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  1. As a young child, Muse A's parents didn't- Couldn't afford him. So, they sent him off to a willing Science lab whom would pay the parents much money if they would allow their child to be tested on and to live at their small facility a few cities away. At the sound of money, the greedy parents eagerly took the offer. Muse A was given away with little struggle, the parents having given a small simple lie stating that they would be back soon. But it was soon figured out by Muse A that it was a lie. Then the tests came, pain amongst pain for so long had practically become a routine. And soon came his teenage years, and things were certainly inhuman with him. No, he did not grow cat ears and a tail, Muse A's eyes were simply two totally different colors and he could bend certain things to his own will. He was naturally smart, so no classes were given. But soon they allowed Muse A to finally have someone whom would help prepare for the world. That's where your Character, Muse B comes in.


    So. I'm Muse A, I guess. Anyways, I'm hoping for a submissive male whom will be somewhat kind, yet very protective of my Character. Maybe someone who isn't willing to do anything 'Sexual' the first few encounters and will posssiiibbllyy be a bit to himself when they first meet. Also, your Character will be a weeeeeeee bit older.

    Sorry for the bad plot, sort of.... I made this while watching a video game play through...... And I'm on my phone (。-_-。)

    Thank you for reading!

    Clown ~

    { AKA Cromical. Obviously. }
  2. I think this is an interesting plot and can I be the Muse B?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.