The Wal-Mart Game!

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  1. You've probably seen this one on the internet somewhere; You are allowed to buy up to three items (Meaning, by the way, that you may also buy two, or even just one). What item(s) would you buy to freak out the cashier the most? (Optional Hard Mode: None of these items may be lube or condoms.)

    For example, one could buy the following items:
    50 Shades of Gray (the book),
    A cucumber,
    A live-sized Elmo doll.

    What would you buy?
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  2. A chain leash
    The largest fishing hooks I can find
    Witch hazel antiseptic
  3. Razor blades
    super glue
    a copy of a map displaying the locations of various playgrounds
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  4. A shovel

    Gun Cleaner

    and rubber gloves :)
  5. Bleach


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  6. A copy of a map displaying the locations of various playgrounds
    Some fava beans
    A nice chianti
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  7. mixer/blender, whatever you call that thing.


    petroleum jelly / vaseline.
  8. As a cashier of eight years I must say not much has freaked me out in terms of purchase combos; this one made me giggle though, so I'll borrow it

    Ky jelly
    12-pack of red bull

    Someone had a fun night planned!
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  9. I'm also a cashier... but only at a grocery store... so I will try a lil differently

    A inflatable kiddy pool
    8 tons of gardening dirt
    And a 5 pack of ladies undies
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  10. This is something I actually bought, and I work where I bought it, so I got a very weird look.

    A baseball bat with a ball
    lighter fluid
    a fluffy My Little Pony figure
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  11. A big red candle.
    Box of chalk.
  12. Candles
    Duct tape
    Ky jelly
  13. I went to the store and this old blad fat man had this in his basket :
    1. Ky jelly
    2. A box if donuts (glazed)
    3. And some goldfish ( live ones not the crackers)
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  14. Chloroform.
  15. Maxi Pads
    Duct tape
    A Slip N Slide

    Maybe that would just confuse the hell out of the cashier.
  16. Hahaha I have one

    A stuffed unicorn
    Duct tape
    Giant Kennel
  17. No joke my mom has given me this list before and I didn't realize it until the cashier gave me a look and I was going into the car and my mom was hysterical with laughter.

    Set of kitchen knives
    Hefty trash bags
    Clorox Bleach
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  18. Exorbitant amounts of lube.

    A swimming pool.

    A snorkel.
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  19. the first season of Barney on DVD
    and a single purple candle…

    yeah that would make lots of people scratch their head haha xD
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  20. Season 3 of Game of Thrones
    A GI Joe/Ken toy
    A wolf figurine of similar size

    (for bonus points, scissors and super glue)