The Vraenor Empire (A Lawful Evil Fantasy RP)

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  1. Putting down my interest!
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  2. This does sound like a fun rp so I am also intrestead.
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  3. I'd be down for this. By fallen hero do you mean something like he used to be a paragon of virtue, but is now kind of an antihero?
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  4. That's one way to see it, yes.
  5. Sounds pretty neato. I haven't seen a lot of games centered on the baddies, outside of "ORDER BAD ANARCHY GOOD."

    I'm sort of playing around with the idea of a golem, or something like that. Maybe slapped together specifically for the cause, or someone driven enough to put themself through that sort of irreversible transformation to better serve.

    Average soldier-man works for me too though.
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  6. A sentient golem could be quite interesting! I'd certainly like to see how you pursue that idea.
  7. Hnngh. I'm interested, hell I'm really interested and will probably have a sheet up before all the slots are filled.
    also hey ace, hey star long time no talk haha.
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  9. Hmm, sounds interesting. I'm not sure how much time I'd have tho
  10. There's a lot going on that I like here - dark fantasy, city sieges, opportunities for intrigue, and clear direction. I do have a few of questions though: do you have more information on the mages of Netherium? I like the idea of a master of Netherium accompanying the army to provide spell & occult support.

    Also, assuming they are fairly insignificant, could I control a handful of NPCs? I figure a high ranking magician would likely travel with a retinue of acolytes/neophytes.

    Edit: Just found a link to more of the setting's lore. It appears the mages are covered in greater detail there.

    Edit: And it appears you're full. Sorry, it wasn't noted in the interest check.
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