The Veiled Kingdom (RP, Shounen Ai/M X M)

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  1. In Takumi's time, people worship the dragons as their gods. Eventually for unknown reason, the dragons went mad and killed off the humans. Now the son of the dragon king, Drake, is the only one left alive. The royals guards of Hoshido find him and he is taken and captured. As his "rite of passage", Takumi's the one to execute the creature to fully ascend into adulthood. Curious like any would have been, he sneaks into the cellar where Drake the dragon prince of Nohr is being kept.

    Takumi is startled by how human Drake acted, being the mythical beast of old he was. Takumi spent the next three days creeping past the guards to meet with the dragon and eventually chooses to save him. Takumi kills the guards, breaks Drake out, and they escape together away from Hoshido.

    Now branded as a traitor, Takumi cannot return to his home anymore, nor can he flee to Nohr as the nation has been taken over by Hoshidan enemies. The prince's only option is to find the land of the dragons, Vallite.


    No one liners
    2. Acceptional grammar
    3. No taking over others characters (unless I AND they say it's alright)
    4. No content irrelevant to the plot given in the description (unless it's side plot that I accept)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.