The Walking Dead AU Rp [1x1 Version]

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Your supplies drop out and you only have time to get one item. You grab:

  1. Your weapon.

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  2. Your bottled water.

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  3. Your canned food.

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  4. Your liquor.

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  5. Your morphine.

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  1. So this sort of ties into the rp's I was previously contemplating. I need help from you all to see which one you guys would be more interested in:

    - Idc about gender. Males and females are welcomed with my female character.

    (1) Walking Dead: Roads -> Tells the beginning of the outbreak from the Big Apple,New York City and is set in the same universe as the Walking Dead Tv show, meaning that potential crossovers from canon characters CAN HAPPEN. More population. More threats, more drama, more blood, more gore, you get it.

    (2) Walking Dead: Family -> Tells the exact same story as the tv series, following Rick Grimes' group of survivors from Season 1 all the way to current time, however with the inclusion of our own OC's in the group, meaning that our characters have the ability to POSSIBLY change events (ex. Saving Dale, Shane, or Amy, leaving for another group, etc.)

    - SEX/SMUT is allowed (duh) but not mandatory, so long as you stay true to the gritty, surreal story that is the Walking Dead. Any and Everything goes in this rp. Anything.

    - Be ready for sacrifice. Surely you can't think there will be a happy go lucky story 24/7 and no bad endings will occur? You must be willing to accept death, loss, abandonment, etc. That goes for all participants (yupp, me too)

    - No god-modding (carrying 102 guns in inventory, can't die, killing 298 walkers alone, etc)

    - Bring something
    ORIGINAL AND FUN to the table with characters and stories! That same reaction you get when watching/playing TWD you should get while rp'ing this! ^_^

    -Based and set in the SAME universe as Kirkman's The Walking Dead TV Show.

    If your character becomes non-frequent in posting, THEY WILL DIE.

    Be ready for sacrifice, death, and chaos at every turn. THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE RP, IT WILL GET REAL!
  2. i would love to do this, would we just stick with a two person group or we each use a certain amount of characters
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