The Vigilante (w/Cathal Stormborn)

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  1. America silently walked into the airport in Sterling City and immediately went to gather her bags and rent a car. Once she finished, she walked out and found her car and threw her things into the back before getting in and pulling out of the parking lot. As she drove around, she sang along to her demo, memorizing the words and pitches as she looked around at the sights andsounds of a new and much larger city.
  2. (Sorry if I don't get him all the way right)

    Sitting inside of his secret base underneath his under construction nightclub, like Diggle said he had his police scanner going listening for anything that when on in his city he has swore to protect. It was all silent until a call came threw "a disturbance has been called in at Sunlight Park Garage" that was the call he has been waiting pulling his hood over his head he took off running out of his base and to the parking garage.
  3. America finally made it to the parking garage that she could use since her hotel room was right across the street. She found a parking spot and took a pictures of the spots so she could remember and ran a hand through her hair before turning and trying to find her way out, glancing around occasionally in hopes that she would be safe. She was always skeptical about being in a new city but she also had high hopes.