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  1. The Continent of Vallure is one of mighty dragons, ancient tresures, and legendary Heroes.

    However this is not a story about any of those things, at least not directly.

    This is a story about a little village so insignificant that you need a magnifying glass to see it on a map: the village of Blen. Blen is a small community with a bit of everything, a few farms, blacksmiths, a library and so forth. The reason this cosy little village is so blatantly overlooked is because travelers rarely say for a day or two. This is because just beyond Blen is the tremendously famous Hero Center, the only place in Vallure that Adventures can be promoted to Heroes.

    Perhaps I should explain, you see, ever since Vallure became such a popular place for heroics there was a problem of people recovering powerful artifacts and either becoming corrupt or not knowing how to use them without destroying the continent. So the three most powerful and pure hearted of Heroes created a secretive society of trained warriors who would monitor artifacts and who got them (known Power Patrol), as well as the Heroic Ability Ranking Table or H.A.R.T. In summary the H.A.R.T. goes like this:

    Heroes (open)

    Heroes are extremely powerful and skilled men and women that have proved their worth in a life dedicated to gold, glory, and good. Their names are unknown by few as they fight tremendous dark forces that threaten to overtake or obliterate everything. Almost all Heroes are tremendously wealthy and wield artifacts of earthshaking power.

    For a Adventurer to become a Hero they must pass the Exam that can only be taken at Hero Center. The Exam is extremely secret, those who speak of it outside Hero Center will be punished severely.

    Adventures (open)

    Far from Laypeople but miles away from Heroes, Adventures are people who travel the continent, treasure hunting, exploring, and performing quests. Adventures use their skills to gather small fortunes, slay monsters, and gather artifacts of varying power.

    For a Layperson to become a Adventurer they must get themselves a weapon and a reliable supply of determination.

    Laypeople (open)

    Normal folk, society goers. Laypeople are farmers, blacksmiths, librarians, guards, merchants, people who for whatever reason have not taken to the Adventure life. This doesn't make them unimportant, without food, a market, and craftsmanship, adventuring would be impossible. Regardless of this Laypeople are often looked down upon and forbidden from useing artifacts.

    To become a Layperson you must come into existence and be defined as fairly civilized.

    It has been many years since that day, little has changed. The Three Heroes have died and the current Head Hero is a unknown person known as Arch, Blen is still just as looked over. But soon something will change, something that will shake the foundations of even Vallure, which faces distruction every other week.

    And so we take a look in the lives of Blen's residents and their visitors as this great change takes place...

    Rules (open)

    1. No Godmoding, follow the H.A.R.T. as you make your character.
    2. No Gary or Mary Sues, creative and interesting characters are extremely encouraged.
    3. Since this RP is generally E rated, please refrain from intense gore or language. Also please take all smut to PMs.
    4. This RP is carried (and made enjoyable) by the interactions of characters, I will poke along a encompassing plot but it will never work if everyone stays in their shady corners until promped to do something.
    5. Please write at least five sentences per post, more is highly suggested. As for posting speed, try to keep it within three days, informing us when you must take longer for whatever reason.
    6. If you have not responded for extended periods of time without informing us, you will be kicked out of the RP. If you feel the need to drop out, please let us know before hand.

    7. Have fun.
    8. Make sure your having fun.

    Character Sheet (open)



    (Pretty much any fantasy race you can think of)


    (Picture, worded, or both)

    (Layman or Adventurer)

    (If adventurer this would be a question of Class)

    Place of residence and/or work:
    (Blen will be shaped by the answers, optional question for adventurers)

    (At least three)
    (At least three)

    Weapon of Choice:
    (Optional for villagers)



    Incude any additional information you feel is needed.

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  2. FIRST!

    What's the character limit?
  3. Just keep it reasonable.
  4. [​IMG]
    "Your end is nigh!"

    Gan Ceann



    Assumed Male

    In proportion, Gan Ceann(with armour) is 2 metres tall. The steed depicted is to scale, but can alter size.


    Bounty Hunter

    Place of residence:
    Gan Ceann's cottage, located in the outskirts of the village.

    Place of work:
    The noticeboard.
    He constantly hangs around, saying 'hey bud, you look like you could use a hand'.

    Confidence(in armour only)
    Great weapon capabilities
    Mercy and Kindness(for a Dullahan)

    Gold(physical weakness, not materialistic)
    Heavy reliance of weapons and armour
    Inability to ride steeds, carriages, etc. that are not his own
    Lack of confidence(without armour)
    Inability to lie(due to Fae physiology. He can choose to not tell though)

    Iron(Puca's physical weakness, not materialistic)

    Weapon of Choice:
    Two horn lances, made from 'Falloy'. Falloy is said to rival diamond in durability and heat resistance, which is why the Gremlins require the help of numerous Salamanders to build a great deal of this alloy and shape it.

    His armour, made from a special alloy called 'Falloy'. It consists of 'Faemetal', which is a very strong metal that all Fae are capable of touching. The major components are Faemetal, dragon scales and mana crystals. His steed also wears such armour.

    His steed and sister, Puca. Puca, being a Puca like her father, is fully capable of shapeshifting into a wide variety of animals and taking their form. Her defaults are rabbit for inactive, mare for land travel and giant eagle for flight. Her shy nature is the only reason why she has not revealed her true human form. It is evident that she is rather strong, but she cannot fight.

    Gan Ceann also wields the power of magic. However, for now, it is merely capable of seperating his limbs and head from his main body and maneuvering them to strike foes.

    Gan Ceann likes to act tough and brave, putting on such a front so that none can beat him down. He speaks in odd mannerisms like a child playing pretend, as if he is one. He may seem arrogant.
    He is technically a prince, and thus, might feel a little pushy during teamwork. However, he does mean well despite his haughty ways.

    Gan Ceann is the son of the great nightmare creature Apltraum, a Fae resembling a black horse. Alptraum was king of the forest and was disapleased with his son for being one of weak will, as opposed to a great warrior like his Dullahan Mother Chelsea. Gan Ceann wanted to be stronger, so he went to the Gremlins and requested a special armour that would later be dubbed by him as the 'Gan Ceann armour'.
    He left the forest to train and better himself, and his sister followed. While he told her to go back, she persisted. With a sigh, Gan Ceann simply allowed her to come along.
    Eventually, the two of them found themselves in Blen, where they decided to stay for a while, as there was a supply of quests to perform and prove their worth.

    Other Information:
    As mentioned, his steed is his little sister, Puca.
    He lacks a Dullahan's killing instinct, for some reason.
    As a Fae, magic comes to him and his sister as humans know how to breathe. The level of magic, however, depends on age.
    He rarely takes higher-levelled quests due to them offering gold. If it offers some other reward in addition to gold, however, he will accept it. His sister tends to handle the gold while he handles the rest of the money.​
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  5. Someone's been watching Konosuba...
  6. I'm currently trying to figure out what kind of character to make. I'm indecisive.
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  7. I can agree to that. Perhaps a random character generator can, like, help? I don't know.
  8. Name: Yamazaru

    Age: 86

    Race: Yokai

    Gender: Female



    Professional slacker, Blacksmith

    Place of residence and/or work:
    Blen Blacksmithery

    + Agility
    + Stealth
    + Physical Strength

    - Lazy
    - Mischievous
    - Hunger for chaos and violence

    Weapon of Choice:
    Yamazaru doesn't discriminate! She does, however, use a polearm with a shrunken head attached to it more so than her other weapons. (See appearance)


    Despite hanging in a state of constant withdrawal, Yamazaru seems to be morally inclined to do good as she actively represses these bloodthirsty urges in favour of using her abilities to help the township. Naturally, this takes a toll on her willpower, so she is fairly unpredictable; often likened to a vampire tasting blood, Yamazaru can spiral into a destructive rampage if her fragile boundaries are pushed past the point of no return. Her self-control is worsened through alcohol and narcotics, which she avoids whenever possible. Her so-called 'slip-ups' tend not to last too long and are usually followed with an immense amount of guilt afterwards, which spurs the normally-sedate Yokai into working extra hard to right the wrongs she may have committed.

    For the most part, her everyday behaviour shifts between laziness and sudden spurts of excess energy, brought out by boredom and an incredibly short attention span. Since she stubbornly refuses to give in to her addictions, Yamazaru lets out her urges by playing pranks, mocking, teasing, tomfoolery, stealing (which she continuously claims innocence for) and climbing onto anything taller than her. On a good day, she uses her monstrous strength and impressive flexibility to help pull carts, or reach into tight places, and generally demands a favour in return. On a bad day, Yamazaru goes uncharacteristically quiet, generally angry and aggressive until someone has the nerve to calm her down. Luckily, it doesn't take much to distract the yokai and her default mood tends to be jovial, giggly and excited.


    Yamazaru's story before Blen is almost entirely shrouded by mystery, and the townsfolk figured out that the only way to get her to spill the beans was through copious amounts of alcohol. The resulting effects of reduced self-control made it difficult to continue prying without amassing quite a lot of collateral damage, however, so she is mainly left to tell it in her own time. She has made brief and seemingly exaggerated references to the Yokai Plane, where hundreds upon thousands of spirits and demons seem to live together - whether or not she's just making it up is yet to be confirmed.

    Her confirmed history began around 30 or so years ago when Yamazaru cropped up in the streets of Blen in the dead of night, pelted by the rain and the storm, to simultaneously announce the fact she found a blacksmith dead in his home and to ask if she could take over. Since her predecessor was already reaching the ripe old age of 96, and Yamazaru openly invited the mayor and his friends to see how he fell down the stairs completely on his own, she was reluctantly given the post - after all, a blacksmith plays an integral part of town life.

    Looking back, it was quite possibly the silliest decision ever made. Yamazaru did practically nothing and, more often than not, the plumes of smoke from the forge were absent from Blen's deep blue skies. On the occasions where Yamazaru actually made something, however, the craftsmanship was divine and the sturdiness of the product could be vouched for. Luckily her amazing products, the necessity of her job and the circulating rumours that she may or may not have killed the previous blacksmith were enough to secure her a place in Blen, despite the initial wariness and hostility that surrounded her during the first few years. Once the villagers realised she was just an irritating layabout and not a murderer, Yamazaru started to fit right in.
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  9. ~Name~
    Mattiuo Yalinal Orifamn IV
    "Ah yes, um, they just call me Mayor."

    "Uh that's-"


    "Why am I filling this out?"

    "Ok, so perhaps we could add a few admiral details into this..."
    A short, cowardly looking old man. He wares a official black coat with a frilly shirt underneath. Shiny black pants and shoes are the only thing below his belt of notice.
    He has white hair and a toupee to poorly hide his steadily growing bald spot. He is always checking a golden pocket watch with his frosty eyes and most of the time is followed by a dashingly handsome black cat.

    "I think they sould have another rank for people like me, don't you?"

    'Mayor' of Blen who doesn't do his damn job.
    "You better not be putting in what I think you are..."

    ~Place of Redence/Work~
    His medium sized manor at the south end of town, which also serves as the town meeting place.

    "Oh come on."
    Intelligent in business matters.
    Quick for his age.
    Holds the right to ask for the Hero Center's help when need arises.

    Avoids doing his mayoral duties.
    Can't even lift his heavier books.
    "It took you an hour to think of the Strengths!"

    ~Weapon of Choice~
    The nearest warrior he can get to fight for him.
    "I won't deny that."

    "Try to go easy here."
    A coward in every sense of the word. Mayor has nearly died because he thought a leaf was a spider and is known to tremble in the presence of bunnies. He runs from the 'responsiblity' that comes with his job, surrendering to his vastly more knowledgeable cat's judgment. Mayor also thinks that every villager he meets is secretly plotting against him, and trusts no one aside from his before mentioned cat. He will do anything to keep his talking cat secret, and so far has managed to fool most of the villagers.

    "Blen was founded in..."
    He'll give you a hour long lecture about how he's entitled to being the mayor of Blen, but that's not entirely true. Blen was created by one of the Three Heroes so A
    dventurers would not have to travel such a long way from civilization to Hero Center. Since the one of the Three had to be a Hero and their children were choosen to be ones too, they granted their cousin ownership over the village. A few decades later when critics labeled Blen 'The Most Insignificant Village In All of Valure' the cousin put the deed to the town up for a game of poker he ment to lose, passing it over to Mattiuo Yalinal Orifamn III. When the current Mayor inherited the town he hid in the manor almost immediately, hiding the fact that important choices (along with everything else) terrify him. Soon a hyper intelligent black cat that could speak, write, and was just generally better at everything then the mayor appeared to him, and offered to help him lead Blen in turn for... Something precious of his.
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  10. The cat almost certainly took Mattuio's soul, calling it now.

    He seems like a lovely character; you don't tend to get elderly characters around. I bet Yamazura will probably give him quite the headache, though.
  11. Now why would you think thaaaattttt...

    Given her 'tendencies' I would say he would only speak with her from behind some form of forified wall.
  12. Mhm, I think she might need some guards. Or, anybody who knows how to work her out of her little rampages. So if anyone wants to incorporate that into their character concept, I'm game; in fact, I'm pretty relaxed with people using my characters and forming relationships with them before the RP - just bear in mind I tend to avoid romantic relationships because it just seems...weird.

    I get the amusing idea that one of Yamazura's passtimes is trying to frighten the mayor, sneaking into his mansion and hanging from the chandelier...The poor old sod won't catch a break. xD
  13. Going to pull out. I can't honestly think of any characters right now, sorry.

    Best of luck to you all.
  14. Understandable. Good luck on all your future endeavors.

  15. Cool you can have captions now.

    Name: Sera

    Age: 230~240 (She's not entirely sure which, because she measures time in how much she can read in a given period, so it's more a rough estimate)

    Race: Fallen Angel
    A Fallen Angel is like a normal angel, but it's fallen. Basically, if an Angel develops free will and decides to disobey its existence, it becomes a fallen angel and is expelled from Heaven. It is only possible to develop free will as an angel through catching the interest of a demon or other hellish entity. Fallen Angels can still use Holy magic, but it is a corrupted variety and comes with some impurities.

    Gender: Female

    Despite being an angelic creature, she does not have wings - she finds them a pain. She converted them into an energy form - in the rare instances she uses magic of any significant magnitude, something like this will manifest around her which apparently makes the spells more efficient.

    H.A.R.T.: Layman

    Job: Librarian; magical consultant

    Place of residence and/or work: Lives and works in the library wing of the mayor's mansion. To this day, she does not know whether the mayor actually knows about her freeloading; she's been there since long before the current mayor moved in. (Is it possible for the talking cat and Sera to be acquaintances? Depending on the personality of the cat, I reckon they'd cooperate to play scary pranks on the mayor.)

    Strengths and weaknesses: Sera has phenomenal magical capability, rumoured to rival that of several Heroes, or at least the strongest Adventurers. She is also highly intelligent and quick of thought, and has perfect memory, able to remember even the smallest details of a given event. On the other hand, Sera is very lazy. She has frequently been observed teleporting money and items between the marketplace and her library because it's easier than walking. While her memory is perfect, it is also very slow because it takes a long time to search all the information, and it can take her several hours to remember less frequently used things. The necklace she wears is an artifact used to restrict her magic - should she use more than a day-to-day amount, the Hero authority will appear and put her in the naughty corner. Well, actually, they'll insist she becomes an Adventurer, and she's too lazy to want to be one of those.

    Weapon of Choice: Laevateinn (I love how this name in words means Damage Twig :D)
    Her staff stores a magical sequence for a Holy Explosion spell with variable magnitude, but she has little use for it, most of the time. It's set up in such a way that bypasses the artifact necklace, although Sera doesn't actually know this so refrains from using it anyway. It also doubles as a hat stand if the pointy end is jammed into a soft floor.

    As mentioned, Sera is very lazy. This is her most dominant personality trait in that it's the most prominent, although she can be surprisingly active. She loves books and knowledge, partially because it's the simplest way to pass time, but she's developed a fondness for practical jokes too. She is generally kind and willing to help, as long as she gets adequate compensation for her time.

    Sera was originally the Archangel of Diligence amongst the heavenly pantheon of a more recently established deity known as Aramus (by recently, we're talking 310 years ago). She was created after the assassination of her predecessor by a vampire Adventurer, and was assigned the task of defeating the vampire. All did not quite go to plan though. While the vampire was unable to defeat her, it succeeded corrupting her and dethroning her, forcing her to become a Fallen Angel; appropriately (and somewhat ironically) the Archangel of Sloth. Since Sera has no memories from before she became a Fallen Angel, she has no idea the vampire had attempted to assassinate her or what she really is, and oddly enough, this vampire is now someone she considers her best friend thanks to the help it gave her in figuring out how to do life while skipping the childhood part.
    Shortly after Falling, Sera's phenomenal potential was discovered by the Hero organisation and it was demanded she become an Adventurer. Sera, being lazy, had other plans though. The Heros attempted to force her into submission, but this proved a difficult task against an opponent who can demolish cathedrals with several flicks of the wrist, so in the end it was agreed that she would be left alone as long as she agreed to intervention should she use her powers without obtaining prior permission.
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  16. I think yamazura and Sara will get along pretty well.
  17. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Oh, just call me Mrs. Mei, darling.”
    Mei Meh-funh

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Why, aren’t you a cheeky one.”

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I’m just a human, darling. No wings or fire around here.”

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I’m not the lady I used to be, but I still am one.”

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Dear, can I lend you some glasses?”
    Meh-funh is quite short, and h[/BCOLOR]er back is somewhat hunched. Her usual attire consists of a blue kimono, under a dark gray overcoat. Aside from those gained by age, her friendly face has gotten prominent wrinkles around her mouth, from all the smiling she’s done. Her gray hair is tied back in a knot on the back of her head.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Oh, I’ve had my fair share of seeing the world, thank you.”

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Ploughing, tilling, planting, watering, feeding, grooming, milking, repairing, and so on. Thankfully I’m not alone!”

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Place of residence and/or work[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Home is where the heart is, sweetie.”
    A farm on Blen's northern side.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Well, I do have my good sides…”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Meh-funh is an extremely kind person. She can’t resist offering help, shelter or food to any travelling adventurers or any others that might need it, even if it costs her a day without dinner.
    As old as she is, one would think her senses to have grown weaker. Although, as it does appear, her sense of
    [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]hearing has only gotten stronger over the years, rendering her capable of eavesdropping just about any conversation.
    Having run her farm as long as most people in Blen can remember, she has grown rather
    [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]resourceful [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]over the years. She knows how to split a share according to work, and her mentality is based around that “Everyone can, and everything can be used".[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I am not perfect either.”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As peaceful and kind-hearted as Meh-funh is, she is alongside that mostly oblivious towards signs of battle. You could point a sword in her face, and she’d invite you in for tea.
    Not being too willing to battle, she will in most cases when encountered with one that she registers, appear too
    [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]timid to actually battle. While not rendering her completely useless in a fight, she will attempt avoiding one.
    Her age has taken a toll on her body, as aches in her bones keep her from moving too fast, instead keeping her rather slow.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weapon of Choice[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Weapon?! No thank you. I try to stay away from trouble.”
    Meh-funh is a pacifist, and would very rarely come to hurting another civilized creature. She does, however, possess a pitchfork, which she in cases of creatures incapable of remorse and kindness will attempt using.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mei Meh-funh is a kind-hearted, calm and courteous old woman, that even though seeming to know all there is to know about the citizens of Blen, still can ask any and all for a shared meal or the like. Small aches in her joints don’t stop her from doing what she needs to do at her farm, and she will go far to get people something if they ask for it of her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Born and raised in Blen, Meh-funh was originally thought to grow up to become an adventurer, hence her active and adventurous nature. However, that changed as she one day, at the city’s library, had her eyes opened to the virtues of farming. One would think it hard for one book to make a person want to dedicate their whole life to growing crops and raising animals, but this writer was of a vastly differently persuasive sort.

    So Meh-funh, with the sparse fundings of her family and their physical help, started a farm. A farm which started out as something incomparably little to what it is now. Having lived the physically restraining but peaceful life of a farmer since, she has gradually up to just recently let go of her family’s support, even hiring assistants at the farm with her own, hard-earned money.
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  18. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. SHE'S ADORABLE. you've done it again, @IntrusivePenDesperateSword, your imagination and diversity of characters continue to amaze me.

    Edit: and I can see Yamazura having a bit of a soft spot for the old bird, I really can. Bodily lifting her up at the first sign of battle to put her down somewhere safe.
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  19. The Nimble prankster and the Magic prankster. This tiny insignificant village has such a chaotic daily life!
  20. Thanks! I really try not to have two characters too similarly. Like in KOE, some people are discussing skin colors of characters, mine don't even have any. This person has all human ones? I have a tree, a clay-like shapeshifter, and a hollow armor. But thanks again, I guess my variety in characters make up for the lack of depth in each one.

    Also, "Oh! Oh, my. Why thank you, sweetie."
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