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    Welcome to Iwaku's Writing & Art Museum, This entire forum is dedicated to the artisans of Iwaku, Artist and Writer alike. Here you can request or give critique, spark an art discussion, create banners, avatars, and signatures or request them! This a great place to improve your skills with some art exercises or show off your poetry, Short stories, or excerpts. The W.A.M. Society is littered with artisans bursting with unique styles in the traditional and Graphic arts just waiting to fulfill requests or display and express their work for us to enjoy!

    Please use this directory below to navigate and understand the way we run the W.A.M. Each sub-forum will have a short little guide to help you use the sub-forums to get the most out of Iwaku's art community.

    I just want to show off my skills and submit for display my works of Art/Writing.
    This sub-forum is specifically for the purpose of sharing and displaying your works of writing or art that is and is not role-play content!!! If you don't have a particular piece of Art or Literature you are seeking feedback on and you are just looking to share your work, than you should post in Iwaku's Showcase ^_^

    I am looking for Critiques/Constructive criticism/Feed-Back.
    We have the place for you and to keep things simple and organized we would like you to showcase your work and create a thread with the link to your post in our Feedback & Help sub-forum. Try being as clear as possible about want form of criticism you are looking for. This is crucial to getting the feedback you need to improve upon the areas of your skills that could use it.

    I am looking to provide my service to the Members of Iwaku.
    I am looking to request Traditional/Graphic art.
    Brilliant! Iwaku Thanks you and you can start here in the Iwaku’s Shop & Request Sub-forum to open your own art or graphics shop! Here you can also find members making specific requests of the Traditional or graphical kind ^_^ If you are shop owner, keep your eyes open for requests and those looking, make sure to look through the shops for your particular taste of art, We have many artists to ask!!!

    I want to draw/co-design/commission a member’s role-play characters portrait.
    So, you want an original artwork of your RP character, just head into Iwaku’s Character’s Portrait Studio to take a look through Iwaku’s artists for the style of your preference or open your own portrait request for our artisan members to fulfill.​

    If you have any questions, concerns about the Writing & Art Museum, or in need of retrieving any threads from the archives, please contact the Writing & Museum curator, Fijoli, for assistance.