The Vending Machine Game!

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  1. Description pretty much says it, but heres the breakdown with the obvious exception of the first post which has nothing to respond to

    Player 1 puts something in the vending machine. Anything. Their dog, a game, a doll, a deck of yu-gi-oh cards, anything.

    Player 2 tells them what they got from the vending machine. Again, anything, and also puts something in

    AAAaaand so it goes on

    OBVIOUSLY we will be respecting the rules of the forum and not either putting in or taking out anything sexual or otherwise offensive; the only posts here should be putting in and taking out. There are no wrong answers/results in this thread, only really weird ones =)


    *Puts in headphones*
  2. I Got a rock.

    *puts in a hot dog with mustard, onions, and relish*
  3. Gets heartburn

    Puts in a mango
  4. Gets a monkey with a birthday hat on chasing a rhino on LSD.

    Puts in some mechanical pencil lead.

  5. Gets a miniature lead rose

    Puts in a plastic toy elephant
  6. Gets a hose.

    Puts in a toy fox.
  7. Gets a heart shaped love letter!

    Puts in a bunny rabbit!
  8. Gets a hand held portal device.

    Puts myself in.
  9. Gets powdered soul

    Puts in a teapot
  10. Gets boiling hot tea sprayed at them.

    Puts in a clown.
  11. Gets a pie to the face.

    Puts in a machine gun.
  12. Gets a bow and arrow.

    Puts in a my little pony.
  13. Gets glitter thrown in face

    Puts in a pokemon red cartridge
  14. Gets Missing No.

    Throws in one of the rare candies he just duplicated >:)
  15. Get a packet of steroids.

    Puts in a gold ring.
  16. Get's sonic the hedgehog!

    Puts in eight drops of HCl
  17. Gets A Rash

    Puts in Candy
  18. Gets a cavity.

    Puts in a chocolate chip muffin.
  19. Gets an everything Bagel.

    Puts in a Neko
  20. Gets a kitsune.

    Puts in a wedding ring.