The Walking Dead: Cataclysm

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    • It's been almost a month since the desolate destruction of the serine landscape as we knew it, the world was 'pure' everyone did their daily routine, adults went to work as children went to school. The world was at it's highest peak of greatness. Then the virus happened that mutated more then 50% of the world with a flesh eating virus. Many try and try again to survive but for what cause? Some people give up hope but others just find another way to accept it; what will yours be?
    • The RP will start a month after the virus, it will take place in Toronto Ontario, Canada and will start inside a local Wal-Mart.

    • Name//Former Occupation//Username

    • Name:
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  1. This morning I suddenly had a craving for a zombie apoc rp. #iwokeuplikediz

    I wish my beyonce phase would just end xD
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  2. okay cool, i am going to put more info in a bit.
  3. Alright
  4. Is this Roleplay still going?
  5. i would like it to keep going, just sadly no one joined.
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