The Voice of Dread, He That Howls

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  1. Greetings, fellow whisperers in the dark.

    I come to you from a realm full of terror, twisted minds, and horridly flat landscapes that make even the most sound mind creak and crack and weep for variety.

    I speak, of course, of the Midwestern United States.

    I am a man of some thirty years, who has been playing various roles for nearly fifteen years. My journey began in the worlds of tabletop, evolved into free writing with others outside of games, and finally splayed into the almighty depths of The Internet where it flourished like never before.

    So, here we are, a creature from afar, dipping my hooked tentacles into the vastness of yet another sector of The Internet in hopes that I will find my place among the like-minded masses.

    In other words... hey, how are ya'?

    When I'm not waxing poetically in introduction threads, I enjoy chattering aimlessly in good conversations, watching thrilling programs on and offline, and delving into most things creative here and there. Can't say I'm terribly great at any of them, but that's what makes it entertaining. Constant improvement.

    Anything else you'd like to know, just ask. My mind is an open book.

    Erm... just do be wary of all those pages with strange sigils scrawled on them. They can tend to leave a mark.

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
    Not all midwestern states are made equal - but a lot of them are boring.

    You seem like you'll fit in nicely here, just as long as you don't listen to those peculiar sobbing noises coming from under the floorboards. It's not sobbing, mind you. Just noises that sound a bit similar.

    If you need help with something, staffies have shiny red names! There's also the Help Desk. You might also like our Content sections, like Creating Worlds and Settings. There are guides and challenges, things like that to practice and grow.
    I hope you settle in nicely to our cosy corner of the internet!
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  3. Thank you very kindly for the reply and links~

    You are correct on the first point - not all of the states are created equal.

    My particular one, in fact, happens to be quite nice... but absurdly dull at times, almost cripplingly so.

    As for the noises under the floorboards, I'd never dare to assume them to be sobbing. That would be rude, of course.

    And what creature would dare to be rude to whatever beings are making those wonderful cacophonous tones? Not I!
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  4. :D a familiar face! I look forward to kicking off our roleplay and, more importantly, welcome!
  5. A familiar face indeed!

    Thank you for the welcome and I can hardly wait to get that roleplay going myself~!
  6. Hello, and welcome to Iwaku ^.^ Your writing is very pretty and eloquent :3
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  7. Hey Hauster.

    That introduction was fantastic, haha!
    Seeing as you're new to Iwaku, check out this thread: "Newbie Care Package"
    It's chalk full of people who are here to help pave the path for those new to Iwaku, and offer the additional services of recommending roleplays based on your preferences, and making some sick-ass graphics :)

    Aside from that, here are some general starter links for ya'.
    Help Desk - HELP DESK
    Interest Checking & Creation - INTEREST CHECKING & CREATION
    Seeking One on One Partners - SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS
    Terms & Rules - Terms of Service and Rules |
    BB Codes - BB Codes |

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please just let me know!
    Take care ^^

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  8. Thank you very much for the links - I will venture through that thread of graphics and recommendations, as well as have a gander at the various interest checks and coding options.
  9. Thank you kindly, oh Devious-one.

    Your praise echoes noisily in my head like the dripping of some ancient faucet in a dank and forgotten cell~
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  10. Well hello there person of pretty words. >:3 Welcome aboard.
  11. Hello there and thank you, Diana of The Violet Name.

    The owls are not what they seem.

  12. Sounds like you need a trip to the mountains, or perhaps the ocean XD

    Welcome to Iwaku!
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  13. You know, a vacation does sound nice. Perhaps I'll go visit my half-brother, as he slumbers a dead thing's slumber in the oceanic depths.

    Thank you very much for the welcome!

    To begin. WELCOME to this wonderful place! :D

    As we discussed in our chatrooms which you found all by yourself :cookie: for you, WE SHALL START THE DILL RELISH REVOLUTION.

    ^^ If you have any questions feel free to PM me, or if you just want to chat and I'm in already in the chatrooms, also fell free to PM.

    Okay. . . so maybe I was not that late with my greeting. BUT SHAME ON ME.

    Insanity ooouuuuutttt~
  15. You big nerd XD <3
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  16. [​IMG]
    One hell of an intro, 11/10.
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