The Voice of Angels

Welcome ^^ I'll get it started soon, in the mean-time we'll wait for more people. I'll post a link here when I'm done~
Hey, new here, this sounds like a good RP! I'm in!

Name- Celso Longwell
Age- 21
Gender- Male
Appearance----> View attachment 4306
Occupation- Group member
Occupation before- Fighter (underground)
Personality- Goofs around, but gets very serious when working. He was in a fight club before Group, and that was the only thing keeping him from falling prey to the broadcasts. he used to parkour as well, and enjoys messing with the Guards around Angels. He prefers energy weapons (lasers, blasters, and other things), but also uses energy gauntlets for hand to hand combat.
Cool :D

I'll go get started on the rp and I'll post the link here!
So, I started it. I would've posted a link, but my iPod won't let me >.<

Anyway, It starts off just before/during a Ruler voice-broadcast. So, if you're a group member, get underground, quick! :3
you guys need another member?

I'm tryin' to get in on some games, so if you need another player I'll get right to creating my character sheet!

Name- Emil Matejka
Occupation- Courier, (delivers supplies and information to different parts of the city under the guise of a delivery service) freelance pilot. is a member of the "group"
Occupation before joining Group (this is only if you're a Group member)-
cargo aircraft pilot

Emil was born outside of the limits of the city, and first migrated to the city when he was 18. When he first entered the city, it was to study and gain his pilots license, in order to reach his dream of becoming an airline pilot. He had a bright future, and it only seemed to be more promising when he was hired by a local cargo delivery company. However, through the company he was able to discover a horrible corruption within many facets of the city. That is, when he discovered the contents of what he was delivering on one of his missions. (I'm going to leave this part relatively vague for now, I want characters to sort of find that out as we go along)

Because of what he found, the local government sought to eliminate his existence, so he fled to the one group that would allow his survival within the city. He went underground.

As far as personality goes, Emil is a very eager, but sometimes naiive guy. He attempts to compensate for such by being overly brash towards people he doesn't know. However, he still has a massive weak spot for beautiful women, and once you get to know him, he tends to be overly friendly and trusting.

(if I need to change anything let me know)
haha good to know, since I've already made a couple posts in the RP. Can't wait to see where this goes!
If this is still looking for characters,
I'll give it a go~

Name- Lance Jacobs




Occupation-Part of Group

Occupation before joining Group (this is only if you're a Group member)-
Mechanical Engineer

Very lay back and doesn't let much bother him. Or that was until the Ruler came about and took over everything Lance held dear to him. Lance had quickly followed several others examples and went underground when the Ruler had moved into his now positions. Afraid of turning like the others, he has given a promise to himself and to his loved ones that are being controlled by the Ruler's words.
Running along side the Group, he stays underground during announcements and news casts sent out by the Ruler. When out in public, he carries special earplugs with him that are very dense and solid in case an announcement arises before he can get back underground.
With the Group, he helps maintain plumbing, technical stuff, mechanical stuff, and weapons. He is a great fighter when it comes to both fist fighting and weapon fighting. Lance had earned a sixth degree black belt a year before the Ruler had taken over. He plans on using his knowledge and physical training to help bring the Ruler down.
He's naturally quiet and thinks things hard and through before settling in with a course of action.
Hello Lance :D *fixes her hair*
Also, I'd like to share with everyone what Jayson is working on. I fear someone will join and ruin my idea D:

He's working on earplugs that are virtually invisible and capable of filtering Ruler's broadcast so that it won't brainwash anymore. The neat thing about this little invention is that it'll even allow the wearer to hear not just the sounds around them while wearing the plugs, but also heard the broadcast so that when asked, they'll know what Ruler said that day.

Idea good? Y/N/Kumquats?
wow, that sounds neat! :D and exciting as a plottwist whenever you throw it in xD
That does sound pretty spiffy. Like a sort of sound-filter, or something?

Also, I likes me some futuristic roleplays. I might be interested, if this is still open.
I might be interested in joining but I'd like to know how many slots are left and if I can make characters along the lines of a mercenary/ex-black ops/bio-weapon/mutant/gnarlyassuglymotherfucker/infiltrator/etc.
Me too. I'm still looking for RPs to join in this site... I'd like to know if this one is still open and if a sort of psycho artist girl would suit the Group's needs.
However you already seem to be pretty packed up, so if it's full, no worries.
Well, the RP's tag still says "chars wanted" so I imagine there might be some room still.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we're still accepting people :)
I just want to know if RockAsian will be okay with my char idea(s).
Sent her a PM. Hopefully she'll notice it ^^