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  1. For the third time that hour Xavier knocked lightly on her door, but there was still no answer. 'Fine, I'll just go in myself,' he thought as he twisted open the door. Once inside her room he carefully sat the tray down on the table before walking over to the long silk curtains that covered the towering windows. "It is time to wake up, Miss."
  2. Kieara stirred in her slumber as she heard Xavier come inside and open her curtains. "Mmmmm Xavier.....I'm sleepy....." She whined childishly. She'd known Xavier as long as she could remember and he was her best friend. She wanted more but was too afraid to ask. She covered her head with the blanket. She wore a skimpy silk night gown to bed and didn't really care if he saw anything or not. She'd loved him a long time. However whether he knew or not was a mystery.

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  3. He couldn't help the small smile that touched his lips at her childish words. "It is almost twelve in the afternoon," he replied as he opened the last curtain. "You have slept long enough." He carefully strolled over to her, covering the distance between them in eight long strides. He yanked off the blanket. "Miss Kieara, get-" His speech was immediately halted at the sight of what she wore. A silky night gown that pretty much exposed more than he should have been allowed to see. Despite that, he couldn't help it when his eyes trailed over her body. Clearing his throat Xaver dropped the blanket at the foot of her bed and headed over to her closet, where he would pick out her clothes for the day. "There are guests coming today," he told her as he picked out a dark blue dress. "They will be here in about an hour or two. Your father wants you downstairs to welcome them."
  4. She curled up in a ball resisting the urge to hiss when he'd yanked the blanket off of her. She groaned and sat up rubbing her eyes and yawning. "Maybe I don't wanna see guests...." Sometimes she got rather tired of the constantly busy life of a princess. She lay back watching him as he picked out a blue dress for her to wear. She smiled. "I like that one." It was one of her favorite dresses. Blue was her favorite color.
  5. He placed the dress on a hook outside her closet before going back to find shoes with a sigh. He'd know for a while now that she was growing tired of being a princess. It was in her eyes even now, and he knew for a fact that sometimes she wished she was a normal girl. Normal girls did have more freedom after all. They could go out whenever they wanted, talk to whoever they wanted, and date whoever they felt fit. Kieara didn't get that luxury. He did find it kind of funny, however, that princesses wanted nothing more than to live like a normal girl, while normal girls wanted to live like a princess. He himself had often had the desire to become a regular boy instead of a servant of the house, but every time he looked at Kieara he regretted the thought. Had his parents not died would he still have gotten to be this close to the princess?

    Once her outfit had been put together he showed her to the table where the tray lay, and waited for her to sit down before asking, "What would you like to drink?" He pointed to the different beverages. "Orange juice, tea, or apple juice?"
  6. Kieara was very much a child at heart. She had a carefree side that because of who she was she often had to keep leashed. Her little bursts of it coming out though we're cute. Her eyes seemed to light up. "Apple juice." Apples were her favorite. "Thank you Xavier." She spoke to him. She nibbled on her breakfast and spoke. "How's your morning been?" She was always interested in what he was doing.
  7. He held back a smile as he picked up the pitcher and poured into her cup freshly squeezed apple juice. "You're welcome." He replied before stepping away from the table, watching her as she ate. Her question always caught him by surprise: 'How's your morning been?' It didn't matter that he was asked this same question every morning by her. It just gave him a warm feeling because she actually cared enough to ask. Her question meant more than wondering about what he'd done. She was giving himm a chance to rant. He slowly exhaled, dropping the servant act and taking on his usual, more straight-forward, role. "They're all idiots."
  8. She couldn't help but laugh. She found his rants funny. Even though when things were really bad she took on a serious role and usually didn't approve of their treatment of him. She spoke. "What did they do this time Xavier?" She asked him as she continued on with her breakfast.
  9. He loosened up his tie and flopped down on the couch, his green hazel eyes flashing her a hard look. He didn't find any of what happened today funny so he didn't get why she did. Oh. Yes he did. She enjoyed his suffering. "These people just don't know how to think for themselves. They think that the king's decisions are always right. It's like thet're afraid to go against anything he says." He didn't think Kieara knew yet, but there were rumors going around saying that the king was planning on her marrying some duke. That meant an arranged marriage. And of course the servants thought it was a grand idea for her to finally marry. But Xavier was completely against it. He didn't want any man to take her away from him.
  10. Kieara didn't enjoy his suffering. She just thought sometimes when he would rant about something small and silly like maybe getting wine on his favorite tie or spilling water or something it was funny. More serious matters were not. She frowned as she heard his words. "It's sad but true. My father can be way too dense." She spoke. She hadn't heard the rumors of the arranged marriage. She didn't know she was supposed to marry a duke.
  11. Xavier sighed painfully as he got to his feet. "Yes, but what we think does not matter if it doesn't suit his plans for doing what's what's best for you." He fixed his tie. "You have a father who can do that. A father who loves you. That's what's important isn't it?" After fixing his appearance he headed for the door. "Anyway, get dressed. I'll be back in twenty minutes to make sure you look your best. I am going to check on things downstairs," And with those words he closed the door behind him.
  12. She felt like she'd made him mad. She caught him before he left. "I'm sorry Xavier...." She didn't really think it was a good thing that the people around we're brainless but something was definitely up. Xavier rarely acted this uptight. She got up when he was gone and dressed and combed her hair.
  13. "Xavier!"
    Xavier turned his attention to a brunette carrying flowers and a tray. "Yes?"
    "Can you help me? I've grabbed more than I can carry."
    Xavier took away the banquets of flowers and motioned for her to lead the way. Once downstairs in the foyer they placed the items down onto the table. He didn't have to ask what all of this was for. He already knew. It was for their arriving guests. Whoever that was.
    "Clare," She turned to him. "Can you tell me who it is that is coming tonight?"
  14. Kieara remained in her room feeling bad and worrying about Xavier. She hadn't meant to hurt his feelings. She wrote him an apology letter and snuck to his room leaving it there. She was still none the wiser to anything that was going on. She was also sick of being a princess for one day so she snuck to the courtyard just to be outside awhile.
  15. Xavier quickly finished his duties before making his way back to his room to changing into a different suit. Because they were having guests over, butlers were required to change into their white suits. He had just finished getting dressed and fixing his black tie when he saw an envelope with his name on it. He quickly tore it open and read what written inside. "Idiot," he muttered as he rushed quickly to her room. Only to find that she wasn't there. 'Well, if she isn't here there is only one other place she could be,' he thought before heading into the courtyard. And there he saw her, sitting on a bench by herself.

    He drew in a deep breath. Shoving his hands into his pockets he made his way over to her. "Kieara," he began gently. "You did nothing to make me angry. It was the information I found out that upset me." He squatted in front of her so that she could look into his hazel eyes. "It's time you knew." He slowly swallowed the lump in his throat. 'This is going to be harder than I thought.' He took one of her hands in his, gently rubbing his thumb over her wrist. "The king is planning an arranged marriage for you. And the people who are coming tonight are possible candidates for this marriage."
  16. Kieara looked up as she heard her friend. She always had liked seeing him in his white suit. He looked good in it. She smiled and blushed a little. "You look nice." She complimented as he came over and took her hand. She frowned. Something was wrong. Xavier didn't act like this. He was never this nervous or on edge. So she listened intently.

    As the news was delivered to her tears sprung to her eyes. She blinked a bit trying not to cry. " this can't be happening....I spoke with my father about this and he swore he wouldn't....." She couldn't stop the tears streaming down her cheeks and she rose from the bench. She didn't want Xavier to see her cry. She went to her room and didn't intend on coming out.
  17. His face was grim as he waited for her to take in the news. The tears that followed hurt him more than he thought was possible. He had never seen Kieara cry, nor did he ever wish to. And now, he knew for a fact that he never wanted to again. As he raced after there was nothing else on his mind expect the need to somehow comfort her, but how was he supposed to do that if he couldn't even do it for himself?

    "Kieara!" He called through the door, not caring who heard him. He tried the handle but it wouldn't budge. It was locked. "Kieara?" Everytime he called for her his voice would lose its solidness. Until finally, his tone was heartbreakingly gentle. He was on the verge of crying himself. "Kieara, please open the door. Baby please," his hand realeased the door knob. "Let me in."
  18. Kieara could hear Xavier outside. She was laying on her bed sobbing. Why did the life of a princess have to be so miserable? She couldn't make one single decision for herself. She wasn't allowed to. She always had to do what was best for the country but sometimes she didn't even think that what she did was good for the country.

    Wait...did he just call her baby? That had never happened before. It was silent for a few moments before the door lock clicked. She'd unlocked the door.
  19. It seemed like forever when he finally heard the familiar sounds of a lock turning and the door opening. He kicked the door closed. And then pulled her tightly into his arms. "Why did you lock me out," he asked in a broken tone. "Why did you run away, Kieara? How am I supposed to comfort you like always if you do those things?"
  20. "I didn't think you'd care about something like that..." She buried her face in his chest sobbing. She couldn't believe this was happening. "I'm not going down tonight....I won't...." She told him unable to stop crying. She still wondered why he called her baby. She liked it.
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