The Walking Dead - Among the Ruined (A Zombie Apocalypse RP)

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  1. Among the Ruined was a roleplay that went on for a year on another website (Roleplayer Guild) but since then we've brought it to Iwaku. The events of the past RP are part of the new RP's lore, but knowledge of the previous RP is required for any new RPers who wish to join us.

    So, what's the plot you may ask? It is never quite set in stone, more decided by the players than the GMs. Most zombie roleplays are about the characters interacting in this new world, after all. Generally, we'll be looking at various communities living their lives amidst the zombie apocalypse. Most of the people of these communities are just trying to survive and have to worry about the hardships that come with that. Of course, there will be conflicts between the survivors.

    New players will start in and around the cities of Natchez, Mississippi and Alexandria, Louisiana, though the plots surrounding Alexandria have yet to really kick off. In Natchez, a community has settled within a fortified school once known as Morgantown Middle School. "Morgantown" will be where characters new and old alike will be colliding and attempting some measure of peace as they all try and coexist together. There is another group in Natchez involving a walled off apartment complex, and a third that is emerging as major threat to all groups mentioned.

    Right now, we're looking for input from past or new players on plots that will run into the future. Any input on plot, characters, or locations is always welcome.

    Link to OOC.

    Link to IC.

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Thread Status:
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