The Village of Blen (Good Old Fantasy Town RP)

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  1. The Continent of Vallure is one of mighty dragons, ancient tresures, and legendary Heroes.

    However this is not a story about any of those things, at least not directly.

    This is a story about a little village so insignificant that you need a magnifying glass to see it on a map: the village of Blen. Blen is a small community with a bit of everything, a few farms, blacksmiths, a library and so forth. The reason this cosy little village is so blatantly overlooked is because travelers rarely say for a day or two. This is because just beyond Blen is the tremendously famous Hero Center, the only place in Vallure that Adventures can be promoted to Heroes.

    Perhaps I should explain, you see, ever since Vallure became such a popular place for heroics there was a problem of people recovering powerful artifacts and either becoming corrupt or not knowing how to use them without destroying the continent. So the three most powerful and pure hearted of Heroes created the Heroic Ability Ranking Table or H.A.R.T. In summary the H.A.R.T. goes like this:

    Heroes (open)

    Heroes are extremely powerful and skilled men and women that have proved their worth in a life dedicated to gold, glory, and good. There names are unknown by few as they fight tremendous dark forces that threaten to overtake or obliterate everything. Almost all Heroes are tremendously wealthy and wield artifacts of earthshaking power.

    For a Adventurer to become a Hero they must pass the Exam that can only be taken at Hero Center. The Exam is extremely secret, those who speak of it outside Hero Center will be punished severely.

    Adventures (open)

    Far from Laypeople but miles away from Heroes, Adventures are people who travel the continent, treasure hunting, exploring, and performing quests. Adventures use their skills to gather small fortunes, slay monsters, and gather artifacts of varying power.

    For a Layperson to become a Adventurer they must get themselves a weapon and a reliable supply of determination.

    Laypeople (open)

    Normal folk, village goers. Laypeople are farmers, blacksmiths, librarians, guards, merchants, people who for whatever reason have not taken to the adventure life. This doesn't make them unimportant, without food, a market, and craftsmanship, adventuring would be impossible. Regardless of this Laypeople are often looked down upon and forbidden from useing artifacts.

    To become a Layperson you must be born.

    It has been many years since that day, little has changed. The Three Heroes have died and the current Head Hero is a unknown person known as Arch, Blen is still just as looked over. But soon something will change, something that will shake the foundations of even Vallure, which faces distruction every other week.

    So yes. This will be a RP foucusing on the lives of Blen's residents and their visitors. While character interaction will make up a good part of it, and it will be mostly free form. However little events will begin to appear, soon leading up to the foundation shaking I was talking about. This of course depends on if anyone is interested in this sooooo...

    *watches thread intently*
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  2. Well, I'll devour.
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  3. Ooh, I'll bite.
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  4. In a world of intense, stereotypical fantasy action, this story focuses on a small, normally NPC, village.

    ...I love it.
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  5. I think this is a great idea! I have only one worry though. Do species that hatch from eggs instead of being born not get to be Laypeople?


    Is there magic in this world besides that granted by Artifacts?
    Are there species besides humans in this world?
    If yes to either of the above, what are they like and how rare are they?
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  6. Magic is hard not to find in Vallure, all beings have a varying chance to have magical affinity that they train to harness in whatever way they see fit. Magic, like artifacts, is very dangerous when used by people who lack proper training and oftentimes ends with death. Also like artifact's, Laypeople and Adventurers are not allowed to become too magically powerful, the cap being placed at the ability to destroy large buildings.

    There are elfs, dwarves, dragonfolk, beast spawn, elementals, pretty much everything you can think of. Players who use other races may define them as they wish so long as they don't put something like they have enslaved all of Vallure. If they can be defined as civilized and any being counts as a Layperson.

    I'm happy to see so many people have taken interest in this! Thank you all very much!
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  7. I'm interested. Any ideas about Blen's government? Who leads it?
  8. I'm going out on a limb here but I'm guessing that the village is so tiny it doesn't even have a government. I think the idea is that everyone knows one another and the village basically works on a 'favour' system where everyone helps each other out when they need help.
  9. Interested.
  10. Blen is publicly led by the mayor (who everyone just calls Mayor.) His main purpose is to mediate desputes between the villagers, which he tries his very best to avoid doing forcing the villagers to do it themselves. Standard laws stand in Blen like no murder, stealing, or vandalism and breaking them is not a great idea since it's only a few miles away from Hero Center.

    I'll begin work on the OCC.
  11. The Mayor doesn't even do his job? What a lazy fuck. Let's have a revolution!
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  12. Yes! To all of it.....
    Especially the Revolt....
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