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  1. This is the OOC page for The Void, a recently started Jump-in RP. You can find it here:

    "Welcome to The Void, you are the 1/543,869 who has just been brought to permanent enslavery to The Void, or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran of the demon’s torture, or maybe you are one of the horrible demons. Only you can decide."

    Tai (Raye Fields) Human
    Lori (york) Human

    Eraziel (oxo) Demon
    Ninazar (GreatWest) Demon

    Story so far: Two humans new to The Void have just gone through orientation before being approached by two demons. Tai threatened to kill all the demons in the world, but he was simply shrugged off as a joke by the demons. The humans then fled to a nearby town to obtain their work assignments.

    A few rules:
    1-Post often enough

    2-No godmodding

    3-Checkout the OOC at some point or if ya are new (That's this!)

    4-If you die you may come back as a new character or be done with the RP

    5-If I contact you privately and tell you that your character is going to die. DIE! (I will only do this if it is instrumental to the story or your character screwed up and got a high ranking demon official pssed at them)

    6-Have fun
  2. Heh, enjoying the RP so far :3 though I think I'll wait for another person to post before continuing posting (I don't wanna overpost)
  3. Alright, fair enough.
  4. Ooooh, I'm gonna have fun torturing Tai and Lori /evil laugh
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  5. Heh, have fun I guess o-o
  6. I have an interesting idea for a character. Mind if I throw in my few cents? :P
  7. Oh, quick note, my internet is going on and off so idk when I'll be able to squeeze another post in, sorry about that!
  8. >ChaosMage yeah sure thing the more the merrier!
    >york alright thanks for the heads up
  9. whoops. wasn't paying attention but I'm gonna join now!
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  10. XD make sure to add a post at the end of that CS, otherwise it might be deleted by a mod o-o (not entirely sure about that though)
  11. haha! I got it I just typed it up I'm sorry I'm new to this and never had a jump in you always had to be accepted and it was just habit haha :)
  12. Heh, that's fine o-o I was just giving you a heads up that's all
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