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  1. Out of Character Thread & Character Sheets

    " Nature always springs to the surface and manages to show what she is. It is vain to stop or try to drive her back. She breaks through every obstacle, pushes forward, and at last makes for herself a way. "

    ~ Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux

    T H E ◎ W A L K I N G ◎ D E A D:
    C A T A C L Y S M

    ×× P R E F A C E ××
    March 20th, 2016
    14°C (57°F) - Small Precipitations

    The clouds huddled together as their dark curves moved across the sky. Small droplets of rain began to fall to the dry ground and thunder roared from the clouds as a flash of lightning cracked across the sky, disappearing into non-existence almost instantly.

    It's been three weeks since the outbreak. At the beginning, there were rumors only. Conspiracies, nothing too serious or definitive. Barely any of humanity actually feeling and responding that was danger awaiting them. But little by little, the evidence piled up. Cases of atrocious murders and missing individuals. People speculated, but nothing was done.

    Unfortunately, it was too late for those that didn't take actions, and death came knocking at their doors. The outbreak snowballed rapidly. Big cities such as New York plunged into complete anarchy within twenty-four hours.

    Now, three weeks later, the once proud United States of America is nothing more than wastelands plunged into a full anarchy.

    Humans didn't stand a chance. The final tick-tock of humankind began on that day of the outbreak, and humans could only beg and pray for mercy. Their numbers were falling low, society collapsed, and the people were plunged into a world of scarcity.

    Nothing was the same. Nothing will be the same from here on.

    You kill or be killed. Every man for himself. The moralities of this world shifted back to its core law: the survival of the fittest.

    It's the law of the jungle from here on. Will you survive?

    ×× S E T T I N G & R E M I N D E R S ××

    This is where your journey begins, in the heart of Los Angeles three weeks following the outbreak. Los Angeles is filled with walkers and not many survivors remain in the city, but there is a handful that does.

    First of all, food and water supplies are incredibly limited (thank god it's still winter in California). Second of all, electricity is completely gone. Or at least, for buildings that do not have their own self-sufficient equipment. Lastly, don't expect a functioning kitchen because natural gases are pretty low.

    As said previously, your journey begins in Los Angeles. More precisely, Los Angeles Mall located in the Little Tokyo. It is a small mall with brown, dirty tiles. For some reason, there seem to not be any zombies around that building. Or at least, not in an alarming number.

    Around that area, there are gun shots. It seems to come from the city hall two roads down. You can even hear the screams of fallen humans, but you probably are used to that by now.

    What you decide to do from here on is up to you. But I must remind you that for a roleplay to survive, you must collaborate with players and create plots. Play aggressive and don't be scared to bring drama, action, and horror. Of course, stay in the realm of the Walking Dead and if you need any help or feel the need for approval, just message GMs or bring it up in OOC.

    I will post in the spoiler a reminder of the rules for all of us:​

    - It is based on The Walking Dead Realm. Meaning...

    1) The word zombie never existed
    2) The cause of the outbreak is unknown and will remain unknown
    3) There is no immunity. Therefore, you are scratched or bitten, you become a walking dead.
    4) The roleplay will start Four Months after the outbreak in Los Angeles.

    We expect everyone to...
    1) Post Once a Week for Each Character
    2) Your post must be at the advanced level.
    [This means you added as many details as you could and checked your grammar before posting.]
    3) If you disappear and we can't communicate with you after 2 weeks, your characters will become NPCs and their faith will be in our hands.

    Have Fun & Can't wait to read your posts :)
    Map of USA | Map of Starting Area | Images of Starting Area | Images of Mall

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  2. Zara Van Halen
    Escaping Car Accident
    City Hall of Los Angeles - North Entrance

    It smelled of gas, burning gas. The young girl's heart beat erratically increased as she felt the heat on her feet was abnormal and painful. The young girl felt like she was hanging, which she was in reality. Her hair waved left and right, blood trickling down the tip only to mix with water with the sounds of walkers and munching resonated in her semi-conscious mind.​

    The young girl slowly opened her eyes, feeling the exhaustion of a thousand years pressing against her shoulder to put her down. Her first reaction was to pull her leg out of wherever it was, but she was only suspended by her belt leaving her in quite a predicament. She could feel the blood pulsing through her brain, pumping what little sanity she had left.

    She turned her eyes to the left, nothing but a broken window leading inside a building or sewers, she wasn't sure. She turned her eyes to her right, blood spat into her face and it took her a moment to realize what was happening. The young blonde girl named Sandy she was moments ago sharing a part of her past with trembled violently in her seat and mumbled incoherent syllables as walkers devoured her cheeks and her flesh. Her blue eyes stared at her in complete shock before she let out a piercing scream of despair.

    The brunette screamed as tears swelled in her eyes and she instinctively pulled her belt out. She collided with the ground with a thug and her body shook of fear as she faced death. She could feel the hands reaching for her feet and the droplets of blood splashing on her leggings as she crawled out of the car into an unknown hole. The sound of her friend piercing through her ears as she felt the broken glass ripe her skin and clothes.

    She didn't look back once as the girl cursed her. She didn't look back as she felt the eyes of the monstrous creatures devoured Sandy. She didn't look back once and fled the scene dreading her escape. Another uncertain hour alive was better than none.

    That's when she heard her name, but this time, it wasn't Sandy who called her.

    " ZARA!" he shouted as gunshot could be heard from the spot she just escaped. That's the only time she looked back to see the hole. She barely had any time to analyze her surroundings. The hole she just came out from was small and on the corner of the building. Pieces of her clothes were stuck on the broken metals that reinforced those walls.

    " ZARA!" the man shouted again, that's when she saw him on the long thick windows of the wall. A man in an S.W.A.T uniform was shooting from his Colt AR-15 service rifle towards the swarm of walkers.

    He pointed towards a direction with urgent eyes. She tried standing up and she felt a sharp pain across her body and she winced in pain, groaning as she held back from just falling on the ground. She swallowed the pain, replacing with anger as she limped towards that direction.

    She was disoriented, but she wasn't completely out of the game after surviving three weeks in this hell hole. She followed his direction, knowing it was for the best. She then realized that he simply pointed at the exit of the building. She asked herself, why not join him in the safe and comfort of strong walls. But, she quickly catches on as she heard shuffles coming towards her. She looked to her side, a group of them. Crawlers mixed into them, only the benches slowing them down.

    The young girl named Zara looked at them and back at the entrance as she accelerated her pace. The pain insupportable, but she swallowed it. She panted and gritted her teeth as she stubbornly fought to save her skin. Only a few meters and she would step outside and she swore to herself that if her half-brother leads her to her death, she would come back from the dead to haunt him - quite literally.

    Her body hitched to the door as she simultaneously dragged a bench closer to the entrance. She hastily opened it before slamming it back.

    She pressed her back against the door as she felt the swarm of walkers banging against the door. " Idiotic creatures, " she mumbled knowing the bench she pulled blocked them from opening the doors.

    The young girl then winced as she dropped to the ground in pain. Tears fell down her eyes as she gritted and saw a rather big piece of glass stuck to her hand and she just rolled her eyes, " I'm so done with this shit. " she said as she thought of how easy it would be if she was home and could remove this glass with her eyebrow clippers.

    The brunette sighed as she felt the banging of the door increasing and her head pounded enough as it is. She looked to her side, that's when she saw her brother running towards her. She stood up from the ground, her mouth dry. She felt that sharp feeling again and simply shoved it to the back of her mind.

    The African-American man reached for her and quickly wrapped one of her arms around his shoulder as he tried carrying most of her weight. She closed her eyes as they moved, refocusing her energy on escaping this place. She was confident of her brother and trusted him.

    She trusted her brother with her life.

    Picture Reference:
    * City Hall of LA * Exit Entrance Zara Escaped From

    Nikita Van Halen
    At the Mall (Pharmacy)

    Nikita held on his sister. He saw the state she was in and it sure didn't look good at all. He sighed as he rushed her out of this walker filled area into the parallel street which seemed completely empty except for the random cars around. It was just another imagery of their new life. It was uglier than pictures of war. Corpses on the ground, bullet wounds, and damages from military tanks.

    He could hear his sister whimper, quietly. She never showed pain, especially the last three weeks, and if she actually teared up... That meant a lot. He didn't really need to have tears as a confirmation that she was extremely hurt, he just had to look at her overall. She had blood everywhere. Scratches on her on her face, arms and legs. Her clothes were completely disheveled and, clearly, not the expensive outfits she once upon a time wore. Adidas or not, it would certainly not survive this.

    He thought to himself, remembering seeing the pharmacy not too far from here. He accelerated his pace as he felt his sister slip out of consciousness, her hands loosening around him. It was just a few minutes walk, but probably the most dangerous ones they could do.

    Seeing that she couldn't go any faster, he picked her up and walked pass a small park with only a crawler under some kind of monument trying to reach them. He passed it and walked towards the mall.

    His body was drenched. He felt so heavy, but at least their noise was covered. He was breathless when he finally started walking down what seemed like stairs and he saw an empty mall. He paused for a second, looked back and saw no walkers.

    He looked down at the open-air mall and took a leap of faith not knowing what awaited them down in this mall.
    A few minutes later, Nikita secured his sister in a store, the Quizno's Sub to be precise. He had the key in hand and was thankful for it. There was only one walker in the whole mall for some reason. Apparently, moments before his death he was trying to close his shop probably thinking he would go back the next day. But from the wounds on his neck and the fact that his wrist was still attached to the key chain, a Walker probably beat (pun intended) him to it.

    Now, Zara was safe for a short period of time in the store and he secured his gun next to him as he walked on the swampy floors of the mall. Water was accumulating and it wasn't really ideal, but he had to do with it for now.

    For now, he had to do with it. He needed to go to the pharmacy and he only had to go inside the mall. He wasn't a fan of the idea, since this kind of scared him to be honest.

    There was no electricity, it was dark and the chances of having no walkers in the mall was very minimal.

    Nikita slowly opened the door, it was damp and smelled of sewers. He didn't see anything nor hear anything which kind of gave him the chills. All of these years of training weren't exactly for creatures beyond this resistance.

    The young ex-cop swallowed a lump as he unbuttoned his knife from its pouch. He licked his chapped lips, only his green eyes piercing through the darkness as he slowly made his way towards the mall, only the noise of the raindrops echoing and his feet dragging in the water leaking from the roof. He saw some corpses laying around but couldn't know if they were fresh kills or not.

    That's when he spotted the pharmacy and glimpsed through the glass. Mist covering it which impeded with the view. He slowly reached out for the door handle and slowly opened it knowing he won't know if walkers are there or not without having a clear view.

    Only, despite how careful he was to not make noise, a bell on top of the damn door rang and echoed through the store.

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  3. Pharmacy - Nikita van Halen
    The small grip on her dark grey shirt made Lorraine anxious. Louisa had been clinging to her ever since. She'd reminded her time and time again; they couldn't give up hope, they could survive. Lorraine couldn't even begin to imagine how difficult it was for Marceline and Louisa. They were small, their lives only just beginning, and now, they had to live everyday in fear. It worried her to the bone, but she knew that the last thing they all needed was for her to throw a pity party. She closed the exit door behind her, the small family temporarily safe from the Walking Dead. They had previously encountered a small hoard not far off from here, at the grand park farmers market.

    The experience was less than fun. It'd been terrifying. Louisa had tripped over a tree branch and injured herself. To further convenience the group, Lorraine had scooped up the girls into her arms and darted out of that area. She'd tried not to fire the gun she carried unless in dire circumstances. If they could run away and not get bit or scratched, that was all that mattered. It'd been weeks since Lorraine had last seen her brother. When the outbreak occurred, she didn't know what to do. She didn't know if he was dead, if he'd been infected, or if he was fine, and not finding him since then was depressing to think about. She had to erase it all though, every emotion she felt.

    "Don't worry, mon anges*. We'll make it," she murmured, trying her hardest to stay strong for the girls. The store was deathly silent. It put Lorraine at unease. Every step she took with her children was certainly another step towards death. She squeezed their hands, her heart pounding in her ear as she quickly, but quietly made her way to the front of the pharmacy. One hand held a glock, the other- her daughters' hands. They did their best to keep step in step with their mother as she scurried towards the place where all the medical supplies were. "Stay beside me," she commanded her children, voice quiet, but firm. They obediently complied.

    Lorraine searched the shelves, grabbing the first aid kit nearby. She kept checking on her children every few seconds to make sure they were still near, a habit she'd developed. She also grabbed different over-the-counter medications, including liquid gel Aleve and Dayquil cough syrup. Louisa got sick a little more often than Lorraine and Marceline, so she felt it was important. Lorraine grabbed a water bottle pack nearby and ripped it open, stuffing as many as she could into her backpack. Suddenly, a bell rang at the front of the store. Marceline let out a gasp and Lorraine put her fingers to her lips, her face stern as she gestured her girls to huddle close to her. She pulled back her gun slowly, the safety unlocking, and peeked out from behind her aisle against the wall. There was someone here and she didn't dare make a sound until they came into her line of sight. Marceline trembled and Lorraine gulped down her fear.

    Whoever was out there, they sure weren't welcome on her turf.

    *my angels
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  4. Text box:
    LOCATION: LAPD Sheriff Department

    Combat Knife
    1/2 Gallon of Water
    Few Food Bars
    Common First Aid
    Sig P229

    Then. . .
    Marcus had spent a good amount of his time trying to get into Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters but that place was shut down good. He couldn't stay there too long since there were a few small groups (Not a horde/herd) around him and not mention there seemed to be some inside. If there is one thing he learned in the couple weeks of this mess was that being quiet was the key. He didn't know if another deads' noise would attract more or not but he didn't want to take that chance so he had left to go to the Sheriff Department.

    Now. . .
    Marcus flicked a cigarette butt into the nefarious inhuman creatures' mouth before raising his forearm and placing it under it's chin, against it's neck. The not so young, but young man held the creature back as he used his free hand and unlatched his combat knife. "You got a pretty mouth." Marcus said shortly before shoving the blade upwards towards its brain via it's open decrepit orifice. He withdrew his blade so what used to be... a person could fall to the pavement.

    Marcus turned around to face the doors of the Sheriff building and took a deep breath and entered but not before checking for any unwanted eyes. Once inside he quickly but carefully scanned the lobby before heading towards the back where the lockers were. He check what lockers were open but there wasn't anything useful for his situation. He then moved to the evidence room but before he could even think about checking out those boxes for confiscated goodies he could tell people have been here before him so he didn't even bother.

    There was one thing bothering him that he tried to focus on but it was too quiet and there weren't any of those things around. Alive that is, if you could call them that. Marcus would poke and prod the ones on the floor, against the wall, and at their desks. But nothing moved. Marcus finally found his way to where the law officers usually keep their guns and goodies.

    Ah no wonder he didn't find anything to kill, they were in here munching on a poor soul like nobodies business. Marcus wasted no time in carefully dispatching the remaining three the poor lad fell victim too. It helped that they were other preoccupied. He averted his eyes, not because he wasn't used to the scene or it grossed him out, but because he needn't waste time in looking at something that couldn't help him.

    Marcus checks the body swiftly for anything useful, only to notice the man was still alive. Well, barely. Just enough to eyeball Marcus as he went through his things. It kind of creeped him out but he ignored it and moved inside the open cage locker. Inside he looked through bins for ammo and on the floor to find a couple of bullets for a gun that he had gotten a few weeks back that was now empty. He looked to see if there anymore but he couldn't find any. Much less any bullets for the shotgun in the corner on the floor and the rifle on the rack. It'd make no sense to carry around empty guns such as those in hopes of finding ammo. He'd leave the task to some other poor sucker.
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  5. Riley Danver / Mason Faulkner - LA / Pharmacy - Nikita van Halen

    Reference Pictures:

    The light rain that sprinkled down on the Los Angeles streets did nothing but increase Riley's melancholy. She pulled the hood of her grey over her blonde hair and stepped off of the sidewalk, into the paved street. She walked crestfallen and sullenly across the road, headed towards a tall townhouse. As she moved, her head swung from side to side, refreshing her mental checklist. No people; check. No biters; check. No danger; check. As she completed her list, she moved towards the steps of the brick townhouse.

    With her short legs, the climb of the steps felt like a mile-long hike, when combined with her wet exhaustion. She pulled her sweatshirt zipper all the way above her chest, shrugging and fixing the straps of her heavy black backpack. She reached her hand forward to open the townhouse door, but the knob simply rattled, as if mocking her. She kicked the door in frustration, then turned to march back down the stairs. As she reached the bottom step, her white converse dipped into a shallow puddle, but she ignored it. A few weeks ago, she would've gotten angry with herself, but now... they were just shoes. Wet shoes were the least of her worries now.

    She turned to the left and saw a small alley that jutted between the townhouse and the adjacent building. With another heaving of her backpack, Riley swiveled and walked down the alleyway. Halfway down the alley was a metal door, built into the side of the townhouse. She moved towards the door, rattling the handle and seeing it was locked as well. She groaned in frustration, then reared back and punched the door with her fist - terrible idea. Her hand ached, and she shook it in the air. "Note to self: You're and idiot." She said, rubbing her bruised knuckles. She kicked the door one last time with a dull bang. To her surprise, the door banged again from the inside.

    Riley stopped, staring at the door. Before she could reach for the handle again, the door swung open, knocking her to the ground. She sat in shock for a moment as the water seeped through her black leggings. In the doorframe was a biter, a once-fat man that lurched forward as he saw her. Behind the creature were several more of its kind. As front most biter lunged at her, she rolled to her right, jumping to her feet. As she pushed off the ground, the undead man grabbed her ankle, causing her fall down on her right knee, jarring the joint with pain. She swore, then yanked her foot away, trying to ignore the familiar pain of her bad knee. She got up and ran away as the other biters surged from the building. Every step she took sent another spurt of pain through her leg, but she still sprinted towards the street at the end of the alley.

    As she hit the street, she didn't even see the car that sped towards her. The driver inside the car pumped his breaks, but his wheels still hydroplaned across the wet pavement, turning the car in a 180 degree angle. He skidded to a halt, nearly three inches from Riley, who stepped back, bracing her hands on the hood as if it would stop the car. She saw the man inside, who was alarmed by almost hitting her. When he saw the biters that followed her, he swore, rolling down his window. "Get in!" He shouted, then pointed a black pistol out of his window. He fired twice, dropping the nearest biter as Riley opened the backdoor of the sedan, jumping inside. Despite having no idea whose car she'd just leaped into, she slammed the door shut, hitting the lock, just in case the walkers could somehow operate a door handle.

    In the driver's seat, the man slammed on the acceleration pedal and sped forward, away from the biters. Riley turned and looked out the back windshield as the distance grew greater between her and the monsters. She turned and flopped back into the seat, heaving exhausted breaths. The man looked back at her for a brief moment, seeing her holding her injured knee, then returned his sight back to the road. "You hurt?" He asked, his eyes remaining forward.

    "Yeah - it's an old injury that still gets me in trouble a lot." She explained. She turned and stretched her right leg across the back seat, massaging the muscles around her knee. "Thanks for the help. I definitely owe you one." His silence told her that he wasn't exactly a talker. "I'm Riley, by the way."

    "Don't mention it, Riley." He said as he pulled the sedan to the right, turning a street corner. "Name's Mason. Where you headed?" He asked, briefly meeting her gaze in the rear facing mirror.

    "Honestly I was just looking to get out of the rain... It's freezing out there." She answered. "What about you? Where you going?"

    Mason shrugged, since he honestly had no idea where he was going, either. "Here." He used his left hand to drive while he flipped the AC and turned the air to hot. He reached over into the passenger seat and grabbed a black jacket, handing it back to her. Riley thanked him and slid out of her damp sweatshirt, then slid Mason's windbreaker over her white t-shirt. She zipped the jacket and sat back against the car door.

    In the moment of silence, Riley began to take in what had just happened. Now she was in a complete stranger's car, and wearing his jacket. She looked up at the man driving, examining him briefly. He looked tall, maybe 6'2, but she couldn't be sure until she saw him standing. His beard and shaggy hair gave him a bit of a rough appearance, but not in a bad way. His broad shoulders and large arms told her that he was not a guy that she would want to get in a fight with, albeit she was small enough for most people to take down.

    Unbeknownst to her, Mason was mimicking her assessment of him. The difference was that he was a trained profiler, and his years as a detective allowed him to see things that others didn't. He first pinned that she couldn't have been taller than 5'2, and might have weighed 115 pounds if she were soaking wet. Her build and quick reaction when he'd almost hit her told her that she was an athlete of some kind, most likely a gymnast. He saw that she wore leggings with white converse, just like half of the other teenage girls in america. All in all, she looked to be just that: an american teenage girl. Despite the conditions of the newly-dawned apocalypse, she was probably just a kid looking to not die. For this reason, he decided not to kick her out of his car.

    "We'll probably head towards the LA Mall if you're okay with that. I plan to get some things, then get out of the city." He said, waiting for her response.

    "Would you mind if I tagged along?"

    Mason made no move to respond, because he was mentally processing the question. He was an officer of the law, and it was his duty to help people. He couldn't very well leave a little girl in the middle of Los Angeles by herself, especially a half-crippled one. On the other hand, he seriously dreaded the thought of dragging her around with him, having to keep up with her, and making sure she stayed alive.

    "The more the merrier." He said, plainly. They reached the mall a few minutes later, and Mason parked close to the entrance. He climbed out of the car, coming around and opening the back door. "Can you walk?" He asked. He couldn't leave her by herself out here. Riley nodded, pulling herself out of the car and stepping onto the wet ground. She fixed her backpack as Mason rounded the car to his trunk, opening it and producing a hoodless nylon jacket. He slid the jacket on, cover his holstered pistol.

    Riley saw the words "Chicago Police" on the back of his jacket. "You a cop?" She asked, pulling up the hood of the windbreaker. Mason simply nodded, reaching back into the truck. The second item he pulled from his trunk was not an article of clothing. In fact, the item was a black shotgun, which Mason strapped over his shoulder. Lastly he grabbed an empty duffel bag. "Can I carry that?" She asked, not wanting to be completely useless. Mason nodded and handed her the bag, and she slid the strap around her neck.

    When they reached the entrance to the mall, they were both surprised to find that the floors were drenched, and had began to build up water. Mason stepped inside with hesitation, causing Riley to follow after him with a depressed sigh as her shoes sank into the shallow puddles. They traveled further into the mall, both scanning for signs of activity.

    As Mason rounded a corner, he spotted movement. He threw his hand back and pressed Riley against the wall. "Shh. There's someone here." He moved around the corner slowly as he saw a man in full riot gear, heading into the pharmacy. If he had riot gear, he very well might have been law enforcement. On this possibility, Mason slowly moved forward towards the pharmacy, motioning Riley to follow silently behind him.

    As they reached the door, Mason slowly opened it to prevent the bell from ringing. He saw the man a few yards away, looking into the store. He reached to his pocket and produced his Chicago Officer's badge. No, the CPD didn't have jurisdiction in LA, but police respected each other. Hoping this man was police, Mason raised his badge. "Hey, you PD?" He said, putting his badge in clear sight for the man to see.
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  6. Alexander Sterling
    U.S. Courthouse Los Angeles -> Los Angeles City mall
    At a courthouse, in what seemed to be a room for the jury during their deliberation process, sat a young man counting his last resources. He could hear the scratching on the door. Those things had been walking around out in the courtroom for days, not leaving Alex any room to run away. Was he going to starve to death in there? If he jumped from the window he would probably break a leg and be eaten immediately. Whose great idea was it to hide on the third floor again?

    He sighed. There was no water left and he only had food for two meals, though if he could eat his normal portions it would have been less than half a meal. Three weeks... It didn't seem like he would be able to make it above the five week mark at this point. Going without food for longer periods was no problem for the human body, but without water you wouldn't last for very long. What a depressing thought. Dying by dehydration. There wasn't even any books for him to read while he slowly withered away. Great.

    If only he could get out of there somehow. Maybe... Just maybe there weren't as many of them out there as he first had thought. It wasn't as if he had actually opened the door to check since he got stuck in there. Though once he opened it, there might not be a way of closing it again if too many of them are too close at the same time. His hand was shaking as he gripped the baseball bat. Alex had never played baseball, he wasn't very athletic. His father on the other hand had loved sports his whole life and had played baseball for most of his high school and college years. It was barely impossible to tell that the bat was that old. That old man had taken good care of it.

    Alex shoved down the last can of food into his bag and sneaked over to the door. The scratching seemed to have stopped, but was it still standing at the door? Or had it moved away? He leaned down and looked out of the keyhole. Nothing could be seen right outside of the door, but it could just be standing right outside of his view. There were at least two passing through further away in the courtroom. Great.

    His hand slowly and silently took the key and started to unlock the door. Five days earlier when he had come to the courthouse a security guard had let him into this room. From the beginning Alex hadn't even meant to hide in there, already at that point he had planned to go to a store to fill up on his food, if there were any left. A lot of stores had been ransacked at this point. Because of those strange creatures, Alex had been forced to take shelter. The guard had left after two days with the promise of coming back with food. He had a gun with him, so the young man had stupidly enough believed he would make it out alright. Now when he still hadn't come back, it was clear what had happened. Though it could just be that he had been ditched. Who would blame the guy for leaving a useless man without a proper weapon behind?

    The lock clicked. Alex held his breath as he pushed down the door handle. Slowly the door glided up. The things in the courtroom did not seem to have noticed because they were still walking aimlessly around the room. Five, six, seven, eight... It was fine, he just had to bolt through them. The man started running. Instead of running through the walker filled flat floors, he climbed over seats and tables. Sure it slowed him down, but it was also slowing those creatures down in their attempts to reach him. He didn't look back, he didn't care to see how close they were to him. He just kept running until he reached the door. One of them was too close to the door and Alex swung his baseball bat right into its head. He wasn't very strong, but at the very least he could make them fall over with well placed hit.

    Then he was off again, out of the door, down the corridor, down the stairs. Phew, non of them seemed to have been able to enter the staircase area. Soon he reached the first floor and there he stopped. Two more doors. The door to the staircase area and the door to the outside world. That was all that was left. How many of those things were out there in the lobby? That was anybody's guess.

    "Come on Alex, you can't stay here in the dark forever." He mumbled to himself as he gripped the bat with both hands. Almost out. Three. One hand was put up on the door handle. Two. A deep breath of preparation. One. The door was fast swung open and both hands once again gripped the bat as he ran through the lobby. There were more of those creatures in there than he had imagined, but most of them were occupied eating on something... Rotting. All he could see was a leg poking out with a red high heel lying right beside the half eaten foot. No time to think about it. A few of them was already turning towards him, but they weren't fast enough. Alex was out the door before any danger had even gotten close.

    All he had to do now was to run around to the other side of the building and then cross the street and he would be at the mall. That place was big. Some food must still be there. Easier said than done though. More of those creatures were walking around on the streets. This five minutes walk would probably take a bit longer than that.

    Thirty minutes later, he was finally there. Those creatures had clogged up the easiest route to such a degree that it was a far too risky road to take. Rounding onto a different route he had been able to get a decently empty street, though there had been quite a few encounters still. He was drenched in sweat from all the running and hitting. Oh what wouldn't he give for a shower right now? Walking up to the entrance of the mall, he noticed something odd. Not only were there very little of those creatures around, but the place seemed to be drenched in water. Oh no, did that mean all the food had been ruined? Maybe not. Canned food wouldn't be affected. One could only hope there was something left.

    "Hello? Anybody here?" He shouted. Usually he wouldn't, but considering there were no odd creatures in sight, he doubted he would be eaten. So far during these three weeks, he had found no reason to fear humans, so why not trying to find people so that they might be able to help one another?​
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  7. N I K I T A
    V A N * H A L E N

    L.A. Mall (Pharmacy) || Discussing with Mason || @Isla @SheriffLlama

    "Hey, you PD?"

    The words echoed through the store, Nikita stopped on his track for a brief second before turning his head slightly to the side. " Not anymore." he simply commented as he saw the badge and clearly saw where he came from, but it didn't make him budge from his place. It didn't make him relax more. All he knew is that this man was probably a good fighter and probably one hell of a shot. His first instinct, to see where his guns were and what he was holding in his hands beside his badge.

    A young woman stood beside him, she seemed... tired. Probably from running or escaping some walkers, logically. She looked young and he assumed that perhaps it was his daughter or someone that tagged along with him. He didn't really care honestly. She seemed more like a burden.

    Nonetheless, the young man figured there wouldn't be any danger from the looks of things and so he loosen his grip on his gun.

    " What does an officer from Chicago doing here?" he asked him with his croaky and deep voice. Despite deciding to initiate a conversation with these strangers, he still stayed alerted in case of any walkers in the store, but it seemed to be empty, for once.

    His body was now fully turned towards the two individuals, his last name was quite visible on his chest, written in a bright yellow: Van Halen.

    Z A R A
    V A N * H A L E N

    L.A. Mall (Quizno Subs) || Locked up Inside the Fast Food Joint waving at Alexander || @redblood
    Meanwhile, Zara was at the Quizno Sub just dozed off at first but she was semi-conscious. Her hand was gently tapping against the small diner tables and she found it amazing how this place was pretty freaking neat besides the water on the floor. It wasn't as much as outside since there was a step to get in, but there was still a bit of water.

    It was only the cold that prevented her from just fainting from the amount of pain she was in and the accumulated fatigue. To add up, the concussion she had gave her one hell of a headache. To say the least, she just wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. This insane America. When she came down from Egypt, she certainly did not expect this much craziness. She just wanted to study in peace to make a difference in the world.

    "Hello? Anybody here?" Someone said out loud. At first, she heard it faintly, but she couldn't help but lean her head to look through the glass entrance of the sandwich place.

    " Niki forgot to pull down the grill... I hope he locked the door." She told herself as she knew the guy would somehow see her because hey, that's what happened in horror movies. If you didn't want to be seen, you were seen. It was no different in this scenario, hence why their eyes crossed each other and Zara just gave a faint smile when an idea popped in her head.

    " What if he is a doctor? What if he was maybe a nurse?" she told herself and that's what actually gave her the courage to even stand up and welcome her. She knew she would die if her brother didn't come back or if her injuries were too significant. At least, she might meet someone and talk herself to death or maybe end up with a bullet in her head, but at least she would get to try and survive. She would see new faces and forget about the now.

    She saw it as an opportunity, her meeting a guy at the mall and then just talking to each other. Just randomly meeting and having a fun conversation, then maybe even exchange numbers and who knows what the future would lead them.

    " Urg, what are you even fantasizing." she then told herself as she looked at the guy again, " I'm so out of his league... I'd rather die a virgin than share my bed with him." she told herself before waving at him and smiling, nicely.
  8. [​IMG]
    Hayley Frost
    Location: L.A./Apartment Building >> Streets of L.A.
    Attempting to Survive.

    It had been a long time. A long time in such a short moment. Such a moment that changed the state of the world. Where staying hidden, and moving forward was the only option. Days gone, weeks passed and nothing changed. Things just became much more difficult. A world that was now harsher to survive in and trusting others did not come easy, it never did.

    Hayley was one of the many survivors in Los Angeles, she had to be. She just couldn't imagine people dying right of the bat. This plague, this ugliness that made the dead walk amongst the living was terrifying. It was extremely terrifying. How it came to be, was something that baffled her mind, confused her even more. More questions crossed her mind, rather than answers. It was probably like that for those that were surviving in this disgusting world.

    The brunette had been surviving for a while now. She was on a path to find her family, hoping they were okay. However, with how difficult it was to navigate and move forward in the streets of L.A., she ended up with a dusin people that tried to leave the city together. However, the dead was around every corner. People screaming in agonizing pain only paved the way for much despair in those that were attempting to stay alive.

    People in her group over the days made stupid choices, reckless behavior and eventually got eaten alive by the dead. You can't fight them off. You create some noise, or chop ones head off, more will appear from around the corner. How did this happen? How did this spread so fast and why aren't the government doing anything? Where is the military? It was all so overwhelming and the only thing that kept Hayley alive was her will to survive, to see her family one more time and to get away from this hell hole.

    Hayley was in a random apartment building in Los Angeles with a few others. Unfortunately, they were forced in its direction because of a horde of these creatures. They used to be a group of eight, but now they're only four. They did not take the elevator, and luckily the electricity was still intact in the building. They could hear the dead walk around the hallways the further up the floors they went. They were quiet and made sure the dead didn't hear them.

    "Shh.." Jackson spoke up, the self-proclaimed leader of the group. He slowly opened up the door to peek out and inside a hallway. The dead was there, but little did Jackson know that one was standing right by his side. He was unfortunate enough to not look in its direction at first the moment he snuck his head through the little opening in the door he made. And there it was, he yelled and screamed. Trembled as the dead tore his cheek away, before the man himself fell down on the floor.

    Eva, the other female in the group screamed and panicked, and started to run down the stairs instead. "Eva.. Wai..--" Hayley was confused and looked over to the only other male that was still there. His name was Clyde, a creepy guy that had been with them for a while.

    "Dont.." Clyde was serious, looking at Hayley. "But.. She'll die!.. You know that..." Clyde was not paying her much attention, other then pushing Jackson's trembling body inside the hallway, before closing the door behind them. Jackson was definetely being feisted on by the dead.

    Clyde grabbed Hayley's wrist and pulled her towards the stairs. They had to go further up the floors. Hayley did not budge as much in the beginning. "Listen, Hayley. Eva has no chance down there. Her stupid mistake will or perhaps already has gotten her killed. If you're so eager to die with her and Jackson, then by all means, follow her down.. Do you want that, HUH!?"

    Hayley glanced at the stairs. Being quiet for a few moments, unsure what to say. Clyde was correct, and she just couldn't help but feel guilty. "We can't afford to stay here. So make up your mind!" Clyde shook her arm, as the brunette gave him his undivided attention.

    "Uh, yeah.. Okay.."

    "Good.. Now lets go." Clyde smiled, and Hayley followed. They managed to find a floor that did not have any of the dead walking the hallways. They went from one apartment door to another to see if they were unlocked. They were unlucky at first but were able to find one.

    "Hopefully there is some food here.. We're staying put until we can find another way to get the hell out of here." Clyde clearly stated, which actually sounded like a good idea.

    "Check if there's more of those.. You know.." Hayley was standing behind Clyde, who had a bat in his hand, the only viable weapon they had for the moment. He opened up the door and pulled Hayley inside, nor did Clyde make an attempt to check the entire apartment for any surprises.

    "Lets check it out.. Together." Clyde added, tilting his head slightly to the side, gazing at Hayley for a moment or two. "Y-yeah." She awkwardly gave a response.

    Time passed, and the apartment was officially a safe zone. Hayley was curled up on the sofa, gazing at the big wide window, giving her a good view of Los Angeles. Clyde was leaning against the wall next to the exit. Some of the dead could eventually be heard in the hallway. Yeah, they had made it to their floor, and possibly because of Jackson and Eva.

    "So.." Clyde finally broke the silence, which immediately grabbed her attention. Hayley was still in a difficult position. They all were, but she was feeling much more worse than Clyde himself. She couldn't help but think about Jackson and Eva. It all happened so fast. "I can't believe their dead.." Hayley barely whispered, before standing up from the sofa.

    She stood by the window, with her hands on her hip. Her back was turned against Clyde, who couldn't help but keep looking at her. "Hayley.. It's only you and me now.. We gotta.. Stick together, you know.."

    Clyde walked a few steps forward before placing his bat on the sofa. He approached Hayley, before continuing. Hayley turned to her side and was wondering what was on his mind.

    "I mean.. How about it huh? You and me.. We'll never get a chance like this.. Not with them out there." Clyde had a smug expression plastered on his face. Hayley knew exactly what he wanted.

    "Come on.. Are you serious?" Hayley knew that the creep before her used to look at her like a dog when the group was a lot more than just the two of them. She had not payed it much mind but this definetely warranted him as a creeper.

    "I-- I.." Hayley casually disagreed with him by waving her hand and walking around the sofa, and towards a wall. "There's no way that's gonna happen. No way."

    She folded her arms before her chest, giving the exit door a look. "Come on, sweetheart. You know you want it. I mean.. Such a sweet ass like yours.. How can one pass it.. Right?." Clyde was persistent, and he did definetely not get the memo.

    Clyde grabbed the bat from the sofa and started to walk towards her. "Stop it Clyde.. Really. I dont want to hear your bullshit." Hayley took a few steps back but was met with a wall. The brunette tried to find something she could have used against the pervert. The woman noticed a knife in the kitchen and almost ran towards it.

    Clyde was too quick and acted way before her. Closing the path for her, before walking up to her face, almost breathing down her neck. She moved her head to the side. He had his hand plastered on the wall, while the other held the bat. She was pushed against the wall and there was no way out.

    Clyde gave her a kiss on the cheek, before Hayley pushed him away with her hands and kicked him in his temple, trying to reach for the exit door. "BABE!" He exclaimed in agonizing pain, not moving his eyes off of her. They became red because the pain was too much, but was he this eager to have intercourse with her?

    Hayley tilted her head to the side, while Clyde was in excruciating pain. She tried to open up the door but the bastard had locked it. The brunette was in a panick and had a hard time opening up the damn door. She unlocked it eventually, and opened up the door ever so slightly, before Clyde pushed it back with his hand.

    "Maybe.. MAYBE YOU'LL LIKE IT AFTER I GIVE YOU A TASTE OF MY BAT! BABE." The man swung his bat with all his might. Hayley instinctively crouched just in time for the bat to make a dent in the door.

    Still terrified, she fell down on the floor, before Clyde glared at her with his red teary eyes. "You're crazy Clyde.. Get away from me.. You sick bastard!" Hayley was probably out of luck by now, however, as luck would have it, the door did not fully close. It was slightly open, and Clyde was standing right next to it.

    There were no dead in the hallway at the moment, or not close to their apartment door. She gazed at the door, before looking over at the crazed Clyde. This world made this man insane, or so she assumed. She kicked the door with her fit, which immediately pushed it open with quite the speed. It hit the man right on his forehead, which immediately had him fall down on the floor.

    The brunette quickly stood up and rushed out. Looking behind him, and with the constant noise in the hallway, more and more of the dead emerged. Clyde was surprisingly right behind her, pushing himself on top of her by jumping at her, throwing her down on the floor along with himself. "Where.. THE FUCK are you going!?"

    Hayley squirmed, and started to drag herself towards the other end of the hallway. The dead were approaching ever so faster now, whereas the woman turned around and kicked Clyde right in his face. The creep finally let go of her legs, allowing her to push herself up again.

    "DAMN BITCH!!" Clyde yelled, holding his bleeding face. The man did not stand up but Hayley could see the dead behind him. Turning away, she tried to find a way to get away from him. Turning down the hallway, she noticed more of the dead, which only made it difficult for him. The place was now filled with the dead. Walking down the same hallway, she noticed Clyde still on the floor, attempting to fend off the dead with his bat.

    Hayley did not care about him and left him to die, hoping he'd die. She eventually found the fire-escape and used it as a means to get out of the building. Hoping she wouldn't have to face the dead anytime soon, or as she made her way out of the apartment building.

    Luckily, she did make it out, and quickly ran away with all her might. Her face was a mess, her hair was a mess, her clothes were a mess. This was not how it was going to happen. She gazed back at the apartment building, hoping she'd never see Clyde again. Hayley was all alone again now. Alone in the streets of L.A. With no one to trust, and she had to avoid the dead in order to stay alive. But where would she go? She walked and walked. Hoping she'd find something to eat.
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  9. Pharmacy - Nikita, Mason, Riley - @B l u E s @SheriffLlama
    Lorraine sank to ground level, silently moving among the aisles. There was a large shelf on her left side, broken down and battered, but still offered somewhat efficient cover. Many of the cans had been opened up previously and flies festered around corn, beans, chicken soup, anything open that they were attracted to. She gazed down at her children, put her fingers to her lips, and told them quietly to stay behind the shelf and not move until she said so. Lorraine's anxiety took over as she abruptly stepped out into the pathway down the store and yelled at the three figures standing up front six shelves away. She could see out of her peripheral vision, her children huddling close together.

    It was a fairly decent distance, considering she was extremely suspicious of the fact that they might be infected. Her gun was pointed straight at the man with the PD vest on, but she turned it on the girl and boy for a brief moment as well, before turning back to the man with his police uniform. There was no telling whether they'd gotten bit or scratched. Either the muscular guy with the black hair didn't have any common sense, or all three of them were infected, but hadn't shown yet. Her hands began to sweat and she gripped the gun harder, glaring at the small group. "Who the hell are you people!?"

    She took a few steps forward, the dust sweeping out from underneath her worn out tennis shoes. A small bit of rubble fell by, but Lorraine kept her gaze straight and grim. She wouldn't risk the death of her children, not when her half-brother being shot constantly haunted her mind. She could barely make out the people. The shadows in front of the store and the flickering lights near the three, one blonde, one brown-haired, and the other black, offered her no consolation as to whether her suspicions were correct. Lorraine couldn't tell whether they were sick or not, how the whole process went, but the girl standing next to the big guy with bushy eyebrows was first on her list. She seemed awfully fatigued and it only made Lorraine more alert and paranoid than she probably should've been. Lorraine didn't move from where she stood. She wiped her hand on her gray shirt and placed it back underneath the magazine end. She wasn't about to go down without a fight. "What are you people and why are you all here?!"
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  10. Prologue

    The bullet is eating our nation. It is eating our leaves, our water, our people, it is eating everything. Just making people bleed over our sacred ground. We are only now savages, with no place to be going. Why is the sun shining on these horrors? I try to block it with my hands, beg God to put out the light so I do not have to see these things no more......but he does not hear me. I want the darkness so I am not having to see what has become of this world. Please God, listen to my prayers, they not only for me.


    Lagos, Nigeria - October 3rd, 2015 - Nwabueze Ohale Speech​

    "What is it that has brought this family of strangers together? Is it fear? Is it poverty or war? Huh. It is circumstance. Circumstance has put weapons of war in the hands of our children. And therefore, the hands of the sickened. Like a plague, extremist and anarchist have divided our Nation, the Nation of Nigeria! We our at constant battle with each other, when we could be united. They have turned their backs on their government and have corrupted our military. Why are we divided brothers? Sisters? Why do you not trust your government? We have been defending ourselves against the killings and reapings of our own people from the PLF, and now the NRC junta. Together we are stronger, but these events have awakened the sleeping beast. It has awakened the giant. It has brought circumstance to the hands to our own president. And we aim to be taking down all those corrupted, but it is not revenge. It is justice."

    "So why do we do war with one another? What does this bring for us? There are no more barriers between us. You can still be you, you can still be Hausa-Fulani, you can still be Yoruba or Igbo. But in the end, you are Nigerian! You are family! Blood! You are my family, my blood. As your ambassador, I stand here on this podium to give you message of hope. We , Ugoulu and myself will be traveling to the United States in the western lands for diplomacy and international relation. We must put an end to these terrorist and we will do it with justice! We will no longer wait for them to come and give it to us! We are going to take it! We are going to take it from them! Seize it, the opportunity! All of you that have never been listened to before and have seen your family killed, huh. You now have something that stands for you. You now have something that stands for you! That is your defense. That is your families blood. Victory! Victory! Victory! We are going to seize it! You are my family. Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress!


    Washington, D.C. - February 28th, 2016

    Pridefully, a series of black vans drove through Pennsylvania Avenue with their Nigerian flags mounted on their Antenex Gain Whip Antennas. Each flag was considered a delicacy, as it's colors were scintillating and taken care of with utmost diligence. The vans themselves were also buffered and up to par with President Ugoulu Haburi's expectations. He was a very sophisticated man, with paramount elegance and noble disposition. Therefore, on the way to meet the president of the United States of America, everything, from the wardrobes of the security service to the socks they were wearing had to be faultless.

    "There has been talk about sickness brewing in this country. More disease than in even our own. You will not bring this issue up for any case. It is a sensitive topic that must be avoided at any cause. This is not an interrogation. We are here to ask for aid. The United Kingdom have already assessed our situation. We have forged a fair union with their diplomats and await their response. Until then, we will continue to speak with those in the United Nations in attempt to bring peace to our country," the President explained, obtaining the agreement of Nwabueze and the security sitting to both his right and left. Like an important cargo, the President's security was crucial. An undesirable event could start a war of worlds, impacting the Nation of Nigeria for worse. Ultimately, the idea was to safely transport the diplomats to the White House in order to discuss matters of peace and prosperity.


    "Slow down, we have something up ahead," was radioed over from the first channel. The sport utility vehicles gradually came to a complete halt, bringing forth alarm to the later drivers that were blinded of the events ahead. The security driver leading the pack, honked at the crowd on the street ahead. Bodies appeared to have gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue to welcome the leader of Nigeria to their country.

    "Ensure all doors are locked. We have a horde ahead, arms ready, eyes looking," Channel one exclaimed over the radio as the driver untroubled the brake under his right foot. Unhurriedly, the black Suburban started making progress through the congested thoroughfare. Civilians of all colors put their hands on the vehicles, some with courtesy, others with indignation. Individuals unable to make a physical impact held signs and posters that read things like, "Make America Great Again" and "Fighting For Us". The division in the United States resembled much of the division in Nigeria, so it puzzled Nwabueze to see that they triumphed with such disunity. President Haburi appeared to be undergoing the same disturbance.

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  11. Mason Faulkner / Riley Danver
    Location: Mall (Pharmacy) | Interacting: Nikita Van Halen(@B l u E s) & Lorraine (@Isla)

    Riley stood behind Mason with an apprehensive look plastered across her face. When the armored guy turned around, she saw his name, "Van Halen" plastered across his chest. So he was a cop. That meant he had to be an ally, right? Police officers were the peacekeepers. With her new companion directly in front of her, she tightened her grip on the strap of his duffel bag. The young girl constantly kept checking over her shoulder for signs of biters or people.

    Meanwhile, Mason regarded the former officer with a relieved gaze. He nodded, lowering his gun to a forty-five degree angle, placing his badge in his pocket. "I was unlucky enough to be in town when everything fell apart." He said, not including the rest of the details.

    A shout from Mason's right drew his attention, instinctively leading him to draw his weapon back to a ninety degree angle, pointed down an aisle where the voice had come from. He could make out the silhouette of a young woman with red hair. "Please drop the gun now, Ma'am." He commanded in a deep baritone. "Myself and..." he glanced over at Van Halen. "Officer Van Halen are both law enforcement, and we mean you no harm." He slowly and carefully fished his badge from his jacket again and held it towards the woman to show his truth. "I'm Detective Faulkner and I would love if we could both lower our weapons, but I can't do that until you do."

    Mason waited for the woman's response, desperately hoping she would comply. Despite his often intimidating appearance, he did care about people. That had been why he'd became an officer. He hoped this women could reason with him so no one had to get hurt.

  12. VIXEN

    #C52CF8 L.A. Mall (Forever 21) Vixen's Outfit N/A
    Vixen never would of imagined herself in a scenario like the one she was in now. She had her whole life ahead of her. She was going to be the next biggest Actress to hit Hollywood and win every award there was. Now, she was sitting on the counter of a Forever 21 inside of The L.A. Mall... looking at her dead boyfriend's body. The man had turned into one of those things a few hours ago and he started chasing after her; luckily he was a baseball player and had brought his bat with him for protection. Vixen didn't want to kill him. She had been with Marco for at least five months prior to the chaos that had broken out three weeks ago; but it was either kill the man who use to be her boyfriend, or be killed. She was surprised that she still remembered most of the tactics she had used against her brothers when they would chase after her in their younger years. She hid behind clothes racks and behind the counter. When the man had spotted her, Vixen swung the bat against his leg. Marco, now a Walker, had fallen and she started bashing him in the face with the metal bat; the bat that use to be his. The man had dropped it when he started turning, and Vixen immediately grabbed it; it was a good thing she did.

    Vixen was sitting on the cash register counter, with blood coating half of her face. She was shocked and stunned at what she did. What had come over her? She wouldn't even hurt a fly; something about surviving and wanting to live turned on a switch in her brain and body that she didn't know existed. She wanted to survive and she couldn't be the prissy girly girl in this new chaotic world. She held the bat loosely in her right hand, as she snatched up a torn shirt and started cleaning her face of Marco's blood. "Uhhh..." She stared at the now red stained shirt; she wanted to throw up at the sight. "I... what the fuck!" She yelled out, not really caring about who or what heard her right now. She shook her head and finished cleaning off her face and hair. "Now what?" She asked herself. Vixen hadn't seen anyone else in the Mall, not even another one of those creatures; she honestly thought she was the last survivor in L.A.

    She wanted to contact her mother and her three older brothers, but there was no way in hell that she would be able to get in touch with any of them. This entire situation was tearing her world a part. She hoped they were all still alive, but she might never know. She was becoming some kind of Walker Bashing Psycho and she didn't like it. She looked down at her shoes; it was a bad day to wear her favorite boots. She couldn't do anything about that now. Hopping down from the counter, making sure not to stomp on Marco's dead body, she walked over to the entrance of Forever 21. The doors were glass, so she could see everything on the outside. She could feel the ground beneath her squish. The mall was getting damper by the second and it annoyed her more than anything at the moment. "I need to get out of here and find someone. If there even are other survivors." Shaking her head, she looked down at the makeshift door lock that Marco had made before he was turned by some bastard walker's bite. It was a bunch of shirts and jackets tied in a tight knot and made a pretty good lock.

    She grabbed at the knotted up shirts and jackets, but didn't pull them off the double doors. Biting down on her bottom lip, she moved away from the entrance. Vixen knew that she couldn't stay in the store forever; she just didn't have a plan after taking the makeshift lock off the glass doors. "Just because I haven't seen anymore of those creatures... how do I know they're not waiting for me out there somewhere?" She was getting paranoid, which any sane person would get in this type of predicament. She had to think over her options some more before she decided to do anything. She hopped back onto the counter and just stared at the bloody bat. "This is fucking perfect..."

    No One​
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  13. N I K I T A
    V A N * H A L E N

    L.A MALL (PHARMACY) - @Isla @SheriffLlama

    "Who the hell are you, people!?"

    "What are you people and why are you all here?!"

    "Please drop the gun now, Ma'am. Myself and... Officer Van Halen are both law enforcement, and we mean you no harm. I'm Detective Faulkner and I would love if we could both lower our weapons, but I can't do that until you do."

    Nikita just pulled his helmet off as he looked at them. It was clear the guy had tons of tattoo that went up to his neck. He frowned as he curved his lips upward as he saw this whole scene unfold before him.

    " Who the hell are YOU tennis girl?" Nikita said as he felt a bit annoyed by the absurdity of this. He turned towards Detective Faulkner, " And what ya mean 'law enforcement'? Do you see any government or law's?" he asked reluctantly finding him absurd.

    He then turned his head towards the blonde girl. From the looks of things, she was the one most scared and the one more at risk of shooting. " You, white girl... Drop the gun." he said before looking back at the other one, " And you stop flaunting that badge. Ain't worth shit in this world. " he said before shifting his weight to one side.

    " And how about we scavenge this goddamn store like assholes and part our way after? Huh? Sounds like a plan? We are all rational, right? End of the world or not?" he said getting annoyed by this. He needed to get the medication needed as soon as possible for his sister and this was only delaying him.
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  14. E D W Y N ◉ F R A S E R
    STREETS OF L.A || Interacting with: @Akashi

    The rain fell on him, he was tired as he pedaled through the street of Los Angeles. He wore a yellow plastic raincoat over him as he pedaled and pedaled. His vision glasses were foggy with the shitty temperature they had. He just hoped that it would end soon because he could barely see anything which only made his travel much more difficult.

    There were no walkers ahead, not that he was sure, but he needed to leave this damn city. It was too dangerous, too crowded. Sure, many of the walkers left the city by following the many that escaped, but there was still a great quantity of them in the city.

    The young man of 28 years of age looked to the side, an empty street from the looks of things except for the cars. He rolled on the sidewalk where only a corpse was and he could see the highway ahead.

    Rain would stop falling and restart whenever he rolled under their roof. He was mesmerized by the sounds of the city when only the dead were alive. At some point, his focus drifted into nothingness as he felt hypnotized by the rain when suddenly a head of a walker popped out of under a vehicle with its hands reaching out towards him.

    Edwyn froze by fear and lost balance from his bike and squealed as he tried finding his balance, but a figure of a young woman appeared before him and just stopped at the exit of the building.

    " Shit!" he shouted as he tried to pass her from in front but he hit a parked vehicle and was thrown off his bicycle. His body glided on the flooded sidewalk and he crashed into the brick wall.

    What was I thinking pedaling in the rain? What got to me? What the hell Edwyn. You are going to die today and it's all because of your stupidity. He told himself as he removed his glasses to whip the fog off and he just looked at a figure coming towards him.

  15. Pharmacy - Nikita, Mason, Riley - @B l u E s @SheriffLlama

    Lorraine glared at both of the males, especially at the one with a lot of tattoos. He had a lot of nerve calling her "tennis girl" and "white girl" in this kind of situation. She placed her finger on the trigger, ready to pull it back at any given moment. "I don't care if you're police, a detective, or the sheriff!" she hissed through gritted teeth. "I'm not dropping the damn gun until I know what the hell's going on here." Her eyes zeroed in on the man that Detective Faulkner identified as Officer Van Halen. There was no way in hell these bastards were going to scavenge near her family; not until she had proof they weren't going to become Walking Dead.

    There was only one way to find out. Lorraine didn't care if she was acting rationally or not; This was about surviving, not being reasonable. It was the end of the world as she knew it. Without hesitation, she pulled the trigger on the man with the tattoos. The pistol clicked, but nothing came out. She narrowed her eyes at the gun and shook it. There was nothing in there. "Shit," she cursed under her breath.

    Lorraine could've sworn there was an ammunition magazine in the gun. She glanced over at the three people standing there and searched her person for anything she could defend herself with, then found a can on the nearby shelf. Lorraine raised her arm high above her, ready to aim at any of the three people in the heat of the moment. Her heart pounded in her chest as she demanded to get proof.

    "Okay, since I can't shoot any of you, tell me what you are! I'm not letting you anywhere near my babies if you don't give me proof you're not going to turn into one of those ugly monsters any moment now!" Lorraine glanced back to see if her children were still there. One of them, Louisa, peeked out from behind the shelves from far back, and Marceline followed suite, though Lorraine could barely see her. "Stay there!" she called out to them, turning back to face the small group at the front of the store. "Don't move!" She stared at the two men, her focus completely devoid of the woman. "So what's it gonna be, huh?"
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  16. READD

    #ff0000 L.A. Streets(Alley)L.A. Streets(Walking Towards The Mall) Readd's Outfit N/A
    Readd had just gotten away from a Walker's grasp; he was caught off his guard inside of a vacant bar. It was a big mistake on his part to try and take the alcohol from there, not knowing if those THINGS were hiding in the dark spaces. Him and his loyal dog, Chopper, had gotten out of the place without making too much noise. He wouldn't have been surprised if another walker came from the back of the building, but there seemed to be only one. He didn't have any weapons on him and had to make do with a broken chair leg; he shoved the broken piece of wood into the creature's decaying skull and kicked it away from him. He rubbed his neck. It still felt like the creature was breathing on him. He was soo close to being bitten; if Chopper hadn't jumped on the thing, Readd wouldn't be Readd anymore.

    He was now in an alley resting against a trashcan. Pulling his hat off of his head, he shoved it into his pocket. Running his fingers through his bright red hair, he turned to the side and looked at Chopper, who just stared right back at him. "Aye Boy... we got out of there but I doubt that'll be the last time we see one of those ugly motherfuckers." He rubbed the dog's neck and rested his head against Chopper's. "Nah, will get out of this. None of those things will get me or you. I'll fuck them all up before I let them even charge your way, boy."

    Readd's life wasn't a pretty one and he has survived a lot of situations and challenging years that most people could never even imagine going through; he wasn't going to let some brain-dead bastards take him out. "Fuck all of them and I would love to see another one of those bitches come my way." He punched the ground in anger and frustration. He might not be the most intelligent of men, but he knew what it took to survive on little to nothing and he and Chopper made due with scraps for food. He survived nights by hiding in alleys and vacant buildings. His apartment had been infested with Walkers one night and he luckily noticed something was moving in his home when he unlocked the door; he turned right around and ran back out of the building before those creatures spotted him. It wasn't like there was anything really of value in the place that he needed; as long as Chopper was by his side, everything else could go to shit.

    He didn't have a plan set in stone, he just knew he needed to survive and find some shelter for the night. The only place that seemed like a good idea was the L.A. Mall. He had seen a few people run into the building as he was running out of the bar further down the street. He didn't care to become a "team" with other survivors; they would only slow him down and get him killed. He needed to find some food and possibly a coat or a weapon inside the building. He was a beginner Macgyver. With a few things put together he could make a useful weapon that would fuck up anything threatening his and Chopper's life.

    "Come on boy. We need to get into that Mall, don't bark at anything." He looked straight at his dog, his best friend; once it looked like the dog understood him as much as it could, the two started moving out of the alley. "I swear if I see another one of those things, my fucking boot is crashing into their skull." He balled up his fists and looked out of the alley on both sides. "Alright..." He nodded his head and stepped out from the dark space. Now in clear view for everyone and everything to see. "This is going to be interesting." He snarled, as he made his way to the South Entrance of the mall.

    No One​
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  17. [​IMG]
    Hayley Frost
    Location: Streets of L.A.
    Interacted: @B l u E s

    She was tired, almost if not exhausted. The woman had just gotten out from the apartment building, away from the crazy Clyde. The brunette turned slightly around, gazing at the building. Even if the man was a creep, she couldn't help but be somewhat concerned, but it was more or less in regards of him making it out. Though judging by the situation he was in, it was hopefully unlikely to survive.

    Hayley just couldn't help but understand how fast someone would change. In this new devastating world they all are trying to survive in, nothing is the same. There is no law. The government is gone, or perhaps they found a safe haven for those important people. Panthing, the woman eventually looked at the sky. It was raining, and there wasn't much she was wearing. A grey short sleeved cardigan, with a white top tank, short jeans, and grey/white converse.

    The brunette was a mess, and wasn't paying much attention to her surroundings. Hayley was in a horrible situation and all that mattered now, was to find a place to be holed up in, until its safer. Safer to get out of the city, or wherever she can, to find her family and so on.

    Hayley nervously looked around her. The streets were filled with the dead, cars were abandoned all around the road. "Fuck.." She whispered annoyingly, wondering exactly what to do next. She ran her fingers through her hair. She was steadily becoming wet as the rain kept on pouring down on her.

    Taking a few quick steps forward, she was surprised and taken a few steps back in quite the hurry. Falling down on the ground, on her butt, she couldn't help but see the man on a bicycle losing his balance, all to avoid crashing into her. Hayley was startled, alright, and saw the man on the bicycle crashing into an abandoned car, before slidding on the road, and eventually into a walll.

    The ruckus it made, the noise was enough to allow the nearby monsters to start approaching the injured man. "What th--?" Hayley was confused, as she stood up. From one difficult situation and into another? If anything, one couldn't really trust someone nowadays.

    Hayley wanted to just run away, leave the man behind. It was a dilemma, and the guilt would definetely weigh in on her if she abandoned him. She walked up to him, crouching down on his level. "Hey.. You alright?" She asked, while looking behind her, to both her sides for any immediate threats.

    Confused and in a rush, before those damned walkers get a hold of them, she continued. "Stand up.. They're coming.." She steadily added. Placing her hand on his shoulder, before she shook him a few times.

    "Hey! Can you get up?.." Hayley asked, wondering if he needed her help. But how badly was the man injured? Tons of questions ran through her mind. She kept on asking herself over and over again if the choice she made was the right one. That she approached this unknown man, that she should perhaps not have helped him.

    The dead was approaching like never before. Time was of the essence. "If you cant, let me help you up." She asked. Trying to pull him slightly up, so she could throw his arm around her neck and shoulders. At the very least, she could support him to a much "safer" place. "We need to get out of here."
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  18. Marcus & Ayu

    LOCATION: LAPD Sheriff Department En Route LA Mall
    INTERACTION: No One (Possible future interaction with Vixen and Ayu. Marcus is solo.)

    A soft pitched voiced called out to Marcus, and he turned around to see Ayu, a fellow survivor he met a​
    month and a half ago. The two had gotten separated about a week or so ago. He was both surprised and wasn't. "Yo!" He said as he raised a hand in greeting. "It's quite careless of you to leave this man like this." Ayu smirked and she unsheathed a short sword and stabbed the mangled man in the temple. "Even though it looks like he would only be able to crawl at most. No chances."

    Marcus gently waved his hand and pretended not to listen as he walked over to her. "I'm headed towards the
    mall, need to see if I can any supplies..running a bit low. Care to join? We can catch up along the way if you'd like."
    The young woman simply nodded briefly and scanned the room, quickly noting there wasn't anything she herself could use so she didn't even bother doing a thorough search and followed Marcus out into the soft rain.

    Marcus looked around, he didn't see many of the dead outside and looked over to Ayu. Perhaps she...? Or they were lured elsewhere. He adjusted his hood-less rain jacket and looked over to Ayu as she pulled over her trench coat's hood. "Let's hope the Southeast entrance isn't too bad." He said to her as he walked down the steps and pulled out his combat knife. They needn't attract too much attention to themselves.

    Ayu looked around as she walked slightly behind Marcus, noting which walkers spotted them. Keeping track of them so they would get too large of a trail. Halfway, or what seemed like halfway, she had the duo take a few detours avoiding what the could to get rid of their tails. The two were only a street away when she saw man with a dog walk out of an alley heading what seemed to be south. It would be problematic if they met up in the mall. Meeting others and getting a 'good' fellow was a 50/50, and you might end up with a troubled one. And if it was the latter, the dog could cause a problem. Ayu looked away to the street.

    The street in between them and the mall was littered with dead and broken down cars. Ayu moved closer to Marcus. "I want you to follow me, carefully. I'll lead us through this mess. Just be ready for anything." The man nodded and crouched, knife at the ready and followed Ayu slowly through the maze. Often back tracking to avoid what could be avoided. Since Ayu was in front Marcus just let her handle most of them stealthily.

    It took quite some time and calculated moves to finally reach the mall. The two stepped onto the water soaked floors of the mall glancing at each other before moving into a corner not too far away. It was one of those strange random nooks and crannies behind a pillar with shrubbery. Which obviously HAD to be fake.

    - - - -

    Ayu whispered over to Marcus after sometime time had passed from their small conversation on what went on with each other during their separation phase. "I'm going to head over to the clothing department, going need a new coat." She pointed out to the tears and many holes in her jacket which had been stained pink, due to too much blood and the rain not really washing it all away. "I'll meet you at the food court."

    "Alright, I'll have to stop by the Pharmacy to see if anything can be salvaged. I wont waste my time if it seems impossible and just wait for you at the food court. Good luck." He waved her off as he slowly tracked his way in the direction the Pharmacy was. Of course after checking the mall map.

    Ayu on the other hand headed in the opposite direction towards the closest clothing department by their entrance which was Forever 21.

    Inventory/Extra (open)
    Marcus' Inventory

    Combat Knife
    1/2 Gallon of Water
    Few Food Bars
    Common First Aid
    Sig P229

    Ayu's Inventory

    Small Shoulder Bag
    2 1/2 water bottles
    3 Food Cans
    2 Short Swords w/ sheath & holster
    Small Med kit (Herbs)

    Ayu's Clothes
    (Link to clothes)

    Marcus' Clothes
    (Simply Rain dark brown leather jacket over white t-shirt, followed by blue jeans and a pair of simple shoes and socks.)
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  19. VIXEN

    #C52CF8 L.A. Mall (Forever 21) Vixen's Outfit Ayu
    Vixen had gotten the blood off her face, and most of it out of her hair by now. Grabbing at strands of hair that still have a red tint to them, she groaned and kicked the counter. "This is soo annoying, where the hell will I get my hair done now?" Rolling her eyes, she twirled the bat in her hands as she got off the counter. She looked around her surroundings and noticed that there was a lot of good clothing items around; luckily she had a model sized body and most of the things definitely would fit her. "At least I can snatch some shirts up and be able to change once in a while. I need a shower soon too." She was trying to stay sane by acting as if it was just a normal day at the mall; shopping for clothing.

    She kicked a few broken pieces of glass across the damp floor and just stared at Marco's dead body, which made the area start to smell. "Vixen... you need to go soon." She was trying to motivate herself into taking the makeshift lock off and leaving. She would be an easy target for walkers if she stayed there for too much longer; especially with there being only one entrance and exit. Huffing, she held onto the bat as if her life depended on it; which it somewhat did. "Fuck this..." She went to the door and started tearing the shirts and jackets away from the double doors.

    Once she only saw the metal door handles, she held onto them. They were warm now because of the clothing. She closed her eyes and took one more deep breath, before pushing the glass doors open with a light squeak. She opened one eye and looked further into the mall; she could see that there was a Pharmacy further down and a Food Court, and other place around as well. She didn't see anyone at the time; until she turned the other way and almost slammed the doors shut as fast as lighting.

    She thought the figure coming her way was a Walker, but she realized after a few seconds that it was a girl. A girl; about her age maybe and she didn't look dead or crazy. Vixen didn't want to make a huge scene, just in case those things were close enough to hear her voice. "Hey..." She whispered, hoping the other female had good ass hearing. "Come here... come here." She waved with her unoccupied hand; she placed the bat behind her back. She knew that if it was her being called over by some girl with a bat in their hand, she would run the other way real quick.

    "It's safe in here... for now." She looked the other way once again; she thought she heard loud voices, but just ignored it; thinking that she was probably loosing her mind now. Vixen was very excited to see that she wasn't the only survivor in L.A. and she hoped the other girl would come to the store and they could both come up with a plan to get out of this Hell on Earth. She stood at the double doors, waiting for the girl to notice her and either come her way or go somewhere else, preferring the former of the two.
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  20. E D W Y N F R A S E R
    STREETS OF L.A | | @Akashi

    26 Years Old
    The young man removed his glasses and quickly whipped what he could from the glasses in panic. The figure was coming closer and closer, but he could yet decide if it's human or walker, but it was probably walker. Drops of rains fell on the misty glasses and he just lifted them to look vaguely at the girl.

    That's when she spoke and he immediately knew she was human. " I-I can stand up, " he said as he tried his best but he could feel that he probably had a few wounds on his knees and elbows. Thankfully, he didn't hit his head which he was grateful. He stood up, his scrapped hands grabbed on her hand and he quickly made a run for it when a walker came from behind Hayley and grabbed on her shoulder.

    " Run! " he said hurriedly as he noticed the few walkers he was pedaling away from a few minutes earlier. He didn't wait for her if she couldn't catch up, but he didn't make any moves to abandon her either. It was more of an 'if you keep up with me, then I'll be there for you. But I won't go out of my way to save you' mentality he had.

    The young adults managed to outrun the walkers and Edwyn let go of her hands. The rain was becoming way too heavy for him to continue being outside. So, the best thing was to find refuge.

    " Come ! " he said as he winced at the pain he felt from his arm. He walked towards a garage door and he quickly opened it. He looked inside and there were fire trucks inside. He then walked inside seeing that there were no walkers that showed up with the loud noises of the garage door, so he took a leap of faith. He looked at Hayley and waited for her to come in before shutting the door close.

    He was drenched and he quickly removed his yellow plastic coat leaving him in what seemed like a casual lumberjack attire. If he would have had a beard, he would pass for a typical hipster.

    " That was pretty damn close! I totally thought you were a walker man. Gave me the scares man, " He said casually as he seemed completely relaxed now, oddly.
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