren't an option. Not knowing where she was and having no access to command she recalled what she could of her land navigation training as set off to find the city. 

Relations: A mother in Manhattan, New York. Father's identity and location unknown. A younger brother in community college.

Other info: 
Battle Strength: Great with a hand gun, was top of her class in hand-to-hand combat training, and an exceptionally well trained combat medic with two full years of medical school knowledge. 
Battle Weakness: Hand-to-hand combat isn't that useful against a zombie and puts her in danger of being bitten. She's average with a rifle, though leaning more towards the terrible side. 
I hope it's okay. >.<' This is my first role-play on here. I think I got a bit carried away but I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases.

Please, don't hesitate to tell me to fix anything. I may edit it a little soon, anyways.
To the new people, Dont worry, we all have to start somewhere. After all we all started sometime. Dont worry, just try not to go and not post for several weeks...
Also ill have mah character sheet up later.
Wow, I love the variety of characters: a country farmer, a military medic, and my spoiled rich girl. xD Can't wait to them interact!
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