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  1. The Walking Dead
    Among the Ruined
    Season 6
    "Answers in Blood"

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    Sign-Ups and Discussion

    Leaving Baton Rouge behind, a large number of the Louisiana survivors travelled north in search of a more reliable community to take shelter. Their journey ended when they arrived in Natchez and came upon a survivor group situated in a high school called Morgantown. The group split at this point, some choosing to trust Morgantown and seek shelter within its walls. This group was not initially well regarded by Morgantown's leaders. One of these leaders was Claiborne Borden, who often was at odds with the other leaders of his community. He and Nathan Davidson decided to remove Melanie Saracco as the third leader, as the young girl had never been one to get along with them...

    The other member of the Louisiana refugees went their own way, but ran into a horde that was moving through Natchez. The group become further split, some of the survivors dying in the chaos. Those who survived eventually travelled back to Morgantown, but Claiborne ordered his men to fire on them as they approached. The group was forced to flee, but not without suffering losses. Claiborne managed to convince the people of Morgantown that he was fired on first, but he still fell under suspicion of a few people...

    Meanwhile, the survivors of the group who had been captured by Magnus found themselves in Natchez as well. They eventually landed themselves at a community run by a woman named Fan Roberts. A man arrived at the community sometime later named Thom Wallace, claiming to be a representative of the Kingdom of Alexandria and that he was looking for people to join his community...

    Two weeks later...
    Danny - The Apartments/Outside Fan's Room - Fan/Elliot

    "You need to throw the fucker out of here."

    Danny's face was beet red with anger, a clenched fist held out in front of him. He'd cornered Fan in the hall just outside her room, Elliot standing not far behind him, arms crossed in agitation. He was practically shaking, his other hand running through his hair like a nervous tick. Danny didn't know what shitty forces were at work to put them all in this location at this moment, but Danny had no interest in engaging with destiny. "The girl, too. I don't know why the fuck they're hanging out, but fuck the both of them."

    Elliot raised his hands to sign. "They're dangerous, and I don't know what will happen when they see us." Danny looked back to catch what his friend was saying. He didn't bother to translate as they were both aware now that Fan knew ASL. "Please, Fan, get rid of them." Elliot's hands were noticeably shaking, though Danny knew Elliot was probably trying his best to keep calm. He was always trying so hard lately not to get seriously angry, not ever since he left Outpost months ago. That he looked visibly upset now meant the arrival of those two bastards had truly rattled him. No surprise, given what the girl had done to Elliot's brother. Danny figured she'd died back in Baton Rouge.

    Elliot and he had been gone for a day or two, travelling to the outskirts of Natchez for supplies and to do a pick-up of what they'd left behind in their hurry to escape the biter horde. It had been pleasant travelling with just Elliot, the other boy always the silent one. Danny didn't like to deal with a lot of stuff these days. Doing things was just a bother when you weren't sure you even wanted to go on living any more. As a result, it was just easier not to engage with people; the only arguing Danny wanted to do was inside his own head.

    They had returned to the apartments to find that three newcomers had arrived in their absence. Danny didn't know who the hell the Hank guy was, but he'd know Enrique and the girl anywhere. The trio didn't see Danny or Elliot yet, and Danny reasoned they hadn't seen Myriah yet, judging by the fact that a murder had yet to occur. As much as Danny was upset with Myriah, he didn't want her life to be in danger from a couple of asshole thugs. Fan needed to be convinced that it was best for the group if they were just turned away.

    "Listen," Danny said, turning back to Fan. He glared at her, as if challenging her not to believe their warnings. "We've shown ourselves to be good people, right? Don't screw us over here. Letting them stay will only cause conflict, and I know we won't be able to peacefully coexist here."
    @Josh M

    Myriah - The Apartments/Myriah's Room - Joe

    She hadn't left her room the entire day. She knew that man was here. Terrible, terrible memories had flooded back into Myriah's consciousness, forcing her to relive those final days in Outpost. From the threats she'd received, to Isaac turning on her, to Michael Tremblay holding her up against the cabin wall... She knew her life had been in danger. There was no choice but to leave; faking her death had just been to ensure she wouldn't be followed.

    Her actions had caused problems for far too many people, leaving her with more blood on her hands than even the people she'd been so scared of. Maybe she was an awful human being who deserved what she had coming, but that didn't mean she was willing to accept that judgement. Running into Enrique would lead to a judgement she wasn't prepared for. If she was lucky, he'd make it quick-- but chances were high he'd want to burn her alive, just like what happened to Amanda.

    She hadn't told anyone, of course. No one would think it strange she locked herself in her room all day, except maybe Joe, but he had the sense not to pry into her business. He wasn't aware that the newcomers had put her into such a state, nor did he have the faintest clue the kind of wrongs she'd committed. Hopefully, he would never know.

    So, here she was, locked away in her apartment and refusing to come out, feeling like a child scared of her parents' dinner guests waiting outside. What was she to do about all this? She couldn't stay in her room forever, but confronting Enrique was out of the question. If everyone learned of what she'd done, would they really care if he wanted to kill her?

    No, the only real solution now was to run. Well, maybe it wasn't a solution at all, but it was the best thing she could do. She would slip away quietly on her own. No one here would miss her, least of all Rudy and Elliot. It would be easy enough if she did it tonight, when few were paying attention. If someone did see her, it's not like they would stop her if she was leaving of her own free will. All she needed to do was get out before Enrique became aware of her, then she would get as far away from the man as she could.

    With this idea formed firmly in her mind, Myriah pensively looked about the apartment, unsure if she had anything worth taking with her. She'd left about everything that mattered to her back in Outpost and had been living pretty sparsely ever since. She'd begun to pace about her bedroom when she heard a knock from the front door. She was in place and hesitated a long while, considering just who it could be. There was a good chance it was Joe, or even Fan wishing to check up on her, but what if it was him...?

    Letting out a deep sigh, Myriah made her way to the front door and peered through the peephole. She felt herself relax at the sight of Joe, feeling gracious enough to open the door wide and offer the man a smile. "Hey... how are you? Do you want to come in?"
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  2. Jessalyn - Abandoned Home Depot - Others

    Several days had passed since the group had arrived at the abandoned Home Depot. The store had been pretty much ransacked, but some stuff did remain, such as tools, gardening equipment and even some snack food inside the vending machines in the employee area.
    They had gone about setting up various areas of the store as makeshift homes for each person. Jess had chosen the paint area in the middle of the store. The counter there had a large space underneath which she used as a bedding area for herself and Ben and lots of bright colors for him to look at. He had settled down quite a bit the past few days and Jess felt that it was because they were staying in one place. He giggled more and didn't cry as much.
    But that wasn't the only thing good about the Home Depot.

    Jess looked up from her seat in the fenced in garden area at a person that was more and more on her mind.
    Jackson had been living in the Home Depot all alone. When they had arrived, after some intense moments of confrontation and distrust, he had opened the doors for them and gladly shared everything, especially after learning that a young mother and baby were in the group. He had been very attentive to her and Ben ever since, making sure they had bedding and food and had even gone out on a scouting trip to a nearby shopping center to try to find baby items for Ben. He held Ben and made him laugh and played with him, giving Jess a break to sleep or just have time to herself or to socialize with the other women in the group.
    Jessalyn didn't want to admit it, but she enjoyed the attention he gave her. She still missed Floyd and wanted to see him again, prayed for his safety every night, but the way he had acted before disappearing was still on her mind. He had been so aloof to her, like they were strangers instead of a man and woman who had shared a kiss. Apparently the love she felt for him was one-sided. She'd had to accept that. It had been a bitter pill to swallow and sometimes it felt like it was still caught in her throat.

    But Jackson's attention, his kindness to her and Ben, it somehow made things easier to bear. She didn't know what the others' plans were, but if it came down to staying here or leaving Jess wanted to stay not just for Ben's sake but because of the kindness and gentleness she had finally found in Jackson. A part of her said that she was just kidding herself, that once again she was allowing a man into her heart only for him to abandon her later like her father, brother, Bruce and Floyd had.
    She hadn't told Jackson about Ben's father yet. She had mentioned Floyd though and that had caused Jackson to become even more attentive to her. She blushed when she thought that he might be jealous.
    Maybe she was being stupid, as Heather had always told her, but Jessalyn had craved love for so long, had longed for it with all of her heart, that the hope that it might be there for her, that she might have finally found something like it, was enough to make her want to believe. Maybe the man to finally take care of her heart was Jackson...
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  3. Phillip - Outside Morgantown - Ryan (NPC)

    "What are we doing here? Did Tyler approve of us coming out here?" Ryan asked Phillip as he opened the door and hesitantly made his way out of the vehicle. Philip had yet to respond as he ran his hand over his brow, wiping away the sweat that brewed. With the shake of the head and a quiet speeding breathe, he jumped out of the vehicle in a seeming rush.

    "C'mon!" he urged, power walking right passed Ryan - one of the members who arrived at Morgantown with Tyler and co. Loathing Phillip's actions, Ryan shook his head in disapproval. Without acknowledgement, he found himself backpedaling back to the vehicle as though he had no physical control of his body's locomotion.

    "I don't wanna go into the woods man, were supposed to be going to know," he stated, the postal office escaping his mind. They were initially tasked to go there for the purpose of expanding their sense of security and get eyes outside their gates. Unfortunately Phillip had been the one behind the wheel and lead them through some unknown road into the quiet and still forest.

    "You killed Clay," Phillip said with a questionable tone, as though he wasn't sure, but romanticizing the idea. His head slightly dropped diagonally to his left as his eyes fixated onto nothing. His mouth was opened and his lips moved to words that were not coming out. With his back still to Ryan, Phillip stood up straight when he heard the Ryan's agitated breath behind him. Slowly Phillip turned around to find Ryan pointing his Ruger at him, his hands trembling in irreversible fear.

    "You killed him. You and your people killed Clay you bastard," Phillip continued, taking a step forward as his eyes targeted Ryan. He looked as though possessed by some internal demon - a wrathful goblin that just wanted to take over. Ryan's brows started to close in, pushing against one another in fright.

    "Please stay away, I don't want to do this"

    "Then I will." Phillip then quickly pulled his gun and shot Ryan through the chest twice, causing the man to tumble backwards and twist before he fell. Phillip walked towards the body and shot it again until his clip was emptied. He puffed and took the boy's revolver from his temperate hand, throwing it into the car before closing the passenger door. Taking his time he pulled out a cigar and lit it up, wondering why Claiborne liked them so much for he found no admiration towards the damn things - they were just relaxers. Upon turning the key to the ignition, Phillip inserted a tape into the cassette reader which played his favorite tune.

    Back towards Morgantown he sang, "~Surgery, with no anesthesia, feel the knife pierce you intensely, inferior, no use to mankind, strapped down screaming out to die, angel of Death~"


    Floyd - Cabin - Scarlett

    There wasn't much left in his bowl, but Floyd was trying to eat every last grain of his oatmeal. He fought using the spoon, but it was helpless so he just vigorously liked the plate like an uncivilized person. Once done he looked up to find Scarlett staring at him, unsure if she was disgusted or amazed at his childlike behavior. Floyd just shrugged.

    After getting up, he threw the bowl in the sink to add to the other dirty dishes already mounting. He looked out of the closed curtains to make sure they were in the clear - it had been three days without encountering a walker. For a normal person or one sheltered by walls and gates, encountering a living corpse was rare, but Floyd had gotten so accustomed to it that no seeing one for so long seemed out of place. Anyway, he returned to the living room where Scarlett was sitting and leaned against the wall in front of her whilst folding his arms.

    "So you really wanna go back?" Floyd asked the woman, breaking the day's silence between the two. For the past few weeks, they had hardly spoke to one another despite Scarlett's attempts at conversation. Floyd wasn't one to say much to begin with and with a woman who looked like Samantha, it appeared to be even more difficult to speak - as though speaking to a dead person. Nonetheless Floyd spoke and was referring to the events that occurred the day before. A man named Nathan had approached them and informed Scarlett of everything that occurred in a community by the name of Morgantown. Floyd never found his place int he conversation and remained both distant and sheltered during their civil confrontation. Scarlett later filled him in on the details. Therefore, the question was referring to their next step. Floyd wondered if Scarlett would want to return to Morgantown now knowing her friend was in charge or if she wanted to continue alongside him to find Hank and the others.

    In the end, it wasn't Floyd's decision to make for her, but he did not intend to follow. He had to find Hank and Jess. They were his people now and he was supposed to be by their side. To be completely honest, Floyd would rather just die then continue to struggle and forced into some new environment and he knew it. He was sure they were out there, alive, so he wasn't gonna stop searching until he found them. His initial plan had been to follow the lake stream until he found some kind of sign or pass. It's obvious it wasn't much of a plan at all, no less a way to ensure his survival, but Floyd was determined. He wasn't entirely making non-ethical decisions as he was still sleeping, hunting and resting when so obliged to.

    Ultimately, if Scarlett wished to leave she would be inclined to. If she asked for Floyd's help, he'd provide. After getting her to where she wanted though, he'd go on his own to find the others - borrow supplies hopefully for his good deed. If that wasn't the case, if she decided to stay and help him, the silence between them might come to seize on its own. Maybe a friendship could ensue - but who knew. She hadn't answered his question yet.
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  4. Jackson - Abandoned Home Depot - Jessalyn

    Letting complete strangers in hadn't been his first choice. He didn't allow them in his living space, in his personal space, nor in his life. Anyone he had ever come across, the man simply chose to go the opposite way.

    Still, he had opted to let the group of strangers in. His outlook had changed once he spotted the young woman holding her son. It had reminded him of his previous relationship. Unfortunately, it had taken a turn for the worst but it wasn't his fault. He had told himself multiple times that it wasn't his fault. She had done it to herself.

    Being deep in thought, Jackson hadn't noticed that he had taken out all of the carrots that he had been growing. Even the ones that weren't done growing. Grunting, he tried to put them back in the soil and grabbed the ones that were good to eat and took them inside.

    "Jess, hey." He smiled at her and waved at her son as he awkwardly stood, waiting for her acknowledgement for a minute. "I, um, have these carrots. I know it's not much but I do know that if you boil them and mash them up, you can make your boy some baby food."


    Scarlett - Cabin - Floyd

    Although Scarlett had always been the social type, and found silence to be eerie and unnerving, the past two weeks she had found comfort in it. Ever since Floyd had explained to her his side of the story, and her encounter with Nathan who unknowingly confirmed everything Floyd had told her, she had finally found peace. It seemed as if she could stay quiet forever and it wouldn't bug her.

    "So you really wanna go back?"

    Floyd's words echoed in Scarlett's mind as she remembered the moment when she frantically began to pack her belongings before they had the encounter with Nathan. Afterwards, she had kept quiet and only told Floyd to give her some time to process it all.

    "I... I don't know." She muttered, finally taking her eyes off of him. She had been observing him all morning, trying to find something to do besides think about the negative. "I don't want to go back because Sam's body is there. Those people will only feel sorry for me and that's not what I want. I won't be myself either.. I don't know if I could go back and see Hank. We didn't exactly part on good terms..... I also don't think I can handle any one else looking at me like you do." She ended her statement quietly, frowning as she intertwined her fingers then twiddling her thumbs before looking back up. "I know you don't want to look at me. No one will. Everyone that knew Sam will feel the same way."

    She didn't bother to mention that she killed an innocent person due to Claiborne's actions. She decided that it would only ruin her image even more.
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  5. Abram - The Home Depot

    Abram stood on the roof of the home depot, his eyes glaring through his scope. At the end of the long parking lot was a small group of walkers. They weren't big enough to warrant action, but there were enough that they gave him caution. The man reached down to his belt and unclipped the walkie-talkie and brought it to his lips. "Jackson, why don't you go ahead and drop the blackouts over the doors? We've got a small herd on the edge of the parking lot."

    They'd been at the home depot for about a week now, and two days after they'd arrived, they'd hung black curtains over the glass doors and metal security gate to avoid attracting walkers. While searching warehouse behind the sales floor of the store, Abram had found the black curtains, tools, and four long range walkie-talkie. Abram had one because he was the closest thing the group had to a leader; Jess had in case she and been had any urgent needs; Jackson had one because it was his place, and because he was the only other male in the building, which gave Abram a bit of relief. The fourth radio was on the charging port at the center counter for whoever was going on a supply run.

    Abram had been uneasy about moving in with Jackson, but he'd shown that he was good people. Presently, the man turned on the heel of his boot, walking to the edge of the roof and stepping to the ladder on the side. He climbed down and touched to the pavement. He went to the thick metal door at the back of the building, unlocking it and stepping inside the warehouse portion. Across the floor was the fifteen-seater van that they'd been driving, but it'd broken down. Abram couldn't deny his partial relief when the thing had finally given, since it'd almost been more trouble than it was worth. His next goal was to find a truck, since they were now foot-bound.

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  6. Fan - fan's room- Danny, Elliot

    This whole situation was a fucking mess. Hank's group had arrived a few days ago, and everything seemed fine. Sure, Joe had mentioned his "interactions" with Hank, but the man said he had forgiven Hank and co. However, Danny's and Elliot's issue? No, Fan saw no waymto keep everyone happy.

    As Danny dared to challenge her, Fan's face stayed neutral. She wasn't going to take Danny's bait. Signing for Elliot as she spoke, The Doctor gave her response.

    " Stop. I get it. I'm your fucking side, Danny. Okay? I get it. Those two have to go. However, I'm not sending them to their deaths. I'm not a monster, even if they are. Thom, the man from the kingdom, he should be coming back with supplies for us, and to set in stone our arrangements. Maybe we can them off to him. I get that you two want them to go as soon as possible, but I'm trying to make everyone happy, Okay?"

    Fan would le motion for the two to follow as she walked away. Time to go look for Hank. She would start at the guard post.

    @-Q.t- @Atomyk @Wolverbells @HellHoundWoof

    Joe - Myriah's room - Mryiah.

    "Wouldn't you rather come out?"

    Joe's word would echo as he came inside his friend's room. Besides Lia and Riley, Mryiah was someone he always kept eyes on. She seemed so shattered by the world. Yet, it wasn't till Hank and is co came in that things got worse. Myriah was now a hermit. Joe hated to pry on his friend, but he was worried. He might be an open book, but not everyone is. Plopping on her couch, Joe would get to the point.

    "What''s going on, Mryiah? Ever since we got Hank and his guys, you've been a shut in. Do you know Hank too?"

  7. Hank - The Apartments - Enrique//Aubrey

    "........and that's it. We don't have our guns, so we don't have much of an option. We play by their rules," he said to the group, explaining in detail what their options were. Upon arriving in this community a few days prior to this day, their weapons had been apprehended. In return, they were given a room to claim their own alongside food and clean clothes. Hank had hardly spoke with Fan - who wore the title of leader - and was becoming very frustrated with the inability to speak to the person in charge whenever he asked. People of the community seemed wary of their arrival, giving each individual sharp looks and stares.

    Despite all this, Hank did not find the need to plea his case to stay. He would stay within the gates no matter what, even if he had to fight for it. What he was more focused on was reinforcing the defense of The Apartments. Him, Enrique and Aubrey had walked up to their doors without being noticed until they were already there. Fortunately for them, Hank wasn't looking for blood. If he had been, the walls would be painted red - they weren't. Anyhow, the more they spent defenseless the bigger the risk of being attacked. It was obvious to Hank that people out there wanted what they had. They had shelter and food, two of the most vital resources during times of survival. Never did it occur to Hank that his stay might be in jeopardy.

    Later on that day, Hank decided to take a stroll around the entire neighborhood. Initially neither he nor the others were let out of that double bedroom apartment. Instead, they were watched by gun wielders every second of every day. It was an uncomfortable feeling being so close to gunpoint, but fortunately they seemed to prove their lack of being a risk.

    "Hey you, I'm gonna ask yet again, I need to speak to Fran or Fan or whatever her name is. This..." he stated, pointing at the gates

    ".....this isn't gonna hold. Not for long."
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  8. Enrique-The Apartments-Hank, Aubrey, ETC
    Enrique had been carefully watching these new people, just like they'd been watching him. He didnt like it. They'd taken his rifle and axe. In his spare time he'd taken a long screw from one of the bed frames and ground it down into a shiv. He was in the bathroom wrapping toilet paper around one end of it with the door open. He didnt like being unprotected. Hank had gone out for a walk, not only did it make Enrique nervous but the last time he'd been in a situation with two people he didnt know very well among other people he'd made the mistake of letting them tell him what to do. And he vividly remembered what had happened as a result. Enrique stood staring into the mirror, looking into his own eyes he saw the changes that he'd been through. He hardly ever let his facial hair go this far, he had scars on his shoulder and on his stomach. He could see himself on that day he'd found out about Tyler. The blood he was covered in, the people dying around him. He was clutching the corners of the sink so tight that his knuckles were white.

    "Tyler......Tyler......Tyler......" he said to himself under his breath. He shook it off before pulling on his shirt and tucking the shiv into his pocket. He looked to Aubrey who was sitting on the bed.

    "I'm going to get a look around, if shit hits the fan I'll be right back here." He said before exiting the room and walking down the hall to the stairs. On his way there he saw Joe.

    "Sup Joe," Enrique said as he passed and patted the man on the back.

    He ascended the stairs a few levels to the roof. He saw the big biker guy sitting in a lawn chair looking over the side with a pair of binoculars, the big guy pulled back the hammer on his pistol and aimed it in Enrique's direction. Enrique reached for his shiv for a second but realized the guy was still looking through the binoculars. He pulled his hand out of his pocket and began walking around the edge of the rooftop. He looked around the walls, they were good. Enrique hadnt seen any bullet-holes in the front gate so it was likely these people hadnt had to fight for this place. But he still didnt want to play around with these people. He looked at the biker guy and walked up to him. The big blonde stood from his chair and carefully aimed his pistol at Enrique's head.

    "Dontchu step no closer," Cutter said calmly, but surely, "I dont know you and I dont trust you for shit. So if you take another step back this way I will blow your ass to kingdom come."

    "Calmate tarado," Enrique said putting his hands up and smirking, "I've got no beef with you."

    "I dont speak Spanish and neither do they, so dont expect to be speaking much of it 'round here."

    "Okay," Enrique said, "Whatcha watchin out there?"

    "I was looking for anyone that might be with you fuckers that's trynna sneak in when you all give any kind of signal."

    "We dont have plans like that, it's just us."

    "Mhmmmm," Cutter said turning his chair and sitting back in it, "Why dontchu go back inside..."

    "No problem for me," Enrique said as he walked back inside and down the stairs. This time he went to the very bottom level and spotted Hank talking to some guy on the wall. Enrique propped himself against the wall near the door to the apartments. Hank was asking to speak to the boss lady. Hank's tone certainly wasnt pleasent but it didnt bother Enrique, he was always ready for a rumble. Especially if it was with the people that had his weapons.​
  9. Aubrey - The Apartments - Danny and Elliot

    Even though finding a place to sit and rest had sounded like a good idea, Aubrey had still entered the apartments with hesitation. It had been some time now and she was still getting killer looks from certain people, which confused her, and for once made her feel as if she was just a scared teenager.

    The moment they had arrived, their weapons were taken but in return, they had been given clean clothes and a chance to wash up. It was not something Aubrey had taken for granted. She had earnestly thanked the person and gone about her business, but now that she had been defenseless for what seemed a couple of weeks, she began to worry that she would not be ready for anything.

    When Enrique mentioned going out for a minute, Aubrey nodded but remained sitting on a couch as she went over what Hank had said before. "Play by their rules." Aubrey had then scoffed, but now she had no other choice. Out of their small group, she had been the most quiet. She had kept remembering her close encounter with the walkers and how she, in reality, was not prepared for close encounters at all. Even when she was shot and nearly killed by the cannibal back near Magnus's and Tremblay's place.


    Aubrey's eyes widened as she realized why there were certain people here that practically shot daggers at her with their eyes. They had been people stuck in Magnus's jail cells awaiting further notice. She didn't know what Magnus needed them for, but she still helped put them there in order for her to have protection and shelter. 'I must have shot one of them,' the young woman thought as her mind raced to remember who they were. "I should probably apologize.." She spoke to herself, but she kept her voice quiet enough to not sound crazy to others passing by. ' I'll apologize so that the other guys won't get as much shit as I will,' she finally decided.

    With a sigh, Aubrey pushed herself off of the couch and made her way out and into the halls of the apartments, keeping her eyes down and only looking up every now and then to see if she recognized the men that she had helped incarcerate. Everyone so far seemed to have been occupying the same building, so it shouldn't of been too difficult, but it was. She hadn't found them until she was at the first floor heading out towards the front of the complex. They were walking with a woman who she remembered was Fan. "Um, excuse me?" Her voice was slightly timid as she called out but it was enough to get their attention. She had sped up to catch up to them, only slowing to a stop once she was within six or so feet of them.

    "I just wanted to apologize, mainly to you two," she gestured at Danny and Elliot. "I know there's no excuse for what I've done and I don't know what Magnus did but I just wanted to say that you guys shouldn't be mad at the two men I'm with. It's my fault, and I do apologize for my actions then." Her voice was slightly shaky and everything came out faster than it should have due to her being nervous. She blamed it on not having her weapons which gave her a sense of confidence. Either way, she felt as if her apologies her sincere and hoped the two men understood her.
  10. Rob - The Apartments - Danny/Elliot/Fan/Aubrey

    For the last two weeks, Rob had to the best of his ability helped. Not really much he could actually do, for his hand had only recently been getting back to normal again. He wasn't feeling great, to be honest. Seeing as he had basically been stuck with Adeline who had so gracefully been trying to kill him with her eyes when she had not actually been trying to kill him.

    Too many people, he was never good at things like this to begin with. Possible the only thing he was good at was watching his friends die.

    Rob managed to walk in to Danny pleading for the others to leave. He remembered them, two of them had kept him hostage. At different points. He watched as Aubrey, the one who had threatened to shoot him with an arrow, and later had actually shot someone with an arrow. Kept him stuck in that twisted maniac prison.

    "Oh, I forgot apologising worked now" Rob announced, standing there rubbing his bad hand. "You're seriously telling me you didn't know what that pycho was doing? Just thought that he was keeping us locked in there for fun?" Which, if that was true. Was almost as worse.

    He had the urge to break her head open. To do something that would. Well, he didn't know. Something to get back at all the shit that had just been constantly to him for as long as he could remember. He wanted to make her bleed.

    He probably looked like a lunatic, he barely slept any more. Just...stared. He wanted to snap. But what would that do. It didn't matter.

    If Rob gave it some thought, perhaps it made sense she didn't know. She didn't seem stupid enough to ask for forgiveness if she knew what Magnus did.

    "I...I don't think you can say sorry for what you some. And you especially cant say anything for the two who have come with you" Rob didn't much as glare, as much as stare almost unresponsive at the girl.

    @Atomyk @Wolverbells @Josh M
  11. Damien Orwen - Helena Outpost - Scott, Verona, Stewart (All NPCs)

    The view, the scenery, the sun and the skies it was surrounded by was great. A wooden chair alone in the open grassy field. A man wearing a black leather jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath, along with black pants and fine black shoes was sitting there. Holding an apple in one hand, and a knife in the other. Gazing at the nature before him. A few clicks behind him, was a small building, or more like a warehouse. A simple outpost among a few others.

    There were people on the rooftop, along with a few vehicles such as an RV, a pick-up on the ground, before the outpost, which was located nowhere but in Helena. A place not so far away from Natchez, or Alexandria. Not so far head from his chair, there was a pit. Seemingly dug and made by the men working under him. There was a reason for why such a pit, which took the shape of a square was there to begin with. Using the knife, he sliced one apple bite before eating it. Savoring the flavor. The juicy flavors from the apple. Something that wasn't easy to find in the current times.

    A few moments later, someone on the rooftop almost exclaimed, notifying the men around the building that two vehicles were approaching. As a few of the men ran towards the latter, the cars halted once they made it to the outpost. A few men, upto four or six emerged. One was beaten up and bruised. A gag around his mouth to keep him shut. A rope which kept his hands tied. As they nudged and pushed the poor man, who they had caught. From the same vehicle, some of the men on the outpost, grabbed a backpack, and a duffle bag. It had supplies. Supplies neccessary for the man who was sitting and enjoying his peaceful time on the open grassy field.

    "So what, you finally caught the little rascal?" One of the men spoke up, punching the poor man they had caught. "Fucking bastard.. Stealing from us... Not listening to our words.. I'd kill you on the spot if it weren't for our boss!!"

    The man moaned and groaned. He was in pain, laying on the ground. "Quit it! Scott." The woman was not pleased, forcing and pulling the man they caught on the ground up. "Get walking!" Verona. The men and a few women who were in the outpost were not pleased. Giving the man they caught a serious look. They wanted to kill the man for what he had done, but honestly. What did he actually do?
    "Where's the boss?" Verona asked Scott, who in return, just nodded towards the grassy field.

    "He's not pleased.." He uttered, as a few men along with Verona, nudged, pushed and kicked the man they caught until they approached their boss, who was eating his apple as slowly as possible, only to savor its juicy taste.

    "Boss!" Verona started, before pushing and kicking the man down, between the man on the chair, and the pit behind the man they had captured. "We caught him.." Verona informed their boss. Damien Orwen was the leader, and had about three outposts along with a big community under his control. Listening to the words of his men, he did not utter a single thing, not for a moment or two. His eyes were still gazing at the beautiful view, which eventually got interrupted by the man they had caught.

    "Ungag him.." He ordered, and the men followed suit, doing just that. The man they caught was afraid, and made a mistake crossing Damien who was sitting before him. Using the knife to slice a bite from the apple, he slowly grasped the latter with his lips. Looking at the man they had caught, who was down on his knees. Tears running down his eyes, a sigh escaped Damien's lips.

    A moment later, he spoke up, almost as if in a riddle. "Every kitten grows up to be a cat. They seem so harmless at first. Small, quiet, lapping up their saucer of milk. But once their claws get long enough, they draw blood. Sometimes from the hands that feed them.." It was quite simple to understand.

    "So tell me something.. Stewart.. That's your.. Your name right?.." He rhetorically asked, not in the slightest curious if it was true or not. "Do you know who would be the cat in this situation?" Damien curiously and genuinly asked. He really wanted to know if Stewart, the man they caught would understand what he meant.

    Stewart stuttered in return, not actually giving him an answer. "I.. I'm sorry!! I-- I only stole.. Stole for my family!! T... They.. They were s-s-s-s-s-ttarving..." The man cried, pleading at the same time through his voice. Oh, this man was in some serious trouble.

    "Yeah right. A family my ass!!" Verona spoke up, almost ready to kick him in the face. Damien glanced at her for the moment, and the woman immediately understood not to bother him and Stewart, not when they were having such a wonderful conversation together.

    "Well..." Damien curiously began.. "One thing is to steal from me.. And now you're even lying?.." Damien knew exactly what Stewart had done. Not only did Stewart steal the supplies they had gathered from a community north from Vicksburg, but also killed two of his men for the said supplies. The backpack and the duffle bag. The man even stole one of their cars.

    "My men here.. Especially Verona.." Damien glanced at her, pointing at her with a knife ever so casually, before moving his attention back at Stewart. "Has been tailing and tracking you for a few days actually.."

    "Yeah, we know where you eat, sleep and take a shit!" Verona remarked, cutting through Stewart and his lies. At least now, Damien did not have to finish his sentence. Verona did that for him, nor did the former say anything.

    "There you have it.." Damien sighed. "OK OK OK.. You.. You're right.. Please.. J-j-j-j-ust.. D--d-d... Dont kill me.. Pp-pplease..!" Damien really did not know what to do with the poor man pleading for his life. Pointing at him with his knife, before he sliced another apple bite.

    This time, Damien, reached forward with his knife, still seated. "Here, taste it.." The boss offered him a slice. "Come on.. Take it.." He repeated. Stewart was scared, and did not know what would happen next. Would Damien use the knife to cut his throat open? If he ever did go for that apple slice?

    "Don't worry.. I'm harmless.." Damien tried to ease his mind, but knew that to no avail, it would be useless. "Take the damn slice you bastard!" Verona demanded. "The boss has never been nice to someone until now!.." She pointed out, which was in a way true. A tiny way. Stewart hesitated, but eventually approached with his mouth, and took the apple slice that was on the knife.

    "Thats a good boy." Damien smiled. Stewart actually smiledni return and even laughed ever so softly, along with the boss. "You see. I told you I'm harmless.. My men are too actually. We dont bite.."

    A few moments later, Damien continued. "I was never going to kill you. None of us are." He uttered, giving the few men around him, and Verona a simple look. "Right?" He asked his men, who all agreed. "See? We're a bunch of civilized people."

    "Its been a while since you've tasted an apple right?.. Did you like it?" Damien asked, all too amusingly. Actually curious if he yearned for something like that. "Mhm.. Yes.. This.. I've forgotten how it tasted.."

    "I know right?.. I mean.. One can hardly come by such an exquisite fruit.."

    "So..S-s--s-.. I-I-I.. I can help!.. YES! I know about supplies tucked away in a place.. A big car.. YES!.. I can show you where it is." The man tried to bargain for his life, make a deal to get out from the situation he created himself. Damien did not say a single word. He was quiet, just listening to the pleading man.

    The apple was almost finished, before Damien sliced the last bite and ate it slowly. "Come on Stewart.. What is up with the constant lying?.." He boringly added. His expression said it all. He was done with Stewart. "What wouldn't this bastard say to get out from this situation?" Verona mentioned, giving the man they caught a disgusting look.

    Giving one of the men a simple nod, Stewart was grabbed by the collar of his shirt, and dragged through the grassy field. "Wait!.. You.. You said you wouldn't kill me!.. Wait please.. WAIT!!"" He screamed, yelled, did whatever he could. Squirmed, squealed all so he could survive.

    "Like I said.. We don't bite.. But they do." Brought to the pit, there were a dusin walkers trapped down there, all ready to feast on the living. They were all about to get their dinner on a plate. The man was thrown inside. He screamed in agony as they started to gnaw and eat away at him. A few moments later, Stewart stopped screaming. He was no more. And the lovely and peaceful time Damien had was also over.

    Sighing, he stood up from the chair. "Burn them all to the ground.." He finished. The purpose for the walkers was now over. The pit was not neccessarily needed, until a situation again asked for it. Turning away, he started to walk towards the outpost, with his back against the pit. This time, he took a bite from the apple, before throwing it behind him without looking. Obviously the apple fell inside the pit.
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  12. Jessalyn - Home Depot - Jackson

    Jess smiled brightly. "Thank you," she said, standing to take the carrots from him. Ben gurgled and tried to reach for the long orange vegetables. "I'm not sure when he's supposed to stop nursing and switch to baby food. I don't know very much about being a mother I guess," she said, her smile fading as the guilt set in once again. She looked down at her baby lovingly. "I wish I knew what I was doing. It's just so hard. Abram has helped so much, and the others have too, but sometimes I still feel like I am doing this alone."

    She suddenly looked back at Jackson and blushed, embarrassed. "I'm sorry. You are so kind and generous. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I just... I don't want to fail him like I've always failed every one."

    The radio crackled a minute later and Abram's voice came through. Jess smiled once again, but the smile was tinged with sadness that was becoming her normal demeanor. "I'll go see if Imogen got the camping stove working. Thank you for the carrots Jackson," she added before turning to leave. Ben was looking back over her shoulder as she left and giggled at Jackson before resuming chewing on his fist.

    Imogen, being the amazing person she was, had gotten the stove working. Jess used some of the bottled water they had gotten from the employee vending machines to boil two of the carrots down. The others she stored for the others. Jackson had a vegetable garden big enough to sustain himself but not as many people as there were now. Soon they'd have to go out and search for another source of food. Maybe some animals could be hunted for protein? With the water and few vegetables Jess figured she could make something of a stew.

    Her mind wandered as she waited for the carrots to soften, her thoughts going once again where they always seemed to go.
    Was he alive? Was he surviving? Was he starving? Had he found food? Shelter? New friends? A woman?
    Jessalyn didn't know why she tortured herself this way. Thinking about Floyd led to worry and then pain and heartache. But he had so much of her heart she couldn't just banish him as if they'd never met. Feelings that strong could not be forgotten so easily.
    And now there was Jackson... Would he replace Floyd in her mind and heart? Did she want him to?

    More questions that she feared would never be answered. And at the same time more afraid that they would.
  13. Danny - The Apartments/Hallway - Rob/Elliot/Fan/Aubrey

    He wasn't the biggest of guys, but Danny tried to puff himself up anyway, taking a daring step toward Fan. It wasn't like she was wrong he realized, but even suggesting they let Enrique or the girl stay for any time at all was out of the question in Danny's mind. That was not on their side, as far as he was concerned. He stood and stared at her as she walked away, waiting a moment before he followed. If she was going to confront them, then hell, he was going to be there. He signed to Elliot before they got moving, assuring him that he would translate best he could when it came down to it.

    When they came upon the Aubrey in the halls, Danny couldn't help but shoot a glare her way, his hands balling into fists at his sides. Anger ebbed off him in waves, Danny caring little for offering this woman an ounce of respect. In Danny's opinion, she and Enrique represented everything wrong with this new world; two vile people who didn't give enough of a shit to think about how their actions could affect others. He could have spat at her feet if he was a slightly more dramatic man.

    He could feel Elliot grow tense at his side, causing Danny to soften slightly as he turned to look at his friend. He looked almost sick as he stared Aubrey down, his face pale and tense. Danny placed a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder, glancing back to Aubrey as she began to speak her apology. He rigidly began signing for Elliot, anger making his movements sloppy. Elliot waved him off and signed back that he understood what Aubrey had been saying. With that out of the way, Danny snorted dismissively. "I don't think you even remember us," he said with some measure of calm. "Your face will forever be engraved into our fucking heads, do you get that? We thought you were dead. It's what you deserve." He pointed a finger at Aubrey and moved it through the air so that it was pointing at Elliot. His voice rose in intensity as he spoke further. "You shot his brother with an arrow while we all watched. We were in a cell, and no one had the means to fight back. You did it to be cruel. Do not even begin to tell me you didn't know what that sick fuck was doing!" His voice echoed through the hall as it sharply rose in pitch and his face reddened once again from anger. "Richard was hurt, so he was the first of Magnus' experiments. He said he was finding a cure, but all the bastard did was torture us."

    As Rob entered the scene, the hand still pointing to Elliot was balled into a fist, and Danny shook his head at Aubrey. "Rob is right. I don't accept your apology for even a second. Enrique led us right fucking to you, and you killed my friends. You killed Elliot's family. If you were really sorry, you'd get out of our sight and leave this place right fucking now."

    Myriah - The Apartments/Myriah's Room - Joe

    "I like it in here," Myriah said quickly, moving to promptly shut the front door behind Joe as he entered. She could have sworn she heard someone who sounded like Enrique outside moments ago and she didn't want to risk a sudden encounter. She stood with her hands against the closed door for a moment, taking deep breaths in order to calm herself. When she turned back around, she found Joe already lounging on the couch. "I've always been a shut in." She moved to take a seat in an armchair across from Joe. "And as far as I know, I've never met Hank in my life."

    She stared at him with curiosity for a moment, wondering how much he'd observed in the past week. This was the last thing she needed anyone prying into. Things would probably come out once Danny and Elliot got back from their supply run, so it was imperative she got rid of Joe and made herself scarce as quickly as possible. "I'm glad you've forgiven him for what he did, but I think it's best I stay out of his way just in case. People are so unpredictable these days, you know? I've just not been feeling well, so... I've been trying to rest all day, so I didn't really plan to entertain anyone, Joe."

    She hoped that was a sufficient enough hint. She laid back in her seat and put a hand to her forehead in an effort to appear exhausted. It helped she wasn't exactly a spry person normally. "I'll be okay, Joe, really."
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  14. Floyd - Cabin - Scarlett

    Frowning at the troubled girl, Floyd puffed and went to gather his stuff. He jammed some of the food cans he gathered into his backpack and some of the clothes that were laying around. Rather than feeling sorry for her, he felt irritated at her lack of vitality. It wasn't the time to get depressed at the events that have already occurred - there was no changing the past. Then again, Floyd wasn't the one to have lost a sister and his actions may have proven blunt, but it didn't matter. Scarlett had to find it in her to either go with him, or survive on her own because in her current state she would not.

    Ironically and opposed to his current actions, Floyd did want to help her. Deep down he wanted to help her as much as he longed help Jessaly, Ben, Abram, Hank and Sam. He wanted her to come with him, but doubted the idea. He didn't understand why he was being so distant, a blast from the past as he recalls being such an independent individual before life went to hell. It puzzled him sometimes as to why he just had to keep it all in - all the emotions, all the struggles. Floyd was what some would call a true man.

    Point is, Floyd wasn't about to show Scarlett any sympathy. Not because he didn't want to, but because it wasn't the time for that. Like she said, she didn't need that and that was the reason she could not return to Morgantown. Where would she go? Who knew. Floyd lifted his bag and let mount his back. He grabbed one of the undamaged cigarettes near the ashtray and lit it with the mini lighter on the tainted recliner. As he made his way to the front door he stopped and looked at her, sinking his bottom lip under teeth.

    "We've all lost people. But we gotta live. For them. Memories don't die," he said to her, nodding his head as he made his way out the door.

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  15. Scarlett - Cabin - Floyd

    Scarlett didn't know what to expect from Floyd as she explained to him how she felt about things. She barely knew the man to begin with, so the fact that she shared anything was surprising in a way.

    When Floyd just got up and began packing, Scarlett merely watched, feeling slightly contempt. She didn't want an emotional moment. She just needed to let him know what she thought it would be from now on. No soppy exchange. Once he had reached the door, Scarlett followed suit, having her stuff already been packed since their encounter with Nathan.

    "You're right," Scarlett spoke after having exited the cabin, letting his words sink in. As she spoke to him, the woman made sure her gun was loaded before checking the safety and placing it back where she usually kept in. "I do have to live for her... and I also have people to keep living for." She felt better. Felt as if a thousand pounds had been lifted off of her shoulders with the realization. Scarlett didn't feel as if she had returned to her normal self, but she didn't feel as guilty for the past.

    "I've got several guns in my backpack with a heft amount of ammo. Claiborne let me take some before I left on my little.... mission." Scarlett had already told Floyd that her original intentions were to kill both him and Hank and everyone else involved in the incident; and part of her felt that's why Floyd was so quiet around her, but still she didn't want to mention it again. "You can take some if you'd like, for helping me. I think I'm going to let Morgantown settle down a bit before going back."


    Aubrey - Apartments - Danny/Elliot/Rob/etc

    The words hit Aubrey hard as she received horrible backlash from not only the two men she was apologizing to, but also a third party which seemed to have come out of no where. Many emotions ran through her which held her frozen in place, having the 'deer in headlights' look. For the first time in a while, she had actually felt sorry for her actions and these people were not seeing that. She felt like trash, and she could see where they were coming from. She would be mad too. Still, their words cut deep to the point where, for the first time since the dead walked with the living, her eyes began to tear up. The emotions were almost alien. Foreign to her mind, and with all her strength, she did the only thing she knew; to turn the emotions into anger.

    "I.. I understand." At first, her voice was shaky, breaking even at some point, but she quickly regained herself before clearing her throat and looking towards the woman named Fan, who had decided to stay quiet through out the entire exchange. "I want my bow, all of my arrows, and my knife back. I don't belong here and I'm not going to pretend anymore."

    Like the flick of a light switch, the girl had returned to the bitch that the men had once met when they were on the other side of the cell. In reality, she didn't know what Magnus was doing. She was told that they'd be checked individually, then put to work and given shelter with Tremblay. If these assholes didn't want to understand, than fine. She tried to be the bigger person. Aubrey didn't want to let others see that she had another side. So before Hank or Enrique decided to step in, the teenager quickly wiped away her tears as she looked at her audience with cold, distant eyes. If she had the chance, she'd kill the three men with pleasure, but it wasn't the time nor the place.

    Jackson - Home Depot - Abraham/Jess/Others

    "If you'd like, I can share my experience with a kid later on today. Maybe it'll help out." Jackson was already walking away when he offered his help to the young woman. It was clear that she was troubled and broken, in a way.

    He tried his best to keep his mind clear of the past, but flashbacks still intruded, forcing him to remember. In order for things to calm down in his mind, he kept himself focused on tasks. That's why there were so many plants growing in the gardening section, and why there were several hiding spots made through out the store, as well as why all of the canned food was organized not only by color, but by alphabet. Now, he had to focus on pulling down the blackout so that they'd remain unseen, which he did quickly and with ease.

    While at the front, the man walked over to the walkie talkie that was being charged, lowering it's volume to nearly nothing, as well as lowering his. If anyone tried to make any noise, it would mean that the herd would hear, and Jackson had no plans on losing his shelter that day. "Done." He radioed in, before clipping it back on his belt and taking out his glock.
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  16. Fan - The Apartments/Hallway - Rob/Elliot/Danny/Aubrey

    As Fan listened and watched the argument, it became clear this whole situation was worse than she thought. No way for everyone to come a winner. putting her hand lightly on Elliot's Shoulder, she would Address Aubrey.

    " Aubrey, you know what this means. I'll gather you food and supplies for travel. I can't have my people feeling unhappy and unsafe."

    Fan kept her emotion in check as she walked away. It was time to find Hank. Seeing him at the guard post, she would call to him.

    "There you are, Hank. We need to talk."

    @Rithas @Wolverbells @Atomyk @-QT- @HellHoundWoof

    Joe- Myriah's room - Myriah

    Joe's assumption were now confirmed. Something was up. Standing up, Joe would make his way to the door.

    "I'll get out of your hair, then. I'm not gonna pry anymore, but if you ever feel like sharing the cross you were bearing, I'm here."

  17. Enrique-The Apartments-Hank, Danny, Rob, Elliot, Aubrey
    Enrique heard some raised voices about a floor up and pushed himself from the wall before calling to Hank. He grabbed the shiv from his pocket and saw the Asian woman, he quickly put it back in is pocket. He moved quickly behind her and into the apartments up to his room, he found Rudy, Elliot, and another guy. Aubrey was there too. Enrique had his hand in his pocket and intensely looked at Rudy, he didnt move at him or display anger but Rudy would know he was being watched. Enrique looked at Aubrey quickly and noticed her eyes were a little wet. He walked through them all and pushed past Rudy and Elliot. He grabbed Aubrey by the arm and moved her down the hallway quickly before stopping and turning to Rudy for a brief moment.

    "Keep your distance..." His eyes had fire behind them, the kind that Rudy knew the repercussions of. Enrique pulled Aubrey down the hall and into the room where they had been the past week. He closed the door behind them and locked it before turning to her with his arms crossed.

    "What the fuck was that?" Enrique asked concern hidden under his anger.
  18. Emma - The Apartments - Danny/Elliot/Rob/Enrique

    Most of the two weeks Emma had been at the apartments, she'd spent doing absolutely nothing. The teen had found herself completely bored. She'd tried talking to people, but everyone looked busy all the time. As the days passed, she found herself feeling more and more like a kid, ignored by the "adults" in the building. Overall, the most eventful thing that had happened was when the bottom of her boot came off. Luckily, after searching the apartments barefoot for hours, she'd found a pair of grey vans that were her size.

    Presently, Emma walked up to the second floor, stopping on the stairwell as she heard Danny's voice. Enrique came up the stairs from behind her, almost knocking her down as he raised to defuse the argument. She leaned against the doorway as Enrique and Audrey walked away into another apartment. She sighed, hating to hear her friends argue.

    She stepped into Danny's view, looking at him. "After they took me, Enrique and his guys were actually really good to me. He might be a hot-head and a bit of a jerk, but when that Magnus guy attacked us, the first thing Enrique did was to make sure I got out safely. Two of them died making sure that I escaped." She didn't look for the man's response.

    "The point is, some people aren't as bad as you think they." She said, then looked up at him. "You and the people from Outpost taught me that." She added, briefly remembering the tragedies that had happened in Haywood. After that, she just leaned against the wall returning to her silence.

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  19. Aubrey - Apartments - Enrique

    Aubrey put up no fight when Enrique came in and took her away. She wanted to slip out of his grip and demand her weapons be given to her immediately, but instead, she just glared at the the other men.

    Once they were in the room, the girl's bottom lip began to tremble as she found herself unable to release her anger. "I just wanted to apologize... That's it." It took her a second to calm herself, and yet another one to think things through clearly. Did she want to tell Enrique what she did? That she would help keep people in jail cells?

    "Can I tell you something?" Her voice was quiet as she looked up at him, her eyes filled with fear as she held her hands and wrung them out. "I.. I worked for a man named Magnus. He took me in when I was lost and offered me shelter and protection in exchange for work. I agreed, not really knowing what type of work. At first it was manual labor, but on my free time I'd practice my archery and he took an interest in it. That's when I started working with his 'hitmen', I guess you could call it. We'd go out, find people, bring them in. Magnus told me that he was helping people. That we'd have to keep them somewhere locked up and he'd individually check them to make sure they weren't infected. I thought he would do it and put them to work like he did with me or send them over to Tremblay." Aubrey shrugged before wrapping her arms around herself. She didn't know if her actions had affected more people and now she began feeling guilty, and slightly understanding why the three men out there had completely shut her down. "most of the people we got were pretty intimidating, so I had to get the same way. They desensitized me. One of those guys says I shot his brother while they were locked up. I probably did. There's a lot of faces. I don't remember who it was. They said Magnus was experimenting with people rather than letting them out. I don't know what happened to them. I left and didn't return. That's when things went down hill for me. If none of the riots ever started, his men would've gone looking for me to kill me. No one ever left."

    After she was done explaining herself, Aubrey sighed and walked over to the wall nearest to the door and leaned on it. She wanted to be able to hear the conversation outside, wondering the the three men out there decided to react any more. "I need to leave here. If I don't, I'll probably end up being hung off of one of these balconies."
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  20. Rob -The Apartments - Danny/Elliot/Aubrey/Enrique/Emma

    Watching intensely as Enrique came out of nowhere and pull Aubrey away. Rob grimaced, "Are we seriously letting her get away with fucking weapons and shit. Every time it ends up with them coming back trying to kill you" He hissed out to the room. "It's fucking idiotic-" He clenched his fists. "She clearly looks like she would gladly cut our throats"

    Hearing Emma, Rob sighed. "" He stared at her. "Has tried to kill me three times. Has murdered my friends in cold blood. At a certain point you realise he's exactly as bad as you think he is if not worse" He sagged his shoulders. "And is now basically right next to me."

    It wasn't fair. Why couldn't they just die. Just suffocate on their spit or something shit. They didn't have their weapons, it wouldn't be that hard to gun them down.

    "Those two have nothing but a trail of corpses behind them"

    @Atomyk @SheriffLlama
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